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Review #1, by jily fan Reality

9th February 2016:
Lovely story. Lily and James seemed like they were never supposed to be together which is why I support an unconventional date even more. The only thing I have to say is that I wish you put in a little more passion into your writing. While very good, I didn't quite get the same feeling of overall joy that I do when I read works like J.K.'s. A few more spicy adjectives wouldn't hurt, but besides that one tiny thing it was an amazing story. It reminded me why I ship Jily in the first place.

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Review #2, by Jayna Reality

8th December 2015:
Hello! I was super busy while you were on the Hot Seat, and therefore unable to leave you a review, so I thought I would leave you one now. I've already read all of your stuff, so I picked a favorite to review.

Overall, this was just a pleasure to read and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time as I waited to see if James would get the girl in the end. You did a really wonderful job of conveying just how nervous James was, and I think the sweetest part was when Lily was turning the snowglobe and James only had eyes for her. In addition, I think the title is really creative, especially with the way you tied it into the story. I also liked how you made the story come full circle by having that part about how good things had come. Lastly, you did a phenomenal job with the descriptions. Each scene was so beautifully described that I could see everything super clearly in my head. It really made the piece come to life and it definitely helped establish the mood you were going for. Again, this was just a superb one-shot and I'm really glad that you I got a chance to re-read it.


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Review #3, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Reality

19th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

I'm positively gushing. This story was marvelous. What I really liked about this was the fact that their first date wasn't perfect because really who has a perfect first date? With my current boyfriend I was so nervous on our first date I could barely put two sentences together, I didn't touch any of my food that he paid for and when he drove me home it turns out he was so nervous he didn't even kiss me goodnight so I kissed him and then ran off like it was the first date I had ever gone on.

That's what this story reminded me of so I loved it 100 times more if that's even possible. Just the little things that happened, losing his wallet (does happen, my boyfriend did that once haha), being so nervous he fumbles over himself and then berating himself for messing everything up when really the date wasn't all that bad because he wasn't making a fool of himself on purpose. He was making a fool of himself because of her, because he was so nervous and wanted to be there badly. I think that shows and girls always appreciate that.

I thought the ending was sweet. Also, I loved the beginning with Remus, good things would come, and then they did, so the entire story connected with each other. Great job. Totally warmed my heart.

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Review #4, by Mrs. Claus Reality

15th July 2015:
Hello there, Tanya. In celebration of this new "Christmas in July" tradition, my husband has put me in charge of gift giving. Hmmm...from what my sources tell me, both you and Selene should be on the naughty list, but in the spirit of the holiday's I've decided to overlook any previous issues that may or may not have occurred.

Ah, Murphy's Law. A real trouble maker, not unlike what I've heard about you yourself. I'm sure my husband can understand this situation. In fact, the very first Christmas was almost ruined because of this pesky little law! First Comet broke his leg, then one of Santa's most important elves got sick, and then he almost lost all his presents flying over the ocean! Luckily, with the help of a woman to sort things out, we scraped by. But I doubt that's something dear Nick will forget anytime soon, just as James never forgot that first date.

Moving on, forgive the rambling.

Young love really is a wondrous thing. They're always so worried about the details, the perfection. As James' learned, perfection is impossible. As Lily learned, sometimes you just have to laugh at that fact.

Fantastic job capturing this moment, my dear, but now I must be off to visit the rest of this marvelous site, then it's back to the north pole to assist with next year's preparations!

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Review #5, by HermyLuna2 Reality

22nd June 2015:
I can totally imagine Remus spouting such clichéd nonsense and even accidentally being right because none of his proverbs mean anything concrete. And James taking it seriously!! That's just too adorable! That must have made Remus feel proud, if he can set aside his insecurities enough to take such a feeling seriously, that is.
The date already begins great with Lily being hostile from the start. Fortunately for James, she is just acting. I like the description of Puddifoot's and I love the description of the snowglobe, that was a nice gift from Lily to herself. My heart is breaking for James right now. He is exactly as I have imagined him. I imagine both characters are also very much like JK Rowling envisioned them here, although no one can say for sure of course. Your writing style is very pleasant. I can't explain why exactly but I think that it has to do with the details, the inner monologue and the sense of humour. This was very entertaining and well-written.

