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Review #1, by StyleStalker Teach Me About Amortentia

6th August 2014:
If she is a little OOC I don't even notice. Just like with this story. Maybe the knife part but she would have done it if other measures wouldn't have worked. The endig was the funniest for me.
I just wanted to respond to you and this was the only way I could.
Forgive me if I am annoying!

Author's Response: Hermione is clever so I thought the knife part was a little her because she wanted to teach a real life experience, but it was a little OOC b/c well, that is just taking it too far. BUT I am glad you like it!

And honestly, I don't find you annoying at all. None of my readers. This is one of the many reasons why I like this site better than fanfiction b/c I get to reply to my readers reviews and talk to you. You all are just such wonderful people and I truly enjoy it! =) It even makes me happier to see that you guys read my replies. ^__^

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Review #2, by StyleStalker Teach Me About Amortentia

5th August 2014:
Aw. This was so awesomely cute!

Author's Response: Thanks! I know Hermione was a little OOC, but I tried my best. It is sometimes hard writing Dramione in a one-shot. BUT I am glad you like it =D Thanks for R&R! XOXO

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Review #3, by DracoFerret11 Teach Me About Amortentia

12th July 2014:
Hello there! Here I am bingeing on Dramiones for the House Cup 2014! :D So, let's go over things:

Grammar/Spelling: The only obvious errors that I noticed were where you wrote, "Oh, she already said that." instead of "he," and where you wrote "be my Valentine's" instead of "Valentine."

Plot: This was rather interesting. I liked that it wasn't actually a traditional romance, but it did have some elements of a romance. Hermione's ruse was quite clever, but I felt like she took it too far at the end when she was threatening his life. That didn't seem like something Hermione would ever do. I liked the idea of this story, though.

Characterization: As I mentioned, Hermione was a bit out of character. I liked Draco, but he was also a bit off. He was rather spastic and panicky. But I did like his affection for Hermione and how much he was trying to hide it. I still hope he decides to go for Astoria, though. I don't know why, I just didn't feel like this Hermione would be a good match for him.

Descriptions: I liked the way you detailed what they smelled in the potion. That was very distinct. I wish I could have seen the characters a bit better though. Most of the settings came across, but the characters and their expressions and mannerisms were rather vague.

Overall, I think this was pretty good. As I said, I liked that it was rather nontraditional. Draco keeping his worries about liking Hermione a secret was very realistic. Good job with this!

--Emily (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: HI THERE! ^o^

First off, thanks for reviewing. It is always helpful to read from readers.

I tend to overlook things like grammar when I'm reading b/c it's my own writing which is why they always suggest to have someone else read it for you. So, thanks a ton for pointing out those mistakes. I will have to fix that.

Hermione was a little out of character. I have to agree because canon Hermione would have told on Draco immediately or dished out detention or something of the sort of proper punishment. But somehow I wanted it to work so I had to tweak her character a bit.

Also thanks for complimenting the detailing, I spent some time, deciding the detailing of the potion. Glad to see it was noticed!

Anyway, thanks so much for taking your time to R&R! =D

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Review #4, by WeaselKing Teach Me About Amortentia

17th February 2014:
that was an awesome chapter! i cant wait till the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: AH, but it's a one-shot! =/ Sorry, it ended right there. BUT I'm glad you enjoyed it & thank you for the review.

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Review #5, by quirkycharm Teach Me About Amortentia

13th February 2014:
This is delightful. :)

Author's Response: =D glad you enjoyed it.
thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by Tris  Teach Me About Amortentia

13th February 2014:
So I really do like this story. It portrays both charachters beautifully! I lie the scents in the love potion. I wonder if this will tie in to till death do us part(hint hint)

Author's Response: Aw thanks for the review.

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Review #7, by Stunned Teach Me About Amortentia

12th February 2014:
Ooh that was really good. I would love it if you turned this into more than a one-shot!
I liked the twist at the end as well and both Hermione's and Draco's characters throughout the plot.
Stunned x

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! I couldn't see myself going anywhere with this. Just a one-shot. Either way glad you enjoyed it and as always appreciate the review.

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Review #8, by Ju Hana Teach Me About Amortentia

10th February 2014:
So funny yet interesting! Wish this could be longer!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed!

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Review #9, by AppreciativeReader Teach Me About Amortentia

9th February 2014:
Refreshing one shot. Enjoyed it very much.

Author's Response: Thank you =D I'm glad you did.

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