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Review #1, by British obsessed My Decision On The Day Out

4th April 2014:
Ohmygosh! I love it! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
It means the world that you would take the time to review... and further to actually say you love it!
Keep the reviews coming!
Emz xxx

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Review #2, by British obsessed My Sort Of Mother Of A Wife

30th March 2014:
Right when i read "liv div" i was like "The nicknames are back!" Then wheni saw you wrote that i was like "you read my mind! Great minds think alike!"

Author's Response: Great minds think SO alike!
I really want to add some reminders from the previous story! Nicknames are first on the list! I think it's really sweet and I do love that you love that!
Keep the reviews coming! It means a lot!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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Review #3, by British obsessed My Family's Little World

30th March 2014:
No problemo for the idea. I almost screamed when i noticed you used it. I love it so far. Awesome story.

Author's Response: It was really helpful! So thank you again!
But THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for saying you love the story so far it, means so much it's actually quite unreal!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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Review #4, by Tris  My Decision On The Day Out

29th March 2014:
I like the little bit of drama with the broken bone,,also her grandma sounds adorable,and magical selfies are quite clever. I just keep thinking now thought that they need a baby.

Author's Response: Yeah? More drama to come!
I love Grandma Linda, she's great!
Thank you magical selfies just sort of happened as I figured Rose would need proof that her daughter wasn't damaged in any way during the course of the week!
Well... maybe some day... you'll just have to wait! Although, I will tell you I know these guys and they do need a baby.
Thanks again! Even if it's odd, I do love you for reviewing each chapter! It makes me so happy!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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Review #5, by Tris  My Sort Of Mother Of A Wife

29th March 2014:
I love the nick nemes! So cute :) I am just enjoying their moment, sad for them but it makes them stronger!

Author's Response: Thank you! Me too! :)
Yeah, it is a tad sad but very cute that they're still together.
I do love their relationship! Hope you do too!
Thanks for the reviews! It really makes my day and puts a giant smile on my face!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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Review #6, by Tris  My Family's Little World

13th March 2014:
I honestly do love all of your characters, but I truly think life is too easy for them, and it is not believeable. I hope the nightmares are hunting at something big becaus I remember how good the last story was, and I hope this can live up to it! I'm so glad you updated, and as always I cannot wait for more!!
Ps wedding bells? Trauma, I don't know but I'm excited to find out!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
Well, I promise we have some more conflict to come... life is defiantly not easy.
I hope I can live up to it as well! I honestly do!
I will try and update but I'm in very focused revision mode at the moment so I'm doing it as fast a humanly possible if I want to get good grades! But I hope that isn't too long either!
Wedding bells... Perhaps...
Please keep me up to date with your opinions. Thank you so much again!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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Review #7, by British obsessed My Two Dancing Girls

3rd March 2014:
I don't have a favorite. Maybe you should write the part where the bride throws the boquet thing, and the groom ecuvallent. Who will they be?

Author's Response: Oooh!
That's a pretty good idea! Thank you so much, it means a lot for you to review! Keep it up, it always makes my day when I get a review!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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Review #8, by British obsessed My Best Friends Wedding

3rd March 2014:
:D i am so happy! I love the story so far and i just started the first one yesturday. Over all an amazing story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're happy!
That literally just put the biggest smile on my face!
Please keep me up to date as you go through the stories! Both of them!
Thank you so much for taking the time to review! I will always reply the first chance I get!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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Review #9, by Tris  My Two Dancing Girls

2nd March 2014:
I like the fun setting. I would like to see more romance between Al and Livy blossom. I would like to hear more about Peyton, and also about James and his family (which I love btw). I would like macaque a little conflict in this story as well.
I love your stories, and cannot wait for more!

Author's Response: Great! I'm glad!
Okay, I'll get right to that, I know for sure there relationship will develop because I love them too much not to let that happen.
I'm currently having a lot of fun developing Peyton although I'm not sure she'll stay for long, may have to go back to France... not sure yet.
James! Ashley and Anna- a beautiful little family. I think I may go into them, I love them too.
More conflict? I can do that. I hope I can anyway...!
Thank you so so much Tris! You're amazing honestly, you really are making my day right here, right now!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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Review #10, by Tris  My Best Friends Wedding

2nd March 2014:
Super cute vows. I love the love they have. I jus saw this was up today, and I am so excited to read more. I love the story, one chapter and I'm hooked.

Author's Response: Thank you!
It took me ages to write the vows, but I'm happy with the end result!
I love their love too, it makes me all happy inside!
I'm so glad you're hooked! Keep me updated on what you think as always!
Thank you!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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Review #11, by Ashley Lovegood My Two Dancing Girls

25th February 2014:
I just love Al and Livy. I don't think I've heard enough about the new characters to form an opinion yet, but I'm definitely interested in Peyton and Hayley. Happy writing! You're doing great!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love them too!
Okay, I'm defiantly going into Peyton in more detail so you'll be pleased!
Thanks again! Reviews mean the world to me too! Keep me updated! xxx

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Review #12, by Ashley Lovegood My Best Friends Wedding

14th February 2014:
Hey! Just wanted to say that I LOVED A Person's a Person No Matter How Small, and I'm positively ecstatic that you're writing a sequel! Al and Livy are y favorite couple ever, just wanted to throw that out there btw.

Author's Response: Hey!
THANK YOU so so much, that actually means the world!
It's a work in progress, so you'll have to give me a bit. For the moment I've only written two chapters and I like to have a least 5 under my belt before I submit properly or else you guys catch up with me!
So, I'll post the next chapters ASAP and then hopefully the updating will be continual until the end!
I love them too. So, feel very free to throw that out there!
Thanks again!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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