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Review #1, by Joey Tribbiani Reality

21st May 2015:
I had to read this one for the Pass It Along Challenge because it involves dating. And, I don't know if you know this, but I am an expert at dating.

I'm not sure how James got Lily to finally agree to go on a date with him after blundering around for ages. (In that way, he must be like my friend Ross who mucked up asking out our friend Rachel for YEARS before things worked for them.) I never have that problem myself... I just look a girl up and down and ask "How YOU doin?" Works like a charm.

Poor James with his attempted date. It sounded like he really did try to get everything figured out, asking about good places to go for dates and choosing a special, unique present to woo the girl he liked. It's a pity that everything went wrong. I can see why he would be worried that Lily wouldn't be happy after all that. Although, this really was a lesson in Murphy's Law. Even things that were totally out of his control went wrong... the rain, the poor Transfiguration attempts (and I thought these two were smart!), slipping in the mud, etc.

I wonder if Lily felt sorry for him at the end. I mean, the poor guy did his best and he really can't control the weather. (You wizard folk can't do that, right?) She was very understanding though. She must really like him. And she should get some kind of award for not laughing throughout the entire thing.

If it were me I would want to give my date a fake name (Ken Adams, always say you're Ken Adams!) and run out. I hope it works out for these two, they're cute.

And, I have to say, you did a great job with humour. I find it more difficult to write myself but you had a nice mix of funny lines and even a bit of slapstick (James falling on his butt was hilarious!).

Joey Tribbiani

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Reality

5th March 2015:
Hahaha I can just imagine Sirius and James testing everyone of Remus' sayings to see if it was true. And I can just picture them with this mountain of buttered toast on the floor next to them at breakfast, with Remus opposite them with his head in his hands. :P

:O James with tame hair? It can't be! He's obviously trying to impress! Haha I knew that it couldn't last that long! :D

Awww that snow globe is adorable! Can I have one? I really want one and I'm so jealous that Lily has one!

Oh poor James! I wonder who on earth stole his wallet? Everything was just going bad for him wasn't it? Oh, he dropped it. Oh James!

I can't believe so many things went wrong on their date! Poor James, He had so much planned and for it all to fail, is so bad! I want to hug him. I bet that Lily still enjoyed herself anyway.

Ah!!! she kissed him! I am so happy right now!

I absolutely loved that the date went this way, I can't imagine any other date for them now!

Absolutely perfect! Like you! :P :D

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Review #3, by marauderfan Reality

14th December 2014:
I am the worst! I apparently had not reviewed this one, though I thought I had. It's cool though because that means I get to read it again :D

Hahah, I love Remus with all the useless maxims. I dropped bread butter-side up once and it was a really great feeling. I also love when people write James' messing up his hair as a nervous tic rather than a showing off instinct. He certainly did that a lot in this story, is it horrible that I think nervous James is actually so sweet? :D

YES, THE LINE ABOUT THE FLAMBOYANT UNICORN ahahah no wonder this story won a Keckers for that quote as it's brilliant. Ahahaha! Flamboyant unicorn's happy place, I'm still giggling.

This must be the third story of yours that has a snowglobe in it. And the second one in which the snowglobe breaks. :( Sad day for snow globes. I really liked the sound of this one too with its changing seasons, I kind of want one. :D

Poor James, what an awful first date and so awkward for both of them! Ahaha, it was so terrible but I just couldn't help laughing at his misfortune, because I'm an awful person :p But I was so glad at the end when good things did indeed happen! At least Lily has a sense of humour and I'm sure in a couple of years they'll have a great laugh about that date. :D

Such a great story! I can definitely see why it won in the speed dating story challenge! Awesome work :)

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Review #4, by Freda_and_Georgina Reality

10th July 2014:
For the House Cup 2014 Review
Haha I like how they decide to prove Lupin's metaphorical proverb scientifically inaccurate. Nice.
What a rotten day. Haha I like how Madame Puttifoot's wasn't at all like James imagined. At least he's trying to break his hair habit, even if it does look a bit strange.
Ouch. rough day. "Can't get worse?" Famous last words. >.<
"You don't say?" Loved the sarcasm! I wonder what was going on in Lily's head while she was kicking the stone.
The closing is great! Congrats on placing! :)

Author's Response: Yay House Cup reviews! ^.^

LOL Glad you liked that! I like to think that Remus is always inadvertently supplying James and Sirius with new trouble-making ideas! And really, how could they have passed up the opportunity to test that theory? :-p

Hahaha I know, I'm so cruel to poor James in this fic; really gave him a rough time (but at least there was a happy ending, right?)! I had a lot of fun with the build-up to Madame Puddifoot's, as well as with James' battle with his hair, so I'm glad both of those details stood out to you - thanks!

Oh, Lily. She just couldn't help but poke a bit of fun at him right at the end, could she? hehehe And I shall let you ponder on what her stone-thinking may have been about. ;)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the ending and the entire story! Thanks for the congrats (still can't believe my partner and I placed!) and double thanks for taking the time to leave such a kind review! I really appreciate it!

Tanya ^.^

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Review #5, by Ginny Wealsley Reality

25th June 2014:
I thought that the storyline and how the character feel real are amazing you are as good as j.k. Rowling herself keep it up ! :D

Author's Response: Ah, that is such an amazing compliment that I definitely do not deserve but am blown away that you feel that way! Seriously, you are FAR too kind, but I'm very much okay with that. :-p hahaha Thank you endlessly for such an incredibly high compliment and for taking the time to leave this review; I sincerely appreciate it!

