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Review #1, by Cannons Scars

2nd March 2014:
Holy Snap!

That was deep.

Ok, I loved it, I love the idea that Lavender survives and I love how you haven't made it a fairy tale ending for her. I mean it is in a way but the day to day mental fights she must have with herself over her looks must be absolutely draining.


Author's Response: Hello!

Oh well thank you! Yes, well, how could it ever be a fairy tale ending for her with what's she's been through? And yes, all that is definitely exhausting, but at least she had Juno!

Thank you so much for this amazing review!

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Review #2, by Rumpelstiltskin Scars

1st March 2014:
Hello lovely, I'm here for Blackout Bingo.

This is a fantastic post-war Lavender story. That being said, I'm so glad that she lives, even if it did result in some scars.

She's fighting with herself, because she's accustomed to being beautiful, worrying about teenage girl problems in her teenage girl life. After the attack, she believes her beauty has been taken away from her, even if there's somebody who she's found who loves her unconditionally. At least she has that somebody.

The love at the end of this is really just amazing and heartwarming. Lavender believes that Juno deserves somebody better (much like how Remus believed that Tonks deserved somebody better) but Juno doesn't want anybody else.

This was a terrific Valentine's Day story!


Author's Response: Hiya Rumpel!

Thanks so much for this amazing review!

Lo :)

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Review #3, by Maelody Scars

23rd February 2014:
This was a heartbreakingly sweet piece. It's always so nice to see stories where people interpret Lavender to be alive after her attack! :) Juno! I love that name! For some reason even the very name seems to fit with Lavender. Let's see if I can come up with a ship name for this awesome pair? Hmmm, Junder, Javender, Lavno, haha I don't know. I like Javender I guess xD.

Anywho! This story was so sweet! The little details, such as how work and money are introduced to her, and how Juno acts is just the sweetest! I do wish we'd find out if Lavender is a werewolf or not, but I also think it doesn't matter in this story. It makes Juno all the more beautiful. :3

Your words, characters, settings, and background to this story were set up very beautifully. I don't think I ever questioned anything, and I pictures everything. It was amazing really, and you did such a wonderful job. My heart ached for Lavender the whole way through, and I'm glad she was able to find a little happiness in the end. It at least a settlement.

June's speech was awesome! I almost teared up for Lavender, though. Their seven year relationship is explained and summarized in this one story so wonderfully, that a one-shot is just absolutely perfect! Everything was explained, finished, and just absolutely amazing! It ended spectacularly!

I'm really looking forward to seeing your partner's entry! It's in Juno's view, right? I can't wait to see what this amazing new character is like on the other side! You've done a wonderful job! I absolutely loved it! The best of luck to you both!


Author's Response: Hi Mar!

I love the name Javender! Thanks so much for the wonderful review!

Lo :)

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Review #4, by Lululuna Scars

20th February 2014:
Hello! :)

Aw, I loved this so much! It's both tragic and romantic, and you wrote it so beautifully.

I really like the idea of Lavender being disturbed and depressed after the battle. I mean, having a man biting your face would be terrifying, and having to see a physical reminder every time she looks in the mirror would inevitably bring that back. It feels very tangible and true.

I also liked the comparisons between how Lavender used to be and how she sees herself now. It's interesting to see her reflect on the way she acted around Ron. I also like the explanation for why she was so clingy, because she was trying to deny the fact that she might have feelings for girls instead, and act like all the other girls did and how she felt she was supposed to be. The hints that she might have had a crush on Parvati was a great reminder as well.

I love Juno! She just seems like such a loving and down-to-earth person who is just the right girl to help Lavender learn to feel good about herself. I loved all their interactions and how she was clearly a source of calm for Lavender, how looking at Juno's picture calmed her. It was just lovely.

This was a beautiful story, and I'm off to read your partner's story now! :) Amazing job! :D

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! It means a lot!

Lo :)

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Review #5, by HeyMrsPotter Scars

18th February 2014:
Hello, Lo (Sorry, couldn't resist :D) I'm on a spree reviewing all of the speed dating entries :)

This is the first story I've read about Lavender post-war (in which she doesn't snog Ron behind Hermione's back and become a catalyst for Dramione, but I digress!) I think you've captured her personality really well, not changing the girl we know from the books but building upon that to make her more interesting and less two dimensional. The way you have her reflect on her life as a result of the ordeal she went through in the battle of Hogwarts is really well done, this line in particular was great:
But all I remember is a horrible night, cut through by flashes of green and the crazed screams of those who fell.

I think you eased into her being with a girl really effortlessly and I like that you hinted that it was a result of her scars that she finally accepted her sexuality. It makes total sense, whilst she still had her looks she had a front to keep up with, be beautiful and like boys and have a boyfriend, it's what she thought was expected of her. I like the subtle irony in the fact that her looks had to be spoiled in order for her to be true to herself.

Juno seems like a really fascinating OC and definitely seems good for Lavander, the fact that she is so understanding of Lavanders feelings about her scars speaks volumes, it shows just how much she loves her.

There was a really nice balance of angst and romance in this story, and I'm really looking forward to reading your partner's side to your entry and learning a little more about Juno.

Brilliantly original idea, and a great read!

Dee :)

Author's Response: Hiya Dee!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! This story isn't one of my favourites so I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

Lo :)

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Review #6, by SkyEcho Scars

18th February 2014:
Hi Mauradertimes!

What a great beginning - it really grabbed my attention. I like how you intertwine the present with little windows to Lavender's life before the attack. It really works to provide some context into what she's going through. This is actually the first story I've read that has Lavender as a character and I really found her whole story to be so interesting. Ohh your line, "But all I remember is a horrible night, cut through by flashes of green and the crazed screams of those who fell" - was so chilling. Very haunting.
Your bathroom scene was so well done. Having access to the negative thoughts that plague her really shows just how much more there is to the healing process than fixing the physical wounds. It was completely realistic that she'd avoid mirrors - and I loved how you brought it back to that in the end (with a twist).

The only CC I found was with the word compliment. It should be "...with someone who complements your beauty..."

Your descriptions of her scars were so vivid and detailed, I felt like I could see exactly what her face would look like. The pacing of the whole piece was flawless and I loved the way Juno explained how she feels about Lavender!
I really enjoyed reading this and I honestly wish there was more!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review!

Lo :)

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Review #7, by toomanycurls Scars

17th February 2014:
I'm here to love your story ;)

I love the mix of fluff and angst you have in this story!!! I've always wondered what hapepened to Lavender after her attack - you do such a beautiful job detailing her recovery and challenges she faced accepting herself after that.

I am so glad Lav has Juno to help her find her feet and acceptance after the attack. Lav really has some demons floating through her head which you wrote out extremely well. I'm sure it's easy for Lav to listen to the cruel voices

This is just so haunting while Lavendar is stuck with the negative feelings and thoughts. You write wonderful angst and sadness.

Juno's arrival could not have been better timed and her words are perfect for Lavender. I love that her acceptance transcends the physical scars. ^_^

I really loved this but part of me hopes that Lavendar will learn to love herself in time regardless of her relationship. I think this is flawlessly written though!


Author's Response: Rose! Hi!

Yay! Thank you so much! Lavender is quickly becoming one of my favourites, so I'm glad you liked how I portrayed her! And yay! Juno! AlPotterFan/AlexFan did an amazing job with Juno! And I'm so glad Lav has Juno to help out. Aw, thank you! Angst and sadness is becoming my forte I think.

Yay for Juno! And yes, I'm so glad Juno helped Lavender through that! I do hope Lavender learns to love herself as well, but love takes time!

Thank you so much for this wonderful review Rose!

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