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Review #1, by jillyomg Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

28th March 2014:
this is EXCELLENT!really cleaver and very different

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Review #2, by ShadowRose Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

2nd March 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the Gryffindor/Slytherin Blackout Battle!

Okay, so I kind of went out of order and read Lululuna's piece first, but I actually kind of like that I did it that way. Now, I have a much better idea of Bellatrix's feelings towards him, which really makes his situation all that much more heartbreaking. He really does love her - he counts freckles on her skin in his head, works as hard as he can to get her roses, and even supports the Dark Lord as a way of keeping her safe. Meanwhile, she wants to eat out his heart.

"Enough power to power a shake weight" is probably the strangest line I've seen in fanfiction, but it actually had me cracking up. I can practically picture the warden sitting there, vibrating out of fear, and I don't know, I found it excessively funny.

I like how the lines at both the beginning and the end of your stories match up - it's a great way to tie in two stories with completely opposite genres! I also love the mention of how hard it would be to break out of Azkaban without dying - because we all know that they eventually break out a few years later.

Overall, great job with this! I didn't really think there could be anything remotely humorous about time spend in Azkaban, but I thought this story did that really well! I had fun reading this!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #3, by nott theodore Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

1st March 2014:
Hi there! I actually was trying to review all the Speed. Dating entries but got a bit behind, so I'm glad this is giving me the chance to read yours!

Wow, Bellatrix and Rodolphus is such an unusual pairing for these stories, I'm sure that a lot of people went with the more popular pairings. I thought this was a really funny story as well, the humour ran right through it and I loved the idea that you came up with here. I'm sure that not many people could write a comic story about these two in Azkaban on Valentine's Day.

I liked the twist that you included, the idea that Rodolphus was only really a part of the Death Eaters because of Bellatrix scaring him into it - he is definitely under the thumb!

Oh my goodness, the idea of Rodolphus asking a Dementor to get him roses for his wife on Valentine's Day is hilarious! I have vivid mental images of one of the creatures drifting along with a bunch of flowers in their scabby hands, and it is so funny to think about.

Haha, I love how Bellatrix scares even her guards in Azkaban and that means that Rodolphus can get the roses he needs! The way he loves her is really cute but I loved the whole silly atmosphere of the story. It definitely isn't something I tend to associate with the Death Eaters but it worked well here.

Sian :)

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Battle review 6/10

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Review #4, by megthechef43 Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

25th February 2014:

This was cute and a bit differnet from what I would normally think of Rodolphus. I can't wait to read the companion piece and hear her thoughts on the roses that Rodolphus gave her.

It was really hard to write as a team in only 72 hours and I can't wait to read Lululuna's piece and grasp the connect between the too.

I think it is almost more heartbreaking that Rodolphus is so close to his wife with out being about to touch her or be with her.

Until next time...


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Review #5, by DracoFerret11 Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

21st February 2014:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from the forums, here to review for the Valentine's Day competition! :) So let's go over things!

Grammar/Spelling: "Rodolphus" is spelled incorrectly in the summary, and you've missed quite a few commas, apostrophes, etc. Getting a beta reader or even going through this yourself again might help. :)

Plot: This was such a goofy plot idea! :) I really think it was sweet that Roddy wanted to do something for Bellatrix for Valentine's Day. I wonder if he was doing it because he genuinely cares for her or if he's going a bit loopy in Azkaban. Either way, it was sweet.

Characterization: I think your characterization of Rodolphus was pretty good. He was a little sillier than I ever imagined, but it worked with the story. I wonder if he really would have used the threat of knowing Voldemort to get his way, though. Especially if everyone "knows" (thinks) that Voldemort has been destroyed.

Descriptions: I think it might have helped to add some details about how life in the prison looked, smelled, sounded, etc. to help ground readers within the world of the story.

Emotions: Rodolphus's love for Bellatrix was really sweet. He moved from cute to "threatening," though, very quickly, so the threatening aspect didn't come off very well for me.

I can't wait to read Bellatrix's side of this story. Overall, with some minor changes, I think this will be a great story. What you have is cute, and with some improvements to the quality, it will be even better.

Thanks for participating in the competition!


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Review #6, by Maelody Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

17th February 2014:
Hey there! This was such an adorable, quirky read. My only qualm being with how in love he was, the Dementors would have sucked that right out of him, but then where would be the humor in that, right?

This story was so adorably funny, and yet it had its sad bits, like knowing he has unrequited love, and he contemplates suicide, but that is what helps bring it back down from being downright silly to a somewhat believable story! :D you've made me feel a little bad for Rodolophus! He can do better than Bella!

I wish you would have expanded just a little more on some of the ideas and ways he had to go through before threatening Bella on the warden. It would have been interesting, but I understand the word limit. :) That last bit really made me laugh though when he said he didn't know what would happen if Bellatrix went another gift less year for Valentines Day. Though, the warden must be fairly new if he believes the inmates can use magic.

All in all, a very lovely, humorous read! Best if luck to you and your partner!


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Review #7, by 800 words of heaven Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

17th February 2014:
Hello! Here on my Speed Dating review spree!

Hahahaha! OMG! I was laughing so hard! This is just perfect! It's so ridiculously unbelievable that I couldn't help but love it and kind of wish that it were true. Rodolphus giving Bellatrix roses on Valentine's Day in Azkaban would be the best.

