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Review #1, by ohnobeans Lunch Date

31st May 2016:
leedle lee this story makes me squee

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Review #2, by ohnobeans Honesty

31st May 2016:
all the loves for this story

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Review #3, by ohnobeans It's going to be fine, you know

31st May 2016:
you are magnificent and so is this story

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Review #4, by ohnobeans It Happened in August

31st May 2016:

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Review #5, by ruby_slippers The Truth

30th May 2016:
Wow a first draft! That is so exciting congratulations!
Just want to reiterate my love for this story and I just started reading the Teddy one and I love love love it too! You're amazing hun; I always find your characters so engaging and funny and relatable. Love it, love you and wishing you all the best!

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Review #6, by PaulaTheProkaryote The Truth

25th May 2016:
I LOVE LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU WRITE! I'm super finicky about making someone one of my favorite authors (I think it's something you should earn) but I had to!

I have this weird phobia of reading any series. I started (and loved) Keep Away and then just binge read to this point. I'm a huge Oliver groupie and your OC, Jane, she's so amazing. I loved her so much. AND GEE IS JUST AS PERFECT! Oliver, James, and Albus are probably my favorite ff characters to read and you've accomplished all of them in one go!

So...I meant to leave you a million reviews. I totally did. I know reviews spur the writers toward greatness...The thing is...I got too caught up in the story to take that kind of time!

So here I am, at the end of everything I loved, waiting for another chapter just plain fangirling rather than writing anything of substance.

So, in conclusion of my horrendous rambling, I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! Also, on the next chapter update I promise to leave a beautiful meaningful insightful review. Until then I'll just dream of Gee and Albus.

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Review #7, by moony,padfoot,prongs.brothersforever The Truth

25th May 2016:
Bloody hell, I just started reading Hide and Seek on Monday and I'm already on the last chapter of this one. I guess they're just so good I can't stop myself. I went to sleep late 'cause I wanted to finish all three of these stories. Keep up the good work and I wanted to say I want two chapters on Saturday 'cause its my birthday (just kidding). Anyways, I wanted to say thanks for giving me a good time with these stories. I'm shit at reviews, man.Anyways, keep on updating and keeping me happy. Thanks.

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Review #8, by SourGrapeSnape The Truth

25th May 2016:
You're doing really well with the updates on this one and I slightly love you for it. I hope you try and keep this momentum going with this story and with Under the Radar (but I would totes be a Hufflepuff so I'm probably biased in my interest for the last one).

So Sophia and Leo are very slowly getting their stuff together. Very slowly though and I'm pretty sure they'll manage to duck (trying not to swear here) it all up at some point, but at least for now they're happy. They seem to be quite cautious with each other considering they very much seem to be go-getters. Goes to show how many layers there are in people.

Albus and Gee are as cute as ever even though Gee seems to be a bit scared to go anywhere right now and everyone in Hogwarts seems to think gossiping and interfering in other peoples business is a fun thing to do. But I'm pretty sure they'll manage.

Glad to hear your original stuff is finished (although editing is probably a pain in the butt), I hope everything goes well with that too :)

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Review #9, by gryffindork The Truth

24th May 2016:
Hahaha nice that was actually one of my favorite chapters so far. Great ships

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Review #10, by LittleMissAutumn Potterific

23rd May 2016:
Loved it! All the characters in here are so likeable. What did Sophie do to land herself in jail? Update soon please! :)

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Review #11, by Gryffindork Potterific

6th May 2016:
What a cliffhanger !

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Review #12, by Brittany Potterific

5th May 2016:
I'm betting good money that Sophia beat the stuffing out of Parker for what he did to Leo... I wonder if she'll be in more trouble with her parents or the school?

