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Review #1, by The Basilisk Thin

16th January 2015:
I think you did a phenomenal job really portraying what it is like inside the head of someone with an eating disorder. It was sad, and touching, and beautiful all at the same time...

The way you chose to structure this story tied together the whole thing. The flow of it felt nice, and I especially liked the way that the beginning and end of every section were all related. The repetitiveness of it really drove Rose's ideas, thoughts and feelings into my own head. It made me feel with her, not just for her. Meaning I was able to relate to how Rose was feeling with ease, not just because of past experiences but because of the way you were able capture her downfall and eventual happy rise.

Rose and Scorpius' relationship was so, so sweet! I liked how you had them start out as being best friends for so many years. He was 100% there for her through thick and thin. And it was able to build into something more! I am a sucker for best friend turned lovers. ♥♥♥

This was so good! I can't wait to read more of your stories!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading it!

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Review #2, by patronus_charm Thin

10th July 2014:
Ok, this actually brought tears to my eyes as it was just so raw and poignant and amazing writing! ♥

I usually donít start with the structure of the story as most of the time it doesnít stand out to me, but here it really did and perhaps is what made the story work in my opinion. The way the paragraphs were so small gave the story such a stunted feel in a way and fitted so well with the idea of thinness. I really liked how you started each one with thin too because we could see how that word had a new and different meaning for each section which was really nice to see.

Woah, though, poor, poor Rose! I really liked how you linked the idea of why she ended up like this to her cousins as I did always wonder given the sheer amount of them and the pressure they must have on them if it meant they would end up breaking like this, so I thought that was a really realistic reason you gave there. Another thing I really liked was how Scorpius was always this figure in the back of her mind and always lurking away there. It was as if it was all done for him, he was the one who mattered most to her, which meant in the final section it was even more heart-warming to see he was the one who pulled her through it all

This was so moving, Taylor, and I want to say so much more I just canít seem to formulate my words but I did really love it!

House Cup 2014 Review!

Author's Response: Wow, I'm so glad you liked it!

I'm glad that you liked the structure of the piece - you definitely got the feeling that I was going for, and that makes me so so happy!

I'm really just so happy you loved this, and I'm out of words too, but I'm sitting here with a big goofy smile on my face, so there's that.

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #3, by MissesWeasley123 Thin

7th July 2014:
Hi lovely! I read this a while back, and for the Golden Paws I had already nominated something for Best Weasley so I pestered Lauren to go read this and nominate it :P I'm really, really glad some people came down and read this. This is hauntingly beautiful. ♥ and I am so proud of you for writing it.

This story... I don't know what to say about it. First of all, stylistically and just an overall how you wrote this, is extremely beautiful to read. Everything sounds so poetic and so... brilliant. It's one of those stories I hate to love. I cannot tell you how bad it makes me feel, as I have never been in this position but wow.

Her friendship with Scorpius is the best thing ever. Everyone needs a friend like him. Honestly, how he tells her she is beautiful. I love how you can see how that develops and even I for a moment broke down into tears at this line: So when he tells me he thinks I'm beautiful, I can't control the tears that run down my face. --- This is extremely emotional.

I love how this goes through this darkness and then light. There is always light. It's such a beautiful concept and I loved it in this. I truly enjoyed reading this, and keep up the amazing work ♥

House Cup 2014 Review
~ Go Gryffindor

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Review #4, by TidalDragon Thin

3rd May 2014:
Howdy! I am dropping by to R&R all the Golden Paw nominees before voting (yikes, time is running out!) and I am very happy to have undertaken that quest because it helped me find your exceptional story.

I usually go on and on in my reviews, but there isn't much to say here. I don't have any personal experience with people with eating disorders (that I know of), but you seemed to capture (and from the first-person perspective no less!) the thoughts that must run through the mind masterfully.

I also thought it was beautifully done how you brought her full circle from descent, to near-death, to recovery.

Great work! And good luck in the voting!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #5, by Mistress.Malfoy Thin

23rd April 2014:
I think that this story is great and seems really real, like it was through someones actual experience, its great.

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #6, by Chazzie Thin

3rd March 2014:
Hey there!
I think you have done a brilliant job with this. Eating disorders can be so difficult to overcome, so I'm glad Rose has her family to help her through. And Scorpius of course. It's really well written, and flows well without being too long or too short. I'm really happy that Rose got the help she needed, and that she can accept herself for who she is. Brilliant job!
Chazzie (Review 9/10 for the Slytherin/Gryffindor Blackout)

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Review #7, by Lululuna Thin

1st March 2014:
Hello! :)

Gah, this was so heartbreakingly beautiful. I loved it. Your words were just perfectly chosen, and Rose's pain and her confusion was so vivid and true - her story was both extremely relatable yet also very individualized in how strong her character was. That's the perfect balance for a story like this, I think, where it's not only about the character but about sending a message to the reader.

I love the structure of the story, with each section showing how Rose has changed since the last one, and the repetition of "Thin" and Scorpius telling Rose she's beautiful. The story was very poetic and raw, in a way. I thought the progression of her thoughts and feelings and how she hits rock-bottom then slowly pulls herself back up was very inspirational.

It's all I can see, and it consumes me like fire. This line, wow. It was beautiful, and I feel it was extremely true for people who are suffering from depression or eating disorders. It's all they can think about - it consumes them, and this line captured that devastation in a lovely way.

After three months, he asks me why I don't smile as much anymore. Of all the things he could notice about me, he notices that. I loved this line, and how it shows what Scorpius truly cares about with Rose. But then, it also shows how single-minded she is at this point, and how for her, the smile doesn't matter, only being thin matters as it's the most important thing about her. Scorpius throughout this story was written so realistically - how his love for Rose keeps him from seeing how she is suffering, and how he blames himself. I think that's very true of people who see their loved ones go through this.

