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Review #1, by hpfflover1 Happy.

28th May 2014:
Sequal!!! I've enjoyed reading your fanfics the last couple of days! Keep them coming!

Author's Response: It's up on my page!

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Review #2, by hpfflover1 Gone.

28th May 2014:
Wow. I feel terrible for her. So many things pulling at me. Especially since I'm a D/H pusher. Gah.

Author's Response: Me too! Even I felt bad for Astoria.

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Review #3, by _maomao An Introduction.

3rd May 2014:
Wow, this sounds fabulous so far! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #4, by newgenerationlover An Epilogue.

17th April 2014:
Ok, so it wasn't too bad in the end, but I am still shipping Astoria and Draco!!! You said that you were thinking about writing a story were they do finally get together. Have you decided if you are going to write it or not? I will go check out the sequel, don't worry :). Really hope you do write that other story though! Congrats on finishing the story!

Author's Response: I really want to write another story about Drastoria! I have a lot of ideas spinning in my head. I promise I will write one!

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Review #5, by bookworm530 An Epilogue.

5th April 2014:
Yeah for Hermione and Draco finally getting married and having babies...and yeah for Astoria finding happiness and love! This epilogue was perfect and I can't wait for the sequel Mrs. Malfoy :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Sequel will be soon!(:

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Review #6, by HermionesSecretClone An Epilogue.

5th April 2014:

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!

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Review #7, by GMH Lynn Happy.

5th April 2014:
Please make a sequel!!! X

Author's Response: I will! Thanks(:

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Review #8, by newgenerationlover Happy.

4th April 2014:
Wait, Draco and Astoria aren't getting together?!?! Why on earth not!?! They belong together!! Please tell me in this sequel the tides will turn and Drastoria will win in the end and I will read and hang on to its every word. However, not a big fan of Dramione nor even Hermione (at least in this story haha) so if it will be all about their happily ever after then I may just need to find another story to read. And yes, this is a bribe or sorts because when I read I usually review so if you want those extra reviews then you might want to think of that ending. Sorry for sounding so evil (muhahaha) but I can be a slytherin if I want to be haha. (And I am not saying anything bad about the house, in fact, I am saying something good because I was just saying how they will always find a way to get what they want and who doesn't love a good work ethic?) Well anyway, love the story but I especially love Drastoria. :)

Author's Response: Slytherin is clearly the best house anyway! Sorry, I am a Dramione writer. BUT I will be writing a Drastoria sometime in the near future...because I kinda fell in love with this ship now.

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Review #9, by Kendra Happy.

4th April 2014:
Write a sequel after finishing this one! I loved this one having a different perspective and perhaps you can do the other one in Draco's POV.

Author's Response: That's actually a really cool idea! I'd love to write in his perspective!

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Review #10, by bookworm530 Happy.

3rd April 2014:
Perfect idea to help Astoria hate Hermione a little less...brightest witch always there to save the day! I am always game for a sequel, especially if it will show more from Draco and Hermione's POV and see Astoria get her happy ending too. Can't wait!

Author's Response: I've started writing it! (: I'm excited! Thank you!

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Review #11, by newgenerationlover Broken News.

3rd April 2014:
OMG!! Please please please update soon!!! I really want to know what happens! I love this story so much!!
Go team Drastoria!!

Author's Response: Thank you tons! It just updated!

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Review #12, by delikizzz Broken News.

2nd April 2014:
I just read all the chaptera i love this story so much. Even tho im a hardcore dramonie shipper i just endes up loving astoria aghhh update soon please :))

Author's Response: I'm updating as soon as possible, just waiting on the nest chapter to be validated so it should be soon! Glad you like it!

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Review #13, by mexicancheekhugs Broken News.

1st April 2014:
Great chapter!! I missed a couple but I'm all caught up now. I felt a little bad, but dying for when Draco and hermoine finally can be together!

Author's Response: Don't feel bad! Haha
Thank you!

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Review #14, by Kutie1707 Broken News.

1st April 2014:
I'm sorry but what is the go with this food business??.. Don't mean to post this on your review .. Draco is now dragon fruit and mango was Malfoy??? I don't like it.. Where can I talk to admin?

Author's Response: Hi, this is just for April Fools Day (I'm assuming). I didn't even know that it changed names, that's so weird. There should be a link somewhere that will give you their emails, but I'm sure it's just for today.

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Review #15, by bookworm530 Broken News.

31st March 2014:
Oh snap! Is it Blaise? And will we ever see Draco and Hermione's side of things (yes, I know the title is Astoria, but still!)? Update soon!