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Review #6, by hpfan Reality

24th June 2014:
really great writing! i loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it and I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to leave such a kind review! :-D

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Review #7, by LetterGirl Reality

23rd June 2014:
I never really liked James/Lily Fanfictions, because you pretty much know from the start what's going to happen, but... I don't know, this was somehow different and really nice to read. Although it's just a One-shot, these two little stories about expectations and reality express so much truth in such a classy and simple way. They are like Poems, except: they're not. 10/10 from me.

Author's Response: Ah, that's so great to hear! I think it's wonderful you came to check my story out at all, given that you're not a particular fan of reading them (and I do understand where you're coming from!), so thank you for taking a chance on my fic at all, and I'm absolutely thrilled that it seems to have won you over! And I'm glad to you hear you enjoyed the piece by Singularity that this was paired with! She's great, I had a blast working with her, and I'm so glad our little collab has been so well-received! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a great review, I really appreciate it! ^.^

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Review #8, by lizzie Reality

17th June 2014:
This is really cute and it had me smiling through the whole thing :) I feel like the awkwardness between Lily and James at first was accurate, as well. So much tension and expectation building up to the moment James finally took Lily on a date, there must have been some sort of uncomfortableness, and I think you portrayed that in a way that most Lily/James fics usually miss. I really enjoyed this :)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed it and that it made you smile! :-D

Hahaha Yes. Dates are... so awkward. Really, though. When has a date ever not started awkwardly? hehehe I'm glad you approve! I agree with everything you said - they have a lot of history between them - much of it negative up to this point - and I knew the effects of all that needed to play into all of this, and I'm very glad you're on the same page! ^.^

Again, I'm so glad you enjoyed the fic, and thank you so very much for taking the time to leave such a kind review! :)

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Review #9, by underanaurorasky Reality

31st May 2014:
An enjoyable, fluffy read.
I pictured Karen Gillian in my head as Lily- I liked her character, warm but not weak.

*new author- please leave a review to give me some guidance on my stories!*

Author's Response: Thanks very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I see a lot of people who enjoy Karen Gillan as Lily, but I've never been able to see it - not sure why! Love her as Amy Pond though, so... does that get me any points? hehehe I'm sticking with Isla Fisher for now, but I'm always looking for new people to represent the Marauder-era characters! ^.^

(Also, you're not signed in, so I don't have a link to your page, but I'll try to find you via the search bar and leave a review.)

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Review #10, by maskedmuggle Reality

17th April 2014:

I'm so glad I finally got a chance to read this, because I love the idea of Yhprum's Law and Murphy's Law. Having just read Singularity's piece, I really love how your piece works as such a fantastic companion/sequel. I loved how the two pieces were very similar in plot line, but also completely different.. if that makes sense!

I was hoping the date wouldn't be completely disastrous as I've got a soft spot for James/Lily and wouldn't really like to see a date where Lily storms off angrily vowing to never again date James.. so I really enjoyed the plot you had here. I liked how they ran into all sorts of problems, but everything still kinda managed to work out in the end! The kiss at the end was so sweet, and I just went awww.

I really loved how you characterised both James and Lily here! I particularly loved Lily at the beginning - I can so imagine her telling James he's late :P And I also liked that bit where she commented about James' habit of touching his hair - it just felt very realistic that Lily would be so observant about things. All in all, I really liked your fic - it was written really well!

- Charlotte
(for the Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza)

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Review #11, by NinthHorcrux Reality

12th April 2014:
Ah! I'm not sure how to start this review, that was so wonderful. Your story was "obscurely charming" I'd say. ;)

I am not exaggerating or just saying this when I tell you I got butterflies in my stomach as Lily tip-toed up to kiss James. How sweet that moment was...I words...Ah!

As always, your description is just fantastic. I could picture every single place and object. I especially loved the Hogsmeade globe, how the seasons changed. Good idea! The argument between Lily and James was worded that whole part so wittily!

You built up the story nicely and fit the theme of Murphy's Law well. You know, it's funny, I see James is very similar to Harry when he's faced with a situation like this... :)

I love and envy your writing style and how awesome you portray your characters. Great job! A favorite story indeed. :D

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Review #12, by Unicorn_Charm Reality

24th March 2014:
Aww this was so sweet! It is exactly how a teenager's date should go. Awkward, uncomfortable, slightly wrong but also right. Poor James hahaha. But he got there in the end. :) I absolutely loved this! You're fantastic!

Author's Response: Gah, thank you so much! Hahaha Yes, I remember a handful of awkward dates myself, so I'm with you on that one. :-p Happy ending, at least! *high-fives James* I'm so happy you enjoyed this story! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a kind review! YOU'RE fantastic! :-D

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Review #13, by randomwriter Reality

22nd March 2014:
Hello :) I saw that you'd placed second, and I decided to come and give it a read. Let me tell you, I expected it to be amazing, and both of you blew my mind. On a slightly unrelated note, I love the banners :) They're so perfect for this story.

I'll start off my review with the same thing I told your partner.
Boy, for a major Jily shipper, this was SUCH a treat. I can't even begin to tell you just how much I enjoyed this. It was really well written and I love the idea. I'm a huge fan of the Murphy's law and Yhprum's law concept, because it's so funny. And I love how you used it as the basis for your collab. This connection is just genius.