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Review #13, by Anon Potterific

4th May 2016:
Okay, woW. This story is too good, I'm too invested in these characters, and you dare to pull a cliffhanger?!>

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Review #14, by Penelope Inkwell Potterific

3rd May 2016:
Okay, so I saw that there was a new chapter up, and I absolutely leapt upon it like a crazy person. And then:

For Penelope Inkwell.
--I'm screaming. I literally just got *all* the warm-fuzzies. *attacks with a hug* Thanks! :D

Okay, this whole scene with Jane Perry Wood as a mother brings me so much joy. I love the way you've written her and Oliver. They've matured, and they're parents, but they're also still very much themselves. They're fun and, despite Aurelia and Gee's differences, they've created this warm, loving family that is so wonderful to see in a sequel. Jane's mix of supporting and poking fun at her daughter is just adorable, as is the fact that she's too proud of her for throwing a party and kissing Albus to be upset about the illicit NYE festivities. It's so cute!

“I want you to be careful, but I’ll be damned if you’ll be limited. Understood?”
--such a great mom

Albus' letters were wonderful! First, the image of him at a beach house somewhere, piled high with blankets, writing a letter to Gee while wearing mittens, was adorable. But then Albus on whiskey? Ohmygosh. (A++ thank you James Potter for making this happen). I loved the contrast between that and his first letter. Like, initially he's more Albus The Captain, only a bit more open--he's clearly into Gee, caring and cordial and cute, but still comparatively distant. And drunk!Albus' letter is hilarious! Everything from the poor spelling to his lowered inhibitions and the way he talks about their kiss in the hospital wing. Ah, it cracked me up. And, of course:



I think I almost cried laughing. I loved how Georgiana proceeded to address every letter to him thusly. I dearly hope it's her petname for Albus for all time.

Aww, poor, poor Leo. I think we all had a feeling that wasn't going to end well. I love his and Gee's friendship, though. I like how, even though the romance in this story is strong, you also develop Gee's relationships with her friends and her thoughts about herself. That's just good storytelling.

Oh, and Sophie. I was so proud of her for the way she agreed to dial things back when Leo truly was hurting. I mean, she had a very legitimate reason to be upset, but I was glad that she was able to move that a bit to the side and still care about her friends, even though Leo had hurt/annoyed her.

And SPEAKING OF, I was so curious when they couldn't find Sophie on the train. But then the whole team gearing up to look for her was kind of a treat. Isla's immediate action plan with "losing" her diamond earring made me proud of her. And of course I enjoyed Albus and Gee's careening through the compartments, making out and checking for Sophie at the same time. I mean, why not multitask. I bet the Candy Lady saw them and didn't stop them because she shipped it so hard ; )

Leo quizzing Albus and being legitimately happy for him and Gee despite his recent heartache was really sweet. And his teasing about her name brought back a big of levity before the BIG REVEAL.

WHY ON EARTH IS SOPHIA IN JAIL?! What happened? I cannot wait to find out.


I only had a small question--how did Gee get that letter? If someone, like, chucked it at her, and we're going to find out in the next chapter, that's cool. But if it was an owl, it might be good to see it fly away, just so that we understand where this has come from and it isn't like the envelope appeared out of thin air.

This chapter was wonderful and I just enjoyed it so much! Getting some fun time with Gee and Albus, as well as a cute conversation with Gee and Jane, was such a treat. And the cliffhanger you ended on? I love it! I absolutely cannot wait for the next update, and I'll be looking forward to it eagerly!


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Review #15, by madness Potterific

3rd May 2016:
What what what? Update soon please!

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Review #16, by alex Potterific

3rd May 2016:
Oh god. My knee jerk reaction is that Sophia kicked the ever loving heck out of Parker and now she is in jail for aggravated assault. I may have been studying too much for my law midterm.

Other than that, this chapter was so sweet and cute! I couldn't stop grinning (other than when it came to the Parker and Leo situation) and I was so excited to see this update- this story's one of my favorites on HPFF.

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Review #17, by Penelope Inkwell Happy New Year, Georgiana

21st April 2016:

Finally, finally they not only kissed--although that was WONDERFUL. But they kissed and talked about it

And ahahaha they are both so terrible at it. But it's adorable. I ship it so hard.

We were all adults now and able to make adult decisions.
But just because we were able, did that mean they were sound?

Of course not. I dated Matteo.

--best. The relatability factor here is astounding.

Other highlights include:

- “What’s his name?”

“Towel boy?”

