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Review #1, by Pookha A Few Minutes More

6th January 2016:
They say write what you know and it sounds like you know about dealing with toddlers. I've always, always, always thought that Ginny got short shrift in the books, so it's good to see a Ginny-centric story where she's just not a crazy red-headed maniac as she is often stereotyped.

I really like the way she deals with the children individually and how she goes in angry, but when she sees them playing nicely together, she calms right down.

I also really like that each of the kids has their own individual personality.

Very well written from a technical perspective, too.

Author's Response: Hello there!

I agree with you about Ginny - I think J.K. couldn't done a bit more, but the books were really about Harry and good vs. evil. Haha - yeah, I have kids - and they were mainly the inspiration for this story.

Thanks so much!

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Review #2, by horcruxxx A Few Minutes More

7th February 2015:
Oh wow, that was a really good story! No wonder you were the winner of the Best New Author Award :D

First of all, you described everything so perfectly and with enough details so that I could easily imagine the surroundings, Ginny on a broom, their house - everything. And your characterization of Ginny and the kids was so good. I think this is exactly how she would manage her children, trying to be patient and fair, but also with a typical Ginny spark when she just couldn't take it anymore :)

I'm not a mom, but I'm sure every one of them needs 15 minutes for herself, but if this is how they handle it - then the children are lucky to have a mother like Ginny.


Author's Response: Hi Monika!

Thanks so much for choosing this one. This is the second thing I ever wrote for... well.. anything! I really wanted to show just a day in the life of being a Mum. (I have kids so I could draw on that experience.)

Thanks so much for this!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by Justanothermuggle fan A Few Minutes More

4th January 2015:
Nice one! Keep it up...

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by crestwood A Few Minutes More

2nd October 2014:
Hi Beth! I apologize for taking so terribly long to get around to this swap. I don't even have a good excuse other than 'I got some new furniture yesterday and it took me like five hours to arrange it all.'

I thought this would be about Ginny sneaking onto her brother's brooms when she was young, but this is actually a tad more interesting than that idea. This, along with 'How to Fly,' is a perfect depiction of motherhood. I mean, I'm obviously not a mother, but I know enough of them to understand how spot on this is.

The trick of keeping James busy and apart from Al was my mother's trick with both of my sisters. In fact, those two remind me so much of my them that it's a bit strange. I love that there wasn't any large, all important conflict here. It was just a perfect Slice of Life that managed to be funny, inventive and touching all at once.

The 'mum' versus 'mummy' thing is a really good theme for this subject matter. You write the Quidditch theme exceptionally well. I was so impressed by how you described Ginny's movements while in the air.

'James's very first practical joke - and his very best one to date - was that he had been a completely wonderful and easy baby' I can't tell if this line is hilarious or like, heartwarming. Maybe both? I love it.

I just love that Ginny doesn't regret anything about how her life is now. She obviously gave up a lot to be a mother, but I'd hate to think she would wish to take all of that back because her children are lovely. You've nailed their age groups down so exactly. I can tell the tiny age differences between them just from the dialogue.

When they're all getting along at the end was so sweet. And not to mention what Ginny found on the counter!! I just love this. You write the most lovely one-shots, I tell you. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: Hi Joey!

Eeep! - so excited you picked this one. Most people don't see in tucked down at the bottom of my page - thanks!

So yeah, writing about motherhood. Well, I guess it's true when they say "write what you know..." Let's just say I have a LOT of experience in that area!

The job is like 50% management, 50% physical work (like cleaning up and stuff) and 50% compassion. I know that's 150%, but you get the idea.

Ooo - so excited you noticed my Quidditch writing. That part took me a long time to get the descriptions just the way I wanted them.

You noticed my Harry joke! I could just picture him saying that about James. It seemed so, incredibly Harry-like to make a comment about his son playing a practical joke as a baby!

Gah, thanks for this review - *all* your reviews are so awesome!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by milominderbinder A Few Minutes More

7th September 2014:
Hiya! Here for our review swap!

This was so, so incredibly adorable. I chose this one because I love Ginny, and from the summary I was expecting it to be something from when she was a kid, or at Hogwarts or something, but this was so much better.

You gave all the kids such distinct personalities already, and they were so realistic! A lot of people write kids really badly but you had the perfect tone for each of their ages. James already at the age where he won't call her 'mummy', and Albus in that transition stage, was great.

I really liked how there wasn't some huge conflict or plot here, it was just a happy, if not totally ideal for Ginny, slice of life. Even though she wanted time to herself and was annoyed by the interruptions, you could see she had so much love for her kids, and was a great mum. This is really how I picture Ginny parenting - you characterised her wonderfully, slightly more mature than when she's a teenager in canon, but still with hints of that redhead temper I love about her!