Anyway, I knew this story was going to be great even before I read it. I'm really in the mood for something light and funny and yours didn't disappoint. I'm extremely impressed by the plot, concept and editing. Especially because you had just 72 hours for the whole thing. I don't even know how you did it. It makes me a little jealous for not being able to do the challenge myself :p But I still get to read all the lovely entries, SO WIN :p
(Yes, I cheated a little and copy pasted that bit, because it does apply to both of you after all. :p)

This may sound a bit odd, but one thing that really stood out for me in this particular one-shot was your choice of words. Simply perfect. For me, each word seemed so carefully selected, so deliberate; as if you crafted out this story, piece by piece, till it was absolutely perfect. While the companion piece was more dialogue oriented, I found yours more descriptive. And I think both of you have been very clever, for the dialogue suits the prequel extremely well, and the description suits this one. So, great job on finding the right balance. Both of you :)

I think Lily's characterisation was spot on here. So different from James' dream like version of her. And James too was spot on. And you know what? I think this could have totally happened. This date, and everything else that followed. So, it seems that Puddifoots is as obnoxious as ever and Wiseacre isn't as well acquainted with James and as he believed. But my heart did a little flip when Lily gave out that knowing smile, or when the snowglobe fascinated her. This certainly had its moments, and even if it wasn't the most perfect date, it's probably the kind of date I'd go on (Some of this, I could relate to rather well. What does that say about me ? :p) So I really connected with this, and there were some sweet moments that really put a smile on my face :)

I really like the semi-awkward exchanges as well. They were realistic and they made me smile as well. And the ending was just lovely :) I'd love to think that this is how they were and that's why they worked so well.

I was searching for something light hearted to read. And I'm glad I chose this. It really filled me with fluffy goodness (Well, guilty pleasures :p) and I can certainly see why you guys placed in the challenge. Really well written stories, with great ideas. I love the plot and the was the two are connected. I feel so good after reading this :) And its definitely going to my favourites, along with Yhprum's Law :) Genius pieces. Great work.

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Review #14, by Veritaserum27 Reality

18th March 2014:
Hello! I just saw that this story was one of the winners of the speed dating challenge. Congratulations! It was so sweet and funny! I laughed through the entire thing. James is so adorable as a bumbling kid in love. And I love the line "Lily. Of course, Lily. Lily would always win." It was so sweet as to how we all know their relationship always would be. Thank you for writing this.


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much! I'm so excited; I can't believe I was one of the winners! And I'm just ecstatic that you enjoyed the story - especially that you found it funny! It was my first real stab at a humor one-shot so I was a bit unsure of how it would be received! And I'm so happy you liked James as well! He was so much fun to write, as was his relationship with Lily. ^.^

Ah, this is such a kind review! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave it! I sincerely appreciate it! :-D

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Review #15, by Siriusly Black Reality

15th March 2014:
This story was endearing. It flowed effortlessly from the humour to the cutesy adorableness of James and Lily. I love how sincere it felt and how relatable it was. We've all planned perfect dates just for them to unravel in the most inconvenient ways! I like how James kept the date simple. A lot of people tend to over-compensate on the first date and it ruins the whole dynamic of the story, so this was a nice change from that.

Author's Response: Ah, this is such a kind review! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and found it sincere and relatable and endearing and cute and all the other incredible things you said! *squee* And indeed! That Murphy guy has ruined a few of my plans before as well! :-p Ah, I'm just so happy you liked this! Thank you so much again for taking the time to review! ^.^

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Review #16, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Reality

10th March 2014:
Hey there, dear! First of all, let me just Congratulate you on winning Featured Story!! And now, on to the review!

This was just so sweet!! It's an absolutely perfect and really realistic example of how first dates aren't all teary-eyed and magical, and how things just go wrong sometimes. (I really loved how you tied that in to Murphy's Law and the title, by the way!)

I felt really horrible for James throughout the whole thing, but I was so happy that it all worked out in the end! And the season-globe was just so creative! I really want one of those now, haha! :P

All in all this is just really a lovely little piece, dear, and I didn't see any spelling errors or grammar mistakes. Really well done, and going in my favorites!! :D ♥

Author's Response: *squee* Thank you, Jayde!!! I'm still so excited about it! :-D

Dawww, thank you! HAHA Yeah, nothing particularly teary-eyed or magical here... well, not in a happy way, at least! :-p (Yay! It was so much fun being the puppet master behind James' torture whilst using Murphy's Law as an excuse - Mwahaha!)

hehehe I know, I know! The poor guy... but YAY for happy endings! And I'm so happy people have loved the season globe so much! It was a combined effort between me and Jen and it's amazing seeing it be given so much love! ^.^ (And I want one too!)

Gah, you're so sweet, Jayde! Thank you so much for taking the time to review! You're just wonderful! *hugs*

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Review #17, by ohmymerlin Reality

5th March 2014:
Hey, Tanya!

THIS WAS SO ADORABLY SWEET! Poor lil James, everything got mucked up for him and HE BROKE THE SNOWGLOBE NOT THE SNOWGLOBE!

If that existed in the Muggle world I would so own one of them. It's such a brilliant invention, I forgot to talk about it in Singularity's review!

I loved how even though he completely stuffed the date up, Lily still fancied him and gave him a kiss. It was definitely not how James expected it but it still worked ;)

This was such a lovely story. You wrote it so well and it definitely deserved Hufflepuff Story of the Month!

Again, you wrote it brilliantly. The characters were perfect (James and Sirius testing that if butter always falls butter down made me laugh very loudly, ahaha!) and the way everything went wrong was really clever. You guys wrote it really well! ♥

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: HI KAYLA!!! :-D I'm so sorry for how long it's taken me to respond to this beautiful review, but please know that it in no way lessens my appreciation for your comments! *hugs*

*squee* Ah, you're so kind! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And muahahaha! I was really quite evil with poor James here, wasn't I? BUT I HAD TO BREAK THE SNOWGLOBE! CAUSE... CAUSE MURPHY'S LAW MADE ME DO IT! *hides*

Right?! I would love a seasonal globe... Someone needs to figure that out. But I can't take all the credit for its invention! Singularity and I came up with it together, and it really makes me smile that it stands out in both stories! We had so much fun working together and were both so excited when we came up with the season globe, so it's incredible to see other people reacting the same way! Thanks! :-D

Dawww, I know, I had to give him a little bit of happiness, right? I tortured him so thoroughly before hand, he really earned that kiss the hard way! hehehe I'm glad you liked it, too!

