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Review #1, by Bibeauty Chapter 5: Sorting

26th April 2014:
Please continue with this story! I love the adorable hypocrite that is our recently sorted Gryffie, to quote how you described her. This is a great story and with very good descriptions. :)

Author's Response: Haha! Thank you! Yes, I'm trying to put my feet in a little kid's shoes so it is quite hard to do. Hence why I am resorting to a hypocritical Elizabeth because it's well, realistic and a child-like thing everyone does! :)

Thank you for reviewing and I'll have the next chapter up soon!


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Review #2, by TheGirlOnFire Chapter 1: Shopping at Diagon

7th March 2014:

this is for the blackout bingo. ;)

It's quite hard introducing characters to canona and making them fit. This was well done. Elizabeth seems like a realistic characters.I do have a few bits of CC. The character description feels a bit forced. It's written as if Elizabeth is seeing these people for the first time, which obviously isn't the case. With a little tweeking it could make the story flow a lot better. Also, there are a few typos in the text which make it less cohesive. Reading over it and possibly getting a beta would improve this story drastically. (that' not to say it's terrible, it just needs some tweeking.) I hope that you do continue writing this and that you do take into consideration my advise.


Author's Response: Thank you for the advice! :)

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