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Review #1, by Marshal All's Fair in Love and War

8th April 2017:
I admit that I didn't read the first chapter of this but this was adorable. I love what Fred and George did here! I love how you wrote them it was very true to their nature and just stellar!

You honestly have a knack for humor here because there were twice that I found myself laughing out loud to this story. I think my favorite moment was the mention of belly dancing house elves. That produces quite the image in my head and it brilliant. I also like the bit with the cake particularly when you added the line of the wedding being a blast. Very clever and cute. I also like how they had to remind Muriel at the start that she had already written them out of her will.

I love that the boys wanted to elope that is so them but the wives being as devious and brilliant as they are that is amazing and adorable I love that and that it was their wives idea do do this wedding prank. Also you did a nice job with Molly and how she was momzilla with the others and then crying into the shoulders of her boys at the thought of them being married. I honestly really enjoyed this fic!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing this, even if it was slightly different from what I usually write. I do love humor, though, and the twins just seem to bring it out of me.

Ah, the Belly Dancing House Elves. I was really tired...and they just came to me. And now, they are kinda legend. And I am very fond of them. hehehe

Also the cake. Yup. That was fun.

Poor Molly. I wonder if she ever got to plan a normal, calm wedding for any of her clan. It seems unlikely.

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by adluvshp All's Fair in Love and War

8th April 2017:
Bahahahaha - weddings are a blast. I loved that pun right there. And omg this is so awesome - a Fred and George fic that does not make me want to burst into tears. I loved how you wrote this in an AU where both the twins are alive and happy after the war and everyone has gotten married and they think of this awesome way to get married. Aziza and Akila are interesting names and it sounds like they are sisters too (or are they twins) and that sounds cool. The idea that the two would marry pranksters like them is brilliant and makes so much sense. The four of them will always have a gala time and end up enjoying life so much. Loved the inclusion of poor Muriel, and oh dear the thought of belly dancing house elves cracked me up so hard. I wish Dobby was alive to partake in this, he would have so much fun! I also really liked your writing and clever use of phrasing, like comparing Aunt Muriel to a bear out of hibernation. Some things are actually quite visual and I couldn't help grinning, which is cool since I am not usually a fan of humor fics. The dialogue was also pretty well-written and felt like it was the twins' dialogues, they were a lot like their canon selves, and I liked that. Good job overall, cheers!

Author's Response: You know, I think I'm getting old, as even though I WROTE this little thing, I hardly remember it. That's bad, huh? But I'm SO happy you enjoyed it.

AU is the norm for me, where After Hogwarts is concerned. I just refuse to let Fred be dead.

As for the wives - I'm pretty sure they were supposed to be twins. (See note about oldness and lost memories above.) And yes, of course they are pranksters. Can you imagine the poor world with those four lose in it?

Muriel? I just love to include that crotchety old bat. She creeps into a lot of my stuff.

I do have to admit that the Belly-Dancing House-Elves IS my favorite part of this story. I was really tired, it was late, and it just sorta happened. But I am glad and try to promote them everywhere now.

Thanks so much! This was a great review!

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Review #3, by Secret Cupid All's Fair in Love and War

15th February 2016:
Hey there, this your Secret Cupid once more!

I LOVE THIS STORY! It has the perfect amount of humour for all the characters, and Fred and George were just so perfectly portrayed.

My favourite part was definitely the section with Aunt Muriel at the beginning. You nailed her dialogue and attitude; I could have sworn I was hearing her berating me!

The joke at the end about weddings being a blast was superb!!!

Well done my lovely Valentine! xxx

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's so nice to know when your stories are loved and appreciated. And I hope you know I loved this review, even though it's taken me more than a year to respond to it.

Including Auntie Muriel was just pure fun on my part. I couldn't resist. She's a ball to write!

And I always smile when people enjoy that joke.

Thanks again! You are lovely!

