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Review #1, by Poly Pureheart HEALING

5th April 2014:
Really liked the first chapter but given how Draco nearly killed Ron and got Bill maimed their being all friendly with was very close to abusive to Ron and definitely victim blaming. I'll need to stop her.

Author's Response: Many thanks for taking the time to write. I am glad you enjoyed the first chapter of 'The Egyptian Curse'
I accept bringing Draco and Harry and his friends closer together, to becoming friends was always going to be contentious but I always felt Draco was more a victim of Nurture over Nature. The end of Hallows saw Draco on the platform sending his kids off to Hogwarts suggested to me something had to have happened that earned forgiveness for Draco otherwise he would have been in Azkaban. The Witches' Eye and the Egyptian Curse are my thoughts on how that could have happened.
I hope you keep reading, keep enjoying and please keep letting me know you thoughts, good and bad.

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Review #2, by Rumpelstiltskin HEALING

2nd March 2014:
I'm back for more of Blackout (this time 1/1 of Square Eight).

House Unity ♥ , which is exactly what this square is all about. I really love how, even though Gryffindor won the Quiddich match, that ALL of the Houses stood up to cheer for Slytherin, including the Gryffies. I really loved the good sportsmanship they all displayed.

Okay, I know something fishy is going on, and it probably has something to do with the title being "...the Egyptian Curse", but it's still wonderful to see.

Draco is acting...well, odd isn't the word for it is it? :D I can't wait to get to the bottom of all of the mayhem and madness!


Author's Response: Hello Rumpel, I'm not sure what happened to my first two response but I'll try again :)
Many Many thanks for your comments.
With the Healings I am trying to bridge the gap between Draco being a Deatheater and appearing on platform at the end of the last book/Movie, and I thought it would be a nice thing if he were forgiven and became friends with Harry.
the historical elements are a mix of fact (the Mongol hordes did place their prisoners as human shields for example and some legend with Camelot and some fiction thrown in for fun :) )
My play on Deathly Hallows came to me when I thought about taking the fairly tale of the three brothers which clearly had some truth as the cloak, wand and stone all existed and weaved a little more magic into the name- Deathly Hallows whilst creating a new Dark enemy.
I am sure I am not doing the idea justice but until Ms Rowling writes and offers to collaborate I am my own for now. :)
So on with the 2nd short story and hopefully persevere to complete the third and the whole story.
Keep me honest Rumple, any issues with the story line let me know

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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin History Of Magic

2nd March 2014:
I'm here for Blackout Bingo! (1/5 of Square Two, just to keep myself on track.)

Oh I love historical facts in a story (fictional or not), so this was extremely exciting. I love that back story! It's fantastic.

The man known as De'eath, that's an interesting concept. ...and De'eath Allows...the Deathly Hallows! As well as the Philosopher's stone! Oh, this is exciting!

I love how you've taken an AU-esque entry all while tying it down to recognizable cannon object.

This is all very interesting, I hope to read more.


Author's Response: Hello, I had responded to each review in turn but seemed to have lost those so I wrote one above to cover both.
I am glad you enjoying the story and I will endeavour to continue at a faster pace. In deed Chapter four is posted waiting validation

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