The glass of water at the end was absolutely adorable. I really can't convey enough how great you wrote the kids here - it was so realistic, and so family centred, it's made me really happy to read.

My favourite line was James's very first practical joke - and his very best one to date - was that he had been a completely wonderful and easy baby.

I really loved reading this! I think you captured the whole thing perfectly. I wish I could write happy scenes like this. Well done!


Author's Response: Hello Maia,

No one's picked this story in ages, so it was really nice to see a review for it. I'm glad you liked the rather mundane topic. Ginny does indeed love her kids AND she loves being a mum, but there are some days when she would just like to do something for herself.

I was super excited that you caught that line about James - no one else has mentioned it and I loved slipping it in there as an explanation as to why they had three children so close together.

Aw, thanks for the compliment. I had fun writing this one!


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Review #6, by George Angus Conway West A Few Minutes More

24th July 2014:
I want Ginny to win.

Author's Response: Haha - me too! I love Ginny.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by Red_headed_juliet A Few Minutes More

9th June 2014:
Hello! Here for BvB. I absolutely love this. If you could replace flying with 'shower' it'd be me to a T. Haha!

Your characterization and description are wonderful. You've managed to include a lot of details about Ginny through her actions, not just "Ginny was organized." "Ginny often felt rushed." It reminds me of the 'no-short cut' article that was posted awhile back. Very nice indeed.

The children are absolutely adorable, and you've managed to make each one unique. I love that you added the little things, like a glass of water for her, and the changing of Mummy to Mum. It's the little things that get me every time +]

Very well done, thanks for a great read!

Until next time!

Author's Response: Hi, hi!

Thank you for the lovely review! What a compliment! I read about the "no short cuts challenge" and thought that I could never write that way, so thank you very much for that.

Kids can be draining and constant and completely, utterly wonderful all within the span of a few minutes. That is what I was trying to accomplish with this story.

Thanks again- I hope you get some time to shower!!


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Review #8, by toomanycurls A Few Minutes More

1st June 2014:

I'm here for BvB!

I love the picture you've painted of Ginny as a mum. Your descriptions are superb and I really enjoyed her diversionary tactics with James so that she oculd get a few minutes of flying in. Her regret at no longer being mummy was so sad but I imagine that is what all mothers go through as their children age.

Her life seems quite full with parenting. I adore that the kids are in a youth quidditch league!!

Again, your description of flying has me believing that you've been on a broomstick and have gone a few laps yourself.

I'm not at all surprised that her flying was interrupted by a squirmish between the kids. James seems like quite the terror to his siblings. I am glad she was able to deal with their fight and still get to fly a bit more.

You've characterized the kids so remarkably well. I love each of them. :D They seem to fit quite well in with their ages and each have wonderful personalities. It was so sweet how, after pushing Ginny to being upset, they kind of banned together and got a long.

more than the beautiful descriptions and characterizations, I love how you approach the need of Ginny to have her own time in a life that's filled with obligations to others.

Great one-shot!!


Author's Response: Hi Rose,

I'm so glad you liked this! I really, really enjoyed writing it. I just pictured Ginny as the type of Mum who loves her kids so much, but might miss flying from time to time.

The kids were fun to write. I can just see Albus being the more responsible brother and Lily being the tattletale.

Thanks again!


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Review #9, by Dianainga A Few Minutes More

30th May 2014:
I loved this story!!! My 3 boys are grown...I would love to be "mummy" just a few more minutes. :)

Author's Response: Hi!

This story was pretty easy for me to write. I still get to be Mummy - some days...

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Review #10, by Freda_and_Georgina A Few Minutes More

6th May 2014:
This story is very enjoyable; all the children's complaints are very realistic and believable! I wonder if James' cleaning-up chore interfered with the play-Hogwarts.

I absolutely loved the lines: "I can help rebuild it/I've already done it once" and "James' first and best prank was (being a good baby)" . Those made me smile. Great job!


Author's Response: Hi Freda,

Thank you so much for the absolutely lovely review. It was such a nice surprise. I had so much fun writing this story and I was thrilled to see the two parts you pointed out. You are the first reviewer to mention the quote about Ginny already having rebuilt Hogwarts. I added that part to just kind of put in perspective all that had happened in her life.

You are also the first reviewer to mention the part about James being a good baby as his best prank. I was particularly proud of that part of the story and no one has mentioned it yet.

So thank you so much. This review totally made my day! You are the best!

Beth (Veritaserum27)

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Review #11, by patronus_charm A Few Minutes More

2nd May 2014:
Hi, here for the swap!