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Review #4, by CambAngst All's Fair in Love and War

16th August 2015:
Farmgirl! I am so going to do this GryCReMo thing. Really, I am going to succeed. I will keep telling myself this, emphatically, until I either succeed or, you know, I don't. Regardless, I can hear the dulcet tones of Journey's Don't Stop Believin' in my head. Before we get on with the review, allow me a moment for my scorekeeping:

GryCReMo (Review #16)

OK, now to this story. And I will confess right from the get go that I have not read the first half. I suppose I should. That would be one more review down. But I decided that I was going to start with stories from the other GryCReMo participants.

You know I love your world in which Fred and George continued to be Fred and George after the Battle of Hogwarts. It seems that your world only gets more glorious as they age.

Muriel is still threatening people with her will? She's one hundred and twelve! How much money can she possibly have left at this point? And she's so grumpy. Is there anyone she hasn't written out of her will?

albeit a bear dressed in frumpy robes and a hat covered in molting canaries -- slow clap. Brilliant.

And then Hurricane Molly makes landfall. Oh my goodness. It would appear that Fred and George have stolen something from her that's more precious than all the gold in the Malfoys' vault if she was able to carry it out an armload at a time while the Malfoys were forced to stand and watch. They've taken away her chance to plan and cook and fret and obsess over tiny details and make everyone thoroughly miserable with all of the preparations required for not one but two weddings at the Burrow. Oh, the humanity!

Belly-dancing house elves. Why was I not offered the option to have belly-dancing house elves perform at my wedding? I hereby refuse to even consider a ceremony to renew my vows unless somebody brings me belly-dancing house elves.

They’d watched Bill get married, and Ron, and Harry. The moment their mum heard the word “wedding” she turned into a giddy, crying, planning monster. -- This. This is really all the back story you'll ever need.

So Aziza and Akila. Is there another story I should be reading to become acquainted with this devious pair? Two ladies who wanted to eschew a traditional ceremony in order to pull a fast one over on all the families and friends involved definitely sound like marrying material for Fred and George. I would like to know more.

“Looks like Muriel found the cake!” he said between chortles. -- Cheers, Fred and George. Cheers to you two magnificent gentlemen.

You did a great job with this. I can't find a thing wrong with it. Looking forward to reading whatever it is that you write next!

Author's Response: Hey Dan,

I'm so so so very sorry to keep you waiting for review responses. I've kinda given up on having free time lately, which stinks, but it is what it is. Still, I wanted you to know that I always love your reviews! They are the best!

I'm so honored that you stopped by my way on your review journey.

You know me, I do love keeping Fred and George alive. I have to admit that this doesn't quite exist in the standard universe for this sort of thing that I have created. It's more of a one-shot stand alone, what-if kind of thing written just for this paired writing event. But, it was still loads of fun. And who DOESN'T love Fred staying alive?

I believe the Muriel is operating on the assumption that as she IS 112 she can do whatever she likes. LOL. And maybe she has hoards of gold stashed away? hehehe

Erm...the molting canaries. Did I mention this was written in a very short time, very late at night? Yeah...

I think I'd like to read that scene you mention about Molly carrying out the Malfoys' gold while they watched. I think you should write it.

But yes, the twins took the thunder right out of her perfect party planning sails. Sneaky boys.

Belly-dancing House elves - see said comment about time and writing. hehehe But, I'll see what I can do about getting them on your ceremony to renew those vows. I'm sure they would be honored.

As for Aziza and Akila, I have to admit they were one time creations for the boys in this one story. So sorry! I have no more backstory for you. Maybe, someday, you can find out about other OCs and the stories I have in mind for them with our boys, which DO have back stories. If I can ever find my muse again.

The cake was fun. I should say poor Muriel, but you know what, I'm convinced she secretly likes it. It keeps her young. Heck, maybe she's even an on the sly benefactor of the joke shop. LOL.

Thanks so much! You are always the best reviewer a girl could have.

And again, a million apologies about the tardiness of the response.

