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Review #1, by darkkid Where Rainbows End

20th July 2015:
Slytherin House Cup 2015

I'm trying to get into next-gen fanfiction so here I am! And I'm surely not disappointed at all!

I really really enjoyed that you incorporated Hermione's side of the family into Rose. It's something I never really thought about but really helps add to the story and develop Rose as a character!

I loved your take on her grandparents. And her adventures with her grandfather! So incredibly sweet!

I think what I enjoyed most about this was that it didn't exactly focus on the Rose / Scorpius relationship. It was so much more than that. And that Scorpius is well rounded, especially in the fact that Draco didn't raise him like his dad had done to him. You can really see that in his character!

Great story!!!


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Review #2, by 800 words of heaven Where Rainbows End

20th July 2015:
Oh, it's been simply ages since I read some Scorose, so I couldn't resist this one!

Ah! They're too cute! I just want to squish them! Come here, Rose and Scorpius, so I can give you a hug. It's so sweet that they've been best friends for so long and that they only started dating after Hogwarts, but they clearly love each other very much and gah! Too cute!

I really loved the way you started this, with Rose reminiscing about her adventures with her grandfather. I think her grandfather and grandmother's love story may have been just a touch more romantic than Rose and Scorpius'. So much sweetness in this story, you're giving me a cavity! And I really like the way you ended it, that last line ties it back to the beginning really nicely.

It's nice to see that the Malfoys aren't horrible people, that they've learnt to be a bit more tolerant, and shock of all shocks, actually learnt to smile. I also loved that little detail about Hinky, and how he gets paid a wage. Such lovely little things in this one-shot that make it so much more enjoyable! Thanks for the wonderful read :)

Slytherin, House Cup 2015

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Review #3, by BookDinosaur Where Rainbows End

27th February 2014:
Hey there! Sorry for the slight delay in this requested review. :-/ But anyway, I'm here now, right? *sheepish looks*

I loved this! From a completely non-biased boint of view, this was an adorable little story and I absolutely loved it. From my biased point of view...well, I'm pretty much screaming at you because you're going to knock my Speed Dating Entry completely out of the competition. But I'll try my best to keep the screaming to a minimum for you. :P

I absolutely love how you incorporated the Granger side of the famly into Rose's life. Too often everybody focuses on the Weasley family and forget that most of the next-gen have another another set of grandparents as well. Also, the way you included dental school into this was absolutely perfect. For me, it's the small details that make the story, and you did a great job with that.

You asked me about the flow - to be honest, I would never ever have guessed that you had to do so much editing to get this down to the word count, the flow was just wonderful throughout the story. Also, just another note, this did not feel that it was 2000 words. I whizzed through it and it seemed to go by so fast. Kudos to you there!

The rainbow story was absolutely adorable, definitely something a doting grandfather would say, and how he wanted Rosie to never settle for anything less than the best she could do just made my heart melt. The reappearance of the little story at the end of this was a lovely touch as well, it gives the story a sense of completion.

Ah, Scorpius and Rose seem like a lovely couple! I'm sort of glad that you didn't focus on their romance, but how you showed us with adorable small details how they love each other. One of those was the ring Rose had, I think that was so sweet of Scorp to do something like that for her, and that kiss at the end was adorable. I think I'm using that word way too much in this review, but it is literally the perfect way to describe this oneshot. :P

I love your characterisations of Draco, Lucius and Narcissa. I think that even though they only made cameos here, you did a fantastic job characterising them and giving that Malfoy formality while making them human. I love how that it was the Malfoys who took the news better than the Weasley/Potters, that's just priceless. :P

I think that Rose's nerves about the upcoming announcement was really well portrayed. I mentioned before how I love tiny details, and that definitely comes into play here. I think that the way Rose nodded, forgetting that Scorpius couldn't see her, was an absolutely perfect way of showing and not telling us how nervous she was about it. It seemed very realistic to me as well.

The ending doesn't come off as disjointed or rushed at all, I think it's quite smooth actually, so please don't worry about that. I love how Scorpius didn't make a big announcement like they were planning, but he just yelped it out in protest to his mother's accusation that Rose was pregnant. That was such a nice touch and I loved it.

