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Review #1, by Mandy Aspen et vivat in aeturnum

3rd February 2017:
what is this story about?

Author's Response: It's a snapshot into Lucius Malfoy's life. :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by pottered  et vivat in aeturnum

31st May 2015:
hii it's mary and ohmygoddd, this was brilliant ??? No, really, it /was/ brilliant. Honestly, just amazing. Like the plot and concept and the way you captured lucius was /amazing/. And your writing is so good too. I really, really liked this, like, /a lot/

P.S. you're so cool x

Author's Response: Why hello there. ;)
thanks for this! You just put a million watt smile on my face. Thanks very much Mary! :*
PS- you're cooler. Xoxo

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Review #3, by BumblebeeDoe et vivat in aeturnum

9th February 2014:
Wow. I'm completley blown away... I'm trying my best to express my thoughts on this one shot, but honestly I'm just floored, this is just such a brilliant piece. Such creativity, imagination. I admit I was shocked to read Lucius had poisoned his baby girl, but then I was like, no, this is exactly what he would of done. Everything was perfect on how I would imagine Lucius would act and feel. Still saddens me Hes not to be buried by his wife, but your explanation fits. I think the only two subjects bothering me in this story (and might have just gone over my head, I can be easily confused) first, when you mention Quintessa (hope i spelt that name correctly) I couldn't figure out who she was, Lucius's mother, perhaps? and Secondly, I was wondering why Lucius couldnt accept Astoria as Draco's wife, "but he cannot help but wish that his son had not married this younger girl." Narcissa was also younger than Lucius, or is 'younger' just a description word, and its more that Astoria doesnt challenge Draco? Just general confusion on my part most likely, not yours, really enjoyed this one shot, I dont find many Lucius stories, so really liked this, it was dark, but an intriguing dark, just what one would expect from a Lucius fanfic. Oh one more question, is "Et Vivat in aeturnum" french?

Author's Response: Thank you:) Well, I stand by the belief that Quintessa, Urbana and Meliora are Lucius' younger sisters. 'younger' is merely a description. "Et Vivat in aeturnum" is Latin for "I shall live forever". Thanks for your review again:)

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