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Review #5, by Gaius Scipio All's Fair in Love and War

14th August 2014:
Farmgirl this was simply amazing. You captured the personalities of Fred and George to a T. What a story funny, witty and thoroughly endearing. I believe that if JK wrote about Fred and George's wedding, that it would probably look a lot like this.

Truly a great read even if I have not yet seen the first chapter, a bit like putting the cart before the horse I know but hey for what its worth this was a great 2nd chapter.


Author's Response: Thank you! It was a blast to write and my partner was so amazing. I'm very glad you enjoyed it and felt like it was true to the characters. And really, Fred and George SHOULD have both got to have weddings.

Thank you!

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Review #6, by PolyJuice_ All's Fair in Love and War

13th March 2014:

Oh my gosh this was hilarious. I read the companion story to this and they fit together so well. I loved how you incorporated Muriel. She's still alive, 'eh? She's not one to be going anywhere, is she?

Fred and George were so hilarious, very canon, so well done on that. I loved the whole plot idea of them getting married without telling anyone. That is so like Molly to go all out for her boys, especially the two trouble makers who I'm sure weere never expected to settle down.

I really liked how the two twins were both terrified of Molly finding them out after the ceremony, and I loved her reaction.

Where was Arthur? It would've been neat to see his take.

Anyway, fantastic job! Especially with the time constraints!


Author's Response: Hey. Finally responding to your wonderful review. Better late than never, right?

Thanks so much for this review! I can't believe how many people really liked this silly little story.

Muriel is such a hoot, isn't she. I don't think I'm ever going to let her die. She's just too much fun to include in stories. I'll probably still have her kicking around at 150, LOL.

It's no secret that I have a HUGE love of Fred and George, so it always makes me feel better when people think I write them okay. And I just had this gut feeling that they would NOT like a huge, well-put together wedding. That just wasn't their style.

As for them being afraid of Molly after the ceremony, well...I don't think anyone ever really outgrows that feeling. Mothers are the only ones who can inspire fear even in grown ups. LOL. But, she forgave them, I'm sure.

Arthur was around. I'm sure he was chatting to people and such, but he's such a laid back kind of guy I didn't figure he'd go after the boys. He was probably happy they spared him months of sitting through talk of wedding plans. :)

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! And again, sorry it took me so long to reply.

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Review #7, by DracoFerret11 All's Fair in Love and War

10th March 2014:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from the forums here to review for you for the Valentine's Day Competition! :D Sorry it took so long...anyhow, let's go over things:

Plot: This was very sweet! I could see how it linked together with the companion story and I liked this one even better! It was very sweet to see Fred and George talking to Mrs. Weasley about their marriage. Her reaction was very believable and I loved how they responded to it. One of them thought about his now-wife at one point and that was really sweet. :) What happened at the end with the cake, though? That was a tad confusing...Did it turn into bugs like the other story mentioned?

Characterization: I think you did well clarifying some of the questions that I had about the last story. I liked that I could see Fred and George's playful, prankster side in this, but there was also still an element of romance. Well done!

Descriptions: I think I may have liked to see more details about how things looked, sounded, smelled, felt, etc. I did get a brief, sort-of-description about one of the girls, but other than that, I had trouble picturing this story.

Emotions: I mentioned that moment where one of the Weasley twins thinks about his wife; that was really cute. And Mrs. Weasley's emotional reaction was believable.

Overall, this story was quite sweet. Well done and good luck in the competition!


Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for the unexpected review! Tickled me pink! How can you say sorry for taking so long on a review I didn't even know was coming? hehehehe

Ah, thanks. We did try to link the stories together. I think the time-constraints made that difficult, hence the "Challenge" part of it. Given more time, we could have worked out a few of the details better.

Glad you thought Mrs. Weasley was believable. She's such an over-the-top character in real life, it can be hard to walk the line of keeping her in character, or turning her into a cliche.

I know working in details about the girls was my weakness in this story. I was running out of time and just couldn't really do it justice. I had another section to this fic that delved a little more into the romance side of things, what the girls were like, etc, but it just wasn't working. And it ruined my cake ending, so I took it out.