Eventually my parents come into the room, and all I can see on their faces is disappointment. Once again, I've failed to be good enough - I can't even be good at being thin. This is really heartbreaking, but I like how you touched on it later with saying it wasn't disappointment she was seeing. Of course, at this point in her depression, she sees the worst and she projects the hate she feels for herself onto others.

...not just proud of protruding bones. I loved this line, and how Rose can now recognize what her body was turning into and what she desired. It's one of those haunting sentences which I could really visualize.

I really liked how Scorpius is there for Rose, but in the end she wants to get better for her own sake, not just for his. I liked how they waited until she was better to get together, and how they can be their best selves in the future. The idea of the article she wrote and how happy she was when she helped somebody was a really lovely thought in returning agency to her as well.

This was just such a beautiful story and I'm so happy I read it! You did an amazing job and brought to life a problem which so many people face and overcome. I loved it! :)

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Blackout Battle - Review 9 of 10

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Review #8, by Maelody Thin

11th February 2014:
Wow! You really delivered! This story is great!

I love how it is in sections, and how each one is just another progression of what is consuming her. And to have Scorpios there made it all the better.

Momentarily putting the eating disorder to the side, I really liked Rose's inner thoughts simply because it's one of the most believable things I've read. Something that has run through every teenage girl's mind at the very least of a hundred times is how they can eat something and there's another girl who can eat the same thing and not gain an inch. It's upsetting, but it's true. And to know that Rose wonders this, and the obsession took over her more than it does others, breaks my heart.

Her reaction to being broken made me want to cry. Being in St. Mungo's, and knowing she wasn't fine gave me goosebumps. Honestly, this was very well thought out and I can tell. Her hair falling out, and the dizziness reminded me of my aunt when she had cancer (she's remissioned and everything) so I know how sad it is to see someone upset to see something like that go. It must have been harder for Rose too, because on a trip to looking beautiful and thin, losing her hair would not be on her list of ways to accomplish that.

For the ending, I thought it was a great mixture of sweet, for her difference she made and Scorpios admitting his feelings, and easy going. While it didn't drop the matter, it focused on more cheerful things. I think you did a wonderful job of writing this and completing the challenge. It's a great, heart touching story and I'm so glad you entered my challenge!


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Review #9, by maraudertimes Thin

11th February 2014:

Oh, this was heartbreaking. I had a friend who had a mild eating disorder and she wouldn't eat anything at lunch, choosing instead to play volleyball in the gym, so I know what Scorpius would have been going through, but to a much smaller extent, considering I only found out last year and she hadn't done anything too drastic to herself. And my sister recently began self-harming herself, especially with the word fat, and that hit me in the heart, but again, she hasn't done anything that would put her life at risk yet.

But even so, this really brought up some past feelings and it felt very personal. I also relate to Rose, with the fact that I don't eat sometimes because I see the fat on my hips but then I'll eat an entire bag of ships within minutes and I'll hate myself. I haven't done anything drastic yet either, but I don't think I will.

So, I understood the two sides of this story. Why do I bring up my personal experiences with this phenomenon? You have beautifully (or, not so beautifully) captured the emotions of those who do these things and shown the reasoning behind these actions in a way that I cannot thank you enough for, because there is real feelings and real emotions and they are handled so well and beautifully.

And the reactions of those who love her are so raw and gorgeously written and I can't thank you enough for showing that doing things like that and developing an eating disorder can unravel the people who love you, and that even the strongest will eventually collapse under the pressure of having someone they love harm themselves in that manner.

Rose's recovery was truly heartwarming. Her support from Scorpius (yay! my ScoRose! I kind of love them) was touching, and the fact that her brother would randomly hug her over the summer is very realistic and just beautifully touching. The fact that Rose began to fight the voices in her head but that the voices of her parents and others beat them out was also really amazing.

The end kind of broke me, but in a good way! It's nice to see Rose feeling better about herself, and realizing she will never look like Dominique or Lily, but that looking like herself is not worse, and that Hermione and Rose went shopping for dresses too large in the hopes that Rose would get better, and the fact that she did just really makes me happy.

When Rose wrote the article and then heard that it helped someone... I just felt so happy for her, because I think that something like that is a victory for Rose, and for anyone who fought something like that off, and that she would turn to Scorpius (even though he is her best friend) really made me happy! (ScoRose!)

I hope this review made sense, again I'm sorry for going off track and talking about personal experiences, but you brought up a lot of old feelings, but you handled this topic so beautifully and I can't thank you enough for writing this in this way.

This was just beautifully done and gosh, I'm crying. I promise, I am. Amazing job!

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Review #10, by Kinnu Thin

7th February 2014:

I thought it was beautifully written. I had a lump in my throat at the end of it.

Teenage girls definitely think that way and say the same stuff. They look in the mirror and try to find an angle in which they look thin. Trust me, I know.

I like that you initially compared Rose to better looking people. Finally, she didn't resign herself to how she looked but loved the way she was. This, I loved the most. Understanding that fact is like a rite of passage for most teenage girls(Except 'most' people don't have a 'Scorpius'!) and you captured that emotion perfectly.

I found the idea of Scorpius being Rose's best friend very sweet (I don't read much of Next-Gen but I know it's a popular pairing). But I thought a few lines in your story about how they first met or how they became friends or how they're friends even when their parents aren't friends at all would clear a few things. If this is a scene from one of your other stories where they become friends, mention it and ignore me. You know, I for one would sure read it if you included the other story's name.

Keep writing!


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