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Review #1, by Sunshine&Daisies The Alumni Game

28th November 2015:
Loved this chapter. Please give us an update soon!! I can hardly wait.

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Alumni Game

20th November 2015:
“Especially if it’s haunting them.”

Albus didn’t fancy bombshell red lipstick Margo Andrews.

“Especially if the feel they’re bursting if they don’t say it.”

^ The sexual tension is real. Teenagers man.


Aurelia wakes Gee up at seven because she might be pregnant. No, we're not going there? Ah, well.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! Well I can because you enjoy torturing me but come on I just want them together. Imagine the convo they're going to have "I can't be intimate with you cause well, the mind-blowing ness of us being together could probably kill me."


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Review #3, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Stressed Out

20th November 2015:
Leave it to you Mistress to make face painting one of the most sexual experiences I have read thus far in this story.

Yikes. I might need a glass of ice water--this story is heating up. I know they're going to end up together but the sexual tension is killing me. Albus, tell her how you feel. I do however think he's confused. Margo just seems like a good person and Albus is a good person and he's not going to hurt anyone intentionally. UGH.


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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Chemistry

20th November 2015:
“She’s a MODEL?”

^ That would be my focus too!

Uh, Gee! What are we going to do with you? Albus clearly wasn't going with what you were saying but you just can't talk about your feelings properly, can you? And you can't believe that he would like you. For a girl with such apparent confidence she really does lack self-esteem. That sentence doesn't make sense at all but it does in my head.

Girl, get out of your head and listen to your heart.

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Review #5, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Excruciating

20th November 2015:
“Why don’t we go check the grass conditions?”

^ Ah. Friendship.

YAS! YAS! YAS! Finally. I kind of felt like it was going to be happening soon anyway but let's see Gee and the aftermath with her conflicted feelings and such. I bet Mateo won't take this well. Heck, he could think after her coaching she wants to be back into his fan club. Haha! Yeah right!

Love that she had her moment on the pitch. She deserves it. It proves a disability can't hold you back from doing what you love or wanting to do. It's about adapting and making changes. Gee had to look at things in a different life. Maybe she's not getting better per se but she looks pretty good to me right now.

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Review #6, by gryffindork The Alumni Game

14th November 2015:
Great chapter! Loved it

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Review #7, by TheForestAgain The Alumni Game

13th November 2015:
I haven't had the chance to comment on this yet, but I have been reading your stories since the beginning of Keep Away. Can't stay away from them! This story is wonderful and basically the only reason I get back on HPFF every week to look for an update. Keep up the fantastic work and PLEASE consider writing a story on Lily. I haven't read a good one about her yet, and I know you can do it justice. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #8, by ScarletRoses The Alumni Game

12th November 2015:
I LOVED how you brought in the Keep Away/Hide & Seek there! It was amazing! I am tempted to go back and re-read those now!!

Brilliant chapter! I wish we would have gotten the talk, but I'm sure it's coming ;)


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Review #9, by JT4HP The Alumni Game

12th November 2015:

It's just so perfect. I love the Keep Away and Hide&Seek parallels. They're really good. And Gee is just so.dynamic. Such a personality.

LOVE IT. Can't wait for the next one.

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Review #10, by Sunshine&Daisies The Alumni Game

11th November 2015:
Thank you for the update! What a great chapter. Excited for the next one!

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Review #11, by MoustachedCat Stressed Out

5th November 2015:
I went through so many emotions during that whole chapter, I can't even tell you. I just wish they would admit that they like each other already. Great story! Bravo!

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Review #12, by ruby_slippers Stressed Out

28th October 2015:
Oh my gosh! Argh I just flippin LOVE them!! I so can't wait to see how you get these to crazy kids to the finish line and all that is going to happen to get them there haha! I love your stories but I'm not gonna lie this is quickly becoming one of my favourites! Love love love!

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Review #13, by madness Stressed Out

25th October 2015:
Oh my God. You make my day every time

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Review #14, by HomeAtHogwarts Stressed Out

24th October 2015:
Really enjoying this so far, especially now Matteo's out the way! Am looking forward to Aurelia and Gee's talk, I hope we'll get to see more of what Aurelia's thought process is. Also poor Margo, it's just not going to go well for her is it?! Love seeing Oliver and Jane the same as ever and their close relationship with Gee (I know it's not too present in this chapter but I'm not the best with individual chapter reviews).