As for the cake? Well, I was implying that it exploded, all over Aunty Muriel. Again, probably should have been better at the details on that. LOL.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! Made my day.

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Review #8, by lady_devil All's Fair in Love and War

7th March 2014:
Hello I am back to review yet another story by you.

And you have fic about the twins! Yay! :)

I must say you do have the talent to capture the twins in character. I loved it from beginning to end, it was funny, entertaining, and totally something Fred and George would be doing for their wedding. I hope you continue writing Fred and George still!

Favouriting this story as well! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the story and chose me as part of your battle reviews. :)

This was fun to write, though I do feel like I could have done a bit better if I'd had more time to work in the details. I do love the twins thought, and writing about their wedding being a huge prank was a very enjoyable experience, plus I had an amazing partner to work with on this challenge.

Thanks very much for your reviews. I do write a lot of Fred and George. They are featured in almost every story on my page, so if you feel like looking for more, you might like them as well.

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Review #9, by Singularity All's Fair in Love and War

1st March 2014:
Oh, Farmgirl, this story just serves to remind me why you are one of my favourite writers on the archives. If I didn't know better, I never would have imagined that you wrote this in less than 3 days!

You so perfectly captured Fred and George. They seemed so spot on, playing off one another and finishing each other's thoughts. And Molly was so well done! You captured the perfect balance of exasperated and ecstatic. I love the bit where she starts off berating them, and ends up sobbing into their robes about how happy and proud she is. Exactly how I would envision her to react in this situation.

You just write the Weasleys so well. Speaking of, I'm so glad you were able to include Muriel! I just love her, and you wrote her wonderfully (no surprise there).

I have to put in a shout out to the belly dancing house elves! Even though I knew they were coming, I still laughed out loud. :p Such a brilliant little detail.

So basically, I thought your story was awesome. It was a really nice follow up to your partner's story. The girls seem like an amazing match for Fred and George, though I fear a bit for the safety of this AU world.

Author's Response: Hey look, it's still March and I'm responding to this review! This has to be a record!

Thank you so much for this amazing review. I had no idea you liked my writing so much, and you are making me blush with the compliments!

You know, as much as I love writing Fred and George, even the twins are hard to do in just 3 days. This we definitely a challenge for me, to figure this all out and put it together in such a short time. Thankfully I had a great partner which made it easier.

I'm glad you liked the twins here and felt like they were in character. Molly as well. Molly can be hard to do and not OVERDO her if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the tip on Aunty Muriel! She never would have made it into this fic without you! And she was SO much fun to play with. I think I'm going to have to make the old lady live to 150 or something, because she's just too much fun to have around.

Hehehehe, glad you laughed at the house elves. I really don't know where those came from other than exhaustion and half-asleep writing.

Yeah, we probably created a rather unsafe environment for the AU wizarding world with these two pairs. Oopsie. But glad you have fun reading. Thanks so much for reading and offering support! This review was great!

- Farmgirl

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Review #10, by Maelody All's Fair in Love and War

28th February 2014:
Oh my goodness! This is one of the best Weasley reaction and characterization fics I've seen in a while! I LOVED it! The very first set of dialogue had me laughing out loud and Molly yelling and then gushing all of the sudden later made it even better! AND it's practically in Fred's POV, so that rocks, too.

I am in awe if you, because I think it's very hard to write either of the twins let alone both! You and your partner both did such a great job! Though, I'm of going to mention a few things I noticed were a little confusing or so seeing as how everything is leaving my mind was word I type!

