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Review #1, by Potterhead57 After

27th March 2017:
did you abandoned this story? :(((
It's almost 4 month now 'cry'

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Review #2, by Shinicha After

25th March 2017:
Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your story, I found it recently.. and I'm sorry that I haven't reviewed all the chapters! Your writing is witty, and the way you found the perfect balance between humour and mystery makes it so fun to read! Your character development is really great, I feel like I'm getting to know Hogwarts and all its people anew through Marleys eyes :) Can't wait for more!

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Review #3, by Sal christmas pt.1

5th January 2017:

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Review #4, by madness After

20th December 2016:
some good chat here :)

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Review #5, by leannadrobis After

7th December 2016:
This is probably best James/oc fanfic i have read. i absolutley love your dialouge. it is so witty. i speeled probably everything wrong in this review but it had to do to it quick so... sorry

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Review #6, by Hagrid1987 After

7th December 2016:
Love! Can't wait to find out what happens next. You have such amazing characters, and I love all the hints about plot you drop. Fantastic.

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Review #7, by luna1306 After

4th December 2016:
Marley is my favorite character of all time! She so agressive and sassy I love it.

Also your story is great! I have been searching for a storie that has the friendship, drama, romance and mysteries all In one.
Normally it's or drama and romance, or mystery and action.

Your story is the perfect mix!
It also helps that your writing style is really nice

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Review #8, by putitonpaper After

2nd December 2016:
This story is honestly one of the best pieces of Harry Potter fanfiction I have read. I'm really enjoying James and Marley's relationship. You're not rushing anything and it's perfect. I especially love how they're messing with their friends :). Looking forward to reading more!

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Review #9, by rainy_days How to survive the aftermath

26th November 2016:
Was the "Meredith Grey" thing a mistake? Because to me it was a blatant reference to Grey's Anatomy. I've read up until this far and I've caught so many references that I haven't bothered to comment on but this one took the cake!!

I love what's been happening so far but it has also been a bit slow to be honest. Marley is such a spitfire and I like that about her a bit too much. The way she describes herself--using jokes and sarcasm to cover up her feelings--it's so relatable in terms of myself.

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Review #10, by HarryandGinnyForEver Before

22nd November 2016:
This is, hands down, one of my favorite fanfictions I've ever read. I can't even put my admiration into words - your writing is, simply put, amazing!!!

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Review #11, by fizzingwhizbees31 Before

17th November 2016:
just casually dying over here after this cliffhanger - please please PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I just read the entirety of the story and I am just so hooked - absolutely in love with Marley!

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Review #12, by Violet Potter 434 Before

3rd November 2016:
this is what you leave me on

like, ummm hello that's a bit of a cliff hanger
you'd better be back soon. Not that I can talk- I somehow managed to miss the last 7 or so chapters being put up-apologies

as usual the last few newer chapters have lived up to the past ones (this story is amazing)

can't wait to find out more and guessing by the no "authors note" I'm hoping it'll be soon
I'm right aren't I?

please say I am
pretty please

anyways I have biology revision to do so update soon or else

from me xx

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Review #13, by She who must NEVER be named Before

28th October 2016:

This is by far the most amazing and humorous story I have ever read, I was really afraid you were going to abandon it but then you updated and then everything felt.. God

Sorry about the rambling, just my way of saying 'good job' xD

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Review #14, by Potterhead57 Before

25th October 2016:
Aah i've waited so long for this chapter. Over 2 months :(((
I need the kiss between them.
Your writing style, your story.. is damn near perfect.
I would say it's the best story here with 'How to tame a marauder'.
please update soon!
I look every day :)

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Review #15, by AbraxanUnicorn Before

24th October 2016:
I've just read this story in one sitting :) Love the humour that comes through in the writing. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #16, by HPFantasticks Before

24th October 2016:
In case I have not written it already, I love your story!
Initially, the characters and setting were great, but the built-up is really brilliant, and these last two chapters are taking it into a different level. So basically, what I am saying, is please, update soon!

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Review #17, by Rocio How to compromise

15th October 2016:
Eh? What happened? I NEED TO KNOW!! Also James and Marley are so adorable together, please don't make my babies suffer more, or do because I find it highly entertaining.

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Review #18, by Alicelost How to compromise

9th October 2016:
SUCH A CLIFFHANGER! I need the next chapter please

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Review #19, by godessoffangirls How to compromise

16th September 2016:
Do you realise how many times I re read the ENTIRE story
over over again?


I am overly hyper about this story that it's getting quite scary, I
understand you have lots of work and a life outside to maintain
but even a teeny paragraph will be enough to make my day.

( Really , you don't want to see what happens when I get

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Review #20, by YOU MY FRIEND, ARE A GREAT WRITER How to compromise

23rd August 2016:
AHHH! Loved this chapter!! They are too cute fore me to handle. Please update soon

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Review #21, by Margie How to dig yourself into a hole

19th August 2016:
This is really fun so far although I find myself shipping Fitz and Marley hard which is a pity because this doesn't seem to be going in that direction. I'd pick a dorky sweetheart over intense and broody any day.

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Review #22, by Jessi75775 How to compromise

12th August 2016:

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Review #23, by Anonymous How to compromise

11th August 2016:
Words can't even describe how good this fic is, I actually just read the whole thing in one sitting. I'm in awe.

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Review #24, by wholesome_lovegood How to compromise

10th August 2016:
OHMYGOD ive been waiting SOOO long for this AAGGGHH
this story is amazing i love your writing youre so talented!!
and what a cliffhanger!!!

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Review #25, by pnapple How to compromise

9th August 2016:
This has been one of my favorite stories for such a long time! I always forget to comment and say it- but I really do love this story so much! It's deep and interesting, I love Fitz and Marley, and her relationships with people are never dull. I'll continue checking back with this story until its finished, and even then I'll probably go back and read it a couple times. Please keep updating!

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