This was an absolutely adorable litte oneshot Isobel, I'm so so glad you asked me to read and review this because I loved it to bits. :D

PS - And can I just mention before I sign off that Hinky might just be the best non-canon house-elf nme I've ever heard? :D

Author's Response: Hey! Don't worry about it at all --€” my response hasn'€™t exactly been prompt, either :P

Haha, thank you so much! Sadly, I haven'€™t gotten around to reading all of the entries, but I'm sure that yours is super!

Thank you so much! I didn'€™t want to write Arthur, because I was worried about making him behave out of character (not to mention that the Weasleys would've known about the rainbow story) so writing Mr. Granger seemed like a natural choice to me. And thank you! Since the Grangers are mentioned very little in the books, I felt it would be difficult to form a connection with them (especially with a word limit) so I was dropping little tidbits of what canon we do know of them and I’m pleased it was successful!

Awww, that’s lovely! It was actually 2499 words :P I'€™m so pleased it flowed well, though, after so much butchering. And I'€™m actually proud of myself for managing to get it down to fit the word limit!

Hehe! I felt that Rose's grandfather would want to see her grow up to be happy, not messed around by idiots who didn't care about her, and that seemed like something an overprotective grown-up would say :P Thank you, I fell in love with the loop-back-to-the-beginning idea as soon as I thought of it, so it'€™s great that you felt it made a difference :)

By the time I'd gotten to this point in the one-shot, I was seriously aware of my word count so I was trying to describe things as sparsely as I could without actually throwing description out of the window (I was genuinely tempted to just make the rest of the one-shot dialogue so it wouldn'€™t go over :P) so I'€™m happy you thought it was adorable!

Haha, Georgia (kenpo, my speed dating partner) and I wanted to do something that wasn'€™t typically seen in fanfiction, and we thought that switching the families' reactions would help add to our story originality. I'€™m really pleased you enjoyed that, and you'€™re right, it /was/ priceless :P

Thank you so much for such a fabulous review, Emily! ♥

PS: Haha! Thank you!

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Review #4, by academica Where Rainbows End

25th February 2014:
Hey! I'm here, albeit somewhat belatedly, with your requested review. Thanks for your patience! By the way, I don't consider the speed dating entries "spin-offs" because, like you said, they're different stories written by different people and in most cases can probably stand alone. I appreciate you checking with me, though!

I liked the rainbow story a lot. It's clearly very personal and I was as curious as Rose to see what the rainbow would have to do with her grandmother. As beautiful as the story was, though, there was something about the flow there that just didn't sit right with me. I think it was the slightly abrupt transition from Rose's grandmother's arrival at the ceremony to after the ceremony when the sun and rainbow have come out. Maybe you could tweak that a bit so that you focus on the second part and Rose's grandfather just adds a note about why his new bride looks so disheveled (and thus why his exclamation is so important and, perhaps, slightly unexpected). Does that make any sense at all? I hope so.

I did really love your details, though, especially the way young Rose really pays attention to her surroundings and the more mature way she looks back on her childhood (e.g. her grandparents cleaning up after her, her naivety as reflected in her slightly disheveled appearance).

I had a little bit of difficulty with the second section. I guess I wanted more background on why the two families reacted the way they did to the engagement, more of a sense of how and why they had changed since the war and what about the relationship they did or did not object to. I know we got a little of that from Draco, but I definitely wasn't expecting him to be so welcoming. I realize you were constrained by word limits for the challenge, but maybe when judging is done you could go back and fill in some of those gaps, especially if others see them, too.

I did like how you portrayed Rose's nerves. Her reaction made the most sense to me, given her prior experience with announcing the engagement to her family, her knowledge of the Malfoys' former prejudices, and the obvious notion that announcing your engagement is nerve-wracking for pretty much anyone. I also really liked the very end, with her telling Scorpius the story of the "rainbow man" in their moment of solitude. That was a nice, light hearted way to conclude the story, and I almost think you could just read it over and over in a perfect sort of loop.

One little thing - what's a sou'wester? Haha.

