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Review #1, by 800 words of heaven One

19th February 2014:
Hello! Here on a jolly old Speed Dating reviewing spree!


I read Aphoride's story before this one AND MY HEART IS BREAKING. I'd hoped really hard that Regulus would change his mind in the end. WHAT IS THIS PAIN?

I can completely understand where Regulus is coming from. Expectations are difficult to live up to in the best of circumstances, but it's even worse for Regulus because Sirius has basically dropped all of what was expected of him onto Regulus as well, so he's doubly trapped. And it totally sucks that Sirius completely approves of Barty and their dangerous relationship. There must still be a part of Regulus that wants the approval of his brother, and he's gaining it in the one place where he can't afford to gain it. SO. SAD.

I'm just going to crawl under my covers and be sad for a little while because these two didn't get the happy ending I was cheering for - it's even more sad because their lives end up sucking even more after this :'(

Author's Response: Hi love!

I know, I’m sorry about that! If it helps, my heart was broken too because I love happy endings and, gah they didn’t get theirs and IT MADE ME SAD.

Oh definitely, Regulus is really feeling the pressure to be the ‘perfect son’ and continue the pure bloodline, especially as you said because Sirius sort of went AWOL and has just thrown all responsibility out the window, landing it onto poor Regulus. But Sirius really can’t understand why his brother just can’t do what he did, break out of the mould and be with Barty, like Sirius can see he wants to do, so all sorts of messed-up family dynamics going on here!

I know, I apologise, I do!

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #2, by Maelody One

18th February 2014:
Woohoo! Like I told your partner, you guys started a new ship for me! Bartulus for the win!

So I like how in your story, we learn Regulus "girlfriend's" name. I don't like her, though, with his forearm thing, I know she's a Voldy follower, too.

So I love how Regulus can't stop thinking about Barty. Actually, in both stories, neither boy can stop thinking about three other, and I think that's what makes it so sweet! I love it and it really shows how in sync the two of you were! My only little thing was, and it could quite possibly be just because I'm tired, that it seems to drag just a little bit because it is so verbatim with the first story. The last few paragraphs were sort of like reading the other story all over again. Maybe skipping over the dialogue and Regulus react more to it, or notice more around him would help? I know it's supposed to be in the same spots as the other story, but it got a little familiar after a little bit. Though, like I said, I'm really sleepy and maybe I just couldn't get through because I was so tired and eager to go to bed.

I could feel Regulus' confusion. You really caught that and pulled at my heart strings. It's obvious they belong with each other, but Regulus needed a stupid girl :(. I wish I could see this story continue on because I'd love to see what Barty ends up doing after this. I've always loved him, but I'm a little Tennant biased ;).

Either way, I still think this story is great. Really, you can't even tell two different authors wrote it. The pair of you did a lovely job, and I wish the best of luck to both of you!


Author's Response: Ack! Best ship name ever! Bartulus forever!

Oh, she’s definitely a Voldie follower, but I do have a soft spot for her. The poor thing, she’s to sit there and try make conversation with a bloke that’s obviously not interested in her in the slightest. Poor girl…

Barty and Regulus most definitely love each other, so yeah, all Regulus’ inner monologue and ranting and raving, hopefully I didn’t go too overboard on that…ah well! No, not at all, I know that the last two pieces are very similar! To be honest, Aphoride wrote her ending piece first, and it was so phenomenal that I freaked out slightly, and I’m pretty sure my ending’s a bit wishy-washy. I will definitely look back over that, thank you so much for pointing it out to me!

Confusion doesn’t even begin to sum up what Regulus is! He knows what he wants, to be with Barty and to please his family, but he really can’t see a way of having both, and it’s sort of tearing everyone to shreds. Regulus, oh Regulus, why must you make such bad choices?

Thank you so much for the lovely review!


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Review #3, by HeyMrsPotter One

17th February 2014:
Hey! I just finished reading your partners side of this story (I'm trying to review them all :D)

First off, well done to both of you for such an original idea, I've never read or heard of a Regulus/Barty ship before. I also love the idea of them being together being something that would be frowned upon by the high society wizards and think you both handled a sensitive issue well :) I adored the brief mention of Sirius and that he knew and accepted Regulus and Barty, Regulus is so dumb for not realising how amazing his brother is!

