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Review #1, by leigia Exam

22nd March 2015:
I'm trying to keep an open mind regarding Arina...but being an animagus is too much. She's becoming a Mary Sue and I can't stand those types.

Author's Response: There a reason for that, but it is coming later. Dont want to ruin the suprise.

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Review #2, by Avanell 2 Exam

21st March 2015:
Interesting exams and such...looking forward to meeting the others, including Draco! And personally, especially Hermione.

Author's Response: Thanks. Me too, I have started to write the next chapter and its so exciting. Thanks for reading.

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Review #3, by Avanell 2 Hogwarts

21st March 2015:
Great update, especially enjoyed Draco's rescue. He really needs to open up...and get help for his mother! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. Yeah he really should but you and i both know he hates having to get someone else's help. Hopefully in the future he may open up. ;)

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Review #4, by HPFAN 101 Hogwarts

16th March 2015:
1 word.AMAZING. I love it the plot was amazing like i said before and the grammar was impeccable and i am astonished and i cant wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Woowww. Thank You sooo much. I am so happy that you enjoyed it. And thank you for taking your time to leave a review. I really appreciate it. ;)

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Review #5, by JK Rowling Meeting

11th February 2015:
Draco is Head Boy? Hahahahaha that is so stupid, the let a war criminal be Head Boy at the school where he committed most of his crimes.

So unbelievably lame.

Author's Response: Lol, I guess you didn't like that. Oh well. ;P

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Review #6, by Panda Weasley  Threat

27th January 2015:
Hey Jesse! So I thought this was a good chapter, but I noticed several mistakes in grammar and punctuation. At the end of the last chapter you asked for a beta and I volunteered. Do you still want one? I am still willing to help. PM me on the forums if you want me to.

Author's Response: Hey there, Yh I'm sorry I couldn't answer. What happened was I forgot the password for my forums account so I don't remember your email. I would still love you to be my beta reader. Glad you liked the chapter.

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Review #7, by Avanell 2 Threat

27th January 2015:
Very intriguing update! I need to review, can't remember some things. And when you mentioned the kidnapping at the wand shop, you said her me even more confused as to her exact parentage but thought...well, never mind. :D Great update! Can't wait her to meet the trio, Draco, and all else at Hogwarts! Hope she and Hermione become friends...Hermione is my favorite and hate to see her topped, lol.

Author's Response: I meant that he ordered for that to happen as he was curious for the elder wand. Since this happened in the past and will not be mentioned again, I thought I might as well explain. ;) Glad you liked the chapter. Thanks for reading

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Review #8, by Hilary Life

24th August 2014:
Can't wait to find out what happen next!! Keep on writing this story:)

Author's Response: Thanks. I took a bit of a break frim writing since I fell behind in my studies. But i promise that during the next two weeks I will post up the next chapter.

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Review #9, by Amy Meeting

5th April 2014:
I like everything about this fic except how literally everything regarding Draco is completely unbelievable. Sadly that's enough to make me not want to continue with it. Good luck.

Author's Response: Aaah, Thanks. It's okay can't please everyone. Have fun reading other fics.

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Review #10, by HermionesSecretClone Life

4th April 2014:
That.Was.WONDERFUL!! I love the way you turned this and how you included past characters!! (",) 10/10 HSC

Author's Response: Thank You. It was a lot of fun creating Snape's character. Seriously it was so much fun adding in the friendly banter between Albus and Severus. 10/10 WOW! Thank you so much you are AMAZING. Keep reading.

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Review #11, by Avanell 2 Life

3rd April 2014:
Very intriguing update! Loved it all.

Author's Response: Thanks. Ur the best.

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Review #12, by Panda Weasley  Life

3rd April 2014:
Hi Jesse,
I think this story is very good. I love your creativity in thinking this plot line up. I noticed in your authors note you were apologizing for any mistakes that might be in the writing. If you want I can beta read for you and help you catch any edits. Feel free to PM me either on here or on the forums.
Love the story,
Panda Weasley

Author's Response: OMG you are a amazing. Thank you. Now I can stop apologizing for mistakes lol. Oh and thank you for thinking that I'm creative. ;)

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Review #13, by HogwartsAlum Life

3rd April 2014:
Loving the story so far, was just wondering if you are going to change Arina's surname when she gets to Hogwarts or are you gonna keep it the same? I only notice a few gramatical errors but not alot. Everyone makes mistakes I could show you a few that even JKR made in the books,lol.

