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Review #1, by king of chess birthday pt.1

26th November 2015:
Hello! Im so glad you updated because i thought you discontinued the story. James and Marley are so adorable! I really hope you can update the next chapters faster!


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Review #2, by everythingisbetteratdusk birthday pt.1

22nd November 2015:
Holy sweet Jesus this is my third time re-reading this story and honestly it gets better every single time.
God do I love James and Marley together, cutest couple ever!!
I love all the charactesr. Honestly, I think I might be a bit in love with Fitz, and I adore the rest of the gang (yes including Jillian ,she's a stupid b*tch, but a somehow lovable stupid b*tch).
Can't wait for the next update to read more of your genius!!

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Review #3, by reallife giny How to: Quidditch

6th November 2015:
You need to update faster.
I mean there is only so many times a person can reread it. But still feels amazing each time.
I love Marly and Fitz and James and Fread and everyone even Jillian. But Albus seems creapy I don't know if you want him to be mysterious or something but he seems creapy. I always have liked Albus even if he is in Slytherin sometimes(he doesn't seem much Slytherin in DH). But here he is downright antisocial. Anyway I still can't help love your writing. But really really need to update faster...

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Review #4, by hpfan birthday pt.1

1st November 2015:
As usual - super excited for an update! Great drunk scene an yay or hand holding!!

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Review #5, by Girlforeverlost birthday pt.1

27th October 2015:
This was so good! I ended up rereading the whole story yesterday to refresh my memory and I fell in love with it all over again. I'm DYING to see more between Marley and James, and I'm so curious about whats going on! I can't wait to keep reading, I'm addicted and I need to know how it ends!

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Review #6, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins birthday pt.1

27th October 2015:
Okay, real talk -- I totally get you with Jillian. Sometimes, when people are that ridiculous, it's just impossible to not love them.
I got CHILLS during that last bit, when they were looking out over the grounds. So much nostalgia and love and FEELS. How dare you. Do you know I have classes tomorrow and can't afford to be fic-hungover?!
And I want to know what the apprenticeship is!! Is she following in her father's footsteps? Is that why he'd be mad? Or is it something embarrassing that her father would take the mickey out of her (to borrow a British phrase) for? I demand answers!
sorry. I'm being unusually aggressive, today, aren't I? Ah, well.
I love you lots, and I can't wait for more! Can't wait to see if my suspicions about the mysterious mother are correct as well, and for Harry Potter to remember that nothing good ever comes of keeping determined, talented teenagers in the dark (*cough*the-whole-fiasco-in-the-department-of-mysteries*cough*)

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Review #7, by MalfoyMannor birthday pt.1

26th October 2015:
ughh Jillan you had to ruin the moment :(

Marley and James = Mames or Jarley :)

next chapter please :P

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Review #8, by moosey997 How to dig yourself into a hole

26th October 2015:
Such drama! I swear its the new cool. Oh, how I love it. You're an amazing writer. The great hall scene was great. She's such an actress. I love fitz, hes so adorably cute. 😁

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Review #9, by moosey997 How to react to public humiliation

26th October 2015:
This is soo dramatic. I love drama. Gahh

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Review #10, by moosey997 How to sign your own death warrant (in style)

26th October 2015:
This was wonderful! I love Fitz and the girl too. She's so sassy and sarcastic. The last line was just soo amazing. 🙈
I cant wait to read all of this and see how this plays out!

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Review #11, by Dish birthday pt.1

26th October 2015:
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant- it settles in so nicely, reads so well and I can't wait to see more!! Update soon :D

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Review #12, by MalfoyMannor How to prioritise

26th October 2015:
the drama !!! :) I love drama :D

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Review #13, by MalfoyMannor How to: drama

26th October 2015:
Marley and Fitz the best duo ever :)

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Review #14, by MalfoyMannor How to troll

26th October 2015:
ughh the minons are soo annoying.

