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Review #1, by The Summer Snake Matters of the Heart

25th May 2015:
Greetings from The Summer Snake! I have recently slithered out of hibernation and discovered this amazing place with such amazing stories, so I want to read and review as many as I can before I go back into hibernation!

Aww this was such a sweet little one-shot. I absolutely loved it. Draco was simply adorable, so in love with Astoria. I enjoyed reading his characterisation a lot, and the way you portrayed his feelings for Astoria.

The idea of their unconventional love for purebloods - living together and child out of wedlock - was quite interesting and I enjoyed how it showed Draco had grown out his school time hostility. The moments between Astoria and Draco were adorable, from the asking out to the pregnancy announcement to the proposal. I enjoyed the added moment of Narcissa/Lucius as well.

All in all, this was very well-written and I loved it. What a cute little one-shot with some unlikely characters. Great job!

*showers confetti and flowers* Have a nice summer!

Now I'll be off to explore more of this wonderful sun! See ya!

With love,
The Summer Snake

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #2, by patronus_charm Matters of the Heart

10th July 2014:
Hi Taylor! You left me so many lovely reviews I wanted to swing by and repay the favour!

Ok, this was so cute and so lovely and just so cute! ♥ I really loved how you chose Draco to narrate this because it was an interesting to get a glimpse into his mind and see that it is still him who was lurking away there but it was him with a tinge of romance in him and gah it was just so cute to see him like that. I think the way it worked was how you kept on doing subtle references to the pureblood world throughout such as with the family heirloom ring and them sleeping together out of marriage, which just gave it a Malfoy touch.

Another thing I really liked was the use of flashbacks as we got a really nice insight into the history of their relationship and could see it right from the beginning which meant when the proposal came it was even more exciting. I really loved Narcissa in this by the way because she was just so lovely and gave the best advice! I always imagined her being a great mum and it was definitely proven correct here.

This was such a lovely one-shot! ♥

House Cup 2014 Review!

Author's Response: Hey Kiana! Thanks so much for taking the time to review this!

Ah, yes, I love Draco here! I tried to give him a bit of an untraditional character while still keep him tied to his Malfoy roots, so I'm glad you noticed that here!

I'm just so happy you liked this! Thanks so much for the review!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #3, by adluvshp Matters of the Heart

3rd March 2014:
Blackout Battle!

Aw, this was such a sweet piece! I loved how you wrote Draco and Astoria's relationship. It was interesting how the two are having a kid out of wedlock - it was something unexpected and original! I also enjoyed the moment with Draco's parents, and liked the brief insight into Narcissa too.

I haven't read much of Draco/Astoria but if this is how their pairing is usually written, I am in love with the pairing and would definitely want to read more of it. Draco was just so adorable and Astoria was very fitting, and I love the way their love shown through this.

All in all, great job. It made for a very nice read. Good job!


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Review #4, by Maelody Matters of the Heart

28th February 2014:
This was so sweet! And such a cute continuation of the last piece! I like how they have different love stories, but deal with some of the same things. His nervousness was adorable, and I love how perfect Malfoy has a kid out of wedlock! :) It makes Draco as a character very refreshing.

My favorite bit in this was the entirety of Astoria telling Draco she was pregnant. The detail and description was just so amazing. You literally made her sound like the most beautiful girl in the whole world! (To Draco of course). But I as a reader could see that. And their happiness made me happy, and I wish there was a chance to see baby Scorpius! XD

The moment with his parents was very sweet, and even seeing how their lives have changed was a treat! Narcissa is totally a go-to mom and it's nice to see their relationship has remained that way :).

Both of these entries are great and very canon relatable! I'm a canon lover, so the unappreciated canon couples getting light like this makes me so happy! Well, it can lead to canon haha. :) I've never really gone out of my way to read either pair, but I'm glad I got to read both of them in this one collaboration! You guys did such an amazing job and worked amazingly well together. I can see the ties between each one, and they were flawlessly added into each story.

Wonderful stories to the both of you, and I really wish the two of you the best of luck! :D


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Review #5, by nott theodore Matters of the Heart

19th February 2014:
Hi Taylor!

This was brilliant, I loved reading it! I've just come from reading the companion piece to this and now I can say that I'm really impressed with the idea that you two came up with and how well you worked together on these stories, because it's really clear when you read them both. The idea of doing a generational story is great, but then there were a few little motifs that were in the first story that reappeared here, almost making it seem like they'd been written by the same author. The heart was obviously one of them, but there were also little details like what Scorpius's first words were, so similar to Draco's. That attention to detail was brilliant.

I liked the fact that, although these stories were the parents and then their son, the romances didn't follow the same patterns, there were just some similarities. The unconventionality of Draco and Astoria's relationship was a nice change, especially since most stories about pureblood characters seem to make a big deal about the fact they do everything properly, and Astoria was refreshing and down-to-earth, rather than just a copy of Narcissa. I liked the flip in perspectives as well, with the first being told from the woman's and the second being told from the man's.

Draco's nervousness about proposing was really sweet and quite endearing. I have to admit, I'd have been saying the same as Astoria if he'd waited that long, since they have a child and everything :P There were some really lovely descriptions here too, well done!

Sian :)

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Review #6, by HeyMrsPotter Matters of the Heart

18th February 2014:
Hi Taylor! I just came from reading Roots' part of your entry :) I really love that you've gone for a generational theme rather than a same couple, different scenarios sort of thing, it's a great original idea for the challenge :) I also like that you've both structured your stories in a snap-shot kind of way.

I really really enjoyed this story. Astoria seems to be such a fun, down to earth kind of character in this, it's a really refreshing change from the other Draco/Astoria fics I've read where she is usually a bit of a high-society snob. I can see why Draco would love your Astoria :)

I like that after the war Draco was less concerned with the rules of pureblood society, not getting married before they moved in together and having a baby.

The Draco you've written is just like I'd imagine him to be after the war, a little more laid back but still upholding his family honor (in the fact that he wanted the Malfoy ring to propose with)

His nervousness when it came to proposing to Astoria was so cute, I can't believe it took him 2 years and a baby to do it!

This was exactly what the challenge called for, perfect valentines fluff!

Dee :)

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Review #7, by manno_malfoy Matters of the Heart

17th February 2014:
Hello! When I saw on the thread that you're written about love in two Malfoy generations, I decided to make them the first entries I read.

In this piece, I like how you've focused on how Draco's conduct with Astoria didn't fit with his parents' expectations. When their world and their fundamental beliefs had been extinguished, it makes sense that they'd try to stick to at least their standards.

But it's also logical that as time went on, things as such became more common and it was nice to see Narcissa take Draco's side despite her differences with his system of thought.

It was also rather nice to see Draco so scared and hesitant when, and I know this because I read part one, his parents were always so straightforward with their decisions and really knew what they wanted and got it. But it's understandable that Draco's experience during the war would've changed him, making him doubt that things will always go the way he wanted.

And I understand that this is a story about his trying to acquire the strength to propose, but I wish you'd included one moment where they were happy just as they were. There surely must've been some of these for them to put up with their lifestyle for so long without either of them demanding a change. But that's just my personal opinion.

I think this is a nice piece and matches its companion in lightness. Great job and good luck!

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