This was such a sweet story and I really enjoyed reading it because I initially thought it would be about Ginny sneaking out and stealing Fred and Georgeís brooms, but this was such a cuter version with the mini Wotter clan running around and creating havoc! I really enjoyed her characterisation here which is a really good thing as I usually hate Ginny! You made her have so many levels with the loyalty to Ron by looking after his children, wanting to be a good mother to her own and then wanting to deal with her own needs. I liked that you showed the less idealistic view of being a mother and the more realistic view of it, as it definitely was a lot funnier that way round.

I honestly thought Ginny was going to snap at all of them and just yell at them to shut up but in the end she was so sweet with the way they had given her flowers and said that they loved her and she just realised how much they all meant to her. That was such a cute ending as it put a positive spin on being a parent and just made me want to hug Ginny and the children because yeah it was so cute. Yeah, I keep on saying that so sorry :P

Anyhow,thanks for the swap as this was such a fab story!


Author's Response: Hi Kiana,

Thanks for such a kind review! This was by far, the easiest thing I have ever written, because it was so true to my real life. I wasn't kidding when I said most of the stuff happened to me. Being a mom is completely awesome and funny and rewarding, but completely consuming at the same time. No one would trade if for anything, but there are those times when you just want a *few* minutes to do something for yourself.

I'm really excited that you liked Ginny in this - especially since she is a character that you normally dislike. That is a great compliment. She is not without her faults, but, in my version of her, she gives up a lot of things to be Harry's wife and mother to his children.

Thank you for doing the review swap. It was great fun!


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Review #12, by lumos_knox A Few Minutes More

29th April 2014:
Hi! It's me from the review swap! As you may be able to tell, I am rubbish at long reviews, but here goes.

You describe quidditch beautifully, the way Ginny is on the broomstick. I was loving Ginny's temper because it is oh so like her old one from the books.

I think you describe being a mother really well, and the kids too. It's so true about the part not to disturb them when they're having fun.

It's so cute how Albus gives Ginny the 'present'. I was wondering what it was for a bit, and scared it might be a mess like you cleverly lead readers to believe.

Thankyou so much for your brilliant writing! :)

Author's Response: Hello!

First off, don't worry about the length of the review - it was perfect!

I'm so glad you liked the story! It was really fun to write. I am a mom and it was sort of easy to write about the ups and downs of a normal day when you just want to get something done, but can't.

I'm glad you liked the ending. I had to make it sweet because, of course, Albus is everyone's favorite!!

Thanks again,


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Review #13, by Panda Weasley  A Few Minutes More

6th April 2014:
This was really good! You definitely were able to put a picture in my mind. I loved all your descriptions of the colors and the leaves. I also enjoyed all the interruptions from the kids. I loved this story!
~Panda Weasley

Author's Response: Thanks Panda!

I really enjoyed writing this one. Ginny is such a fun character - but I had the most fun writing the kids!


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Review #14, by kenpo A Few Minutes More

5th April 2014:
Hey, here for the BvB review battle!

This was really sweet! I nanny, and I can totally understand the issue of trying to find ANY time to yourself when there are kids involved... trying to find enough to time to go to the bathroom can be near impossible.

I like the way that you've showed the balance between her loving her children and loving mothering, but still wanting to be Ginny. Given the premise of the one-shot, it would've been easy to portray her as a mother that doesn't pay attention to her kids and she cares more about reliving the Glory Days... but you didn't. Even though she's getting a little annoyed with her kids, it's still really clear that she's a loving mother.

I can't believe the worm and the fire really happened! "Check the counter" is definitely one of those phrases that could mean something very bad.

The end of it was really sweet. I loved her change from anger that they were disobeying her to realising that they were being sweet and friendly together.

And Al is so sweet! That was adorable.

I also love the magical details you added. Little things like her grasping her wand before going into the kitchen, and the enchanted Keeper! That was brilliant, I never would've thought of that!!

This was a really sweet story, and I think you did a really nice job with it.

Author's Response: Hi Kenpo,

Wow. Thank you so much for the super review! I am thrilled that you liked the story so much. I had a blast writing it.

Yeah, the worm and fire really happened - truth is stranger than fiction?

Thanks for noticing the magical details! I am always so impressed when someone adds them into their story - I always think the same as you - "I never would've thought of that!"


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Review #15, by LightLeviosa5443 A Few Minutes More

5th April 2014:
Hi! I'm here for the BvB review battle!! So glad you're joining in!

This was SO cute! Like, just so adorable! I really loved the way you kept having Ginny come up with more and more things for her kids to do while she flew. I feel like that is such a likely scenario with anything a parent wants to do when their kids won't let them. I know my sisters and I used to get told to just watch TV and leave my mom alone.

I thought the whole progression of the kids not getting along was really perfect to. I don't know a single 5 year old who can take orders and not get frustrated by their siblings. You really did a wonderful job exploiting what it's like to have a bunch of young kids!! I really loved that!