I just started rereading this story right now and I love it all over again :) I don't know how I forgot about it.

how could I forget about Fitz of all characters :P

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Review #15, by jannnnnu birthday pt.1

25th October 2015:
I LOVE James and Marley. They're just perfect together. Jillian is beyond infuriating but without her their dynamic wouldn't be that perfect. I've always loved a good drama when it comes to fictional relationships. I hope you'll still update soon-ish, not leave us hanging for another two months, but well, school is school so it's completely understandable. Hope all is good and well, good luck with your education and am kindly waiting for the next update :)!

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Review #16, by potterhead How to: Quidditch

15th October 2015:
when will u update the next chapter??? please dont abandon writing it i want to know what happens at the end!

Author's Response: So sorry!! College is killing me. Will update by november!

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Review #17, by GalaxyDefender How to: Quidditch

7th October 2015:
Thus is such a great story. You've managed the mystery and funny and parts so well, i cant wait to find out what happens, and why all the attacks, and if James ever gets his stuff together and has the 'talk' with her. Though to be honest the way I plan it out in my head has got nothing on what you've got in store (I hope) so please update quickly

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! I'm so glad you like it!

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Review #18, by jannnnnu How to: Quidditch

23rd September 2015:
Hey, you alright in there? I was rereading again and noticed you commenting over a month back that the next chapter was coming out soon and since it's been long, I got a bit worried..
The story is brilliant, as always, love the humor and the style of writing, the plot, the relationships, THE CHARACTERS. OH, FITZ. AND MARLEY. AND JAMES. AND FRED. AND JUST EVERYONE. Right. It's 3am, I think I should try to sleep now. Hope all is well :)

Author's Response: College. I have literally no other excuse. I have a bunch of holidays coming up though. Stay tuned!

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Review #19, by Shasta How to: Quidditch

8th September 2015:
Oh, please, PLEASE come back!

Author's Response: I'M HERE. Just a couple more weeks and there'll be a new chapter for sure!

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Review #20, by AntiSeska How to: Quidditch

6th September 2015:
Oh dear, I've started checking for updates multiple times a day.
Oh, well. It'll be worth it when the next chapter comes out.

Author's Response: I feel like a total slacker reading through these reviews! I'm updating ASAP!

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Review #21, by Alicelost How to: Quidditch

27th August 2015:
This story is so good Ive just read the entire thing in one day please please please update (with a lot of chapters) soon

Author's Response: I realise how late this response is, but I'm on it!

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Review #22, by Penelope Inkwell How to: Quidditch

20th August 2015:
WELL! You have got yourself a new fan. I am LOVING this story. It's hilarious, and you really do a great job of mixing the humor and the drama. I've been marathon reading this all day and catching up is kind of bittersweet, but I will be favoriting this and eagerly awaiting the next update. it's so good. This is one of the best humor fics I've read in a while.

With regards to this chapter, in particular:

Pelican is an exceptional name for an owl.

Okay, well Albus was just...supah creepy. Whole new levels of creeperdom were reached.

I'm glad that Marley is owling her grandfather--it's nice that she has a bit more family to reach out to, now. But I'm worried that he'll be attacked, too. And I'm definitely wondering if this is why her mother left. After all, she didn't just give up being a wife and a mom--she gave up all contact with her parents, as well? Maybe they just didn't have a good relationship, but that definitely struck me as a bit odd, in the first place. And now I'm wondering if she knows about this group--if maybe they were after her years ago and she left to protect James and Marley. Or I suppose it's possible that she's part of this group? But I'm kinda hoping it's the former, because while that is capital B Bad, it at least might make her leaving more bearable. If she left to go, like, join evil, then that would be caps lock BAD bad.

Of course, it might be none of those things. I'm just hazarding some guesses.

And Marley went to a Quidditch game. It was so cute how excited James was to see her. And it was almost equally cute how excited Fred was to see her. I love their friendship.

And James is just there, not demanding answers of her, just being understanding? My heart! That boy has definitely come up a long way in my estimation from chapter one.

Loved this bit:

“No idea what you’re talking about. I just don’t want anyone to die is all,” I said, sniffing. “Dangerous, pointless game, this.”

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention--I'm really glad that Marley and Andrea are speaking again. Hopefully they can put all that behind them. But I am still dying to know what was up with James at lunch the other day!