One being, in the first story, it said Fred was the starter and George was the finisher (or did I confuse myself again?). There were a few times Fred finished with a zinger or two and I think to keep true to the characterization set up by your partner, it would be fun to see that. Not that we're not already impressed, but that way we can be all the more impressed with the time and sync of the stories! Then again, I could have just confused myself xD. Another thing being Molly's age. Maybe a timeline would help a little, but I wouldn't imagine her graying just yet. Well, graying, but not gray haha. Maybe I just don't want to see her without her red hair? The third thing is really super minor though. When Fred lists off all of the people his mum went wedding crazy over, he mentioned Harry instead if Ginny. I don't know if you were going the male approach, but I think a sibling approach would be a little more appropriate, seeing as how Ginny would be the only girl in the family getting married. Not even an error, just a personal bit. Really, no need to mind any of these, because they're not problems or anything, just something to think about. :)

Ok, now that I remembered everything, back to doting! :)

The description of Aziza was nice (I'm assuming she's identical to her twin, so both of them really? Haha:)) and the boys' excitement on actually being married, and who they were marrying, made me get all gooey inside. Those boys really are sweet, and now I wanna read more AU Weasley town stories! If only they didn't make me so sad :(.

I love how you don't explain exactly what happens in the end with the exploding cake and their Aunt Muriel, because it makes it just as funny as Fred and George think it is! XD she deseverved it! Oh, and the will talk, and how they had to remind her she already wrote them out, was hilarious! I loved it!

I expressed my confusion with the other story, on hiw the prank sounds more like the wedding was a prank and they weren't actually getting married, but this one clears it right up. :) the fact they invited everyone to a casual outdoors picnic and then turned it into a wedding is so them! :) And I like how in the first story the girls swear the idea was the boys', while in this one the boys say otherwise. Really, we know they all loved it! ;)

Honestly, a very wonderful story from the both of you! You can never go wrong when Fred is involved! ;) I loved both entries very much, and I wish you both the very best of luck!


Author's Response: Hey there. I'm so sorry it's taken me almost 6 months to respond to this review. As much as I try to stay caught up, I just seem to be a slow person. I think I'm gonna have to come to terms with that...

But I am so very glad that you like this story! And now you are making me blush. Writing the twins is not as hard as everyone thinks it is. You really should try it sometime. I'm always advocating for more stories about them.

You are right about me not following through with the starter and finisher thing. In general, I do believe that is true in their conversations. Fred starts, George finishes. But, I've also noticed that when there's a punch line of some sort to give, Fred usually goes for it. I guess I was just following my instincts here with which twin would say what and I forgot to keep true to the first part. Oopsie. And well done to spot that mistake!

As for Molly's age, I didn't intend to make her that old. Not sure if the gray hair thing was intentional (wrote this a long time ago now, hehehe) or a product of writing a story way late in the night, but let's just pretend the twins made her prematurely gray, hehehe.

The Ginny verses Harry thing makes sense. All I can say to that is once again, it was probably a product of writing fast and last at night. If I'd had another week to read over this story, I might have caught that and changed it. See, this teaches us not to write stories too fast. :D

I LOVE my Weasley twins, so I'm glad you approved of them here. And if you REALLY want to read more AU twin stories, I do have a few more up.

Auntie Muriel is too good of a character to not include. I think I will let her live to be 150 just so I can keep having her in stories.

Amen on your Fred statement.

Thanks so much for reading! This was a great review!

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Review #11, by writeyourheartout All's Fair in Love and War

22nd February 2014:
Hello again, farmgirl! :-D

So I've just come from Sarah's entry and am forcing myself to get this review in before going to bed tonight, like I chose to do yesterday when I was meant to be reviewing you instead of sleeping... and the night before that as well... :-p

Anyhoo... moving forward! I am indeed here now! So, shall I stop rambling and get to the actual reviewing part? ...I take your silence as a yes. Here we go!

I'm sorry, but... you didn't really write this in one night, did you? I mean... I know I was there with you while it was happening, but... I don't understand how! This turned out so great! Surely you, too, slaved away at it for three sleepless nights like -some- of us lowly folk have to do in order to craft something even halfway decent! You're killing me here! Unfair. Just... unfair.

Alright, I'll set aside my jealousy and bitterness for the rest of this review. ;)

It's so great, farmgirl! It's funny and charming and your versions of each Weasley present is as good as ever!

