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Review #1, by jessicalorewrites Part 1

13th October 2014:
Hi there!

I totally adore Lavender right now and I hate that she doesn't get enough sympathy in the fandom and is widely regarded as some silly little girl. So you rec'd this to me and I just had to read ;) mostly because I was intrigued by the whole Lav/Viktor thing!

Anyway, onto the story. The Romilda scene made me laugh far too much - how clever of Lavender to come up with that story ;) very quick on her feet and I like her resourceful cleverness. Hopefully nobody DID get drugged by her oops.

Viktor was very cleverly weaved in and, though the bit about girls who wear make-up making me scrunch up my face in anger, it's a very real idea for him to have and shows the well-roundedness of his character. He's not perfect and he's flawed! And then, of course, there are the actual reasons why Lavender wears her make-up. Very sad reasons, of course. She shouldn't be ashamed of her scars!!

The mistaken bridesmaid was great ;)

Now, onto the next part! This was a nice read :) I would've appreciated more plot but I understand that this is more character-driven. I still like it anyway :D

Excellent writing, keep it up! And feel free to rec me any more of your work ;)


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Review #2, by MissMoonyPadfootProngs Part 1

9th August 2014:
Poor Lavender! She never gets enough sympathy I find so I really like how you've invited the reader to feel just that. Initially I'll admit that although intrigued I felt that it was a little over-convenient that Lavender and Krum could potentially hook up but you completely wiped that away with such a fantastic and real ending. The cliche became realistic because Lavender has always struck me as that innocent and starry-eyed kind of character who would seek comfort in such places and then discover realistically that such ideas were not mutually shared.
I had to laugh at the Romilda scene; she too was very well characterised and Ron of course was hilariously insensitive/clueless once again due to his mind being occupied by food (funny OotP scenes come to mind).
Krum was nasty and almost understandably so; I can imagine a lot of PL footballers being like that. That girl was obviously out of order but it was unfair of him to tar Lavender with the same brush. I also like that he was disgusted by makeup, it explains rather well his attraction to Hermione who is obviously a much more natural girl and the complete opposite to Lavender really.
I do feel immensely sorry for Lavender but I'm sure she's got enough pride and belief to let that damage her too much. Hopefully she'll meet the right one in the end (I talk about her as though she's real).
This was a really nice read; I'm definitely going to favourite it.

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Review #3, by Freda_and_Georgina Part 1

9th July 2014:
For the House Cup 2014 Review
Mistaken bridesmaid? Awkward. Whoops. Heehee I like her new story.
HAHA! I love how Lavender got rid of Romilda. I guess some things never change for some people.
I'm glad Ginny, or SOMEONE could see through her fake happiness. Heehee then Ginny is off to hunt down the lying chick when Lavender is the one wearing the same dress? Too funny!
Wow, what a life story! How can he say all girls are like that when he dating Hermione and I'm pretty sure she wasn't like that.
Cool! Off to hunt down part 2!

Author's Response: Hi Freda! :D

Wow, it's been ages since I've received a review from this story :) What a lovely surprise, even though it's for the HC :D

I'm glad you enjoyed reading this :)
Yes, it is a bit odd he'd say something like that, but since he's in a bad mood and really tired of all the girls chasing him because of his fame, I think he said it without really mean it :)

I hope you'll like the second part, Penny is an incredible writer and gave this story the best possible ending :)

Thank you so much for reviewing :)

- Avi

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Review #4, by Lululuna Part 1

20th February 2014:
Hello! :)

Oh, poor Lavender! I did feel that she got the short end of the stick with Ron, even though Harry never portrayed her too sympathetically in the books. You did a great job of bringing her to life here and having me like her. :) Immediately I was cringing a little at how she wore a dress the same colour as the bridesmaids, that is just awful!

And then of course, Romilda has to charge in and make poor Lavender feel even worse! Haha, I like how Lavender can hold her own, however. I like seeing her brave, Gryffindor side come out along with her sass.