Author's Response: Thank You, I love you for reading. When it comes to grammar eh not my best friend. Truth be told I got a really bad grade for english, but I love creating stories so I didn't care that much. I mean as long as your enjoying it that's good. As for her'll see... And again love ya for reading. xx

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Review #14, by HogwartsAlum New

2nd April 2014:
Hey I love the story so far. I cant wait to continue reading. Only thing I might disagree on is that Fawks flew away after Dumbledore died he didn't die along with him as pheonix's are always reborn from their ashes. But maybe you could use that later in your story. Because Fawks like a house elf can apparate within Hogwart's wards. So he can help McGonagall. Well off to read the next few chapters. I know I spelt "pheonix" wrong but it contains a word not suitable for 12+ stories, haha.

Author's Response: Oh that's actually a really good idea. Hmm I might use that. Thank You. And also a big thank you for reading and reviewing. As for a word not suitable for 12+ sorry. Didn't notice.

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Review #15, by Meegles Meeting

20th March 2014:
Hi, I love your story, I think you have done a great job in picking up the characters personalities... My only criticism would be the length of paragraph... Mostly you have spaced it well, but that one that starts of with 'skittles' is a bit too long... Looking forward to your update...

Author's Response: Thank u. Im glad u like it. Sorry about the length i mean me personally i like long chapters i hate them when they are too short but i get what u mean. The only reason i had this one long was because the first one was quite short and i needed a lot to get in. The average chapter lengths of successful hpfc are about 7000 words so i was aiming for that. Sorry if it annoyed you. The next one wont be too long.

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Review #16, by Avanell 2 Meeting

19th March 2014:
Very intriguing update! Loved it all. Especially with Draco...and other Slytherins :D

Author's Response: Thanks. I love that u enjoy it. Keep reading ;)

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Review #17, by HermionesSecretClone Meeting

19th March 2014:
I really like this so far! As I have asked of many other writers (But ALL special) please continue writing!(",)

Author's Response: Ahh I'm glad you like it! I will continue writing, I like this story too much to stop! Lol Interesting things in the next chapter stay in tuned. ;)

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Review #18, by Panda Weasley  New

7th March 2014:
This is really good! Well done for your first! The one thing I do have to add is about the first section of the story. It sounds like you start in 3rd person from Hermione's perspective than it switches to first in Harry's. This is probably an easy fix. Love the story and can't wait for what happens next!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll fix it. I'm so happy that you thought it was good. Thank you so much for the support. Hope I can keep you entertained for the rest of the story.

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Review #19, by nott theodore New

6th March 2014:
Hello there! I'm here reviewing stories that don't have any reviews and it's been so long since I read a story in the post-Hogwarts era that I was excited to see this one in the recently added pages!

This story has helped to remind me of how much I love reading about the trio, and seeing them here as young adults on their way back to Hogwarts really made me smile. I'm always a bit scared to write about major canon characters but I think you did a good job of their characterisation, since they seemed in character with their canon versions. I especially liked the interactions between them and the way that Harry and Ron were so late with packing, and little things like the way they nudged each other when they said they caused too much trouble to be made Head Boy. I think you did a good job of capturing their characters and the friendship between them, and I liked all the chaos that there was in the first part of the chapter, since it's how it seems to be every year with the Weasleys and Harry!

The only CC I can think of is to show rather than tell your readers a little more, although I think you're doing a good job and I like your writing style!

The last section was really intriguing for me! I don't think I've ever seen something like that before, but now I'm really, really curious about what that letter contains and what it's going to mean for the rest of the story! Congratulations on your first fanfiction!

Sian :)

Blackout Bingo 5/7

Author's Response: Thank you so much sian. I'm so happy that you enjoyed my story. I'm happy that you liked my writing style. I hope that I can give the characters personality justice. I remember while writing this I was constantly changing what the characters say and do, its such a journey but i love every minute of it. Thank you so much for the support. The next chapter will be up as soon as i refine a few tweaks. And i can tell you it will be a long chapter. Keep in touch. And enjoy. ;)

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