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Review #1, by radicallyali Comforts of Home

7th April 2015:

“You didn’t snog, did you?” Well. Not yet.

He liked him, but there was very little spice there Darn.

I'm anxious how Jane and Oliver will react to this.

OKAY I DIDN'T ANTICIPATE MATTEO AND AURELIA COMING BACK FROM HOGSMEADE. You can still pull one over on me you sly woman.

DODGER. I miss Dodger.

Mum gasped and put a hand over her mouth. Dad whooped and threw his fist in the air Typical.

Jane and Oliver still make me laugh and I'm glad they're such good parents I just love the whole gang.

My parents exchanged knowing looks. I didn’t know that reference, but I felt I ought to Jane and Oliver are team #Algee #Galbus

Albus Potter to the rescue defending Gee's honor and probably thinking about how he wants to snog her.

Do you know how excited I am for baking? I'm so excited. #excited #baking #brownies #redwine

Xoxo Ali

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Review #2, by radicallyali Downward Spiral

7th April 2015:
“Downward Spiral” with a tornado as the chapter image. I hate to see Gee unhappy, but I know it'll lead to her and Albus snogging eventually. So, LET THE STORM RAGE ON.;)

Quidditch player. Boring. Uninspired. Only James Potter can pull that off.

“You have no idea,” I grumbled. I'm giddy to see Albus' reaction.

I didn’t want to end up in a cast this time What the heck did Matteo do. I'm also really concerned that Gee and Matteo didn't talk at all about this the last time it happened. Like. Communication in that kind of stuff is really important. And. There is none.

Oof. Matteo is already gone? I can't imagine things going well in Hogsmeade later.

Red wine. Classic.

“Hey, we have to talk. I need advice –yeah, I need to talk right now.” I don't like this oh no.

Called it. Kind of. Close enough.

I hope Oliver rips Aurelia a new one to be quite frank.

I'm half hoping Wyatt shows up with Leo to heal Gee's cuts before going off to snog and have Albus heal Gee's emotional scars. Gag I can't believe I typed that sentence. ON TO THE AFTERMATH.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #3, by radicallyali Everything but Fly

7th April 2015:
All morning when I was at work all I could think about was how I wanted to get home and finish reading this. So here I am about to tackle the last 3 chapters you have posted before moving onto Hormones and DTTT.

Come on Gee get it together don't be spending all that time outside with wet hair. Or snogging with wet hair.

“He’s like hot chocolate,” murmured Leo Leo, please.

“Cancel my ‘average marks in everything but Potions’ posters? How dare you?” I just love Albus okay.

If Albus would have just kissed or forehead or like, brushed the hair off her face. But no. Repressed feelings not realizing they have feelings that pesky Matteo thing.



Ah good. The ever traditional “Mistress writes a Halloween party” is coming up. Always the best chapters.

Truly like mother like daughter. Jane would be so proud. Oliver would be appalled.

You always write great party scenes so naturally I'm pumped to read the next chapter.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #4, by radicallyali Making Friends

6th April 2015:
Gee has had more fun with Albus at this one dance lesson and more chemistry with him than she has ever mentioned having with Matteo. Wake up girl!

“Sorry,” Matteo said. At least he realizes he's being a twit. Can you hear me rolling my eyes half a country away.

That kiss wasn’t so terrible either Yeah but what if it was Albus. Think about that Gee.

“Except our mutual distaste for some of your choices.” I'm going to take a wild shot in the dark here and say either A) putting off telling the team about her injury or B) Matteo or C) all the above.

I shielded my face from the rain before realizing where we were going. Matteo pulled open the heavy doors to the pitch. Surprise Matteo is having team building in a tent in the middle of the pitch.

I know this review was short but I just keep thinking about how I'm all -grabby hands- for more Albus/Gee time. Algee? Galbus?

Xoxo Ali

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Review #5, by radicallyali Dance Class

6th April 2015:
I'm bored of Matteo. Gee should dump the pancakes in his lap.

 “You can consult all you want, but I see how bad it hurts that you aren’t up there with us. I’m not adding to that. I won’t do it. I love and respect you too much for that.” I love Sophia.


Love Alicia. Always there to knock some sense into everyone around her.

“Don’t be like that, Gee – it’s not like that!” Except he loves basking in the attention now.