Gah, thank you! I was so excited to win my first Story of the Month with this! I feel very flattered and honored still!

Oh Kayla, you are just too kind. I'm so glad you liked my versions of all the canon characters who made appearances! I always get a bit nervous to debut a canon character I've not posted about before, so I'm glad you found them accurate (even those with smaller moments, like Sirius and the bread - hehehe)! Thank you so, so much for this lovely review, and I'm sorry again for how long it's taken me to respond! *hugs*

Tanya ^.^

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Review #18, by Maelody Reality

1st March 2014:
Goodness me! That was so charming! A little sad it didn't go as planned, but honestly, I think I get exactly what Lily was thinking right there at the end before she kissed him. And the bit in the end about pity turning into affection and such, melted my heart! Seriously!

D: Please answer this question with upmost honesty! Will the snow globe ever work the same? I assume they reparo-ed it, but I'm sure it needed more charm work to get it going!

Poor James. Me. Wiseacre didn't even remember him! I bet that was a spot embarrassing! Though the snow globe was still a success!

I really loved how you could add things without fully going through them. Like how he lost his wallet, and why there was no carriage ride. It was enjoyable to expect those things, and while you're reading, they just come up! :D

AWWW! He tried to change his hair habit for her! But I love it! Secretly, I think Lily does, too! Haha :) That's why she counted! She was waiting for him to touch his hair, but he never did!

I definitely had a few laugh out loud moments. Seriously, you and your partner write Marauder Era extremely well! I loved every bit of it and still can't get over how much I'm caught in the afterglow of reading this!

I can out my finger on the spot everything messed up! I blame Lily, too! If she had just dropped that he had been late, he would have come in with ease and not been at a loss for proper words! Though, it's really cool to see that he even has to realize he's not a suave as he thinks he is (as mentioned in the story before! XD)

Good things come to those who wait. Well, James still got kisses, yeah? So technically speaking, Remus wasn't wrong about both things! Though he sure tried to prove him wrong just like he did with the buttered toast, didn't he? XD

Really, this and the story before was an absolutely amazing read! I'm in love with them as a whole collaboration and separately! I really do wish you two the best of luck! And I'm finally all done with reading and reviewing all the stories! I'm glad this one was right among the last of them! It brightened my whole night!


Author's Response: Mae! You're so insanely incredible for reviewing ALL of the Speed Dating entries! I was really nervous to be your last, but I'm so happy you enjoyed it even though it was preceded by the other amazing entries! Thank you! *hugs*

hehehe Yeah, things went just a bit awry, didn't they? I'm happy your found it charming, though, and that you could understand Lily's ability to see through the catastrophic bits! I have it in my head that by the time Lily had accepted to even go on this date, James had already won her over. ^.^

Hahaha! Ah, I'm so sorry to tell you, but no. Not that snow globe, at least. However, I imagine James would reorder it for her - paying for it himself, this time - and so she'd get it back eventually anyway, good as new! How's that sound? hehehe

LOL I couldn't resist. In Singularity's chapter, James expects to have this charming back and forth with Mr. Wiseacre, so I just couldn't help but to make the reality one in which he doesn't even remember who James is! hahaha Poor thing. :-p

Thank you! I'm glad that worked for you! It would have been nice to expand some of those things, but the word cap just wouldn't allow it, unfortunately - but I'm so happy you still remembered them from the prequel! Yay!

hehehe He did! How sweet - though he failed a few times... LOL I'm glad you liked that addition - I really wanted to give James something to be always consciously trying to control his subconscious! And I think Lily liked it as well. ;)

Yay for laughing out loud! I love to hear that! And I'm so happy you feel that way! I love the Marauders and was so happy to have the opportunity to play with a few of them! Eee, you're so sweet!

LOL! Right? Things don't even have a chance to be good before they're already bad! *cackles maniacally* It was really a lot of fun taking James down a notch. ;)

Indeed! Wise old Remus. hehehe I couldn't help but stick him in - he's one of my absolute favorite characters. And what's a Marauder story without a little bit of mischief over breakfast, huh? hehehe

This is just such a kind review, Mae! I can't thank you enough for taking the time to leave it - along with all the other people you made happy on your journey to this final entry! It's really so wonderful of you! I'm so happy you enjoyed my story and my collab with Singularity! We had a blast writing it, as well! Thank you again - you're truly fantastic! *hugs*

Tanya :)

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Review #19, by ReeBee Reality

24th February 2014:
TANYAAA! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE GORGEOUS. YOU ARE AMAZING. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY (for right now anyway) YOU WROTE THIS LIFE CHANGING (i'm a hopeless romantic, it's life changing for me! :P) FIC! I LOVE YOUUU! :D

Anyway... On to the review then?

I seriously think that this is one of the sweetest, most adorable and loveliest things Ive ever read! It made me go 'aw' at both the sad catastrophic parts and obviously at the end! AHHH!


Characterisation: Gorgeous. Amazing. Overall adorable? James! I'm in love Tanya, tis not fair! You shouldn't be allowed to write such marvellously sweet and lovely characters that make innocent (muahhaha) readers like myself fall in love with a guy that I know won't ever love me... Hehe, jk! WRITE THESE CHARACTERS! We love them! And of course, his devotion to Lily! Adorable! Ah! Loved this obviously!

Description! So Stunning and absolutely perfect! I love your description. I love you. That's it. Seriously, there is nothing to say about your description other than a simple 7 letter. P. E. R. F. E. C. T. I'm sorry, but thats all. My favourite was James' description of Lily when she was looking at the snow globe!

