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Review #1, by AIP Alexander Corners

17th April 2014:
Please don't drop the story! it's got a really good potential to become a great story!

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Review #2, by AIP Alexander Corners

15th March 2014:
Awesome! I really enjoyed your story, especially how you portray James! I like the fact that James excels at defense because in most of the fanfic I have read he is purely a quidditch junkie. I;m presuming one of the letters in the first chapter is from the tutshill tornadoes so i still don't know in which direction this story is going to unravel. Either way, I can't wait for a reappearance from this mystery girl. I would also love if you could further develop James's skill at defense since I've been planing a story myself for the last 6 months and I find it interesting to see how different writers write various duel situations. You never know, you might inspire me to wrap up the last details to post the first couple of chapters. I'm also willing to post a review on every single one of your chapters to give you my feedback on the story. Anyway, congrats on a great story, and i hope you will post the next chapter soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I didn't want him to just be good at Quidditch, because with Ginny and Harry as your parents, if you're not good at Defence then the world has failed you.

Also, you might be right about those letters... You'll just have to read on to find out... ;)

You should totally post the first few chapters! You'd probably inspire ME with the James in your story! I'd love to read it, so I hope you post it! (Although, I do understand how important it is to plan: this story here is about a year in the making!)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and I'm a bit of a review junkie, so I hope you'll do the same for the rest of the story! The next chapter should be up pretty soon, and I hope you like it when it comes out!


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Review #3, by asdfghjkl The Hangover

5th February 2014:
I really like your writing style and this story seems really interesting! I'm excited to see where it goes :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm always worried that my chapters are too long, but I'm glad that you liked this one! I hope you'll stick around, and I hope you enjoy what's coming up! Hopefully the next chapter should be up soon!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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