There's excellent continuity between the two stories with the general writing style and the wouldn't/shouldn't/couldn't repetition really emphasises their forbidden love.

I thought the way you wrote the contrast between the two kisses was really clever and a really effective way of telling the reader just how strong the passion is that he feels for Barty and the way you described their kiss was just completely perfect. Like they were the only two people in the whole world. I'm completely hardcore shipping them now.

Overall, a really brilliant read from both of you :)

Dee :)

Author's Response: Hello dear!

To be honest, before Aphoride suggested it, Barty/Regulus would have never come into my head, so the credit for dreaming up those two is completely hers! I hope I did, as this is a very sensitive issue! I more-so looked at it as the sort of way that Regulus’ parents wouldn’t have accepted Barty for who is family was, but most definitely the non-acceptance from the community at large is a defining factor in their relationship! Ah Sirius, I just had to add him in!

Oh, I’m right there with you, Barty/Regulus all the way. Just the way Aphoride wrote the pairing, and gah, really though, that girl she’s phenomenal! Thank you so much for the absolutely lovely review dear!

Sarahjane x

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Review #4, by Lululuna One

17th February 2014:
Hello! :) I've just read Aphoride's story from Barty's point of view and it was fantastic, so I'm excited for this - you guys picked such a cool pairing and both wrote it so well.

This story is so sad, and hearing Regulus' perspective made me feel even worse. In the other story I was a little resentful of Regulus but this shows how conflicted he is and how much trouble he's having with choosing duty and propriety over love. It's just heartbreaking.

He looked to his left, to anywhere where he couldnt see her, to where he could perhaps pretend for brief moments that it was Barty beside him This is really sweet, I liked how in both stories both boys were living inside their own heads and imagining how the situation would be different if they were on a date with the other boy. I love how much you two coordinated these stories, I can tell a lot of thought went into them. :) I also do feel a little sorry for Maya here, Barty makes her a little bit of a villain but she's not trying to hurt anybody, and she might get hurt in the process.

It had been drilled into him growing up that anything Sirius found interesting was very bad, vulgar and improper. Why could it not be that he hated the match Wow, this is such an original idea! I love it, how Regulus is one of those people who does the opposite of what somebody tells them to do, or in this case how he is using Sirius as an excuse for his fear in pursuing Barty. It shows how uncertain he is. But I do love the idea of Sirius being supportive of his brother in this - I wouldn't expect anything less from him.

You guys did such an amazing job of coordinating the two narratives so perfectly. Really, I'm in awe. :D The kiss was just perfect from this perspective as well. Aw, I love how both boys were thinking about pleasing their parents. It's just so unfair and heartbreaking.

Great job with this, both of you! ♥ These were some of the coolest stories and most tragic romances I've read in a while - you write beautifully! ♥

Author's Response: Hello love! Thank you so much for the review, I’m so sorry for the length of time it took me to reply to it, I’m awful for time-keeping, so I do apologise!

Oh yes, Regulus on the outside definitely seems like this cold-hearted monster, who’s just toying with poor Barty’s feelings, and maybe to an extent he is, but underneath it all, he actually does care about Barty, and it is breaking his heart to have to do this to Barty after all is said and done.

Living inside his head is definitely a way to describe Regulus, it would have been completely different had they gone on a date with each other, for starters, no one would have been left heart-broken at the end of it ;) But then, we wouldn’t have had the amount of drama that we did, so I’m both happy and sad about the outcome. Maya really is just an unknowing pawn in the whole thing. If you want to pin blame on someone, I’d say Regulus would be the first place to look. He’s stringing Maya along, and then he’s also stringing Barty along, he’s just terrible!

I just had to include Sirius in this, he is my little nod to the Marauders, considering I found it difficult not to include him (he would’ve been wandering around the village anyway I tell myself, but I think that’s just an excuse for me to add him into this!) Sirius is definitely supportive of this part of his brothers life, but in another way it drives yet another wedge between them, because Sirius doesn’t like the way Regulus is treating Barty, and in that way he wants his brother to drag himself together, and like you aptly said, Regulus is the sort of person to do the opposite of what they’re told!

Thank you so much for the wonderful review love! :)

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