Anyway, I think this is nice, and best of luck with the competition! I kind of want to go check out your partner's story now to see how they intertwine. I hope this review is helpful :)


Author's Response: Hi! And no worries -- unfortunately, this response hasn't been too prompt either! And that's great, I wanted to check though just to be on the safe side! :)

Thank you very much! I do see your point indeed. I'll try to make that transition smoother, and re-order a few of the sentences. You certainly made sense, don't worry :)

Thank you! I wanted to try and incorporate as many details as possible into the story while factoring in the word count, and I'm really pleased that you enjoyed them.

I completely understand what you mean about the two families' reactions, but this is something that was touched upon in my partner's one-shot and I didn't want to be too repetitive. I'll take another look at the one-shot though, and see what changes I can make :)

Thank you! I've never been engaged, so I was quite concerned about Rose's nervous and I'm glad you thought that her reaction made sense. That was exactly what I was aiming for -- for the story to loop over and over, in an imperfect moment frozen in time.

Heh -- a sou'wester is an oilskin hat that's longer at the back, to fully protect the neck, and is traditionally worn with a mackintosh. I'm not sure if "Paddington Bear" is a British thing or if other countries are aware of him, but if you Google him, then his red hat is a sou'wester. :)

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback, Amanda, I appreciate it!


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Review #5, by writeyourheartout Where Rainbows End

23rd February 2014:
Why hello again, Miss Isobel! ^.^

So every time I read a piece of your writing, I always find myself with a long list of things to love about it, and this story was no exception! What's even more impressive is the time frame in which this was written (congratulations on finishing, by the way!) and how it didn't effect the quality a bit. Seriously impressive. :)

And onto the actual story now! This was so good! I thought the way you opened it up with the scene between Rose and her grandfather was just the sweetest thing - and bonus for having the structure line up with your partners as well! You both started off with a past scene that laid the foundation for the story and tied directly into the title. Great partner work on that!

"I asked her out on a date, and she refused to go until I proved I had pure intentions." - Aha! Aww! If that's not one of the sweetest grandparent lines ever, I don't know what is. :-p I love your version of him - he feels very fitting for having been Hermione's dad. And I love how it's very casual the way you slip in the information that lets us know it's not Arthur Weasley that's the grandpa here, with the small reference to his being a Muggle and the line about dentistry. You show rather than tell - it's great! And the entire rainbow story and theme is just too cute. ^.^

Is it weird that I read every line of dear old grandpa's in a Southern American accent? I just can't help but picture him in a rocking chair on the porch, chewing on a piece of straw as he watches over his crops... Probably wearing dirty overalls, too. hehehe

I love the little details sprinkled throughout this section. Things like the water droplets peppering Rose's face in similar patterns to her freckles, and the way she splashes in puddles and makes a mess, but her grandparents don't seem to mind on these such occasions. They're sort of arbitrary in terms of plot, but they're the details that make well-rounded and authentic characters and relationships while also upping the quality of writing. Your writing is so pretty in this first section because of those moments of description. Really lovely, Isobel. :)

The second half is just as wonderful! I about laughed out loud when you said this: "- like last week, with my parents, Hugo and Granddad as well as some of the others, although it didn't go well, which is why I'm absolutely terrified right now." Hahaha No kidding it didn't go well. :-p Too funny.

I really love the how this section begins with Rose reflecting on her age and how young she feels. I think a lot of women in their twenties find themselves caught at an age in which they feel too old to be a child but too young to be an adult, and so when they do something childish, they feel badly and as if they should know better, and vice versa. So Rose being so anxious about how young she might appear to the Malfoy's makes total sense, because getting engaged is an adult decision and, though she's obviously secure in her decision when alone with Scorpius, it's hard to ignore the fact that others might look at them as too young to be making such a huge commitment. It's a great way to show us that you understand Rose as both a child and an adult with your ability to separate the two while still showcasing their similarities.

OMG HINKY! LOL Sorry, but I've just remembered Hinky from kenpo's chapter and the drama he caused! hahaha Great continuity again, by the way!

