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Review #1, by GinnyPotterForever King And Croaker

19th September 2014:
I know I haven't reviewed for a LONG time... I feel really bad!!

You can't kill Sirius! Not now!!
I remember one review from a long time ago, where you said that in this world you've created no one is really safe, not even Sirius... Please don't do this.
I might find a way to send curses in reviews otherwise.

I finally convinced my brother to stray into the 'Innocent' world and he loves it! He read all your stories without telling me! :D

Now Snape is Moody ;) and there's a new Potions teacher who I don't really like... And the veil is a new addition to the Department of Mysteries, so it better not be working right!!

All in all great chapter!

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Review #2, by Mal King And Croaker

15th September 2014:
If you've killed Sirius though, MarauderLover7, I'll Avada Kedavra you (only joking, but I do hope he's still alive!)
Amazing chapter, and I can't wait to find out what Snape's Wolfsbane potion memory was (but I think it might have something to do with that alarm going off when he was in Moony's office...)
Hope Snape adjusts to his leglessness!

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Review #3, by StellaRose King And Croaker

15th September 2014:
I seriously got teary eyed. Sirius can't be gone :( Excellent chapter though. Can't wait for next week!!


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Review #4, by Nicole Swift King And Croaker

15th September 2014:
Ok, taking it from the top down.

So the leg was such a lost job that it had to go. Now the thing I would like to know is there a chance that Snap will regrow the leg like he did Peter's finger or is a leg much to complicated?

It shows how far Sirius and Snape have come and have yet to go with the level of trust Sirius is openly showing Snape, and Snape's lack of hostility (well no more then he would show anyone being the privet and grumpy man that he is.) I think that anyone would be upset about losing his leg with not quite friends around.

Poor Draco the one adult he feels safe being himself with won't let him see him, and is getting ridiculed in his former class.

King might be nicer to Gryffindors, but you show underlining problems, the back handed comments, the fake smiles, and the headaches. I know I don't like King.

Now the part I need to yell about, NOT SIRIUS IN THE VEIL! It hurts my heart to think he might be gone. It will just devastate Harry and Remus. All the stuff that Sirius went though in Innocent to just snuff-it in the middle of Initiate, that would be so sad. I am hoping the hints left by Croaker (if he was being truthful and in control of himself) about the Veil being a door means there is still hope for a return. And who was calling to Sirius in such an urgent manner? The dead wanting him to join them or warn him? If Sirius now knows who is with Croaker he must know that Harry is in trouble, all the more reason to come back.

Poor Tonks being the one that has to bring Remus in. If she had told Remus they think Sirius is gone I don't think either of them would be able to leave the room. And someone still needs to tell Harry.

So Snape has yet to deal with his leg, he has had a more important task to do. What will the memory hold?

With how well written and addicting your stories are I am glad that you are able to update for us here once a week instead of every three months. Thanks again and looking forward to next week.

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Review #5, by Your biggest fan, EVER!!!!!! King And Croaker

15th September 2014:
If Sirius is dead... I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do. On the other hand, this was extremely well-written, so I don't feel all that compelled to get upset about the cliffhanger(s). I just have to pray that Sirius is going to be the first to escape the Veil, because... :(

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Review #6, by JaydeTheSpaz King And Croaker

14th September 2014:
Omg! No no no no! I have no words!

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Review #7, by ginnyhermionelily King And Croaker

14th September 2014:
This story... I don't even know what to say. Every week I look forward to reading it and it never lets me down.
This week gave me feelings of horror and intrigue. I am straight out scared for Sirius but so excited at the same time. Every aspect of this world that you take on you thrive with flying colours. I'm very interested to see how you work the veil and what will happen to harry if they mark Sirius as "dead".
I feel great empathy for Snape and now that he has the memories of the wolfs bane I'm excited to see what happened and what will happen.

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Review #8, by BellatrixLover3 King And Croaker

13th September 2014:
OMG!!! So much happened! I think Sirius might come back through the Veil! I hope so! This is my favorite story and my first one too! Please check out my stories Dark Heart and Hogwarts History!

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Review #9, by SilverDarkHorse King And Croaker

13th September 2014:
Hello there! Long time. I've spent this entire morning catching up on the story so far, and it's just as delightful as I always remembered.

The minute Croaker took Sirius into the Department of Mysteries, my spidey sense started tingling. I'm going to trust my instincts though, and say that Sirius is most certainly Not Dead. If you went to the trouble of resurrecting him after J.K killed him, only to end up offing him halfway through your book, it's a pretty poor lookout for us! So HE IS ALIVE.

I wonder who whispered to him from beyond the veil. James? Regulus? I would wish :P

Poor Snape, too. And poor Draco. He must be very frustrated.

Does Harry know yet that Sirius is "dead?" I guess unless Sirius found very soon in the next chapter, Remus will have to look after Harry - poor Harry! I can't bear to think of how he'll feel :'(

I would actually have felt much more sorry for Snape, but my quota of feels is thoroughly invested in Sirius.