CC: Oh, by the way, I always try to give CC in all my reviews. I find it really helpful when I'm doing edits, because it means I don't have to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb, because people have pointed out stuff for me.

There was space on the bench empty next to Fitz,
--That sentence is a little confusing. "There was an empty space on the bench next to Fitz," might work a but better.

“Oh, not all match are like this,”
--"match" should be "matches"

I wasn’t in the mood to fight with Potter, so I had resigned to following him absently by the time we reached the portrait of the Fat Lady.
--I think it should probably be, "I had resigned myself to following him absently..."

I could smell the shampoo he’s recently used.
--"he's" should probably be "he'd"

I concluded that I was sat on Potter’s bed.
--"was sat" ought to be "was sitting"

I am just loving Marley so much as an MC, and Fitz and James and Fred and the whole gang are so great! I'm really excited to have found such an excellent humor fic. I've been writing mostly angst of late, and I need some levity to break it all up. This is perfect! Just what I've been looking for. It's well-written and the characters are well developed and the plot moves along at a nice clip and there's plenty of detail! I'm so, so glad I've run across this! It's a real gem. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!


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Review #23, by Penelope Inkwell How to: violence

20th August 2015:
I think you did a really good job with this chapter. I felt Marley's frustration and worry and anger. I mean, I understand that Charles doesn't want her to worry, but he's pretty much her only family. She needs to know what's going on with him. She'll only be more anxious knowing that if he wasn't okay, no one would tell her.

Getting to watch Marley meet Harry Potter was definitely interesting. I like the way you wrote him. He came across as wise, but very relaxed--still the Harry we knew. And he certainly seems to know a bit about her.

“Well, James certainly has his work cut out for him.”
--Snaps for you, Harry Potter. Truer words were never spoken.

Highlight reel: That’s right; it took two professional killers and the saviour of the wizarding world to stop me from murdering my father.


I was sat in his lap
--"sat" ought to be "sitting"

Several times in this chapter, Marley was misspelled as "Marely".

I loved the end. I'm so glad that James finally called Marley out on her use of humor to drive people away. And I understand, because I can do the same thing, but you have to have people in your life who will make you leave off the jokes and open up and be real for a minute. I'm glad that James is being one of those people for her.


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Review #24, by Penelope Inkwell  How to manage disaster

20th August 2015:
Grandpa nodded at the hostess and she immediately snapped into action, greeting us with a too large, frozen smile, and leading us to a table in the corner.
--you described that smile so well. I could picture exactly that kind of waitress-y smile.

And, just like that, I was faced with the task of explaining to my grandfather, a man who had lived through two wars, that my then borderline hippie parents (one of whom was his absent daughter neither of us had seen in years) that I had been named after a Muggle Jamaican man who wrote songs about recreational drugs for a living.

Oh my gosh, I hope Charles is okay. That moment with James was really sweet, but I'm just really worried.


“You wouldn’t picked that out if you weren’t on the verge of a mental breakdown.
--I think this is meant to be, "You would've picked that out if..."

I’d never really had any reason to ponder about the other possibilities.
--you'd usually just say, "to ponder the other possibilities." I don't know that you can really ponder about things. I think you just ponder them.

I began to wonder if I’d just approached a stranger in to street.
--"to" = "the"

I'm really, really enjoying this story. I'm also really nervous. Poor Marley! The girl really cannot catch a break.


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Review #25, by Penelope Inkwell How to save the day

20th August 2015:
Well, I'm glad that Wheeler apologized. I still wouldn't trust him, exactly, but at least he seemed sincere. Accept the apology and give him a wide berth, that's what I'd say.

I'm also glad Marley was able to use the situation to her advantage. And what the boys had done was really sweet!

“Yeah, but it’s different when Mum sends me stuff. It’s like a reinforcement of her love.”
--It's so true! Care packages are like a hug.

Highlight reel: Fitz popped the last piece of liquorice wand in his mouth and chewed it with such sass that I briefly considered dropping out of Hogwarts to be his pageant mom so we could take over the world with Fitz and his taffeta dresses.
--What an image that is!


He beam.
--"beam" = "beamed"


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