I already mentioned this in my review to Sarah, but I really love the idea you guys came up with. It's always great to see you writing right in your sweet spot, and this was no exception. Your twins are so funny and mischievousness and unforgettable. The whole undercover wedding thing was just perfect; it's so exactly the type of ceremony I would expect from the two of them. It makes me nearly desperate to try my hand at my own George wedding in regards to 'Lying Josephine', but I think I'll leave it here with you and Sarah and these two stories rather than trying to mess about with my own. I'm certain any attempt of my own would pale in comparison!

Molly is a stand-out here, as well. You've given her the perfect balance of angry and hurt and upset, but also so proud and pleased and emotional! She's conflicted in the most motherly of ways and it's just such a sweet moment when she finally sets aside her feelings of discontent and her inability to keep from scolding and lecturing to cry about her boys getting married! She's so sweet, really. I know you mentioned to me about how you felt this story was purely comical without any moments of depth, but when Molly can't help but to blurt out her, "And...and...oh my baby boys! I can't believe it! You're married!" it's really a very touching moment of both depth and poignancy. I love it. :)

Aunt Muriel was a fun little addition and a great way to open the story! She's such a crabby old thing, isn't she? I just love seeing the twins poke the dragon when she's already got smoke billowing from her nostrils.

Even though we only get a few small glimpses of Aziza and Akila in your version of the story, I really loved what you wrote about them. The fact that they were the ones who came up with the majority of the idea behind the outlandish prank of a wedding just speaks volumes about them both, which is really a lovely touch, considering they're both OC's and we only get a short amount of time to feel any sort of connection to them. As someone you know to be particularly fond of the twins, finding correct women to pair them each with is something that easily could have gone wrong from my perspective, but you managed to give them these really great girls that I know will make them forever happy in alternate universe land. ^.^

*blushes* FARMGIRL! Exactly what type of festivities could you possibly be alluding to here? hehehehe :-p

There are so many quotable lines throughout this story that I must limit myself to just a choice few before I regurgitate your entire fic back at you!

Of course there's this gem: "You two! I can't believe you just...! Grass mats and a llama? Tibetan chanting? Belly dancing House-elves?" - HAHAHAHA Omg, I knew it was coming and STILL I laughed out loud! So funny. How you came up with it, I will never know. hahaha Oh, and I love how it's not just a crazily made-up idea from Fred and George, but that there is actually a House-elf Belly Dancing Club of its own! Beyond ridiculous, my friend. I can't. Ahaha

"The moment their mum heard the word "wedding" she turned into a giddy, crying, planning monster." - LOL Poor Mrs. Weasley. hahaha

And last, but not least, this final exchange: ""Looks like Muriel found the cake!" he said between chortles. - "See, Mum! Weddings are a blast," George added, laughing so hard he had to lean forward on his knees." - hahahaha Omg, I can't. It just wouldn't be a Weasley twin wedding without some exploding cake and silly pun, would it? I can't stop giggling. hehehe

Sheesh, farmgirl, you've done it again. Another fantastic story that has me laughing uncontrollably throughout its entirety! I mean it, though: this story was honestly enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. It's quick and simple and easy and just absolutely delightful. Oh, and congratulations on finishing on time for the competition! I still can't believe you did this all in one night... I won't harp on it again though... I'll just tuck my bitter envy away for safe-keeping... ;)

Wonderful, as always.

Tanya ^.^

Author's Response: Hey T :)

I am a huge fan of sleep. It's probably my favorite hobby. So, I will never hold it against you for sleeping instead of reviewing. Seriously. LOL.

Now, stop with the over-exaggerating. You know I wrote it in one night, and it totally shows. Not my best writing ever, but I am glad you enjoyed it anyway. So, stop being silly with the gushing.

As for writing about the twins, that was totally me putting pressure on, hehehe. I really wanted to do something with them and Sarah was so sweet and game to go along with it.

What do you mean you won't write a George/Jo wedding? I WANNA SEE THE WEDDING! You have to do it, now that you've hinted at it. I really, really would love to read that.

