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Reading Reviews for Begin Again
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Review #1, by DracoFerret11 On a Wednesday..

11th July 2014:
Hello there! I'm on a Dramione reading binge, so, let's go over things:

Grammar/Spelling: There were a few errors here and there, but the only one that was distracting was right near the end where you've written "You have more than amazing the past eight months" instead of "You have BEEN more..."

Plot: This was a sweet songfic. I haven't read a songfic in a long time, but I liked this one. I would caution you, however, against directly replicating the actions in the song in the story. If you do that, it starts to feel a bit repetitive. But I liked the date that they went on and felt that it was both sweet and realistic. I would have liked to see flashbacks of how they really became friends in the office before this point, but I did like what you put down here.

Characterization: I liked Hermione. I think her nerves and shyness were both in character. Draco was sweet, but a bit overly so without the justification of why he's changed. And Ron cheating on Hermione didn't seem too realistic to me. Other than that, good job!

Descriptions: I wish we'd had more details about what the setting and characters looked like, smelled like, sounded like, felt like, etc. As it was, I couldn't really experience the story. Instead, I felt like I was just reading it without much context to make it more realistic.

Emotions: Good job with Hermione's nerves. Draco was a little too sweet, though. Like I mentioned before, I wish you could justify just why he'd changed. At the beginning, Hermione mentions that he used to be her enemy, but we don't really hear how he's changed.

Interactions: I did think that the two of them were quite sweet together. I'm obsessed with this pairing, so that's a big part of it as well.

Overall, well done. A few tweaks here and there and this could be even better!

--Emily (House Cup 2014 Review)

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Review #2, by Tris  On a Wednesday..

14th February 2014:
Love it! Love the song, think the scenario is great. I love Dramione, and this song fic really portrayed a way they could have come to be. So sweet I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I also adore Dramione! Your review means a lot to me!

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