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Review #1, by Aidndneken I Don't Think I Can Do This

22nd February 2016:
Please update! You' ve left us in a loop!

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Review #2, by X I Don't Think I Can Do This

19th February 2016:
Please update!!! I love this story so much that I got to this point in a day!! Don't give up on this story, it's really gripping and I'm not the only one that will be crushed if you abandon it.

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Review #3, by HP07 I Don't Think I Can Do This

27th January 2016:
Please update! It would be extremely disappointing if you abandoned this story when you've gone so far with it! Please update I'm begging, and so are all the other people that are fans of your work!

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Review #4, by itssine I Don't Think I Can Do This

29th October 2015:
I know you haven't updated in a while, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm soo in love with this story and with your writing

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Review #5, by Derek I Don't Think I Can Do This

29th September 2015:
Way overdue for an update. You know how many pages i had to scroll through to find this story?

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Review #6, by Maraudereringgirl I Don't Think I Can Do This

29th August 2015:
I know you say that chapter 23 is 65% done. But this chapter is too big a cliffhanger to wait. She ditched the wedding?

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Review #7, by Harrypotterlover I Don't Think I Can Do This

22nd August 2015:
This was a pretty amazing chapter... but No!I'm so confused. I thought all would be well because they both like eachother. Will you be finishing this story? Because ok don't think I can handle it if you don't. :)

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Review #8, by cocopops The Dreaded Hen Party

17th August 2015:
Update! This story is just too good. I know you're probably busy, but just knowing that you haven't given up on the story would be awesome :)

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Review #9, by TheCiscoKid I Don't Think I Can Do This

8th August 2015:
Do I sense an epic chase for the damsel in distress with dose of truth

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Review #10, by Potterbride I Don't Think I Can Do This

6th August 2015:
Hi there.
Please sir, may i have some mor (new chapter please)?

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Review #11, by GeekAttack I Don't Think I Can Do This

23rd July 2015:
This is REALLY good. I honestly mean it. Your writing flows so well, the dialogue is so natural, and the progression of plot and character is beautiful. I've read many James/OC (even wrote one but we don't speak of that) but this stood out for me and reading it was like a breath of fresh air. Please update! I can't get enough of this!
GeekAttack xoxo

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Review #12, by AUBS I Don't Think I Can Do This

15th July 2015:
Please continue this story!!! I've been checking constantly to see if you've updated, and every time I am disappointed to find that it hasn't been updated. You left us on a HUGE cliffhanger, and it's seriously bugging me that I don't get to know what happens!!;) please update and know that there are a ton of us behind you, rooting for you, and waiting for you, so take your time but please do try to update!;):) thanks!

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Review #13, by Mrs_Pond I Don't Think I Can Do This

14th July 2015:
OMG, this story is amazingly well written! Please update it soon!!!
James and Elle seem perfect together, except they can't tell each other how they feel.
Elle relapsed, maybe James was off his face and Courtney took advantage of him???
Or has he been doing to Elle what his old friend did to him?
I don't know whether to feel sorry for James, or angry at him, so please, please, please update!!!

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Review #14, by ilovelucy I Don't Think I Can Do This

26th June 2015:
Oh, please, PLEASE finish the story! I can't stand waiting! I love it so much!

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Review #15, by Need Smith I Don't Think I Can Do This

21st June 2015:
please, PLEASE keep writing

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Review #16, by Leona I Don't Think I Can Do This

5th June 2015:

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Review #17, by Lottie I Don't Think I Can Do This

5th June 2015:
Oooo. Gettin' sauceyyy.

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Review #18, by AUBS I Don't Think I Can Do This

3rd June 2015:

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Review #19, by AUBS I Don't Think I Can Do This

28th May 2015:
Please update! I literally can't take it anymore! This is the best part and its taking the longest to come out! OH THE AGONY;) .anyway, I just wanted to say great job and to keep the story flowing!! Thanks again:)

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Review #20, by p I Don't Think I Can Do This

16th May 2015:
WHAT?!? ohmygod. I can't even right. I literally can't even. YOU CAN'T END A CHAPTER LIKE THAT! James, what is wrong with you. ugh. I can't even articulate. I'm done for the day. I'm just going to take a bath and hate James until you update. UPDATE!!!

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Review #21, by harrypotter310 I Don't Think I Can Do This

13th May 2015:
Keep writing! I can't wait to see the confrontation between Elle and James and find out what happened with Courtney! This chapter was a bit short for my liking, but only because I enjoy the story so much! Thanks for not giving up on this fic!

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Review #22, by MalfoyMannor I Don't Think I Can Do This

10th May 2015:
What! How dare you leave us with a cliffhanger!

She ditched the wedding!

She loves James!

She caught James kissing Courtney!?

Valerie actually is a slightly nice person, who was jealous of Elle?

please update I need to know what happens

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Review #23, by LittleMissAutumn I Don't Think I Can Do This

4th May 2015:
SHE DITCHED THE WEDDING! OH MY GOSH! This story makes my heart hurt! She loves James and I know he loves her so why the bloody hell was he snogging his ex?! I can't wait to find out what he's going to do or when Elle confronts him!

Update soon please! I need to know what happens!

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Review #24, by caapotter I Don't Think I Can Do This

4th May 2015:
I can't say if I'm surprised! Good for Ellie! James deserves to be hurt just like she was. (I'm hating James now, just so you know!). And he better explain it very well the whole thing. Great chapter as always!!
I was flattered that you like my reviews, I know how that feels. Whenever I get a new review on my stories my heart does a loop hahaha i'm glad to do it! Caa xx

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Review #25, by cocopops I Don't Think I Can Do This

2nd May 2015:
What? No :( now you really need to update asap!

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