You are so sweet about your comments on Molly. I was worried I'd gone overboard with her, but you make me feel better. And I honestly don't know how you can find so much amazing stuff to write in this review for a story as short and hurried as this on. The review is practically longer than the story!

I am very glad your team helped me out with the idea to include Muriel. She IS a blast to write. At this rate, I'm gonna let her get to 150 just so I can keep including her in stories. And you know, under all the crabbiness, I somehow get the feeling the twins might actually be her favorites.

Glad the girls came off okay in this. It WAS such a short fic to try and give them personalities. I was worried.

And stop the blushing. You know exactly what I'm talking about. They are married after all...

As for the house elves and their strange club...I give total credit to that one to the late nights. Strange things come out of my mind when it's sleep deprived.

So glad you liked it, and it made you laugh, and stop with the jealous cause it's not worth it. hehehe. It was fun to right and I'm honored you graced it with such an amazing review. Thanks, as ever, for your support my friend. You rock!

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Review #12, by nott theodore All's Fair in Love and War

19th February 2014:

Okay, just let me take a minute here to form thoughts that aren't just me laughing hysterically...

It's been so long since I read something of yours and I've missed your lovely writing and especially the twins! I meant to say this when I was reviewing the prequel to this story, but the wedding was just so fitting for them. I was really happy that they got to have that wedding they talked about when they were at Bill's wedding, and I can honestly imagine them doing this if they'd both been alive when they got married!

Time to quote a few of my favourite lines:

Grass mats and a llama? Tibetan chanting? Belly dancing House-elves?

Besides, the House-elf Belly Dancing Club had been so pleased. Apparently, it had been their first real gig. How could he say no to that?

...a hundred and twelve years old, boys! That's a hundred years too old to be sitting cross-legged on the ground at a flim-flam festival!

These were just brilliant, and they made me laugh so much! I love how Muriel's still grumbling about how old she is when she's perfectly capable of managing herself - I think she just carries that cane around to use as an extra weapon! And the belly dancing House-elves! Since this is AU, can Dobby be involved in this? Please? :P

Your characterisation of Molly was, as always, spot on as well. It was just like her to be mad at them for the wedding and not having told her but at the same time crying and overcome with emotion because her babies are growing up. I really want this to be canon now because it's so fun and happy!

I really enjoyed reading this and you did a great job writing a warm and light-hearted story - this is a great challenge entry!

Sian :)

Author's Response: I've given up on apologizing for being late on reviews, because apparently I'm always late. So, let me just say, I'm finally here.

I'm glad I could make you laugh. That was what I was going for. And I can't tell you how much your support of my writing always means. It doesn't matter how long I take between updates, or between answering reviews, you always come back. Thanks!

The twins are just such fun, aren't they? It was really a blast to do this, give them that wedding, and ignore the realities of the books.

As for the belly-dancing house idea where that came from. *shrugs* And Aunty Muriel is just too much fun to leave out. At this rate, she will live to be 150 just so she can stay in my stories.

If it pleases you to think of Dobby in the belly dancing club, you may of course do so. :D And you can pretend it's canon too if you like. I live in denial, it would be nice to have some company.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing and WAITING for ages for a response.

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Review #13, by HeyMrsPotter All's Fair in Love and War

18th February 2014:
Hey! It's been too long since I read anything of yours and now I'm kicking myself for that because your canon characters are just so perfectly written.

I'm not surprised at all that you and your partner wrote about the twins, and I love that you seem to be as in denial about Fred's death as I am :D The idea of the twins having a double wedding to twins that nobody knew was happening is just so original and hilarious. I adored the first part of the story and I adored yours.

I have to quote these lines back to you, just becuase they had me laughing out loud, very loud, and it's not often that happens in fanfiction:
That's a hundred years too old to be sitting cross-legged on the ground at a flim-flam festival!
"Grass mats and a llama? Tibetan chanting? Belly dancing House-elves?"
(Seriously how do you come up with things like this?)
she turned into a giddy, crying, planning monster

I'll stop now before I quote your whole story back to you.