Speaking of, you've managed to include a handful of references back to kenpo's piece! Like the blurting out of the engagement at the Weasley's! And, on top of that, I think you created very similar versions of Scorpius and Rose to each others! A big reason my partner and I chose James and Lily to work with is because they're already established personalities and we didn't want the added task of having to agree upon versions of characters who are practically OC's themselves! But you two were able to remain consistent even with that added challenge! Kudos!

It's just too perfect that the Malfoy's take the news about a thousand times better than the Weasley's did! hahaha In fact, Lucius and Narcissa said nothing and the only jab Draco got in was, "Just don't ask me to sit next to your father at the wedding"! It's great, I love it, and it feels very fitting, to be honest. At first glance one might think it should be the opposite, but I agree with how you two chose to showcase each announcement here. ^.^

Oh, before I forget, I also wanted to mention that even though we only got small glimpses of each of them, I thought your versions of Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco were all really well done! You instilled that sense of formality that has always surrounded the Malfoy's with just the greetings alone.

I love the way that the story ends just as it began - like a pretty little bow being tied around the fic! ^.^

I don't know what else to say, Isobel! The story was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish! The situation you and kenpo chose to base the challenge around was perfect for Valentine's Day and both left me with a smile on my face! I wish it weren't the case, but you both did a great job with this challenge... You're gonna kick my team right out of the running, ya brats! :-p

Lerv yer.
Tanya ^.^

Author's Response: Hello again, Miss Tanya ^.^

Awww, thank you so much! *blushes* And haha, thanks so much! (Belated congrats to you for a) finishing and b) winning!) I’m honoured that you enjoyed this story so much!

Haha, thank you so much! We were sending each other tidbits of our stories as we were writing them, so it helped to establish our stories and help them remain consistent with each other. As for the scene with Rose and her grandfather, that’s something I imagine grandfathers doing — telling their grandchildren stories about the good old days and helping to shape their personalities.

Hehehehe! Obviously, I wasn't around back in dear old grandpa's youth, but that seems like something a woman would do, especially since female dentists would've been something of a rarity at the time and she would've worked incredibly hard to get onto the university course, so she wouldn't want to date a man who was determined to make her a housewife. I'm really glad you thought he really could be Hermione's dad! And haha -- Rose obviously wouldn't refer to him as Mr Granger, so I needed to incorporate something that made it clear that he wasn't Arthur, like most would assume. And thank you so much! ^.^

As someone who has no idea what a Southern American accent sounds like (well, I've heard American accents from films/TV shows but I don't know which ones are "Southern", if any) I'll sit on the fence on this one. I swear you've got telepathy, though -- I imagine Rose's grandpa to wear dirty blue overalls when he does his gardening, and he sits on a folding chair on his back porch when he isn't kneeling down amongst the bushes :P

Awww! Thank you so much! I wanted to really incorporate the surroundings, particularly as the location was quite vivid in my head and I wanted to get that across on screen. I'm really pleased that you enjoyed the details, and that you felt they contributed to the one-shot instead of distracting from it ^.^

Haha! I know -- I think Rose was quite confident at first, because she had this ideal scenario in her head and then at the Burrow, things went completely wrong. And now she's nervous because she's had a dose of reality, and she's doubting the Malfoys and second-guessing everything. Poor Rosie!

As someone who's caught in the position you're describing, about being too old to be a child and too young to be an adult (despite what the law says :P), I really love your insight into Rose's character! You're absolutely right -- she /knows/ that this is how she feels, she's 100% sure she's making the right decision, and yet she knows that at her age, Hermione was forging a career of her own at the Ministry and Astoria was breaking down the societal barriers between the pure-blood elite and normal wizarding society. She isn't doing anything major like that, just being normal and living a decent life, and I think she's worried they'll feel she's being pigeon-holed into a marriage because it seems like the logical next step, not because she actually /wants/ to be a Malfoy. And that was a long analysis :P

Hehehehe! Hinky definitely caused trouble! And thank you! Like I said before, Georgia and I kept each other updated as we wrote and she was wonderfully flexible as we both tweaked bits here and there to really mesh them together. I think we had similar ideas of Scorpius and Rose too, so that was lucky! Thank you so much though, I'm really pleased! :D

LOL! Georgia and I wanted to add some originality to our stories, to make them different from other ScoRose engagement annoucements, and we decided that flipping their reactions would be appropriate, as well as fitting in better with our plots. I'm really glad that you agree with this decision!