Author's Response: In the sequel you will hear their side!

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Review #16, by bookworm530 Gone.

27th March 2014:
That was done perfectly...bravo! Interested to see where it will go from here and if we will see from Hermione and Draco's point of view.

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #17, by shayisaslytherin Him.

19th March 2014:

Anyways, keep on writing! This is so suspenseful!!

Author's Response: Possibly, possibly ;p
Than you!

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Review #18, by Kutie1707 Him.

18th March 2014:
I'm curious to find out if hermione and Draco are really doing the dirty behind astorias back..or if he is just really caring about her well being due to working so much with her. I was thinking may lucius Blaine or astorias father( can't remember if he's still in the picture). I freaking love your work. Keep the chapters coming
Dramione stories forever

Author's Response: Thank you tons! I'm so happy you like it (:

The next chapter should be up anytime now!

Dramione forever because it is clearly the best ship ;)

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Review #19, by Treyson Him.

17th March 2014:
I just want Astoria to be happy! Throughout your fic you've given the impression that she was never actually had an elated childhood or marital life. Since Draco does seem to be edging towards Hermione and may not be able to fully fall in love with Astoria, if he ends up with her Astoria has to have a happy ending alone or something! I don't know I just pity the girl. To have such a dull life and the only times she gets attention from Draco is when she realizes that he has feelings for another woman and he also has an unknown man ready to take his position of authority away.. I'm really eager to see the next chapter! I hope she's not done blowing up yet, I'd be sick of everything if I were her! Keep up the awesome work :)

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! I feel for Astoria. I really do want her to blow up again because she's normally quite well mannered and I like breaking that. Next chapter should be up very soon! Thank you!

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Review #20, by bookworm530 Him.

17th March 2014:
Hmmm...Lucius or Blaise? Those are my guesses. I can't believe you stopped it there ahhh! I can't wait to see what Draco talks to Astoria about...update soon!

Author's Response: Good guesses! I didn't think anyone would guess Blaise actually! Sorry, I love me some cliffhangers. Update will be very soon! Thanks for the review (:

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Review #21, by Treyson Lonely.

16th March 2014:
I'm so torn! In other fics, you always see Astoria as a woman who is plain rude, uncaring of Draco and a cheater so it's so easy to hate her and root for Dramione right from the start. Personally, I'm a huge Dramione fan myself but the way you are portraying Astoria has me heartbroken… She never did anything wrong to Draco and she's just been unrequitedly in love with him (until recently) because she's been intimidated by the cheeky guy and now he's kind-of-not-really cheating on her with Hermione?! Oh I'm rooting for Astoria and Draco.. Sorry Hermione but if there's no bad treatment in the marriage than you can be on your way and find any other guy I mean, you're the brightest witch of your age right?! Sorry I'm rambling, the point is signedheart, you've got me hooked! Can't wait for the next update :)

Author's Response: Ahh I love this!

I was trying to make Astoria seem like a decent person, because all you ever see is her being portrayed as this horrible woman. I just didn't think that was fair.

"Kind-of-not-really cheating" is the perfect way to describe it and you'll see why soon.

Thank you for this review, I love reading things like this! I love input (: I love rambling!

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Review #22, by bookworm530 Lonely.

16th March 2014:
I don't know how I feel...part of my sympathizes with Astoria and understands how she must feel as Draco's wife and then the other part of me feels like she is a pureblood spoiled brat. I hope Hermione and Draco are okay! And I am interested to see what Draco has to say about the whole Hermione situation...update soon!

Author's Response: Update will be here very soon! Promise!

I don't even know how I feel about this and I'm writing it! Sometimes I feel terrible for Astoria and then other times I'm like ahhh I love Dramione. So...

Thanks so much for the review (:

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Review #23, by alwayshp_1 Face Offs.

14th March 2014:
can't stop reading. this is brilliant! :)

Author's Response: Thank you kindly! (:

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Review #24, by bookworm530 Oh Baby.

12th March 2014:
Awww darn you, this is the first chapter I actually am rooting for Astoria over Hermione! It was nice to see their quiet moments together as a couple. If Draco wants a baby with Astoria, it makes me wonder if he is involved with Hermione at all?? Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I think I'm falling for Drastoria myself ;p I might have to write a full on Drastoria sometime after this! The updated is submitted, just waiting on validation so it should be soon!

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Review #25, by bookworm530 Because I Love You.

2nd March 2014:
Interesting...curious to see Draco's reaction to Astoria's confession...keep it up!

Author's Response: You'll soon see the reaction(: Thank you!

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