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Review #6, by Tonks1247 Reality

20th June 2015:

This was awesome! James and Lily are lovely, lovely characters and you play them off so great here! Also love how nervous and dysfunctional James is around her. Makes me giggle just a little bit.

Hahaha, can just see the look on McGonagall's face when he finds James and Sirius throwing bread around to test the saying Remus first told him. Lots of bread gone to waste.ha.

Also, I knew James was bringing her to Madame Puddifoot's. Could just feel it. And its definitely not a place I could imagine them going again.

The snow globe was awesome! Unfortunate that is was struck by Murphy's Law, but still a really awesome idea.

Overall, I can't help but feel just a little terrible for James, and his disastrous date, but Lily ending it with a kiss was sweet! It wasn't all bad in the end!

Great job!
Ravenclaw, House Cup 2015

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Review #7, by krazyboutharryginny Reality

20th June 2015:
Hey Tanya! I'm here for the Amazing Race for 2015's House Cup! Go go GRYFFINDOR!

This had me cracking up right from the start. I really think you got everyone's personalities spot on. What totally hooked me here was the part where you mentioned James and Sirius disproving that toast always falls butter-side down. That made me laugh out loud and eagerly keep reading.

Everything about this story is charming and funny. I absolutely adore the way you've characterized James. He's so cute and nervous and different from the confident way that he's usually portrayed. One part that I loved was when Lily told him that he'd put his hand to his face 6 times. That was such a clever way to really drive home how nervous he was.

I felt SO HORRIBLE for James when the snow globe shatterred! What a horrible thing to happen! It was such a lovely present (by the way, what a creative and wonderful idea! I'm really impressed) and it got ruined! They couldn't have Reparo'd it? D:

But I think it's so adorable that Lily didn't hate him for that disaster of a date and that she kissed him anyway. That's always what I sort of imagined would happen when they got together - it would be a disaster but she'd still like him.

I really enjoyed reading this! You're awesome!


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Review #8, by Infinityx Reality

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

Hi again, Tanya!

Ooh, I remember reading this after the Speed Dating challenge. I can't believe I didn't review it then. :O

You have such a talent for making things go wrong, don't you? :D This was so cute! Disaster after disaster, everything was so believable and seems like something that could definitely happen to someone, and not just those perfect dates we always find. James is so amazing here! He is so cute and he just wants to make this wonderful for Lily and he's just so clumsy and careless that it's adorable. Your writing is lovely in this as well. It flows so well and your descriptions are great! It's so easy to visualize what's happening and the emotions that James feels are also conveyed so well! I also love that bit about him asking people for help and all those words that were thrown at him. Haha, this wasn't classy at all. :P

I love how Lily sees past all the small mishaps and kisses him. She's such a lovely person as well and that's so clearly seen in this fic. You've done a great job of creating something so fluffy and funny and magical in this one shot and I love it!

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Review #9, by pointless_proclamations Reality

20th June 2015:
My dearest Boss Queen Master Dough,

The first thing that struck me about this wonderful story was THE WONDERFUL STYLE OF NARRATIVE. I am a huge fan. There are many things to love about this story--which is to say everything there is about it. I WILL LIST SOME:

1) The spectacular integration of the sayings: it proved itself to be a clever foreshadower. Also, absolutely hilarious. It just added even more cohesiveness to the entire story.

Side note: there is actually a book called 'The Velocity of Honey' by Jay Ingram that discusses, scientifically, why the bread always falls buttered side down. It's a thing.

2) Characterisation. You are a master of characterisation. Your portrayal of Lily and James and Remus: SPECTACULAR. James was absolutely adorable with his not wanting to run his hand over his hair. That was endearing.