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Review #15, by ScarletRoses Stressed Out

22nd October 2015:
PHEW! I had to turn down the heat in the house after reading that one!!! Where's my husband when I need him? (just kidding.sort of)

I absolutely HATE that you made Margo nice. It makes it so much more difficult to hate her. But I'll still hate her, don't worry.


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Review #16, by WhiteFeather Stressed Out

22nd October 2015:
I really like this story!
Though, I seriously wish Albus and Gee would just be honest about how they feel. It would make everyone's lives so much easier.
Thanks for the update, I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :)

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Review #17, by ABookishBeing Stressed Out

21st October 2015:
WOMAN WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME but that ending was lowkey genius and that was incredible. Disregard that I typed lowkey and then did it again.
So happy to see your update. It made my day. (: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the parallelism of Albus in the hospital, and now Gee in the hospital and each of them getting to the other first and oh just yes. I'm sure you're using lots of plot elements from Keep Away, and I am absolutely loving it! I feel like we're starting to see more of Oliver in Gee, and before, she seemed entirely Jane. And even though Aurelia is a booger,I'm so glad to see that Gee is taking steps to amend their relationship. It's a real mark of Gee growing up, but she's certainly not entirely grown, what with her actions towards Zet. Can we have Gee run into Zet later on? Like, entirely unrelated to her head injury? I don't know, I see Al and Gee hurting themselves during sex and going to Zet for some reason I don't know I ship them too hard I'm nonsensical.
ALSO I am absolutely STOKED for the imminent and eventual SophiaxLeo pairing. Really, really excited. I see Soph getting surprisingly attached and Gee being torn between her best friends.
Anyway. Aside from my unrealistic and ridiculous mental fanfiction of a fanfiction, I loved the chapter and look forward to the next update. Don't worry. Adult-ing is difficult. We understand. Thank you for giving us your writing anyway. (:

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Review #18, by hai Stressed Out

21st October 2015:
So I'm leaving for a flight in like 10 minutes, so this is just quick to say that the SONG WAS PERFECT! for this chapter. And I'm so happy that you like třp as well :)

I ship Gee and Albus so hard though (like I seem to do with all your characters)

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Review #19, by SourGrapeSnape Stressed Out

21st October 2015:
You updated! Yay :D
There was so much going on in this chapter. And I loved everything in it. The stress, the tension, the humour, everything.

I like all of your stories, but I think this one might be my favourite one. I'm rooting for Al and Gee so hard, it might be a little irrational at this point :D

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Review #20, by JT4HP Stressed Out

21st October 2015:

That last bit was genius. I so want al and gee together, like yesterday.

Hate Margo, though.

Great update!

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Review #21, by Magic_Phoenix Stressed Out

21st October 2015:
My hope in Al & Gee is restored in this chapter!! Also, Margo might be nice but she annoys me because she's getting in the way!!

Amazing chapter, like always 👏🏼

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Review #22, by WriteThisLife (not logged in, what's new) Chemistry

10th October 2015:
HI! It's been ages, I know, but a promise is a here's your review :)

What can I even say? Me squealing over this 'ship is the best indicator of how amazing this story is :) Ugh, my heart. Can't wait for you to post the rest :))

I love Al Potter. *drops mic*

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Review #23, by Sunshine&Daisies Chemistry

23rd September 2015:
Looking forward to your next update :).

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Review #24, by ruby_slippers Chemistry

13th September 2015:
Oh man these Gee and Albus!

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Review #25, by merlins beard Chemistry

8th September 2015:
Oh come on... and I was so happy after the last chapter. Now you went and made a mess of it again. Did you really have to do that?

I'm really happy about the update, I really love your story a lot! Gee should have let albus talk right at the end here, instead of putting words in his mouth and hurting them both. Albus shoud have found her much earlier and explaned why Margo was there. I kind of feel sorry for her because she really didn't do anything to deserve the treatment she received from Gee.

Gee is a really jealous person at the moment and I don't blame her. She's been through an awful lot of stuff and worked hard to pull out of it.

The one thing that struck me as most memorable and most interesting is the part about aurelia wanting to talk... I'm pretty sure that's going to be important at some point. She might have wanted to apologize, but she might also have wanted to talk about something else as well. I hope she's not in trouble.

Well, I'll just have to wait and see. Hurry up and update because I miss Gee when she't not here.

Lots of love

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