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Review #1, by alicia and anne Between Here And Somewhere

12th August 2014:
Okay, now I know I reviewed this story! I definitely did because I remember reading it! Am I just going crazy? Am I pretend reviewing in my head again and thinking that it's real?

I loved how different Nina is to other characters I've read about. How she's scared to be outside and go on adventures like her brother, as much as she wishes that she could go. I'm glad that her brother is helping her live through him, but sending her back letters and maps.

I love that she ran out to Amos, that she got the courage to do so, and that he was there to hug her. It was so perfect!

Brilliant as always!! :D

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Review #2, by marauderfan Between Here And Somewhere

3rd June 2014:
Hello! I'm here with your review. Also wow, every time I read one of your one-shots I find it difficult to say more than just AJDSNKSNCHFBKYFXJYFC *JAW DROPPING*. But that would be like the most useless review ever, so I will refrain from that but GAH HOW ARE YOU SO AMAZING.

I know you said you were worried about it feeling rushed as it was written in only a few days, but it doesn't feel that way. Actually it kind of seems like it would have made a really good entry for last year's House Cup, haha. Writing duos are so cool though and now I'm itching to find the companion piece to this and read that too! Anyway I'm getting off track here but it definitely doesn't feel rushed. I never would have guessed it was written in three days.

I think you wrote Nina's conflicting sides very well, her wanderlust and her agoraphobia - poor thing, what a terrible combination, to have such intense dreams and desires to see the world, but to not be able to because she feels ill and dizzy when it comes to actually stepping outside the sanctuary of her front door. The characterisation in general was excellent. Although you never specifically point out things about her, her personality comes through in the little things and I love the way you did that. One scene that stuck out to me was when Nina giggles to herself about the cloth hitting her grandma in the face, as it shows her appreciation for the silly things even in the midst of being caught between her dreams and the crushing reality that her dreams are years away. For the rest of the fic she's kind of living in her head and out of parchment scrolls, living vicariously through Amos' travels, but here she's in the moment and actually *there* (yes, as silly of a scene as it was.) I liked it.

I know you didn't ask about this but I just wanted to point out that your description is amazing and so fluid. And I love that the Diggorys own a B&B! The description of Nina making all that delicious sounding food made me hungry, which is unfortunate as it's rather late at night right now :p

You do a remarkable job of showing rather than telling, like rather than "It's raining" you describe the water on the pane of glass - beautiful. The one thing that didn't quite fit in that scene was that the sun was rising and pouring light through the window, but a few paragraphs later you mention the rain. I don't know if this is a helpful observation haha, but I come from a rainy place and well... when it's raining you don't get nice sunrises with pretty pink light. Or did the rain start afterward? (Wow, this is a very oddly specific thing for me to focus on. Anyway...)

There was also a little typo I noticed - 'hyglerophics' which I'm pretty sure is meant to say 'hieroglyphics'.

Those two very minor things aside, this was a splendid read and I really enjoyed it! You did a wonderful job!

Author's Response: Hi! Awww that's so lovely to hear and woah that wouldn't be useless, in fact it would be an awesome review because those kinds of reviews are confidence boosters but this review is definitely totes amazes so GAH HOW ARE YOU SUCH A GREAT REVIEWER ♥

Hahaha this was actually going to be my entry for last year's House Cup! I really wanted to write it but every time I typed something it seemed like it was nowhere near good enough and I wanted to do this one-shot justice particularly as it deals with topics like agoraphobia and anxiety which I didn't want to gloss over. So I left it to simmer in the back of my head for a while, mulling the plot over in my head and researching the topic but not actually doing anything until the Duo and when I saw that one of the prompts was travel it seemed like the perfect moment to finally write this! Haha writing duos are definitely cool and I hope you liked Sarahjane's piece about Amos! It's great to hear that it didn't feel rushed at all! ^.^

Awww, that's fantastic to hear! And yes, poor thing, yet when I googled agoraphobia I found mention of people who were seeking therapy to overcome it because they really wanted to see the world. Nina isn't as alone as she thinks. Haha, I loved that moment -- the one-shot felt really serious, so I wanted to inject a little humour and remind the reader that she's just nineteen, she's still a little kid at heart. I love that she was able to pretend she was elsewhere though, and it was lovely of Amos to write about the places he saw despite not understanding why she chose to stay because he could have said "no, you chose not to come travelling, it's your problem". It's great that you liked it!

