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Review #1, by ohmymerlin Escape

1st March 2014:
Hey, there!

This was so great! I hardly ever see stories about James and Lily defying Voldemort before their... [wipes tears away] deaths :(

And you wrote it so well! Even though she wasn't actually battling Voldemort, she was defying him and it felt so realistic and believable!

AND YAY, SIRIUS! He's come to save the day! I nearly cheered when he came in!

Anyway, I really loved this one-shot! You did an excellent job! ♥

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Yes, I wish James and Lily didn't have to die. They are loved even in death. *sobs*

I'm glad you thought it was realistic!

Sirius is a hero! Yipee!

Thank you so much for reviewing, and I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by Maelody Escape

1st March 2014:
Definitely a darker tone to the challenge than most, but still loving and great at the same time! Kudos for being successfully different! :)

I think the turn of events was very believable. After all, the same thing practically happened to Harry and Co. And to see the love between them without having to be explained how it happened was very nice. :) though what happened to him must have been awful! I hope the next story covers that! Poor James :(. Though I like how Sirius was the one to save the day. It shows even Voldemort knew he would be a lost cause to try and recruit. He was so calm! Which is helpful because I don't think Lily would have been able to escape the way they did if he wasn't. It's a nice change of pace to really see her play in a moment of true weakness for once. I always feel like people focus on her being strong too much.

All in all, a great read and cool take on this challenge. :) I'm off to read your partner's entry now! Best of luck!


Author's Response: I have a much easier time writing darkness than fluff. I really should work on that.

Even in the darkest of situations there is always some hope. :) Yes, poor, poor James.

I don't blame Lily for being scared, since James was hurt! If you think about it, she was pretty brave, but not at first. She didn't FEEL brave.

Thank you so much for reviewing! And definitely read my partner's story; her's was excellent!

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Review #3, by Singularity Escape

28th February 2014:
I thought this was a nice take on the challenge. I haven't read too many stories that dealt with the three times that Lily and James defied Voldy, so it was interesting to read your interpretation of one of those times.

I enjoyed your characterization of Lily here. She was terrified, but was trying her best to put on a brave face and stay strong. I also thought you did a good job of expressing how strongly Lily feels about James.

I also thought it was a nice touch to tie in Sirius's pureblood childhood, though I'm not sure how he knew where they were being held.

I read your partner's story as well, and thought that they flowed together quite well. Some of the questions raised in your story are answered in hers, and they definitely seem connected, so great teamwork there!

Author's Response: I think every brave person feels terrified inside. It's just a matter of pushing the fear and refusing to listen that I really think is what sets brave people apart.

Sirius took a guess on where they were taking James and Lily, since the Lestrange Mansion is where they take most.

Thanks! We went through a big effort to make sure our stories matched up.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Lululuna Escape

22nd February 2014:
Hello! :)

Ah, this was such an original take on a Jily romance and I really loved it. The setting of the Lestrange mansion and the reasoning for why they were there was perfect - I wonder if this was one of the three times that they defied Voldy? It made sense that Voldy would be trying to recruit them for his cause, and I liked how being at the Lestranges gave Sirius the chance to come in and rescue them since he had that childhood knowledge.

You wrote Lily's fear and her love for James so well here. I liked how although it was a very tense and suspenseful story, her adoration for him and how much she loves every part of him has come through. Her willingness to sacrifice herself for him felt so in character for her, and I really liked her just from hearing her thought process and how she was determined to be brave.

Sirius was great here as well, I liked how he was a little sassy even under pressure, and how heroic he was in coming to rescue his friends single-handedly. I love seeing a glimpse into the first war and how that would affect the friendships and relationships. You did an amazing job of bringing the terror and the fear, but especially the enduring love, to light here.

Very nice, I enjoyed this a lot! :) I'm excited to read your partner's story as well! :D

Author's Response: Yes, I would like to imagine this in the first of those three times James and Lily defied Lord Voldemort. :)

I'm glad you thought that I came along in the thought process well. :)

I think Sirius can always be a little sassy (Unless he just got out of 12 years in Azkaban).

I'm glad you really liked my story. :)

Yes, go read Lauren's story! It is amazing.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by nott theodore Escape

19th February 2014:

This was a great entry for the Speed Dating Challenge! I liked the fact that while you did focus on a pairing and Lily's love for James in this story, there was also an element of action and suspense that I think would have been quite a constant presence in their lives at this time. I also always enjoy reading the different interpretations on the ways that Lily and James 'defied' Voldemort, so this was one of those great stories that could fit into canon in that way.

The allusions to Lily's feelings for James in the past were really good because they helped to accentuate the change and the difference in her feelings now, that she loved him so much she couldn't bear the thought of him being hurt. It also reminded me a bit of when Ron and Harry are in the Malfoys' basement and Hermione is being tortured by Bellatrix, because the same sort of desperation and fear was present.

I thought your characterisation was really good as well, particularly with the way that you explored Lily's bravery as well as her love for James, and the thoughts about what they were going to have to face. I got the sense that it was all quite overwhelming for her and I could imagine this experience being the one that prompted them into real action.

Sirius was great! I'm so glad that he came in and managed to save the two of them, because I was really worried about James and whether Lily would be taken up next. I hope that James is okay and I'm going to go and read Lauren's entry to find out!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I did it with more action/suspense because that's my strength, while I've never really written romance before. So I incorporated the two ideas.

It does sort of remind me of the Malfoy Manor scene. They are even both at mansions.

Yes, I think Lily's love for James was what made her brave. The thought of saving James was what made her stop crying and come to a solution to their problem.

Yeah, Sirius came into to save the day!

Definitely read Lauren's entry; she did a terrific job.

Thanks so much for the lovely review! I loved hearing all your pinions about the events in the story.

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Review #6, by HeyMrsPotter Escape

18th February 2014:
Hi Claudia :D Long time no speak! I hope you're well :)

I think this is the first time I've ever read anything of yours, which is outrageous becuase this was SO GOOD! Siriusly.

I love that you and your partner came up with such an original idea. The situation Lily and James have found themselves in is really realistic and I found myself getting so frustrated with the Death Eaters for interrupting their valentines date!

I think you did a great job or portraying Lily's love for James, and I liked all of the little references to the days that she couldn't stand him, it was sweet how there was a hint of regret in her thoughts that she hadn't realised her feelings for him sooner.

Sirius is also perfect in this, I can just picture his grin appearing through a hole in the wall even in such a serious situation. I do hope James is alright, I'm looking forward to reading your partner's part of your entry!

Dee :)

Author's Response: I'm well. :)

Really? It's original? I haven't read many of the other speed dating entries yet, so I don't really know, but thanks for the compliment!

It was surpisingly easy for me to envision Lily's thoughts. I've never written her before, but it was a delight.

You do have to read Enduring, it's fantastic. My partner, Lauren, wrote a beautiful piece.

Thank you so much for the review!

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