Pretty little bow :P That's such lovely symbolism. And it's really fun reading this review, because LOOK. TANYA. MURPHY'S LAW BLEW THIS COMPLETELY OUT OF THE WATER AND OVER THE RAINBOW. (I'm /so/ sorry but I couldn't resist the pun!)

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Review #6, by Maelody Where Rainbows End

19th February 2014:
Aww! This is just so perfect and sweet! And I don't know if it was intentional, but I love the difference in the two stories of how one is still romantic, but highly comical, while this one is still comical, but more romantic! :) it's like the perfect balance of a romance comedy! My FAVORITE genre!

Like I told kenpo, this is officially my favorite Scor/Rose story! And your story just adds to it! I've read a few stories of them paired, but this has got to be the best! :) I am so sad to see that it is only two chapters long :(. You two worked so well together, that it's like I'm not even reading two authors, but one super mega awesome one!

The fact that you added Hermione's dad as the highlighted gramps and not Arthur made me love this even more. I love Arthur, but it's almost like people forget Hermione has a family, too. Now I really want to read a story where Hermione is with her parents, and/or her introducing Ron to them! Her dad just seems so amazing, so romantic, and like the perfect grandpa. When he tells Rose that it's the third best adventure (first being marriage/falling in love and the third having children I assume?) I fell in love. And Rose referring to her future rainbow man made me smile! :)

The fact that Draco and his family took it better than Ron was so hilarious! Like Rose thought, they could have just been being polite and not saying anything, but even that is thoughtful. At least they respect the time is over and it's time for their grandson's happiness, even if they don't like it. It's a great chance to allow the readers to interpret it as they will so not to stray from canon, and I liked that. :)

I wanna see you two collaborate again and write the wedding! Haha I don't mean to over gush, and every entry I've read so far has been amazing and more, but I really love this combined story. You two worked so well together, your stories are amazing and nearly flawless. I just love them. Well done to both of you! I wish you both the absolute best of luck! :)


Author's Response: Hi Mae! Aww, thank you so much for your lovely compliments! I don't think it was intentional for our stories to differ in the romance/comedy balance (personally, I have issues writing romance without adding angst in, so I was trying to concentrate on that aspect :P) but for you to say that they complemented each other perfectly to create a good balance was an amazing thing to hear -- it is, after all, what we were trying to achieve! :)

Oh my, your favourite? And the best! I'm honoured! Thank you ♥ I had a lot of fun working with Georgia/kenpo, and I'm really glad that showed in our stories :)

Haha, yeah. I love underrated characters in fanfic, and the Grangers definitely are those! Ooh, those sound like good ideas. I might write that as a one-shot one day ^.^ Yes, your assumptions are correct - the best adventure is falling in love and getting married and the second best is starting a family.

Again, I wanted to go against a norm a little. Scorpius' parents seem so strict and purist in the (relatively few) ScoRose's I've read that involved them, so I felt doing the opposite would be something new.

Haha, watch this space! ;) No -- don't worry about over-gushing at all; I love this review and all of your lovely feedback. Thank you so much! ♥


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Review #7, by Infinityx Where Rainbows End

19th February 2014:
Hi there! I'm here for the review you requested!

This is such a cute story! I had this little bedtime story, fluffy quality about it and I was smiling throughout! I love how you've written in present tense. It was a wonderful touch which makes the story even more endearing.

That story about the end of the rainbow was just the cutest! I also love the detail about the two of them being at dental school together. It was a wonderful way of indicating that it was Hermione's father narrating the story without stating it outright.

Draco's reaction is just the best! It's unexpected and a wonderful surprise. Usually, I find stories in which while both sides aren't too happy about it, Rose's family is the first to accept the situation. This was really refreshing to read. :)

The one thing I don't understand is why the house elf has to take them to Scorpius' parents'. Why couldn't they just apparate themselves?