Haha! It's great to hear -- I wanted Nina's agoraphobia to be her secret, and it would've been much more noticeable if the Diggorys lived in a normal house and Nina had to go outside to work but here, where she lives in her workplace, it's so difficult to realise the truth particularly since she's so adept at covering it up. I'm sorry you were hungry though -- but then again, any excuse for a midnight snack ;)

Ooh, thank you! I come from a very rainy country too, Wales in fact, and you can be enjoying the sunrise and then snap, one second later it's torrential rain ;) Haha, don't worry about it -- it's nice to know someone notices the little details I included!

Ack! I hate that word! I've never been able to spell it -- I'll get onto fixing that pronto ^.^ Thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you so much for such a lovely review and I'm really pleased you enjoyed this!

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Review #3, by jessicalorewrites Between Here And Somewhere

27th May 2014:
Hey, I'm here because you requested a review on my topic! First off I'm going to answer each of your areas of concern and add in my own little thoughts about different things that I like along the way :)

1. Does the speed it was written in impare the quality?
Not at all! You can't tell at all that this was speed written. It is coherent and flows between itself. The length is excellent for a oneshot, which I often find end up being too short, and you manage to incorporate so much into such a short amount of words. I'm very impressed!

2. Is Nina's characterisation good?
I love Nina. She's amazing and her wanderlust is very relatable, I think. And yet you put your own spin on it by not ACTUALLY having her travel anywhere. She can barely make it out of her house which gives her added depth and contrasts nicely against her travel desires. It's an usual pairing but it actually works. She's a believable, likeable character that is about as far away from a Mary Sue as you could hope for. She was fun to read!

One thing I didn't particularly like about the chapter was the use of present tense coupled with third person. To me, it's unusual and I actually found it a little distracting at first. However this could just be my own personal preference.

However what was really interesting was the location. It's not often I've read fics set in Wales... and even less often the family home is a B&B. In fact, I've never seen it done before so hats off to you! Nina seems to do a LOT more in her job than her father does. Is there a reason for this? Maybe this could have been expanded on more in the story. I'd also have loved to have found out more about her mother's death and that side of things, but I can understand why you didn't include it.

Overall a very good oneshot that I thoroughly enjoyed! Added to my favourites.

- Jess xo

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for reviewing, and that's fine :)

Thank you so much, I'm really pleased that you like the length because I was a little worried that it was long, particularly since I tend to rush my endings if I'm on a deadline. It's great to hear that you felt this was understandable and flowed well, and I'm happy you're impressed!

Awww it's fabulous to hear that you loved Nina and that she doesn't have any Mary Sue traits! I love that you could relate to her wanderlust and that her staying at home helped to give her characterisation additional depth. It's great to hear you had fun reading about her!

No-one else has commented on that, and to be quite honest I type in third person present quite a lot, it's sort of my default setting. It's possibly personal preference but I understand and I've taken that on board :)

I'm half-Welsh and I live in Wales so I felt morally obliged to write a story set in Wales since so many of my other fics are set in England! The B&B however was something I decided needed to be incorporated since Nina's agoraphobia would be more noticeable if she was in a normal house and didn't/couldn't go to work but living in the same building as her workplace has helped to cover that up. I think since the story is from Nina's POV it appears that she does more but actually their tasks are divided, her dad tends to do maintenance and deals with reserving customers and parchmentwork etc while Nina does the cooking and cleaning.

Thank you so much for adding this to your favourites and for such a lovely review!


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Review #4, by Ravenclaw333 Between Here And Somewhere

23rd May 2014:
Hey! Sorry it's taken me so long to get onto these reviews I owe you!