Mum said I got them from her, but I normally wore pants so people didn’t talk about them Gee you gotta show those babies off!

I can't believe Matteo has shriekers. How long until Libby shows up.

I swear Gee is going to come back to her room one day and Sophia and Leo will be macking on each other or dead.

I'm excited for this dance class. Very excited.


Xoxo Ali

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Review #6, by radicallyali Fragile

6th April 2015:
Well well. Well well well. I'm still here. Aren't you proud?

I'm so worried that this tournament is going to hit the fan.

I see you Gee, noticing how Albus does (or rather doesn't) do his hair. I see you.

“Were the golden child.” What a little poop head

The flirting between Gee and Albus. I like it. I almost called her Jane because she reminded me so much of Jane while doing so. Oops.

Did the snogging really inspire Matteo that much? I'm skeptical.

“I know you want to be up there,” he said. Just snog already.

I noticed this again as he wove in and out of the hoops chanting his own name with the crowd. Yeah. Really skeptical.

The question was, why did my stomach twist into painful knots watching it happen? Cause he's going to turn into a sod now that he's in the limelight

Everyone loves Oliver's brownies. It's a #fact.

I wonder how long before Leo figures out what's going to happen.

Not that I wanted to get to know the real Captain under the exterior, but it was a fascinating subject. Pfft yeah okay Gee.


Xoxo Ali

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Review #7, by radicallyali The Plan

5th April 2015:
What does Leo have to tell Gee? Did he let Sophie seduce him? I'm curious.

Okay things definitely aren't good if she's passing out when her temper flares up. That's really Not Good.

I hope Pippa is not so awful as to poison Gee. What would she get out of poisoning the team consultant. It doesn't make sense to me.

Albus really is a good captain. Are you sure he hasn't been owling Oliver and taking notes from him.

Sweet Leo's backstory :(

Projecting Humph >:(

 It was that smile Aurelia always gushed about Yeah and you're paying attention to what she's gushing about, Gee.

That was a routine now, but I didn’t tell Mum and Dad how many I took. Hm.

I don't like this tournament thing. I just feel like everything is going to go wrong. In retrospect, this was probably one of our worst ideas. Gee agrees with me.


Xoxo Ali

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Review #8, by radicallyali Nerves

5th April 2015:
Alright Gee, you can do this. You've already told Leo and Albus. Tell Matteo.

Matteo fainted in his chair He must be a pretty shotty Keeper.

I hope she tells the rest of the team before Matteo does to be honest.

Oliver still making perfect sense, and still getting straight to the point. I didn't expect anything to change.

I had to be better than who I was I sense an overarching theme for the story here.

I think Sophia is a little scarier than Alicia. I'd be frightened of her.

”Don’t whine. It isn’t flattering.” TELL HIM ALBUS. I'm thinking Matteo's personality and attitude is going to go downhill really fast.

If Matteo did actually spend all summer in Italy training he really shouldn't be acting this way. He should be excited to get to play finally. I wonder if he was just dating Gee to be dating the star Keeper with the famous last name. I'm sure we'll find out. eventually.

That's not good if there's no desire to repeat.

“That bloke drives me bonkers.” Everything is just reeks of disaster.

 “The truly talented is going back to bed.” I want to be Leo's BFF make that happen.

I don't have many other thoughts about this chapter mostly because I just want to keep reading. You win again Janice.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #9, by radicallyali Lunch Date

5th April 2015:
Now that I've gotten sucked in I'm on a roll. Not that you're upset about that. MORE REVIEWS.

Albus probably understands that crap happens and that freaking out on Gee won't help Gee and certainly won't change anything as far as her injury goes. Albus has a good head on his shoulders. I like him.

JUST TELL THE TEAM GEE. Well she certainly got stubbornness from both of her parents.

Is Aurelia real? Does she snog her besties? I don't quite understand her. But then again, she is a younger sibling.

Any chance Foster Jackson is related to Emerson. They're both real charmers.

Still. If he’d paid attention… I don't see this going well.

At least someone noticed. lololol

I dunno I really like that Albus calls her by her full name.

I know Aurelia is a tosspot because, you know, she's a younger sister and always drools over Gee's friends, but I have this nagging that Matteo is going to try and kiss Aurelia at some point and I really hope that's not true. I know you're not going to tell me either way. But that nagging feeling is there. Or that he's going to dump Gee after finding out she can't play. Those are my two official predictions. Watch them both be wrong.