I have to say though, the thing that I loved the most about this story was your Molly. Her frustration and exhasperation with the boys, her erratic behaviour, her changing from being furious with them to over emotional, just everything about her in this was 100 percent perfect. I adore that woman!

These two stories really were just perfect lighthearted, hilarious, valentines fun. I adored them both. Brilliant job!

Dee :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for reading! I love getting you reviews! And you are way, way too kind to me. *blushes*

I may have influenced my partner a bit about our characters for this challenge...just slightly. I just can't help it! I love the twins! They should have millions more stories about them! *gets off soap box and hides*

As for Fred's death? What? Who said he died? I don't believe it! The twins should both be alive and having double weddings and raising crazy kids that leave the wizarding world fearing for their very safety!

I'm really very glad you enjoyed reading this though. It was fun to work with Sarah - she's awesome! And the idea of the twins using their wedding as a giant prank was too good to pass up.

YES! It made you laugh. If it did that, then even though I wrote it way too fast, I guess it did it's job. (Oh, and the belly-dancing house-elves? That's what happens when you try to write a story at 3 AM.)

Thank you so much! This review made my day. And I'm sorry I'm so slow responding to it, but I did want you to know I loved and appreciated it.

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Review #14, by toomanycurls All's Fair in Love and War

17th February 2014:
I just read Sarah's side of the story so I'm glad to pick up yours!!

I love the way you've written Auntie Muriel!! and that their middle names are for Gideon and Fabian!! Just so perfect!! You do the twins so well!!

Oh dear, Molly's fall out over not being included. :-/ I do think they really would have tried something like this if they were both alive to get married!

My heart melted a bit when he made the mental transition from having a girlfriend to wife - it takes a bit to get used to saying the right noun.

I am surprised they didn't mention a bit about Death Eaters storming in on Bill's wedding.

You wrote this with perfect levity and romance and *sigh* everything. You and Sarah did a great job coordinating stories!


Author's Response: Hey there! So very sorry I'm so slow responding to this review. Maybe someday I'll get caught up on reviews responses again.

Thanks for reading, though! I'm very glad you liked it! It was so much fun to write with Sarah - she's an awesome author!

Auntie Muriel was actually not originally in the story, but I was chatting with some friends while writing and one of them commented on what she would do at the wedding and I just knew I had to re-write to include her. I'm so glad I did as it actually made the story work.

As for their middle names, I don't think that's canon, but it's always been canon in my head.

Poor Molly, huh. All she wants to do is fuss over her kids, like any good mother should, and they just don't let her, hehehehe. And we just pretend they are both alive...Fred shouldn't have ever died anyway.

I wrote this very fast and was struggling to get some of the romance into the story, but I did want to show that Fred was in love and so I'm glad you picked up on that part.

Oh, Death Eaters storming Bill's...why didn't *I* think of that! That would have been perfect!

Awww, thanks! Now I'm blushing! You always are so kind to me. Thanks so much for reading!

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Review #15, by LightLeviosa5443 All's Fair in Love and War

17th February 2014:

You did such a wonderful job writing the second half of the story! I have absolutely no idea what you were on about! It was brilliant and perfect! I am in love with the way you talked throughout the whole thing. Fred and George blowing the cake up on Muriel was so wonderful. Perfect way to end the chapter.

I think you definitely did a great job carrying over from my chapter, and explaining the insanity of the wedding where as I just described the setting!! Plus, the way Fred was excited about the evening was so great!! You're such a brilliant writer. I'm in love with your half of the story. Whenever I need a pick-me-up I'm just going to come back and re-read this over and over!

Wonderful job darling!

Thanks for being such an amazing partner! It was so fun writing with you!!

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Thank you! This was such a blast to do together! And now you are making me blush with the compliments on top of that! You are way, way too kind.

I love your half of the story, too! Now I will always have part of me that imagines what is going on in the lives of these two sets of twins that we created!

Thanks so much for a great review and a new friend!

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