This piece is amazing, it really is. You do a remarkable job of bringing your characters completely to life in your one shots, and this is a stunning example of that. The way you've characterised Nina is flawless, first as a sister missing her brother, then a daughter bound by duty to stay at home while Amos travels, and finally (and most poignantly) as a young woman constrained by fear. I wasn't expecting that to come up at all, which I think is the most amazing thing - even within the story Nina manages to disguise her real reasons for staying at home, and the excuses she gives to her father and to the guests ring so true that even the reader is fooled into thinking that's all it is.

The way you've described her fear is perfect as well - the irrationality, the self-awareness, the isolation that comes from knowing nobody will ever understand the nature or extent of that anxiety - it's incredibly well done.

I loved your choice of why she's afraid - the bus in Cardiff seems like such a minor incident to outside eyes, but its effect on her is immediate and obvious (as is so often the case with anxiety/phobia related issues - it really emphasises her isolation and frustration with herself, and I have to commend you for that)

The way you've threaded her wanderlust throughout the story adds such a layer of bittersweet wistfulness - she wants nothing more than to travel and see the world, but at the same time she's too afraid, and I can't really put into words how much I appreciate seeing something like that in fic - the way you've shown how debilitating anxiety is, but at the same time you've included hope. She may not be ready to travel yet, but one day she will, and she's already working on leaving the house - her sanctuary - behind.

Overall an amazing piece of writing with perfect capturing of emotions, and I'm still a little bit blown away as I write this. Stunning work!

Author's Response: Hi Lisa! Don't worry about it, I understand that real life can get busy (not to mention that you pretty much wrote an entire novel in less than two months so you have my adoring worship because WOAH)

Wow, thank you! I'm honoured at your lovely compliments and really happy that you enjoyed Nina's characterisation. She's using every excuse in the book to cover up her fear because she's scared of admitting it, scared of her own fear and the way people might react and I think that's heartbreaking, particularly as there doesn't seem to be much mention in the books on how people cope with trauma. Look at the Longbottoms, locked up in St. Mungo's when they could easily live in a care home or an assisted living facility. I'm really pleased her excuses were able to convince you though because I wanted this story to be as realistic as possible and to do the subject of agoraphobia justice.

I actually googled agoraphobia to research it more thoroughly prior to writing this one-shot and found out that most agoraphobics don't consciously realise the real reason they're so afraid and it's through therapy that the counsellor works with them to go through their memories and discover why they're so afraid and I wanted Nina to have that. I wanted the agoraphobia to be realistic, and most of my research suggested that it was a gradual process so that's why I made her slowly recede from Cardiff to the village then to the street then the garden until eventually she's trapped inside her own home.

Thank you so much! The wanderlust was actually down to last year's HC -- the theme was travel, and I wanted to do something unique so I came up with Nina who wanted to travel but was held back by her own anxiety. Unfortunately, when I tried to write the one-shot back then it didn't feel like good enough so I left it to simmer in my head and then nine months later there was the Writer's Duo and one of the prompts was travel which seemed like the perfect motivation to pick up this story again, particularly since my partner (who wrote about Amos' journey across the world) loved the idea! I'm really honoured by your lovely comments because making this story realistic was my main aim while writing and it appears that I've done that judging by what you've said.

This review was so lovely to read so thank you so much, Lisa ♥

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Review #5, by AlexFan Between Here And Somewhere

24th March 2014:
This is the first time that I've read anything concerning the Diggory family and this was really sweet. I felt so bad for Nina because she was in quite a predicament what with her fear of leaving home and her desire to travel. I forget if it was mentioned or not, but is there any particular reason for why Nina is so afraid to leave her home? She seems absolutely terrified of setting foot outside of her own home, let alone her own fence and I was wondering why that was.

I was actually able to relate to Nina's fear a little bit which I would say is a great accomplishment since, unlike her, I have absolutely no problem with being alone and outside. I just wanted to help her so much but I didn't know how and it made me so sad to see her being afraid of everything around her.

