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Review #1, by cocopops I'm Not Waiting

22nd September 2015:
I read this chapter ages ago, but haven't had the time to review yet, so here it is.

1. Brett is slowly getting there, maybe? I honestly felt as confused as Carrie about his performance. To be honest I don't really find either of them that romantic per say. James just has that character in this story that tends to give him more of romantic traits.
2. I'm having a real hard time with this one, but I might be leaning more towards James just because I think that her and Brett's relationship would dry out eventually. She kinda has the best of both worlds in both of them. Brett gives her the physical side of a relationship whereas James is the more emotionally involved part.
3. No. Honestly I think it's silly. I mean yes, the houses have their own character traits, but it doesn't mean that they are in lack of everytrhing else just because odf the house they are put in. Take Pettigrew for an example.
4. I would definitely be in either Gryffindor or Slytherin. Rawenclaw might be an option, but Hufflepuff is out of the question. I think it would end up being Gryffindor, just because of my need to rush into things without always thinking about the consequenses and because I'm extremely loyal to those that I love.

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Review #2, by Sunshine&Daisies I'm Not Waiting

31st August 2015:
I just came across this story. What a wonderful read and the characters are well developed. Please post again soon!

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Review #3, by Token I'm Not Waiting

29th August 2015:
"I guess you're pretty smart."
"I like you too, but only because you smell nice."

Seriously, they're perfect for each other. They complement each other really well, and I'm sad that nothing is going to happen. But despite the fact that we're already 21 chapters in, it would feel a bit rushed for something to seriously happen now. But (in case you've missed it in my previous reviews :P) I'm definitely shipping Carrie/James. All the way.

Brett can go screw himself for all I care. Although, I suppose, I kind of hope that he becomes a better person through this experience and is able to find someone who complements him well too. I guess. The scene with Brett was pretty great though. And obviously he is changing, all thanks to her, so that's a good thing. I'm not sure it would be enough to make me feel okay about them officially getting together at the end though.

Okay. And the interview!

Seriously, who does that b*tch think she is?! Wow. She did absolutely no research at all. I caught the first jab that she made toward Carrie being a Slytherin and thought... "Wait a second, that's not right," and moved on, not realizing it was intentional until the second one, at which point Carrie corrected her. God, Carrie can be as much of a b*tch as her family, and it is freaking fantastic! I was grinning like a maniac as I read this scene. And I kind of think her mother was a little proud of her (hoping), because how could she not be? Aside from, you know, the whole Hufflepuff thing.

And seriously, judging people based on their houses is complete crap. That was a major theme in the books, though I'm not sure how Jo managed it considering most of the bad guys were from Slytherin and most of the good guys were from Gryffindor and a small accumulation from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. But everything that Carrie said about prejudice based on houses were completely right. McGonagall sending away all the Slytherin kids during the Battle of Hogwarts wasn't so much because they were a potential threat (which was how I initially read it, being younger) but because asking them to fight against family members, no matter their beliefs, would have been unusually cruel. Carrie has a sound head above her shoulders.

And to satiate your curiosity, I have been sorted into Ravenclaw most of the time. Though I've been put in pretty much every house but Hufflepuff.

Keep up the great work! Update when you can. I'll be waiting patiently!

(While previewing this review, I realized that I apparently say "seriously" a lot. The potential pun in unintentional, I promise.)

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Review #4, by Token Never Relive

29th August 2015:
I love how I can read a chapter on my phone but I really hate leaving reviews on there because I can't go into depth. So yeah, I read this ages ago and am only just now reviewing it and the next chapter. Really excited that you've been updating so often lately, but I totally understand how life can easily get in the way, so no worries. :)

Let's start by saying how awesome Carrie is. She's awesome. Seriously. Thanks for a little insight into her personal history so that we can get to know and understand her better, and the look at her family home was cool. Obviously not big on her family, but you did an excellent job showing her home life -- especially showing how alone and trapped she is there, even if she doesn't think or talk about it too much. She's always alone. On that note, her grandmother is completely bonkers, though that totally makes sense with the pureblood stuff and how old she would be during the first and second wars.

I love the introduction (I think... I don't remember him being in it sooner) of Neville. Mostly because Neville is 100% my favorite character in the entire series, so I pretty much love anything with Neville. He was so awkward after the interaction between Carrie and her grandmother -- hilarious!