I just love how even the dementors can't get the guy down. His obsessive love for his wife is just too strong a force for the dementors to affect him. This might have something to do with the fact that he's on speaking terms with dementors :P But lets say it's true love.

I particularly like how there are still moments of seriousness in this. Rodolphus comes across as incredibly genuine and almost sane in these places. Like the bit where he's reminiscing about why he started to follow Voldemort in the first place is very touching and also a little heartbreaking because I doubt that Bellatrix feels the same way about Rodolphus. Also the part where he's contemplating suicide and the despair he feels adds a certain sense of realism to the piece.

However, hands down my fave line is He could be killed, or worse expelled from prison. Actual loud laughter that woke up my dog at that line! So perfect!

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Review #8, by LilyEPotter Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

17th February 2014:

This is a cute story! Just thinking about the number of different ways that Rodolphus had to think up just to get the warden to give Bella roses. I wonder, though, if the warden was getting a little annoyed by the end, at least until Rodolphus mentioned Voldemort...


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Review #9, by HeyMrsPotter Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

17th February 2014:
Hey there! I'm working my way through all of the speed dating entries and reviewing them all :)

This is my very first time reading a Rodolphus/Bellatrix fic, and I'm so impressed with the totally original idea you and your partner came up with! I love the idea of Rodolphus trying to be romantic even in Azkaban :D

I love the manic insanity that has taken over Rodolphus in his time in Azkaban that you portray throughout the story. The very idea of sending roses to your fellow prison inamte/wife via a dementor and an Azkaban guard is just crazy and made for a really fun read.I also really like how he's always thinking of how much he loves Bellatrix and would do anything for her, even join Voldemort. I feel sorry for him now, like Bellatrix didn't deserve him!

This was a lovely, lighthearted and fun one-shot, I'm looking forward to reading the other half of it :D

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Review #10, by kenpo Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

16th February 2014:
Alright. I want to start this review by saying that this seems like a brilliant idea and I'm so excited.

Awww... this is oddly sweet. I can't really imagine anyone actually liking Bellatrix, but... I mean, there's someone out there for everyone, right?

It's weird to think about him speaking to a dementor. It makes sense, though.

Shaking with enough power to power a Shake Weight.
I lol'd a little.

I lied.

I lol'd a lot.

Oh god, being the warden at Azkaban would be AWFUL.

Heh. Killed or worse expelled. I see what you did there.


It was fairly ridiculous (but I think that's how it was supposed to be), but at the same time... wow. What does he see in her? He must be mad, because even a... more... normal couple wouldn't really be concerned about Valentine's Day when you're locked in prison, would they?

And then how he's not a fan of Voldy, but he name-drops (or... not name-drops) to get what he wants... so sweet. So weird, but so sweet.

This is really very impressive, especially sconsidering the time restraint. You're obviously a fast editor, because I didn't catch any mistakes worth remembering long enough to mention it now!

I loved this!! I can't wait to read the companion piece!! :D

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Review #11, by Lululuna Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

16th February 2014:

First of all I just want to gush a little and say how proud I am of both of us. We made our stories work (well, it remains to be seen if mine will make it through validation, but I'm thinking optimistically :P) and we were so good at compromising and negotiating and generally being awesome. I'm so happy to have you as my speed date and new friend! ♥

I LOVE this story and your quirky sense of humour that you brought to Azkaban here. It's just so playful and fun, and I'm jealous at your humour-writing skills. Rudolphus is so... sweet here! You really made me love him (as you know, Bella is rather indifferent and hateful and conflicted towards him, so it's nice to see some actual lurve in the air)! I thought his innocence and his efforts were really endearing but also made me feel sorry for him because of the lady he is trying to please. :P

Just thinking of the black-haired beauty made him swoon. Hahaha, the poor man is probably the only one who will ever swoon over her. Nobody else would dare!

He passed the time by visualising Bellatrixís face and counting each freckle from memory. This was great, and I love how you returned to it later.

Itís not like Azkaban was known for being accommodating. *dies* A reasonable epiphany, my dear Lestrange.

(Albeit a quiet shouting, as he wanted it to be a surprise, and Bellatrix was only one cell away.) Haha, love this. He's so sneaky! Don't worry though, Rudolphus, Bella's a little busy examining her dead rat collection. But she appreciates the thought... well...

I like how he gets the result by threatening the warden with Voldy. Very sneaky indeed. Poor warden. :P

Anyway as you know I thought this was brilliant and I had so much fun working with you to come up with our stories. AND I just got an email saying mine got validated, yay for the speedy validators! ♥ Excellent job with this! :D

Author's Response: *smushes* I'm proud of both of us too~! You're a super duepr writer and I'm glad I'm not competing *against* you. You were such an amazing speed date too, aah thanks for putting up with me!

Thank you so much for this lovely review. I was worried my story wasn't very good, haha. :P

*flies away to your story*

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Review #12, by theblacksisters Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

16th February 2014:
This one made me laugh. :) I'm usually more of a fan of Bellatrix/Voldemort.
I'm fairly sure in the books (at least the US version), it's spelled 'Rodolphus', but I may be wrong. Enjoyed reading!

Author's Response: Oh Lordy. I'm silly! I've been reading it completely wrong for years! I've gone back and changed it, LOL!

Thank you so much for this review and for the tip, haha!


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