Plot: Another seven letters, and you already know what they are! I loved the idea to this! When I was reading it, I thought that things would turn better, and when I realised that they were staying sad, I really thought that it would have a sad end and the companion piece would be happier. But I LOVED the happy ending! So adorable!

Anyway, I'm totally starstruck at the beauty of this! Its so not fair that your writing can be this perfect even when you wrote it in like 72 hours! :P It was amazing Tanya and I LOVED READING MORE OF YOUR WORK! Put more stories up so I can read them!! Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top? :P

-Curie :)

Author's Response: My dearest Curie,

You should know that I currently have 28 unanswered reviews because you left me with this simply life-altering review and I've not been in my right mind since! I think you owe an apology to every person who has left me a review since because I've been unable to move forward from this! You have killed me with kindness, is what I'm saying. :-p


You obviously know by now how deliriously happy this review has made me, so please excuse the onslaught of redundancy that's about to follow as I prepare to respond to all of your loveliness!

*squee* I'm so happy you loved this so much; both the catastrophic elements and nicer, sweeter moments! ^.^

Yay canon characterizations! I always worry when taking on canon characters - especially for the first time! - so it's great to hear you liked my versions of both James and Lily! And James really is loveable here, isn't he? I feel like I should apologize... I'm sorry! hahaha I didn't mean to make you fall in love with James only to have him not be real! :-p hehehe You're too cute. *hugs*

Gah, you're too nice! Seriously. Stahp it. (No, I'm kidding, NEVER STOP IT!) I'm so happy you found the description so well done! Dialogue generally comes easier to me, so I do always worry a bit about how my description lands, so I'm thrilled to hear this! And I'm so happy the snow globe scene stood out! That seems to be a favorite among reviewers, and it was sort of a combined effort between me and Singularity, which is so nice because we worked so well together - I love seeing our teamwork being the moment that really stands out! Warms my heart! *wipes tear* ;)

Hahaha You are just too much. *glomps* THANK YOU! I had SO much fun with this plot and throwing so many obstacles in their way. Muahahaha! And double yay for a happy ending at the end of all that madness! So happy you enjoyed it!

I'M STARTSTRUCK BY THE BEAUTY OF YOU! You turned my brain to mush with your kindness, in case I hadn't made that clear already. Seriously, though, this review has just blown me away. It took so long to respond to because I've just become speechless each time I tried to answer! You're too wonderful. I am honestly endlessly grateful. *throws endless amounts of thank you's at you*

Tanya ^.^

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Review #20, by Dark Whisper Reality

23rd February 2014:

Hello, deary... just checking out more of the Speed Dating entries.

Wow, what a date. I think she had it right with a dash of catastrophic. XD Hahahaha!

It didn't go at all as planned... and he'll probably never tell his friends how it really went. LOL! (At least, I would never).

The snow globe was really beautiful, but that she had to pay for it only to have him break it was awesome! Wow, how can it get worse?

You both did a wonderful job at linking your stories of ideal date and real date. It was a great idea and you both wrote it so well.

Loved the buttered bread visual as well. I can totally see them doing this just to prove him wrong and have fun while 'testing' it. :D

Great job, especially in such a short, short amount of time! Both stories were very creative and truly enjoyable to read.

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi DarkWhisper! Thank you so much for the review! ^.^

hehehe What a date, indeed! That "dash" of catastrophic may have been a slight understatement of the truth... LOL Poor James. I tortured him a bit here. :-p

It's funny that you say that, cause I actually was toying around with the idea of adding an additional scene in which James returns to the dorms where the three other Marauders are all waiting to ask him how it goes, and he says with a big goofy grin on his face, "Perfect!" LOL But the word cap took the possibility for that away, but that's how I imagined it going while writing! hehehe

The snow globe was something I brought to the table for me and Singularity, but she made it magical by taking it from a snow globe to a season globe! Thank goodness for her, it was such a great idea! I'm so happy you liked it, as well! ...unfortunate about my choosing to break it, though... *cackles evilly*

Yay! I love to hear that! We tried really hard to have our stories very easily reflect each other, so I'm glad it was easy to spot the similarities!

LOL I can only imagine the trial and error those boys underwent in order to obtain an accurate outcome... hehehe It would have been a fun scene to expand, but I'm glad the short glimpse alone was satisfying! ^.^

Thank you so much for this great review! I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to write it! And congratulations to you as well for finishing in time for the super short deadline! I'll be over to your fic sometime this week with a review of my own! Yay!

Tanya :)

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Review #21, by HeyMrsPotter Reality

19th February 2014:
Hi Tanya! I just came from reading the first part of yours and Singularity's entry and loved it. I've heard good things about both stories and neither disappointed me in the slightest.

What I loved most about this was your brilliant comedic timing, these were just some of my favourites:
much to the dismay of every toast-loving Gryffindor and an exasperated Professor McGonagall
when the closest either got was what looked like a deformed candy cane vomiting a rotten banana peel
Madame Puddifoot's looked less like an adult establishment and more like a particularly flamboyant unicorn's happy place.

There was a great continuity between the two stories, in the chronology of the stories and the little details. Each time I read a new part of the story I prayed that things would go as well in yours as the first one but then couldn't help myself from laughing when they didn't, poor James!I'm so so SO pleased that they had their happy ending though. From now on this story is canon to me, it's just so disasterously perfect!

The more I read of your writing, the more I just love it. You are seriously talented!