And surprisingly, I really like Harry in this fic. I don't often like Harry in fanfics. But he seems intelligent, reasonable, human, and even amused by Carrie without being so excited about her potential relationship with his eldest son (way too overdone in JSP/OC fics). And Ginny, per usual, is an overprotective bad*ss and it's freaking awesome.

In any event, I am very glad that she's back at Hogwarts, even if it took her a bit longer than everyone else. I had forgotten how much I loved all of her friends because they're funny and realistic, and they work so well together.

Great chapter per usual!

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Review #5, by Nee I'm Not Waiting

24th August 2015:
I was glad to see another update, brilliant job!!
Im kind of sad about Carrie and James but it made sense
Brett was sweet in this chapter I'm am beginning to like him more, not completely just yet I think I'd need to see him mature more and be a little bit nicer
Feels like there's something off with Julien
You're brilliant
Update soon please :)

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Review #6, by RupertsPheonix I'm Not Waiting

24th August 2015:
I just started reading your story today, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Carrie is a well thought-out character with an interesting backstory, and the two male love interests are just as interesting. The juxtaposition of Brett, the attractive boy with a similar upbringing, and James, the attractive bloke with a very different upbringing and family dynamic, is what really makes the story unfold for me. I think it's this juxtaposition that propels your plot and keeps the characters and story interesting.

As for your reviewer questions...

1. Who is more romantic Brett or James? Brett has started acting more conventionally romantic, but James is much more authentic in his actions and reactions, which I find way more appealing in a person. Brett is making all the right moves at this point in the story, just embracing her and holding her in her secret room, being worried about Julien's intentions, but I can't forget how harsh he was at points in the story, too, and the way he defends Snell's actions against Lily; Brett's romantic antics don't make up for other character traits. James, though, is genuine even in times or worry or frustration. I really believe that romance fades, but authenticity is a trait that a person embodies for a lifetime.

2. Who do you want Carrie to end up with? James, times a hundred.

3.Do you think its fair to judge everyone based on their house? Nope. I think that ambition and cunning aren't negative traits unless you use them negatively, just like courage and bravery and intellect and loyalty and compassion.

4. What is your Hogwarts house? I'm not sure. It depends on the day, but I really aspire to have the best traits of each house, and that in itself might make me a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, either because I want to see the best of everyone and see those traits in a positive light or because I think I'm intelligent enough to know that each house represents traits and values that are of worth in a person.

Love this story, and I can't wait wait to read more!

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Review #7, by Ciel I'm Not Waiting

23rd August 2015:
This story is amazing. It give the readers such complex characters that are beautifully written and brings them to life with a compelling progression of plot. You are doing such a great job and I can't wait to read more. Carrie's character is deeply intriguing, making it impossible to stop reading this story. I can' wait until the next update!

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Review #8, by madness I'm Not Waiting

22nd August 2015:
Haha amazing, she told that women what was what!

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Review #9, by Mxxx I'm Not Waiting

21st August 2015:
Love it! More James moments please!!!

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Review #10, by Em I'm Not Waiting

21st August 2015:
I love your story, Carrie as a character is interesting although I am unsure of my current feelings towards her. I think Carrie all and should stay with her family and go to the healing school like she has always wanted. I would like to see her end up with Brett who seems to understand her in a way that James doesn't. Also Carrie has had more time to establish a relationship with Brett therefore them ending up together seems logical.

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Review #11, by chocolateteacups I'm Not Waiting

21st August 2015:
Okay, I absolutely loved this chapter, I loved being able to see Carrie use her intelligence in such a verbal battle, it was fun to read :)
As for your questions, I don't find the actions of Brett or James especially romantic - but James seems to be more honest, and the fact that Carrie herself claims to be unable to understand him is a point in his favour. Carrie is smart enough to grasp almost any concept instantly - and yet she can't figure him out. I loved the conversation between the two of them in this chapter, it highlighted how honest and frank the two of them are with each other, and was a turning point in their relationship because they had the "kiss conversation", it proved that as a couple they wouldn't be ones to sweep things under the rug. So, I want Carrie to end up with James. Brett has no idea what Carrie really wants from life.
Oh, and I'm a Ravenclaw, but my sister is clearly a Slytherin and my brother is Gryffindor, so I think the houses can get on just fine, personally.