Your ingenious (and cruel) penchant for cliffhangers is torturing me. Please give us a happy ending to next week's chapter - at least as a start to the mid-sem break :/

SO good to be back with a review! Sirius, I believe you are alive!

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Review #10, by BellatrixLover3 A Memorable Morning

11th September 2014:
Wow! I love the chapter! If you'd like to read it, I am writing a story called Dark Heart.

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Review #11, by JaydeTheSpaz A Night Gone Wrong

2nd September 2014:
GAH! I can't stand cliffies! Excellent chapter as always and am excited for more! Update soon please!

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Review #12, by Alize A Night Gone Wrong

1st September 2014:
Gr stupid cliff hangers. ;)

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Review #13, by StellaRose A Night Gone Wrong

1st September 2014:
So I feel really guilty I haven't written a review before now. I've been reading the first book and then this one practically non stop for over a week now. Both BRILLIANT by the way! Major props to you as you've managed to put into words what every Marauder fan has every imagined or hoped for Harry, Remus and Sirius. If I had to rewrite the books, I couldn't have done it better myself.

I really love how you've managed to stick to the original plot, to an extent, but still add your own spin on it that's better suited for the characters. Draco and Snape are my favorite. I liked them both in the original and like them even more here! It's like they're both finally getting a chance to become the characters they could have been.

Can't WAIT for the next chapter! Keep up the great work!


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Review #14, by HPlover A Night Gone Wrong

31st August 2014:
Oh God, i really don't think i can wait till Sunday with a cliffhanger like that! That's just cruel...great writing though!

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Review #15, by BellatrixLover3 A Night Gone Wrong

31st August 2014:
Whoa! So many changes! Hope Sirius is okay! More Lupin and Tonks please! What's with Blaise? So excited for more chapters! Fave book!

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Review #16, by Felpata Lupin A Night Gone Wrong

31st August 2014:
Oh my!!!
What happened to Sirius?!?
What's going on with Severus?!?
I'm not sure I'll be able to wait till next Sunday... Couldn't you update sooner, please?
Another amazing chapter, I'm dying to
Lots of love,

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Review #17, by Hannah The Best Laid Plans

28th August 2014:
As always I can't wait for another
chapter. Hurry, please.

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Review #18, by FabionPrewett22 The Best Laid Plans

25th August 2014:
Your writing is positively marvelous. I feel as if I'm reading a whole new story. The characterization and plot developments you create are genius. I do hope you are writing your own book or something of that sort because no doubt countless people would read it. You are by far my favorite author on this site. Thank you so much for writing such an amazing story. You have given a new life to the characters I and so many others love. You are a true writer. I wish you luck in all aspects of your life.

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Review #19, by Your biggest fan, EVER!!!!!! The Best Laid Plans

24th August 2014:
That was awesome sauce!! Sorry, my ten year old cousin was visiting, and that's his new catchphrase :) But it's quite fitting! My favorite part was when Draco left Snape's office. The student has become the master...

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Review #20, by Hannah A Letter To Charlie

18th August 2014:
Have thought about writing a story of your own to publish? You are talented writer! Love the TWIST and turns.

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Review #21, by Felpata Lupin A Letter To Charlie

17th August 2014:
Great!!! Well, just like always...
I particularly loved Hagrid's reaction when Draco suggested that Norbert could be blamed if someone got hurt. I immediatly thought about Aragog too. It was a sweet touch. :)
And I really loved your description of the baby dragon and all the trouble he (erm... she...) was already causing. So funny!
Poor Sev. So scared and helpless... And too proud to ask Sirius for informations... Can't he simply forget about their teenage rivalry and move on?
Harry & co are starting to put the pieces together. I wonder what you have stored for us next...
Can't wait till next Sunday!

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Review #22, by Greeneyedgriffin The Dragon

13th August 2014:
I wish I could say I just this chapter and that I feel bad for Draco being dragged home ( I never thought I feel bad for Draco). I love that harry is a wolf. But I'm getting off track, I have been enjoying this whole series so much that this my first review though I am planning on going back just read the whole thing again to see if I missed anything and add more reviews. I hope this series last for a long time. Thank you for writing it

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Review #23, by BellatrixLover3 The Dragon

12th August 2014:
I love this whole story! Please update as often as you can. I'd like to see more of Sirius and Marlene's relationship. I give this 10/10!

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Review #24, by Your biggest fan, EVER!!!!!! The Dragon

10th August 2014:
OH MY GOD! THIS IS EXCITING! I mean, you're always exciting, but I thought that the transformation part was simply ADORABLE... I can just picture Moony throwing balls for Harry and Sirius :) And I love that Harry has to wear a collar, and Ginny is absolutely fantabulously adorably clever and mischevous and I LOVE IT! Thank you for being so amazing :)

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Review #25, by JaydeTheSpaz The Dragon

10th August 2014:
Ah Norbert! I love your story as always and I'm thrilled with what you're doing as far as explaining Harry's animangus effecting him when he's not transformed. Please update again soon!

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