You wrote Ron really perfectly here, I was giggling throughout his cameo. Of course he would eat the cake destined for Hermione, and be completely oblivious about Lavender being flirtatious! He was the perfect mix of oblivious Ron and smitten-with-Hermione Ron. And of course, Lavender has to embarrass herself!

Ah, right when the dark haired man was mentioned I was trying to guess who he might be, but of course it's Krum! I should have known from the giggling girls. :P It actually fits so well that Krum and Lavender would bond over their rejection and have something in common. It's also very like Ginny to want everyone to feel comfortable.

You made me really like Krum here! How he's a little rough around the edges, and the backstory about coming from a poor family and his love for his mother. His comment about her name being like a flower made me smile. That was really great and he really felt in character. But then he had to make his comment about makeup... sigh. Oh, boys are so silly sometimes, and this was one of those moments where his bluntness is a bad thing.

Poor Lavender, but I really like the inclusion of her scar and how conscious she is of being marked by Greyback. :( It's so sad and unfair.

I really enjoyed this, and can't wait to see where the story is going! :) Off to read your partner's story now, you did a wonderful job!

Author's Response: Hi Lululuna! (had to doublecheck to see if I had the correct number of lu's in your penname - I like it!)

I'm so glad you liked how I portrayed Lavender! I wanted her to be strong on her own and a little more mature since the war, especially after the attack from Fenrir Greyback. Poor her.

But that didn't stop me and Penny from making her feel so uncomfortable through the party, hehe.

Of course it's Krum :D wheee. That handsome man, or at least he was in the movies.
And you've observed so well! Penny and I thought it'd be a great way to bond, that they've both been rejected but they're still attending the wedding to kind of proof that they're fine with it - even though they aren't.

I'm so happy you enjoyed reading this and since you did, you'll like Penny's Part 2 even more!

Thank you so much for reviewing!
- Lostmyheart

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Review #5, by Singularity Part 1

19th February 2014:
I love the idea behind this story! Very creative :)

The bit with Romilda was hilarious (though how she landed an invitation is beyond me).

I liked some of the little details that you put in, like the unfortunate coincidence that Lavender's dress was so similar to the bridesmaid dresses. What a nightmare!

I also liked the interaction with Ron, and how completely oblivious he was to her flirting. Also his completed nonchalance when he told her about the food on her face. She kind of deserved that, though...flirting with the groom like that.

My favorite part was Ginny's line “Anyway, I have to go. I’ve been told that there’s a girl in here that claims to be a cousin of ours and a bridesmaid – I need to find her and throw her out."


I thought the little scene in the bathroom with Lavender trying to cover up one of her scars was a good tie back to canon, and also fit in well with the beginning (kind of a reminder to people of what had happened at the battle and such).

I've read your partner's story, too, and thought you guys did a really good job of tying them together. They really seemed like two halves of the same story, so awesome job there.

Author's Response: Hi Singularity! :D

Thank you! It was Penny's idea with Lavender and Krum, she was so creative! I wouldn't have come up with that pair at all :D

I am so glad you liked the little details! I thought it'd be funny with the dresses, I mean, poor Lavender for being at her ex-boyfriends wedding and then find out she's chosen almost the same dress as the bridesmaids' :D Total nightmare!

Ugh, you make me so relieved that you could see her flirting! That was exactly what I was going for but I wanted it to be in a less obvious way. Yes, shame on her for doing that to a groom!

Thank you so much! I think Penny will be so pleased to hear that as well. We worked so hard for this hehe.

So happy you liked our story and thank you so much for reviewing!

- Lostmyheart

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Review #6, by Avanell 2 Part 1

19th February 2014:
Very interesting story! Loved it! Is there more? Saw the companion...now need to read that one. Awesome story!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes there is more - but I know you already read and reviewed my partner Penelope Inkwells Part 2 story :D
So happy you liked our story and thank you for reviewing!


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