Thanks for a great read,

Dee :)

Author's Response: Hi Dee! Ah, I'm so happy you loved Singularity's story; it's great! And you've heard good things?! That's awesome! And even more awesome that we didn't disappoint! :-p

*dies* THANK YOU! Honestly, that's so, so nice to hear. I have never considered myself to be a particularly talented comedic writer, so I was very nervous about writing my first humor-centric fic! It's such a relief to hear I didn't completely butcher the attempt! haha And I'm glad you enjoyed all of those lines; the first was intentional, but I owe the other two to my nonsensical state of sleep-deprivation! Sleepy Tanya be cray-cray. ;)

Yay! We love to hear that! We worked very hard to get them in sync and connected in as many ways as possible and it's great that the readers are picking up on that! Thank you! :-D

LOL! Awww, I feel a little bad about your continuing hopefulness when I just continued to smash it all to pieces! haha I think James is holding a grudge against me for putting him through this humiliating form of torture... hehehe But yay for happy endings! It needed to be at least a little happy for Valentine's Day, right? And OMG THAT'S SO SWEET! Yay for new canon! :-D

*blushes* Daww, you're too good to me, Dee! Thank you so much for this incredible review! *hugs*

Tanya ^.^

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Review #22, by nott theodore Reality

18th February 2014:
Hi Tanya! I've just realised that I've never read anything of yours before and now I'm questioning why on earth that is, because this was amazing!

I said this in my review on the partner story, but I really love the concept you have here tying the two stories together. It's great seeing two sides of the same coin, the best and worst a date could be, and it was James/Lily!

"Everything was perfect." This pretty much sums up this piece, actually. I know you had to stay up late to do this and get it finished in time, but I honestly think you did a brilliant job and I don't think it at all seems like you were ever worried about getting this finished! It's brilliant writing and I just loved reading it!

Also, going back to the two halves of the story comment earlier, I think you've worked really well with your partner on this one. These two stories follow on so well from each other and just fit together so well!

Oh dear, poor, poor James. I'm honestly trying to refrain from quoting your whole story back at you right now, because it's hard to know what to say. I can't believe how well you set up the characterisation of the Marauders in the first couple of lines of this story, with Remus being the 'wise' one who's more patient and calm, then James and Sirius trying out experiments on toast and determined to prove him wrong. It just speaks so much to me and it's exactly how I picture them.

I loved James's nervousness on the date! It's completely understandable, especially since he'd liked Lily for so long before this and was worried about messing it up and everything going horribly (which, incidentally, it did...). The part when he was trying to stop himself from messing up his hair was so adorable! It's really sweet that he'd make the effort to stop that habit just because he knows it annoys her; it's only a little thing but it really shows how much Lily means to him.

And then poor James had to go and turn up late! None of the cool, collected greetings that he'd planned - I don't blame Lily for being annoyed, though! Especially since she'd finally agreed to give James a chance, and then he makes her wait around for ten minutes. Next there's the rain and then...

"a particularly flamboyant unicorn's happy place"

Do I need to say much more? This is actually exactly how I imagine Madam Puddifoot's, only you put it much better than I ever could have done :P And I'm really glad that neither James nor Lily liked it - I think a lot more highly of them for that!

I knew that things would keep getting worse as this went on, but I felt really sorry for James as all of his glorious plans just seemed to crumble into dust - of course he'd lose his wallet, and then break the present that Lily had to pay for herself! I actually wanted to give him a hug while all that was going on. I hope he paid her back for the snow globe though, and maybe even got another one - it was a lovely present, after all!

I'm really glad this ended all happily and fluffy because James and Lily ♥ They're so cute together and I'm pleased she could see how hard he'd tried and how much he'd wanted it to go well, even though the whole date was pretty much a disaster from start to... well, not quite finish. It worked out well in the end, and that last line gave me so many feels!

Perfect, Tanya!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sian!!! Wow, what a monster of a review! ...Monster as in quantity, not quality! Unless it's a very kind and docile monster, in which case I suppos- you know what? I'm rambling. REVIEW! AMAZING! THANK YOU! *dies*

Yay! I'm so happy to hear it was conceptually appealing; we were excited to work with the idea and it's great when others like it as much as we did! And James/Lily, indeed! Love those two. ^.^

Dawww... *blushes* You's so nice. And sincerely thank you for saying that; I always work myself into a panic when I have to rush to write, and it's such a relief that all those hours of stress were worth it! ^.^

Woohoo! We worked really hard to keep them as in sync as possible; I'm so glad that it showed!

HA! Poor James, indeed. I was not very nice to him, was I?... And I just couldn't resist adding a little Remus and Sirius into the story! I love my boys. I'm glad you found them well-written and accurately portrayed! Yay!

Writing a nervous James was really fun, I have to tell you. I really wanted to give him a compulsion that would resurface throughout the story, and the hair thing just made sense! I'm glad so many people are enjoying the struggle he has! haha And yeah, James really is such a sweetheart and cares deeply for Lily; it was fun playing at that dynamic without trying to overdue it, because Singularity's story really focus' more on the gooey side of James! I wanted them to compliment each other without being the exact same. So hints of romantic James! Yay! ^.^

LOL Right? He's so sure he's going to be early and prepared, but nope! He's immediately thrown off his game. Muahaha! The rain doesn't help either.

Bahaha. It felt like an accurate metaphor. :-p Thank you! And I totally agree, I can't see either of them being into a place like that - just no.

I really ran with the whole Murphy's Law thing, didn't I? NO MERCY! ;) I'm glad you like the snow/season globe, though! It was definitely a group effort coming up with it! And I imagine that James would immediately try to pay her back, but Lily would stubbornly refuse... But who knows? :-p

Yay for happy endings! James and Lily are just my favorite and it was Valentine's day - they needed a happy ending. Yay feels!