3) PLOT. THE ENTIRE PLOT. Boss, it was adorable, well-paced, and written in the most novel of ways. The progression of the date: POSITIVELY LOVELY.

Your fan and minion,

House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

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Review #10, by Joey Tribbiani Reality

21st May 2015:
I had to read this one for the Pass It Along Challenge because it involves dating. And, I don't know if you know this, but I am an expert at dating.

I'm not sure how James got Lily to finally agree to go on a date with him after blundering around for ages. (In that way, he must be like my friend Ross who mucked up asking out our friend Rachel for YEARS before things worked for them.) I never have that problem myself... I just look a girl up and down and ask "How YOU doin?" Works like a charm.

Poor James with his attempted date. It sounded like he really did try to get everything figured out, asking about good places to go for dates and choosing a special, unique present to woo the girl he liked. It's a pity that everything went wrong. I can see why he would be worried that Lily wouldn't be happy after all that. Although, this really was a lesson in Murphy's Law. Even things that were totally out of his control went wrong... the rain, the poor Transfiguration attempts (and I thought these two were smart!), slipping in the mud, etc.

I wonder if Lily felt sorry for him at the end. I mean, the poor guy did his best and he really can't control the weather. (You wizard folk can't do that, right?) She was very understanding though. She must really like him. And she should get some kind of award for not laughing throughout the entire thing.

If it were me I would want to give my date a fake name (Ken Adams, always say you're Ken Adams!) and run out. I hope it works out for these two, they're cute.

And, I have to say, you did a great job with humour. I find it more difficult to write myself but you had a nice mix of funny lines and even a bit of slapstick (James falling on his butt was hilarious!).

Joey Tribbiani

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Review #11, by alicia and anne Reality

5th March 2015:
Hahaha I can just imagine Sirius and James testing everyone of Remus' sayings to see if it was true. And I can just picture them with this mountain of buttered toast on the floor next to them at breakfast, with Remus opposite them with his head in his hands. :P

:O James with tame hair? It can't be! He's obviously trying to impress! Haha I knew that it couldn't last that long! :D

Awww that snow globe is adorable! Can I have one? I really want one and I'm so jealous that Lily has one!

Oh poor James! I wonder who on earth stole his wallet? Everything was just going bad for him wasn't it? Oh, he dropped it. Oh James!

I can't believe so many things went wrong on their date! Poor James, He had so much planned and for it all to fail, is so bad! I want to hug him. I bet that Lily still enjoyed herself anyway.

Ah!!! she kissed him! I am so happy right now!

I absolutely loved that the date went this way, I can't imagine any other date for them now!

Absolutely perfect! Like you! :P :D

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Review #12, by marauderfan Reality

14th December 2014:
I am the worst! I apparently had not reviewed this one, though I thought I had. It's cool though because that means I get to read it again :D

Hahah, I love Remus with all the useless maxims. I dropped bread butter-side up once and it was a really great feeling. I also love when people write James' messing up his hair as a nervous tic rather than a showing off instinct. He certainly did that a lot in this story, is it horrible that I think nervous James is actually so sweet? :D

YES, THE LINE ABOUT THE FLAMBOYANT UNICORN ahahah no wonder this story won a Keckers for that quote as it's brilliant. Ahahaha! Flamboyant unicorn's happy place, I'm still giggling.

This must be the third story of yours that has a snowglobe in it. And the second one in which the snowglobe breaks. :( Sad day for snow globes. I really liked the sound of this one too with its changing seasons, I kind of want one. :D

Poor James, what an awful first date and so awkward for both of them! Ahaha, it was so terrible but I just couldn't help laughing at his misfortune, because I'm an awful person :p But I was so glad at the end when good things did indeed happen! At least Lily has a sense of humour and I'm sure in a couple of years they'll have a great laugh about that date. :D

Such a great story! I can definitely see why it won in the speed dating story challenge! Awesome work :)

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Review #13, by Freda_and_Georgina Reality