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Review #12, by happyanon I'm Not Waiting

21st August 2015:
Omg why did you have to to and make Brett all adorable teddy bear!?? I'm so confused. I remember saying I just want Carrie to be happy, and I still do. However if you ask me who I want her to end up with I guess largely because of this chapter, I am leaning more on Brett. Altho I think that its also 40% based on personal preference. I mean I kind of adore the whole bad boy but is actually a bit of a teddy when they worry and thats exactly how brett sort of came out for me. I mean sure he is not the nicest out there and he can be really hypocritical and mean but well aren't we all? And also come on, who else can take on Brett aside from our dear Carolyn. And also again because of the whole pureblood family. I mean it doesnt even look like carrie intends to break away from family soon. I just hope they dont disown her after this. I actually think she was super brilliant in this. Excited to see how the people around her will react to it. Judging someone based in their house, and I think maybe 95% of hardcore potterheads would agree is idiotic. Our houses simply show our more dominant personalities. Theres good and bad in all houses but i think in order to move forward its better to focus of the positive attributes which personally i think is what the sorting hat also takes in consideration. And I am a proud Slytherin. I forgot my account in pottermore 3 times and i had to remake them. and in all 3 seperate occasions I got the same house- Slytherin. Same wand wood. and twice, same core the last one which i have now is the diff one. I always found it odd actually, most of the questions change and i still end up in Slytherin. I must truly belong there. It shocked me the first time i always thought I was hufflepuff. Guess not. Sorry I might have overshared. But i cant help it, i tend to ramble cos i get passionate. But i am so excited about the chapters to come. I really hope you still update quite frequently tho i know university is time consuming. Good luck! Much much love to you and this story! Xoxo

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Review #13, by HARRYPOTTER4LIFE I'm Not Waiting

21st August 2015:
no becuase everyone has every chracteristic and quality

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Review #14, by Sam Never Relive

17th August 2015:
Love love the chapter!! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it. Thank you for the review and the next chapter should be out soon!

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Review #15, by dot dot dot Never Relive

15th August 2015:
My Harry Potter Fan Fic obsession has been sparked alive once again!... All thanks to you.
Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad that I could rekindle your obsession.

Thank you for the review and the next chapter should be out soon!

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Review #16, by Nee Never Relive

15th August 2015:
Wow that was a quick update :)
I love the whole murder/shooting/gun thing excited to see how Carrie deals with it
Hope to see more James and Brett in the next few chapters
Update soon please :)

Author's Response: I tried not to be a horrible person and leave that cliffhanger for too long.

I'm glad that you like the plot so far. More moments with James and Brett will be coming up soon.

Thank you for the review and the next chapter should be out shortly!

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Review #17, by z x z Never Relive

11th August 2015:
great chapter, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for the review and the next chapter should be out soon!

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Review #18, by happyanon Never Relive

11th August 2015:
Carrie is lazy af, yes. She's smart too, a genius actually. But she's A Hufflepuff there is no doubt in my mind that she will definitely save a person. I do hate het mother and grandmother tho. That stick up their behind is too far up. Come to think of it Draco was a bit annoying. The group of people believed to be behind the attack and young ones. i can only come up with Trenton Myers.. i slightly hope im wrong and slightly hope im right. I miss this. K hope to read more from you! Much love! Xoxo

Author's Response: I'm happy that you think she's definitely a Hufflepuff. I created Carrie's personality and then kind of debated over which house she would go into. Although I admit that Gryffindor was never considered for her.

Her whole family is rather detestable in my opinion, but part of that was done on purpose. I mean, if you ask me Draco Malfoy has always been a bit annoying to me, so that may have come out in my writing. In his defense though, most people would be freaking out if they just got shot at.

You don't have to worry too much about the group right now. It will all be revealed in time.

Thank you for the review! A new chapter should be out soon!

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Review #19, by purpleinkheart Never Relive

11th August 2015:


Ok im good :)
Awesome chapter (as usual), I now understand some of that foreshadowing from the chapters earlier on ;)
I really need a Carrie James moment plz
Also, is the Julien guy one of the attackers?

Love this story, can't wait to find out what happens next :)

Author's Response: I'm glad that you checked for updates so frequently. Sorry about that cliff hanger, even I think it was a bit mean.

I'm happy you liked the chapter and started to see some of the foreshadowing. Trust me there are more Carrie and James moments on the way.

Julien is a special case and will always be one. You haven't seen the last of him though.

Yeah, there was a reason Carrie was so closed off, but she does have great friends now.

Thank you so much for the review! The next chapter should be out soon!

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Review #20, by Arianna Dumbledore 😄 Never Relive

11th August 2015:
I honestly think shes a combination of all the houses. She's brave to do what she wants, cunning to be able to break the rules, she's extremely smart, and a very loyal person.

And I an really picture carrie being like the hero even though she is lazy.