Gah, this is such an incredible review, Sian! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it; I appreciate it so much! *hugs*

Tanya ^.^

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Review #23, by Singularity Reality

18th February 2014:
Hey PIC! I finally got a chance to read through your entire entry and am blown away. Your story was so great last night/this morning when you sent it to me, but somehow, this is even better! Gah! You are so immensely talented. I don't even know what to say...

I can only imagine that phrases such as "more like a particularly flamboyant unicorn's happy place" and "looked like a deformed candy cane vomiting a rotten banana peel" came from your sleep deprivation, in which case, you might want to consider writing while sleep deprived more often, because they're HILARIOUS!

The way your language flows is just beautiful. You use a lot of the same words to describe the snow globe as I do (as it's the same snow globe, doing the same thing) but somehow your description is so much better than mine! Grrr...I'd be jealous if I didn't like you so much. ;)

(I need to stop just quoting your story, back to you, but I can't do it) One of my very favorite parts is when Lily is watching the snow globe, and James is watching her.
"And while her eyes stay trained on the details of the globe, James couldn't help but to watch her instead, captivated by the way her eyes lit up with renewed wonder at each change. And for that one single moment, he felt he hadn't completely ruined everything."
It's just so sweet and heartfelt, and you can really feel how much James cares about Lily and wants to make her happy. It's perfect. Plus, it's about one of the only good things that happens for James...even if it's short lived.

I love the way you describe James falling. It's so cosmic and karmic and as if the entire universe is plotting against him. Poor, poor, James.

But honestly, my favorite line in the entire story is "It's fine. Get me muddy." It's so simple, but it just says so much about Lily and how she feels about James. At least to me.

The ending is, of course, sheer perfection. I love how you talked about James reflecting back. So beautiful.

I'm really glad that you wrote this chapter. Even though it's the funny, comedy of errors chapter, it's also the one with more substance and character development. I think you balance all of that like a champ, and far better than I would have managed (especially with such a strict timeline). You have such a handle on Lily and James as characters, and I don't think I could have done them nearly this amount of justice.

It was such a joy to work on this with you. (huh) ;)

Author's Response: PIC!!! *squee* Wow, what a review! Where to even begin?

Yay! I'm glad I got that 90 minutes of editing time after I sent the rough draft to you; I think all those little adjustments made one big difference and I'm glad you agree! :-D

HA! Yep. That's exactly where they came from. Sleep-deprivation equals ridiculously goofy lines of utter nonsense. I'm glad they made you laugh. ;)

*blush* Dawww, you're too good to me, PIC. Thank you, I'm really thrilled to hear that it flowed so well because you know how I jumped from scene to scene in the most sporadic of orders... Easily could have been a disastrous, choppy mess! LOL And girl, pffft! Your story is beautiful, and the snowglobe scene is gorgeous - don't even. :-p *hugs*

Awww, yeah, James is such a sweetie there, huh? I had to give him at least a small moment in which he wasn't being tortured by his very evil author, didn't I? hehehe I'm glad it stood out to you; I really didn't want to overdue the James being mushy about his love for Lily, since yours gets to cover so much of that side of him, but I needed to let a little in and I'm happy to hear it worked out (short-lived as it is, indeed)!

Muahahaha! I blame that Murphy guy. Clearly he's got some sort of vendetta against, well, most people - but James in particular! Thank you. ^.^

Ah, yay! I'm so happy that was your favorite! To tell you the truth, it almost didn't make the cut when I was editing the story to bring it under 2500 words. I kept thinking that it would be one of the easier places to lose some words, but I really liked the dialogue there as well! I'm glad it was worth all of my panicked indecision to keep it in! :-D

*squee* Thank you! The ending was my favorite part, I think - I'm glad people have been enthusiastic about it as well!

Gosh, you really are just far too kind. I was honestly worried about exactly that - balancing the comedy with the substance - so it's just a huge relief to hear I didn't just royally mess it up! Although I'm certain you'd have written this chapter absolutely fantastically if we'd switched places! No doubt at all. :)

Working with you was a truly wonderful experience for me as well. I'm so glad we were paired together. And I know I already PM'd you about my manic fits of laughter at the (huh) reference, but allow me to repeat myself: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh boy, I can't. I can't even. It's too funny. *dies*

You're the best! Thank you for this insanely amazing review! I'll see you over at yours soon enough! *hugs*

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Review #24, by CambAngst Reality

17th February 2014:
Hi, there! I saw your post in the "new story" thread and I couldn't resist.

I thought this story was a masterpiece of how sometimes, even when Murphy's Law is kicking your butt all over the place, things can still end up just fine. I doubt I could even list all of the misfortunes that befall poor James in this story without re-reading it, yet Lily seems to find something meaningful in the way that he soldiers on through all the adversity. Far and away the best line of the whole story summed it up nicely:

"With each and every occurrence, he would relive the disastrous date and try (unsuccessfully) to place his finger on the moment when pathetic had turned to charming; when pity had turned to affection."

For me, I thought that moment happened earlier rather than later. I don't think Lily just agreed to go on a date with James for no reason. He probably didn't need to try nearly as hard as he did. But it seems like the fact that he tried so hard make a big impression on her. Which makes sense, considering the fact that she'd spent 6+ years watching him act like an incorrigible goof-off who was incapable of taking anything other than Quidditch seriously.

Other little things I liked: I loved Remus as "the voice of reason" inside James's head, in both good ways (good things come...) and less good ways (the buttered toast thing). I loved the way that he focuses way too much on not running his hand through his hair. I loved the way you made the whole Madam Puddifoot's Experience sound every bit as horrible as I've always imagined it to be. I loved the idea of the four-season globe; that was just a perfect gift for someone like Lily. I love that she wins all of the arguments. And I love that she was the one to kiss him first. If his bravado wasn't completely stripped away by that point in the story, that moment removed the last bits of it. An awesome way to end the story!