10th July 2014:
For the House Cup 2014 Review
Haha I like how they decide to prove Lupin's metaphorical proverb scientifically inaccurate. Nice.
What a rotten day. Haha I like how Madame Puttifoot's wasn't at all like James imagined. At least he's trying to break his hair habit, even if it does look a bit strange.
Ouch. rough day. "Can't get worse?" Famous last words. >.<
"You don't say?" Loved the sarcasm! I wonder what was going on in Lily's head while she was kicking the stone.
The closing is great! Congrats on placing! :)

Author's Response: Yay House Cup reviews! ^.^

LOL Glad you liked that! I like to think that Remus is always inadvertently supplying James and Sirius with new trouble-making ideas! And really, how could they have passed up the opportunity to test that theory? :-p

Hahaha I know, I'm so cruel to poor James in this fic; really gave him a rough time (but at least there was a happy ending, right?)! I had a lot of fun with the build-up to Madame Puddifoot's, as well as with James' battle with his hair, so I'm glad both of those details stood out to you - thanks!

Oh, Lily. She just couldn't help but poke a bit of fun at him right at the end, could she? hehehe And I shall let you ponder on what her stone-thinking may have been about. ;)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the ending and the entire story! Thanks for the congrats (still can't believe my partner and I placed!) and double thanks for taking the time to leave such a kind review! I really appreciate it!

Tanya ^.^

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Review #14, by Ginny Wealsley Reality

25th June 2014:
I thought that the storyline and how the character feel real are amazing you are as good as j.k. Rowling herself keep it up ! :D

Author's Response: Ah, that is such an amazing compliment that I definitely do not deserve but am blown away that you feel that way! Seriously, you are FAR too kind, but I'm very much okay with that. :-p hahaha Thank you endlessly for such an incredibly high compliment and for taking the time to leave this review; I sincerely appreciate it!

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Review #15, by hpfan Reality

24th June 2014:
really great writing! i loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it and I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to leave such a kind review! :-D

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Review #16, by LetterGirl Reality

23rd June 2014:
I never really liked James/Lily Fanfictions, because you pretty much know from the start what's going to happen, but... I don't know, this was somehow different and really nice to read. Although it's just a One-shot, these two little stories about expectations and reality express so much truth in such a classy and simple way. They are like Poems, except: they're not. 10/10 from me.

Author's Response: Ah, that's so great to hear! I think it's wonderful you came to check my story out at all, given that you're not a particular fan of reading them (and I do understand where you're coming from!), so thank you for taking a chance on my fic at all, and I'm absolutely thrilled that it seems to have won you over! And I'm glad to you hear you enjoyed the piece by Singularity that this was paired with! She's great, I had a blast working with her, and I'm so glad our little collab has been so well-received! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a great review, I really appreciate it! ^.^

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Review #17, by lizzie Reality

17th June 2014:
This is really cute and it had me smiling through the whole thing :) I feel like the awkwardness between Lily and James at first was accurate, as well. So much tension and expectation building up to the moment James finally took Lily on a date, there must have been some sort of uncomfortableness, and I think you portrayed that in a way that most Lily/James fics usually miss. I really enjoyed this :)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed it and that it made you smile! :-D

Hahaha Yes. Dates are... so awkward. Really, though. When has a date ever not started awkwardly? hehehe I'm glad you approve! I agree with everything you said - they have a lot of history between them - much of it negative up to this point - and I knew the effects of all that needed to play into all of this, and I'm very glad you're on the same page! ^.^

Again, I'm so glad you enjoyed the fic, and thank you so very much for taking the time to leave such a kind review! :)

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Review #18, by underanaurorasky Reality

31st May 2014:
An enjoyable, fluffy read.
I pictured Karen Gillian in my head as Lily- I liked her character, warm but not weak.

*new author- please leave a review to give me some guidance on my stories!*

Author's Response: Thanks very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I see a lot of people who enjoy Karen Gillan as Lily, but I've never been able to see it - not sure why! Love her as Amy Pond though, so... does that get me any points? hehehe I'm sticking with Isla Fisher for now, but I'm always looking for new people to represent the Marauder-era characters! ^.^

(Also, you're not signed in, so I don't have a link to your page, but I'll try to find you via the search bar and leave a review.)