I love how Hinky is wearing a lovely navy outfit and gets paid. That's a wonderful detail indicative of just how much the Malfoys have changed. Lovely!

I enjoyed reading this immensely. The simple narrative adds to the light mood of the story. The characterizations have been done well and I especially like the depth to Scorpius' character in this story. :)

Great job, and good luck with the challenge!


Author's Response: Hello! :D

Haha, thank you! I like present tense in first person much better than past tense, so I'm pleased that it improved the story in your opinion!

Heh, thank you! I'm really glad that you enjoyed the rainbow story, since it was written in a hurry and I was concerned it would be unsatisfactory somehow; you've really quelled my concerns! Heh, it's canon that Hermione's parents were both dentists, and while they could've met a lot of different ways, I liked the thought of dental school. :)

I'm glad you found Draco's reaction refreshing and a surprise; I enjoy going against the norm :P

Ahh, yes. That was explained in the original version, but got deleted to get my word count under 2.5k. Basically, Greengrass Manor is protected by charms preventing a wizard or witch from Apparating directly into the manor - they'd have had to Apparate to the gates and walk ten minutes up the drive; since they were running late, it was quicker to ask Hinky to Apparate them in.

Thank you! In my headcanon, SPEW doesn't get made legal (despite Hermione's multiple attempts) but her work is made public and people start to reconsider the way they treat house-elves, especially after Harry speaks out about Dobby. ^.^

Thank you so much; I'm so happy that you enjoyed this one-shot!


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Review #8, by Dark Whisper Where Rainbows End

18th February 2014:

Well, this is really cute and well done in such little time! And you linked together really well with the companion story.

Oh my, I would've been scared out of my mind with Lucius grabbing my hand like that staring at me and the ring... oh, my I probably would've passed out and hoped Scorpius would catch me!

Great job with the awkward/angsty/terrifying moment. So glad Draco was the first to accept. Probably liked having her squirm for a moment though. And of course, who doesn't love the line about not sitting by her father? LOL! Loved it.

Great job,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it, and that this connects well to my partner's one-shot! :)

Haha, I think I would have been scared too, although I'm not one to faint :P I'm glad that you enjoyed the scene, and that Draco was first to congratulate them. It does make sense that he wouldn't want to sit next to Ron though ^.^

Thank you for the review!

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Review #9, by HeyMrsPotter Where Rainbows End

17th February 2014:
Hi Katie! I've just come from reading your partner's entry in the challenge and couldn't wait to read yours. I love the idea that you both came up with, telling the two sides of the family about the engagement.

First off, the story with Rose and her grandpa was just too sweet for words. I love that she thought he was magic just because he knew the weather, and that all of those years later she remembered the story that he told her and measured her love for Scorpius against it.

I love that you mixed it up a little with the Malfoy's reactions, I was really expecting there to be outrage from Lucius but it was lovely that Draco was the catalst for their acceptance, I think he really would have been far more accepting after the war and this fits perfectly with my little headcanon :D

The fact that the story began and ended with the rainbow story was a really nice touch, and very clever. All in all, I loved this. Well done to both of you :)

Author's Response: Hi Dee! Actually, it's Isobel these days :P (I legally changed my name, you see :P) And thank you!

Awww, thank you :3 I wanted someone to tell Rose the story, and at first I considered perhaps Ron or Hermione told it to her, and then I changed it to Hermione's mum, until I settled on Hermuone's dad :P Thank you; I wanted to give her reactions that a child would say, and I'm really pleased you enjoyed it.

Georgia (my partner) and I both agreed that one family would react well and the other wouldn't take the news very well, so we decided the Malfoys would take the news better. ^.^ I think if Lucius had his own way, he'd be furious, but he's been in Azkaban and he knows how horrible it is, and Harry saved himself, his wife and son from going back. Scorpius wouldn't exist without Harry, in a way ;) So, he'd have to be nice to Harry's niece. I'm glad you thought it was lovely! :)

And thank you so much! I'm really pleased that you enjoyed this! ♥

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