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Review #1, by Penelope Inkwell Happy New Year, Georgiana

21st April 2016:

Finally, finally they not only kissed--although that was WONDERFUL. But they kissed and talked about it

And ahahaha they are both so terrible at it. But it's adorable. I ship it so hard.

We were all adults now and able to make adult decisions.
But just because we were able, did that mean they were sound?

Of course not. I dated Matteo.

--best. The relatability factor here is astounding.

Other highlights include:

- “What’s his name?”

“Towel boy?”

- Sophia's letter

- every word spoken by James Potter in the entire chapter! He really pops off the page--you're great at bringing your minor characters to life. And I love how he and Georgiana have such a great rapport. Not to get ahead of myself or anything, but they'd make great in-laws. Just sayin'.

Ugh I am just so excited for them to get back to Hogwarts and to see what comes next for Gee and Albus. I'm loving it!


P.S. Your mention of 30 Days reminds me how it is the first story I remember reading obsessively after I'd made my HPFF account. Good times :D

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell Rotisserie Chicken

21st April 2016:
I saw that there have been new chapters added to this story since I went on hiatus and I am SO excited!

Gee gnawing on the chicken was a wonderful visual. And then Albus coming in like that. I have this feeling that Oliver and Jane are snickering in the next room.

Speaking of gnawing on chicken carcasses without cutlery, I love how you've written Georgiana...the type of girl she is. She's just...real. She isn't some stereotype of girly, but she isn't unfeminine. There are times when she's *quite* "girly". But she also will tear apart a chicken with her bare hands when she's hungry, and she's hugely into sports. I just really love seeing a female character that doesn't fall into a stereotype of any specific "kind" of girl. She just seems like a person.



“No, I mean you have chicken grease all over your hand.”

-- Bahaha, this bit was wonderful!

The explanation you gave Al for his behavior is quite sympathetic, but I agree with Gee--the best part is that he had a legitimate explanation, but not an excuse.

It's a bit sad, that moment when he asks her to come back to the team and you can see she kind of deflates a little, because she thinks that's all he's there for--for the good of the team.

But then that bit where they freak out over his hand on her leg. These two are such dorks! It's wonderful. And I kind of like this direction you've taken Albus. He's also a complex character. As a captain, he's often pretty confident, or at least knows how to take a firm stance. But you can also see that he's kind of a dork. Gee is smoother than he is (which, I mean, is really saying something). Usually depictions I see of him have Al as this super smooth individual, so this is a fun departure from that.

And they're drinking red wine together! I'm telling you, it's meant to be! :D


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Review #3, by ruby_slippers Happy New Year, Georgiana

29th March 2016:
Happy New Year Gee indeed! Woo, girl do you deliver! Seriously! More like Happy faux New Year readers! Don't mind me while I pass out in total bliss now.

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Review #4, by pinkpanther16 Happy New Year, Georgiana

28th March 2016:
I am SO happy that Gee and Al are finally together again! I love this story to the moon and back and the beautiful mess of feelings in this chapter makes me love it even more! I can't wait for the next update! :D

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Review #5, by PatronusFlight18 Happy New Year, Georgiana

25th March 2016:
YESSS CLOSURE! This chapter was brilliant, I loved it. And thank you for the warm welcome, I'm here to stay! :)

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Review #6, by couldyoureallyknow Happy New Year, Georgiana

23rd March 2016:
YES AL AND GEE! can't wait for the next chapter

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Review #7, by Vanillaberries Happy New Year, Georgiana

23rd March 2016:
Oh darling, can you do no wrong? You churn out these lovely chapters in all your stories, and quite promptly I might add. This chapter was definitely not a disappointment. Especially in the Georgiana and Albus plotline. Although I have to say, I was hoping that Leo and Sophia might have made headway but I suspect there will be a lot more drama where they are concerned coming up soon. (hopefully)

Lovely chapter, as mentioned before, looking forward to reading a new chapter shortly (hopefully again)

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Review #8, by JT4HP Happy New Year, Georgiana

23rd March 2016:

It's just so cute and lovely and full of wonderful things. Like you just write them so well. And falling for a cute guy so well. And just how awkward but adorable it all is sometimes. Ugh.

Okay, can't wait for the next chapter. I also just loved that last line where Gee is like, "I needed him there when Healer Zet told me if I could ever play quidditch again" THEY'RE TOO CUTE.

Okay. Done.

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Review #9, by LittleMissAutumn Happy New Year, Georgiana

21st March 2016:
I had the biggest smile on my face when reading this chapter! :D I love Gee/Albus!

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Review #10, by dee Happy New Year, Georgiana

20th March 2016:
yaaay geebus!! im so glad they finally got over their issues and snogged ey :D looking forward to the next one!

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Review #11, by Gryffindork Happy New Year, Georgiana

20th March 2016:
Omg Finally!!! Thank you that made me so happy

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Review #12, by eclipse Happy New Year, Georgiana

19th March 2016:
Yay! The kiss! and at midnight! Love it.

However, my favorite part had to be this line," No thanks to James, who had owled no less than six people about it". It is those little tidbits that just make a story sometimes. And I do love the James you have created!

Looking forward to the next update.

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Review #13, by CharmAurorG Happy New Year, Georgiana

19th March 2016:
OH MY GOD! That was amazing! I'm totally still smiling right now. :) Give me all the feels. I loved it! This is actually first Albus story I've ever read (I just read Harry/Ginny and recently started James/OC), but is still my favorite. I love your James/Avery stories, but this one is just as good as them. Thanks for writing awesome stories. :) Update soon.