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Review #19, by maskedmuggle Reality

17th April 2014:

I'm so glad I finally got a chance to read this, because I love the idea of Yhprum's Law and Murphy's Law. Having just read Singularity's piece, I really love how your piece works as such a fantastic companion/sequel. I loved how the two pieces were very similar in plot line, but also completely different.. if that makes sense!

I was hoping the date wouldn't be completely disastrous as I've got a soft spot for James/Lily and wouldn't really like to see a date where Lily storms off angrily vowing to never again date James.. so I really enjoyed the plot you had here. I liked how they ran into all sorts of problems, but everything still kinda managed to work out in the end! The kiss at the end was so sweet, and I just went awww.

I really loved how you characterised both James and Lily here! I particularly loved Lily at the beginning - I can so imagine her telling James he's late :P And I also liked that bit where she commented about James' habit of touching his hair - it just felt very realistic that Lily would be so observant about things. All in all, I really liked your fic - it was written really well!

- Charlotte
(for the Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza)

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Review #20, by NinthHorcrux Reality

12th April 2014:
Ah! I'm not sure how to start this review, that was so wonderful. Your story was "obscurely charming" I'd say. ;)

I am not exaggerating or just saying this when I tell you I got butterflies in my stomach as Lily tip-toed up to kiss James. How sweet that moment was...I words...Ah!

As always, your description is just fantastic. I could picture every single place and object. I especially loved the Hogsmeade globe, how the seasons changed. Good idea! The argument between Lily and James was worded that whole part so wittily!

You built up the story nicely and fit the theme of Murphy's Law well. You know, it's funny, I see James is very similar to Harry when he's faced with a situation like this... :)

I love and envy your writing style and how awesome you portray your characters. Great job! A favorite story indeed. :D

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Review #21, by Unicorn_Charm Reality

24th March 2014:
Aww this was so sweet! It is exactly how a teenager's date should go. Awkward, uncomfortable, slightly wrong but also right. Poor James hahaha. But he got there in the end. :) I absolutely loved this! You're fantastic!

Author's Response: Gah, thank you so much! Hahaha Yes, I remember a handful of awkward dates myself, so I'm with you on that one. :-p Happy ending, at least! *high-fives James* I'm so happy you enjoyed this story! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a kind review! YOU'RE fantastic! :-D

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Review #22, by randomwriter Reality

22nd March 2014:
Hello :) I saw that you'd placed second, and I decided to come and give it a read. Let me tell you, I expected it to be amazing, and both of you blew my mind. On a slightly unrelated note, I love the banners :) They're so perfect for this story.

I'll start off my review with the same thing I told your partner.
Boy, for a major Jily shipper, this was SUCH a treat. I can't even begin to tell you just how much I enjoyed this. It was really well written and I love the idea. I'm a huge fan of the Murphy's law and Yhprum's law concept, because it's so funny. And I love how you used it as the basis for your collab. This connection is just genius.

Anyway, I knew this story was going to be great even before I read it. I'm really in the mood for something light and funny and yours didn't disappoint. I'm extremely impressed by the plot, concept and editing. Especially because you had just 72 hours for the whole thing. I don't even know how you did it. It makes me a little jealous for not being able to do the challenge myself :p But I still get to read all the lovely entries, SO WIN :p
(Yes, I cheated a little and copy pasted that bit, because it does apply to both of you after all. :p)

This may sound a bit odd, but one thing that really stood out for me in this particular one-shot was your choice of words. Simply perfect. For me, each word seemed so carefully selected, so deliberate; as if you crafted out this story, piece by piece, till it was absolutely perfect. While the companion piece was more dialogue oriented, I found yours more descriptive. And I think both of you have been very clever, for the dialogue suits the prequel extremely well, and the description suits this one. So, great job on finding the right balance. Both of you :)