James is going to flip put when he sees her. Like just reprimand her over her "foolish" decisions

I think Brett will kinda just jump her and want sex basically.

Author's Response: I guess I can see her in basically every house. I just saw her in Hufflepuff more than the others. Carrie is a bit of a hero, but not totally one if that makes sense? That might make more sense a little later.

Oh the James and Brett. There is so much I could say, but it would give the next chapter away.

Thank you for the review! The next chapter should be out soon.

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Review #21, by Mxxx Never Relive

10th August 2015:
Please update soon, so excited for james-carrie scenes!!

Author's Response: More James and Carrie scenes are coming up. Thank you for the review and the next chapter should be out soon!

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Review #22, by Nee A Night to

7th August 2015:
Liked this chapter a lot!!! The end surprised me but im excited to see what happens, love how carrie is becoming a different version of herself

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad you're enjoying watching the characters develop and the story unfold. The next chapter should be out soon.

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Review #23, by lolo A Night to

7th August 2015:
what the actual hell... that is too big of a cliff hanger!!! i might actually die. I need a new chapter soon, your story is my procrastination!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad that your excited for a new chapter. The next chapter will actually be out relatively soon. Thank you for the review!

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Review #24, by hopey110 A Night to

3rd August 2015:
As I've said before. I love you and your writing, oh my god. Please don't stop.
When you say you've been planning the ending does that mean the stories almost done?! I just know that when this story ends I'll probs cry.
Anyways, your questions.
Okay so the questions for this chapter:
Who do you think is cuter Teddy and Victoire or Rose and Scorpius? Rose and Scorpius hands down, oh my goodness gracious.
Does Carrie still feel like shes in character? When you say character, do you mean at the party? Because if so, then yes and no. She understands why her brothers girlfriend doesn't want to be seen talking to her. Plus she agreed to dance with Julien. On the other hand she plain out says she's been removed from the family. I'm not sure, but I think after being in the habit of something for so long it's hard to break it.
Anyone else pissed at James for not talking about the kiss? WHY WOULD HE DO THAT. WHY. ASDFGHJKL. Like feelings are important, omg.
Oh and did you see that ending coming? No. I had to re-read the line! I WAS LIKE WHAT?! Who do it, omg. Either Derek was shot, or James. Idk, something really bad of course. I'm just being pessimistic. Please let everyone be okay!
Cant wait for the update! Keep on writing.

Author's Response: I promise not to stop. I'm really determined to get through this story. I may be gone for a while in August because I have training for my job, but I promise not to disappear.

When I started writing this story I first thought of the characters and then for some reason I thought of the middle, then the beginning. This is basically the middle of the story or a little more. I don't think it will be ending too soon.

Give poor James a break. He was always around his family which would make it extremely awkward.

I know I shouldn't be this happy for shocking people, but I really am. I like to throw surprises at people every now and then.

Thank you for leaving a review! The new chapter should be out soon.

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Review #25, by Token A Night to

31st July 2015:
Oh my gosh, why would you do that! That's just mean and awful. How dare you! How can you end it like that? Also, seriously, who in the world would bring a gun to a pureblood NYE party? All I'm coming up with is Ron is freaking out about Rose and Scorpius and wants to shoot Draco and/or Scorpius. But that doesn't make any sense because Ron is a pureblood and doesn't know anything about Muggle guns. So yeah... what?

Also, James is so freaking cute! I am loving all this attention he's getting in these past few chapters. And I have to say that I'm not p*ssed at all at him for not talking to her. He panicked. They're like 17 years old. It's okay. And obviously he's ready to talk about it now, so (plot permitting) they can now discuss it like civilized people.

And yeah, apparently it had been so long since Brett had been in the story that I almost forgot about him until it talked about the angry blond watching them dancing. I did not miss him.

I'm glad you're enjoying writing out the scenes you've been planning for ages. It's always so rewarding, isn't it?

Please update soon! This was totally fantastic as always. :)

Author's Response: I have no idea why, but writing cliffhangers is like experiencing a power high. I'll try to stop myself from making them every chapter.

I'm happy that you liked how James reacted to things. I tried to make it as realistic as possible. It would be super awkward to talk about a relationship with your parents and siblings constantly around.

Yeah, no. Brett's still around for now.

It was so rewarding to finally right them. I'm so excited to keep writing the things I've been imagining for a long time.

Thank you for leaving a review! The new chapter should be out soon. I didn't want to leave you with a cliffhanger for to long. ;)

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