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Review #14, by Ren_star Rotisserie Chicken

8th March 2016:
Love the chapter. I can just see her with the chicken. Can't wait for what happens next.

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Review #15, by PatronusFlight18 Rotisserie Chicken

8th March 2016:
So it's 4A.M. and I just reached here. In a span of 16 hours I've read Keep Away, Hide and Seek, and everything uptil here. You're brilliant. I have not been able to tear my eyes off the screen, and I have a chemistry final in two days and this probably not the smartest thing to have done, but damn, you're good!!
Thank you so much for this brilliant alternate universe I can escape into!

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Review #16, by Sunshie&daisies Rotisserie Chicken

5th March 2016:
So glad Albus and Gee made up! Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Review #17, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Rotisserie Chicken

5th March 2016:
“For the HPFF Review-A-Thon”

It was just the Potter siblings and me, the swaying wonder.

I honestly didn’t expect anything else but man why does this have to happen to her? She really just doesn’t have luck on her side. Maybe she needs to stay indoors away from people.

“But you have company so maybe gnawing should wait.”

Oliver always has the best lines.

Apparently the Finches were nothing but impressed with the way you took charge and were able to handle the team,” he explained.

Yikes. Mistress I did not see that coming. I just thought it had to do with his feelings for her but not this. Never this. What a blow to his ego but what a boost to Gee’s. Someone wants her even though she’s err…broken. Though we still aren’t sure she can play.

That smirk mixed with the location of his hand and was I melting into the sofa?

I’m melting into my chair. Finally they have resolved their issue. We can move on! I just want them to snog again. Too much sexual tension and you know Leo and Soph totally got it on or are going to get it on. They’re probably going to be in a relationship. He was jealous. She was jealous. All four of them need to resolve their feelings already.

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Review #18, by CharmAurorG Rotisserie Chicken

5th March 2016:
I LOVE IT! Seriously, you are amazing writer! Your James/Avery stories are on the top list of my favorites for a long time (write more of them? PLEASE!). Anyway, this is first story with Albus as one of the main characters that I read, and I have to say, I'm so glad it is story you've written. Gee is hilarious :) And I'm little bit in love with Leo... :) Albus is so mysterious and brooding guy, I love him! All in all, amazing story. Keep it real and update soon. :)


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Review #19, by eclipse Rotisserie Chicken

3rd March 2016:
I am not going to lie... I wanted someone to have a Kirk moment by slow running around the dance floor to 'Eye of the Tiger' while holding that taped up trophy above his/her head. ( And how excited are you for the GG revival?!?!?! Because I know my sister and I are anxiously awaiting for the release)

However, you made it up to me with Gee throwing that chicken bone across the table and refusing to pick it up! A beautiful scene.

And I am glad that Albus had a good reason for being upset that day. I am even more glad that you ensured that Albus owned up to his behavior and did not let his disappointment be an excuse for his behavior. Not taking responsibility for one's actions is a pet peeve of mine. And I would have hated if Albus held that trait. You have now made him even more desirable in my eyes which is a feat I did not think was capable.

Loving the story! Loving you! And i am always excited to see something of yours has updated! And I hope the original work is going well for you too!

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Review #20, by ruby_slippers Rotisserie Chicken

1st March 2016:
Ahaha! Yes I have successfully disolved into a puddle of grins and giggles haha. I just so love these guys. I love love loved the dance marathon - it was just perfect! However, I think the moment that stole it all for me was Gee letting the chicken bone slide across the table and on to the floor and just being completely unfased, or was it Albus not wanting to shake her greasy hand? Or the way he smells of boy (very aptly put by the way!)? or when he saves her from falling or puts his hand on her leg? Or even Jane's coment while soothing Gee... So many great moments!! Love it!
Not gonna lie have already re-read this chapter ... twice haha! x
P.s. thanks for the shout out XD

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Review #21, by dee Rotisserie Chicken

28th February 2016:
n'aww so cute! i'm glad albus apologised even if there was a depressing reason. when i was reading the bit with the wine at the end i was just imagining oliver and jane peeking in and spying on the two of them aha :) looking forward to the next chapter! (also, al's hand on gee's leg oMG)

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Review #22, by Dreamy_Daze Rotisserie Chicken

27th February 2016:
Brilliant. F'ing brilliant. I finished with 'Hormones' and needed more! SO here I am and I am not disappointed. Keep the fab writing up.

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Review #23, by SourGrapeSnape Rotisserie Chicken

27th February 2016:
I always get so excited when I see that you update any of your stories and I'm especially happy when I see a new chapter of this story.
Cool to see that your characters are little by little moving towards getting their sh*t together, with Sophia and Leo maybe setting their tension sraight and Gee and Al talking their argument through.
I hope you update soon, because I really want - ney, need - to know what happens next.

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Review #24, by AlGee Rotisserie Chicken

27th February 2016:
Thank you so much, your chapters always make my day :) also I like AlGee

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Review #25, by LittleMissAutumn Rotisserie Chicken

26th February 2016:
Yay you updated! :) I'm glad Gee and Albus are on speaking terms again and they need to hurry up a snog each other senseless already. I'm excited for the next chapter so update soon please!

Have a great week!

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