I think Lily's characterisation was spot on here. So different from James' dream like version of her. And James too was spot on. And you know what? I think this could have totally happened. This date, and everything else that followed. So, it seems that Puddifoots is as obnoxious as ever and Wiseacre isn't as well acquainted with James and as he believed. But my heart did a little flip when Lily gave out that knowing smile, or when the snowglobe fascinated her. This certainly had its moments, and even if it wasn't the most perfect date, it's probably the kind of date I'd go on (Some of this, I could relate to rather well. What does that say about me ? :p) So I really connected with this, and there were some sweet moments that really put a smile on my face :)

I really like the semi-awkward exchanges as well. They were realistic and they made me smile as well. And the ending was just lovely :) I'd love to think that this is how they were and that's why they worked so well.

I was searching for something light hearted to read. And I'm glad I chose this. It really filled me with fluffy goodness (Well, guilty pleasures :p) and I can certainly see why you guys placed in the challenge. Really well written stories, with great ideas. I love the plot and the was the two are connected. I feel so good after reading this :) And its definitely going to my favourites, along with Yhprum's Law :) Genius pieces. Great work.

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Review #23, by Veritaserum27 Reality

18th March 2014:
Hello! I just saw that this story was one of the winners of the speed dating challenge. Congratulations! It was so sweet and funny! I laughed through the entire thing. James is so adorable as a bumbling kid in love. And I love the line "Lily. Of course, Lily. Lily would always win." It was so sweet as to how we all know their relationship always would be. Thank you for writing this.


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much! I'm so excited; I can't believe I was one of the winners! And I'm just ecstatic that you enjoyed the story - especially that you found it funny! It was my first real stab at a humor one-shot so I was a bit unsure of how it would be received! And I'm so happy you liked James as well! He was so much fun to write, as was his relationship with Lily. ^.^

Ah, this is such a kind review! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave it! I sincerely appreciate it! :-D

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Review #24, by Siriusly Black Reality

15th March 2014:
This story was endearing. It flowed effortlessly from the humour to the cutesy adorableness of James and Lily. I love how sincere it felt and how relatable it was. We've all planned perfect dates just for them to unravel in the most inconvenient ways! I like how James kept the date simple. A lot of people tend to over-compensate on the first date and it ruins the whole dynamic of the story, so this was a nice change from that.

Author's Response: Ah, this is such a kind review! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and found it sincere and relatable and endearing and cute and all the other incredible things you said! *squee* And indeed! That Murphy guy has ruined a few of my plans before as well! :-p Ah, I'm just so happy you liked this! Thank you so much again for taking the time to review! ^.^

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Review #25, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Reality

10th March 2014:
Hey there, dear! First of all, let me just Congratulate you on winning Featured Story!! And now, on to the review!

This was just so sweet!! It's an absolutely perfect and really realistic example of how first dates aren't all teary-eyed and magical, and how things just go wrong sometimes. (I really loved how you tied that in to Murphy's Law and the title, by the way!)

I felt really horrible for James throughout the whole thing, but I was so happy that it all worked out in the end! And the season-globe was just so creative! I really want one of those now, haha! :P

All in all this is just really a lovely little piece, dear, and I didn't see any spelling errors or grammar mistakes. Really well done, and going in my favorites!! :D ♥

Author's Response: *squee* Thank you, Jayde!!! I'm still so excited about it! :-D

Dawww, thank you! HAHA Yeah, nothing particularly teary-eyed or magical here... well, not in a happy way, at least! :-p (Yay! It was so much fun being the puppet master behind James' torture whilst using Murphy's Law as an excuse - Mwahaha!)

hehehe I know, I know! The poor guy... but YAY for happy endings! And I'm so happy people have loved the season globe so much! It was a combined effort between me and Jen and it's amazing seeing it be given so much love! ^.^ (And I want one too!)

Gah, you're so sweet, Jayde! Thank you so much for taking the time to review! You're just wonderful! *hugs*

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