- Sophia's letter

- every word spoken by James Potter in the entire chapter! He really pops off the page--you're great at bringing your minor characters to life. And I love how he and Georgiana have such a great rapport. Not to get ahead of myself or anything, but they'd make great in-laws. Just sayin'.

Ugh I am just so excited for them to get back to Hogwarts and to see what comes next for Gee and Albus. I'm loving it!


P.S. Your mention of 30 Days reminds me how it is the first story I remember reading obsessively after I'd made my HPFF account. Good times :D

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Review #18, by Penelope Inkwell Rotisserie Chicken

21st April 2016:
I saw that there have been new chapters added to this story since I went on hiatus and I am SO excited!

Gee gnawing on the chicken was a wonderful visual. And then Albus coming in like that. I have this feeling that Oliver and Jane are snickering in the next room.

Speaking of gnawing on chicken carcasses without cutlery, I love how you've written Georgiana...the type of girl she is. She's just...real. She isn't some stereotype of girly, but she isn't unfeminine. There are times when she's *quite* "girly". But she also will tear apart a chicken with her bare hands when she's hungry, and she's hugely into sports. I just really love seeing a female character that doesn't fall into a stereotype of any specific "kind" of girl. She just seems like a person.



“No, I mean you have chicken grease all over your hand.”

-- Bahaha, this bit was wonderful!

The explanation you gave Al for his behavior is quite sympathetic, but I agree with Gee--the best part is that he had a legitimate explanation, but not an excuse.

It's a bit sad, that moment when he asks her to come back to the team and you can see she kind of deflates a little, because she thinks that's all he's there for--for the good of the team.

But then that bit where they freak out over his hand on her leg. These two are such dorks! It's wonderful. And I kind of like this direction you've taken Albus. He's also a complex character. As a captain, he's often pretty confident, or at least knows how to take a firm stance. But you can also see that he's kind of a dork. Gee is smoother than he is (which, I mean, is really saying something). Usually depictions I see of him have Al as this super smooth individual, so this is a fun departure from that.

And they're drinking red wine together! I'm telling you, it's meant to be! :D


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Review #19, by ruby_slippers Happy New Year, Georgiana

29th March 2016:
Happy New Year Gee indeed! Woo, girl do you deliver! Seriously! More like Happy faux New Year readers! Don't mind me while I pass out in total bliss now.

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Review #20, by pinkpanther16 Happy New Year, Georgiana

28th March 2016:
I am SO happy that Gee and Al are finally together again! I love this story to the moon and back and the beautiful mess of feelings in this chapter makes me love it even more! I can't wait for the next update! :D

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Review #21, by PatronusFlight18 Happy New Year, Georgiana

25th March 2016:
YESSS CLOSURE! This chapter was brilliant, I loved it. And thank you for the warm welcome, I'm here to stay! :)

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Review #22, by couldyoureallyknow Happy New Year, Georgiana

23rd March 2016:
YES AL AND GEE! can't wait for the next chapter

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Review #23, by Vanillaberries Happy New Year, Georgiana

23rd March 2016:
Oh darling, can you do no wrong? You churn out these lovely chapters in all your stories, and quite promptly I might add. This chapter was definitely not a disappointment. Especially in the Georgiana and Albus plotline. Although I have to say, I was hoping that Leo and Sophia might have made headway but I suspect there will be a lot more drama where they are concerned coming up soon. (hopefully)

Lovely chapter, as mentioned before, looking forward to reading a new chapter shortly (hopefully again)

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Review #24, by JT4HP Happy New Year, Georgiana

23rd March 2016:

It's just so cute and lovely and full of wonderful things. Like you just write them so well. And falling for a cute guy so well. And just how awkward but adorable it all is sometimes. Ugh.

Okay, can't wait for the next chapter. I also just loved that last line where Gee is like, "I needed him there when Healer Zet told me if I could ever play quidditch again" THEY'RE TOO CUTE.

Okay. Done.

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Review #25, by LittleMissAutumn Happy New Year, Georgiana

21st March 2016:
I had the biggest smile on my face when reading this chapter! :D I love Gee/Albus!

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