And omg, I can't even imagine that. I would cry. Literally.

But that ending, where she's upset because they didn't listen to her and then sees that they are all playing and getting along. And the glass of water. Ugh. So cute. I think I teared up a little it was so cute.

Wonderful job!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked the story. It was a lot of fun to write. I really wanted to convey the ups and downs of being a Mum - and how it can be literally up and down and up again in a matter of minutes.

Thanks again!


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Review #16, by HEG A Few Minutes More

28th March 2014:
Hi! I'm here for our review swap :D

When I began reading this, I did actaully think that it was about Ginny when she was younger. When someone won't get off something they really love, it's usually a child isn't it? But I had a nice suprise when James, Lily and Albus where involved because I love reading these characters (I'm a big fan of next gen).

*laughs* I liked the bit where Ginny gives James a list of jobs to do and James does them really quick, not realising that his mum was just giving them to him so he could get out of the way. That is really beleiveable. I also liked the bit where Ginny thinks that she has to keep him away from Albus. When siblings are let on eachother, they are like a pack of wild lions!

Aww, I feel sorry for Albus and Lily when James destroys their 'Hogwarts' he was so mean. Then again, the castle might have been just some cardboard boxes piled on top of eachother and he might have never known that it was supposed to be a Hogwarts casle.

This is such a fustarting day for Ginny! I love the last sentance. Good job and very well written.


Author's Response: Hi HEG,

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! (That was my very first review swap - it was fun!) I'm so glad you liked the story. I tried to be as realistic as possible. It seems when you're a Mum, you always come second - or third - or fourth, as in Ginny's case. I thought it would be a nice story to tell about Ginny just wanting a little time to do her favorite activity.

Thanks again for doing a review swap!


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Review #17, by SeverusLove A Few Minutes More

24th March 2014:
That was just absolutely sweet.

I don't read much Next Gen but I find this little fic simply realistic and adorable. I also like the descriptions of Quidditch as that sport is always entertaining. However, I did find an issue with the mechanics as you wrote that Ginny had tried the 'Wronski feint'. As she seemed to be playing as a chaser against a keeper throughout the whole fic, this seemed a bit odd since the Wronski Feint is a seeker move, unless you were trying for a different version of it. :')

I love the little interruptions and the hints of personality from all three children, my favourite part being Al's "He can't possibly sleep outside!" for a flobberworm. :')

Also, this sentence - (Why don't you ask Albus to read you from 'Tales of Beetle the Bard?') might need a tinge revision as I feel it might be read and interpreted better with the word "to" in between "read" and "you", otherwise, eliminating the 'from' can also do. That might have been confusing so here's a demo:

Original Structure:
Why don't you ask Albus to read you from 'Tales of Beetle the Bard?'
Suggested Structure:
Why don't you ask Albus to read to you from 'Tales of Beetle the Bard?'
Why don't you ask Albus to read you 'Tales of Beetle the Bard?'

Aside from that, it was a sweet read. I'm surprised to see it's one of your first stories in here since it is rather good. I hope to see more from you, keep writing, yeah?

Lots of Love,
~ Sevvy

Author's Response: Hello Sevvy,

First off thank you so much for the great review. I appreciate all of the cc and I will fix both of your suggestions.

You caught me with the Wronski feint - I needed another Quidditch move and I usually research anything I am not sure about - so thanks for pointing that out.

I also really appreciate the vote of confidence and I will definitely keep writing!

Thanks so much!


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Review #18, by TheHeirOfSlytherin A Few Minutes More

14th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


Yes! Swap Quidditch for writing and swap my children for my siblings and you've got me (or you've got my family dealing with younger me... except for the fire, we never let any of my family near stuff like that :P). This is definitely a moment that I think lots of people can relate and I love moments like this, because even though it's fanfiction about a magical world it makes everything seem more real and personal and awesome.

I always think that Ginny would miss Quidditch, maybe even more than Harry might, and can just imagine her trying to find just a little bit of time to play.

Aww, the end was so sweet. I was wondering what the twist would be, that it would be something good because she was thinking of the bad, and it's just so adorable to imagine her little boy getting her a drink. It's so simple, but so sweet. I loved it. I wish my little brother would be like that, but he just wants me to get him the drinks. :P

I really enjoyed reading this!


Author's Response: Hi Sam!

Ok - so I have to admit, I *swooned* when I saw you reviewed my story! I have been following you for a while. For about a year and a half, I lurked on this site and only read the stories before I bolstered up enough courage to make an account and start writing and reviewing. Silver Linings was one of my favorites! (I saw the sequel is up!)

Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I'm so glad you found the story relatable. That is what I was hoping for! You made my day!!!


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