I couldn't find a thing wrong with it in terms of typos, grammar or spelling. It was a quick, smooth read and everything flowed beautifully. Great job!

Author's Response: Well then, I am very happy I remembered to post there! haha Hi Dan! ^.^

Oh boy, this review... I just... wow. Thank you. I mean... masterpiece? How can I even respond to that? haha I'm honestly just thrilled that you enjoyed it so much! As far as torturing James goes... hehehe Yeah, I had a lot of fun with that. Murphy's Law certainly was unkind to the poor guy, and that list of misfortunes is a long one. Poor thing. :-p

I adore that you brought that line to attention, as it was one of my favorites, as well; not to mention only the second thing I wrote for the story! In a way, everything that prefaced that moment was based off the idea behind it.

You're so spot on with this; I couldn't agree more. When I was writing this, I already had it in my head that for Lily to have agreed to the date at all, she must have already lost the battle that was resisting James Potter. It's really just too bad that dear old Prongs couldn't see it for himself, huh? hehehe And I completely agree: I think James is of the impression that he's got a lot to make up for... :-p

Yay for little details! I couldn't resist adding a touch of Remus; he's just my favorite character ever. Glad it worked for you! The hair thing I couldn't help either! hahaha I really wanted to give him some kind of internal struggle that could surface a few times throughout the story, and the hair thing just seemed fitting. :-p Omg, Madame Puddifoot's. Poor, misinformed soul. I love the 'snow' globe idea as well (which was a combined effort between myself and my Speed Dating partner, Singularity). We had a bit of trouble originally coming up with the right gift for Lily and were so excited when we worked this idea out! Ahaha Of course she wins. She's a firecracker, that one. And her kissing James really was only fitting, given his thoroughly defeated state at that point. I like to think the kiss won me back at least a few points with him... I did sort of put him through a lot before that point... ;)

Jeez, Dan, what else could I possibly say? This review has me grinning from ear to ear with a combination of total relief and absolute elation! It was so wonderful of you to have taken the time to leave such a beautiful comment; I simply couldn't be more grateful. Thank you again, a million times over.

Tanya :)

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Review #25, by LightLeviosa5443 Reality

17th February 2014:

It was definitely worth all of the hours and effort and coffee reheating you had to go through to write it! I am in love with this chapter and your descriptions and how it all worked together. It was absolutely lovely. I think that you did a really great job continuing on from the previous half. It flowed nicely. Fantastic partner work on that one!! For some reason I had it in my head that it was going to be in Lily's POV, but I loved it the way you wrote it, I think it wouldn't have been as good if it had been written any other way. The voice you wrote this in was so great, too. I felt bad for James, and I just wanted to laugh and bury my face in my hands every time something went wrong.

I loved loved loved the line that said "Lily. Of course, Lily. Lily would always win."

That was fantastic, and so true. I can just see it, everytime James tries to get a word in or argue or prove his point, he just gives up. Obviously Lily will win. I loved the way you portrayed them, the way that the reader got subtle hints that Lily was enjoying the date as terrible as it was, but that James couldn't see it. And that kiss at the end was so adorable, because it was so Lily and James was just shocked. And then the ending. So cute. Lily being his. Ugh. I'm mush, you made me mush. Adorable. I want someone to think that about me! I wish I was Lily in this story!!!

I still can't believe that you had a hard time writing this. It's so wonderful, if I didn't know how long it took you, I'd think that you just sat down one day and decided to write a lovely story about this adorable couple. Really. Ugh, this makes me want to go read every single Jily story like ever written, except they won't be as good as this, so then I'll be disappointed. Maybe I'll just read all of your stories.

I think I really liked your half, just in case you couldn't tell!! ;) Fantastic job! Good luck! And congrats on finishing it!!!

xoxo Sarah


Oh boy, that is just... honestly, so good to hear. I'm really proud of myself for getting it done on time, but I'm absolutely thrilled about having not let my incredible partner down by missing the deadline! And on top of all of that, knowing that you still enjoyed it... well that's just ace. ^.^ So yes, worth all the panicked crazy for sure. :-p

Yay for collaboration partners! Jen was fantastic to work with and I'm so happy you could feel how connected our stories were with one another! And that's so funny that you were expecting this in Lily's POV! Maybe because a lot of partners did the switching POV thing? Either way, I'm so happy that even though you were expecting Lily, you were still able to enjoy James' voice just as much! *squee* And gah! There are so many phenomenal compliments in this paragraph that I'm just going to throw them all together with one giant THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! And also yes: poor, poor James. hehehehe

I'm so happy you pointed out that line! It's one that I wasn't sure would land or not, as it was one of the last to be added and therefore written at the height of my sleep-deprived state! hahaha What a relief, though! Thank you! :-D

*squee* I'm so happy you've said that about the subtle hints that Lily was enjoying herself! While James isn't truly able to understand them for what they are, it's amazing to hear that you as a reader still picked up on it! And yay kissing! I've just realized that this is only the second kissing scene I've ever written, so I'm happy you liked it! And pfft, you'll be somebody's Lily someday, don't you worry. ;) Oh, and I love that you've turned to mush. Eep! ^.^

It is such a huge relief to hear that I was able to hide the struggles I had - that's really wonderful of you to say, thank you! Gosh, you're just far too kind, really. I don't even know what to say! You're just so, so lovely and I endlessly appreciate it. This review makes me so, ridiculously happy. *hugs*

I'm about speechless at the moment; clueless as to how to wrap this response up gracefully, because sheesh... you've got me so elated that I can't even think straight! So just... thank you, again. And again and again and again! And thanks for the luck and the congratulations! You're really too sweet. *hugs*

Tanya ^.^

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