I only have two things to point out when it comes to CC and the first one is that I'm pretty sure that you didn't need to capitalise the word summon but feel free to ignore me on that. The second one was that there were slash signs next to words which I'm pretty sure were there to show that the words were italicized.

But other than that, I really enjoyed this one-shot and I think you wrote it brilliantly.

Author's Response: Ooh, thank you! Nina is indeed in a difficult position, especially because agoraphobia isn't a known condition in the wizarding world, which is quite sad. And yes, it was mentioned -- Nina almost got run over by a bus in Cardiff (which is quite a big city centre and very busy, particularly on match days) and although she didn't get hurt, the shock of the almost-accident combined with the embarrassment of people staring at her and at herself for being so distracted, caused her to avoid the city. Like many agoraphobics, it was a slow process where she made excuses for avoiding Cardiff and instead visited the village, but she was still afraid and the fear of "what if?" escalated. I did some research on agoraphobia online when I wrote this one-shot (although not as much as I'd have liked to, since this was done in 2/3 days) and it's quite similar to a lot of fears in terms of how your fear develops and enlarges. Say, for example you're bitten by a dog, and you start to avoid that particular breed of dog. Then you're so worried, you avoid all similar-looking dogs, and so on until you're terrified of all dogs, even fluffy little harmless ones. I'm really glad that you could connect with her though, and that you felt it was a good accomplishment :)

I need to re-read the books, but I'm fairly sure Summon is capitalized in the books, so that was my rationale for it. And thank you for that -- I submitted it to the queue quite quickly because I was on a deadline and I missed those -- you're quite right, they were supposed to be italicized. I've fixed them now, thanks for pointing that out!

Thank you for your lovely review, Grace :)

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Review #6, by Lululuna Between Here And Somewhere

8th March 2014:
Hi Isobel! :)

Ah, I loved this so much! It was a really unique take on a travel story, about how Nina is longing for all these things and living through Amos in a way, yet her life in comparison is very ordinary and mundane. I really liked the conflicting emotions you showed throughout, and how she both longs to and is terrified to leave her home. The subtle hints throughout the story that it had something to do with her absent mother were amazing as well, and I quite like how you didn't give the whole story away.

I really enjoyed hearing about the wizarding aspects of the places Amos was going, like in Egypt or the reference to Lockhard! That was just too perfect and it was very cool hearing about wizarding lore.

You did a really good job of capturing how honestly normal and regular Nina's life is, and the level of detail in scenes like her going to the fair in the past, hitting her grandmother with the cloth, and even the little conversations with the guests and the routines of making breakfast were perfect. I wish I could quote everything back to you because I really did love any word.

I really enjoy your writing style - it's very descriptive, but also clear and fluid at the same time, if that makes sense. From what I've read of your work, you do a really good job of bringing characters to life quickly, and of showing and not telling - for example, the way Amos and Nina's bedrooms are connected - showing how close they are and how as they share a bathroom he would be a part of her daily routine - and also using the image of the bed being made and empty to introduce Amos' absence. I could really see everything in my mind as you described it.

This was such a unique and well-written story, I really loved it! ♥ :)

Gry/Sly Blackout Round 2 - 1/5

Author's Response: Hi Jenna!

Awww, thank you so much! I'm really pleased you thought that this one-shot was original and unique! I actually had this plunny for the House Cup last year, but sadly my muse wouldn't co-operate until now. I think this was better for the wait, though, since I had quite some time to think over Nina's emotions and really delve into their complexities before I started writing.

Thank you! I wanted to bring in the world that Nina so desperately wanted to see, and to connect in part to Sarahjane's one-shot, since this was written for the Hufflepuff speed dating.

Thank you! I was worried that those scenes would be boring, since they're very similar to the chores we do at home, so it's fabulous to hear that you thought they enhanced the story. And aww, thanks so much! ♥

That's really lovely to hear -- once again, I'm flattered since you're so talented yourself -- and I think this is one of the sweetest reviews I've ever received. :)

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