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Review #1, by YOU MY FRIEND, ARE A GREAT WRITER How to compromise

23rd August 2016:
AHHH! Loved this chapter!! They are too cute fore me to handle. Please update soon

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Review #2, by Margie How to dig yourself into a hole

19th August 2016:
This is really fun so far although I find myself shipping Fitz and Marley hard which is a pity because this doesn't seem to be going in that direction. I'd pick a dorky sweetheart over intense and broody any day.

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Review #3, by Jessi75775 How to compromise

12th August 2016:

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Review #4, by Anonymous How to compromise

11th August 2016:
Words can't even describe how good this fic is, I actually just read the whole thing in one sitting. I'm in awe.

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Review #5, by wholesome_lovegood How to compromise

10th August 2016:
OHMYGOD ive been waiting SOOO long for this AAGGGHH
this story is amazing i love your writing youre so talented!!
and what a cliffhanger!!!

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Review #6, by pnapple How to compromise

9th August 2016:
This has been one of my favorite stories for such a long time! I always forget to comment and say it- but I really do love this story so much! It's deep and interesting, I love Fitz and Marley, and her relationships with people are never dull. I'll continue checking back with this story until its finished, and even then I'll probably go back and read it a couple times. Please keep updating!

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Review #7, by L How to compromise

9th August 2016:
And THANK GOD James realized what an idiot he was being (this site won't let me type stronger words. Imagine the stronger words).

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Review #8, by Potterhead57 How to compromise

8th August 2016:
AaaahhH i've waited so long! such a good chapter. i love love love the thing between james and marley :D but damn, what a cliff hanger :o
please update soon

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Review #9, by scintillated (not logged in) How to compromise

8th August 2016:
aAAH YOU UPDATED!! I really loved this chapter -- but leaving us on a cliffie like that? D: can't wait to read more!

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Review #10, by nevergrowinup How to reconcile

29th July 2016:
Ahhh it's been over a month and you said just a week pls give us the next chapter!! I just re-read from the beginning and it was just as great the second time around

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Review #11, by Girlforeverlost How to reconcile

20th June 2016:

All I want is for everything to go good for Marley, and everything just seems to get worse.

I need to know what happens next!

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Review #12, by RebekahPotter How to reconcile

20th June 2016:

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Review #13, by wholesome_lovegood How to reconcile

17th June 2016:
I cannot believe what this fanfic is doing to me. Like my body cannot handle the stress of waiting for these chapters I cant do it!
I am so in love with this and your characters and this is just such an amazing story!
PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE post the next chapter before I die of a panic attack!

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Review #14, by everythingisbetteratdusk How to reconcile

13th June 2016:
The only two people I like in this story now are Fitz and Marley .
James Sirius Potter is a moron, an idiot and a serious hot head who needs to get his problems sorted before he speaks to my precious baby (Marley) ever again.
On the other hand, Marley needs to get better friends. Except for Fitz, he's good.
I can't wait to find out more about Marley's mum and what the hell has been going on with Charles. Though I do have a theory that her leaving them has more to do with protecting them or at least someone, am I headed in the right direction there?
I love love love this fic and I am dying for the next update.

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Review #15, by Raylis How to reconcile

8th June 2016:
so this is totally on me and my bad memory...but I've got almost no idea what that marley/james fight was about? he knew she liked him? and he liked her but he was angry about her liking him? so he's going to leave her because they both like each other?

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Review #16, by PaulaTheProkaryote How to reconcile

8th June 2016:
No, it's fine. I didn't just binge read 27 chapters in four hours. My head isn't pounding, my heart isn't utterly broken.

I love the way you wield your characters. You've crafted some brilliant people and I love every single one of them in their own way. All of them are so dimensional and their lives are so detailed. You've just done such an amazing job.

I'm 100% shipping the snot out of Marley/James, but also can I say that Fitz totally stole the show here? Like I've never read a better character in my entire life. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Heck, even I'm in love with him ever so slightly, I can't blame Dom. Back on topic, I love the dynamic you've crafted with Marley and James. I'm madly in love with the pair of them. Also, NO JAMES! GIVE HER A CHANCE! My only hope is that he doesn't go running into some other girl's arms because that would make him so tacky. ugh.

Your plot flows so smoothly and you've kept my interest the entire story. I didn't skim a single paragraph and that's saying something for me.

I really, honestly, truly can't wait for the next chapter. I'm just going to sit on my computer, not eating or showering until I see an update. I SWEAR. Maybe not, but I can't wait!

Author's Response: This made me giggle like a loon. Thanks so much for the review! I'm so glad you like it enough to leave one ^.^
Now I'll have to update quickly, won't I? What what the threat to not eat/shower. The next chapter should be up by next week. Stay tuned!

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Review #17, by Lobelia Saville-Baggins How to reconcile

8th June 2016:

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Review #18, by Harrypotter reader How to reconcile

7th June 2016:
Fast update yay :D
I'm so sad about the Potter/Marley bit it was just so intense omggg
I kind of love Bridgette!! Her and Fitz! I cant wait to see that!

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Review #19, by Potterhead57 How to reconcile

7th June 2016:
i love the chapter!!
and i love bridgette - she messed up - but i think shes a great character

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Review #20, by Brittany How to reconcile

7th June 2016:
Great chapter! With fan fiction, I sometimes find it difficult to keep up with the plot as when reading a conventional book because chapters come out gradually. With this chapter and well it was written, I didn't feel like I was missing details. I really enjoyed Bridgette's introduction and how everything seemed to fit together. I still love Fitz and I can't wait to read the upcoming chapters!

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Review #21, by :) christmas pt.2

31st May 2016:
This is incredible! It's beautifully written and I can't wait to find out what happens next. I can't fault it!

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Review #22, by Harrypotter reader christmas pt.2

29th May 2016:
This story is just the best! I cant wait to see what Charles will do or say when he sees Marley!

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Review #23, by Anon christmas pt.2

29th May 2016:
This chapter made me grin like an idiot. Just every single albus moment is pure gold I love it

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Review #24, by Potterhead57 christmas pt.2

29th May 2016:
Thanks for uploading!
I love the new chapter!!
Keep on going with the good work :)

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Review #25, by Lobelia Saville-Baggins christmas pt.2

28th May 2016:
I'm so happy you're here! I still have finals coming in two weeks (BLEAAGHHH) but it's so lovely to take a break and see THIS! I loved this new chapter to death!
I also love just how smart Marley is. And that Harry knows just how smart she is -- I really did expect him to let her in on more of it, though, considering his own history and what he ended up doing when he was left in the dark.
LOVE the Potter family dynamic, too, and the way Al and Marley interact. And lol Teddy having a rave in his apartment...he'd probably get rainbow hair for the occasion.
I can't wait to see more (and the return of Fitz!) and I'm so happy we have the next chapter coming so soon!

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