 He had a much more admirable midsection than October Ay papi.


Oh Gee.

I laughed. “Matteo, we need to talk.” Finally.

If Gee doesn't snog Albus soon I will he's so sweet but also a twit but mostly pretty sweet so far.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #10, by radicallyali Honesty

5th April 2015:

I'm interested in learning more about this Albus. So far, I like him.

I'm sitting here chanting at my computer “just tell him just tell him” even though I have this feeling Gee is just going to wait until the very last minute.

He dated plenty of girls and guys throughout the last few years at school REPRESENTATION GOOD.

Pippa seems like a raging B. Will I love to hate her or just flat out hate her. Hmm.

For each example, Leo dropped a finger. He looked bored. I'm in love

God I just love Jane she's just wonderful.

He was compassionate where I was not and curious where I was angry. I already want them to kiss but this is one of your stories so I'm going to have to wait forever aren't I.

Thank Godric she finally told Albus I was worried she was somehow going to be able to hide it until the first game and then Gryffindor would be so screwed.

“Beats waiting until October.” Which I totally could have done if I hadn’t gotten those death thoughts in my head. I'm already learning.

“I don’t want you not to be involved,” he said. “You mean too much to the team and you’re too smart to disappear. I’ll figure something out, but promise you won’t just hide in your room and try and forget Quidditch?” Im in love with this Albus already bye.

I'm already getting attached to Gee and Albus I'm doomed.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #11, by radicallyali It's going to be fine, you know

4th April 2015:
Three reviews in one day look at me go!

Come on Gee, the longer you wait to tell people the harder its going to be. I just hope she doesn't wait until the first practice to tell Albus. I imagine he wouldn't take it very well. Not that he'll take it well either way.

Matteo seems sweet. I want to know more about him thought. Sweet and teasing towards Aurelia isn't enough for me. Can I have him after he and Gee break up or?

I see Gee has a bit of her mother's short temper. Good.

Again I don't have a lot because we're still meeting characters and the plot has just begun. I like Leo. He seems fun. And Sophia reminds me of Alicia a bit.

Who names their triplets after months. Who names a kid October. Their parents are mental.

I can't wait until the story really gets into the plot. I know you have to establish the characters and all but once everyone is introduced is when things start getting good.

You're wonderful etc etc etc the normal compliments :P

xoxo ali

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Review #12, by radicallyali It Happened in August

4th April 2015:
Okay I could have sworn I'd at least left a review for the first chapter of this. I've let Oliver down.

Thanks to those who haven't stopped pestering me to continue the Wood story I don't remember pestering you, but you do know I have a soft spot for Oliver.

I'm going to try to read a whole chapter before writing the review as opposed to doing it at the same time so my reviews might be a little shorter (I'm thinking about the monster reviews I used to leave on KA and H&S oops). I hope you still love me.

I had to write this before I lost it while reading the chapter but I'm imagining Oliver and Jane's reactions to finding out that Jane is pregnant. Let that sink in.

Alright. So I don't have a whole lot since this is the first chapter and we're still getting to know Gee and Aurelia. We haven't met Matteo yet but I can't imagine him and Gee stay together for too long into the story. She hadn't talked to him in awhile. Did she even tell him that she fell off a house because she thought he snuck out to Mr. Perry's cottage for a snog?

Seems fitting that I'm starting this story 5 years and one day after my Quidditch career ended ;)

I'm excited to read more because I love getting to know your characters. I love them all, even if I hate some of them, I still love to hate them.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #13, by squirrelsocks Comforts of Home

29th March 2015:
Hi! I'm sure you don't remember me, but a couple of years ago I commented on a chapter of 30 Days telling you that you were good at writing British people- I can't tell you how glad I am that I'm reading your stories again (cause I don't want to study for annoying exams). You're a brilliant writer and you're still writing despite the books and movies being over, even if that means that less people are reading your stories, so I really admire you for that, as well as for your incorrigible wit and, oh gosh, that character development!
This is sounding super gushy as it is but I'd like to say that your chapter dedication (14 on 30 Days, I think) made me ridiculously happy... And now I'm going to stop for fear of being called a Shrieker.
So, again, thank you. All the way from England.

PS. The London Underground is not as dodgy as you make it sound, I promise! So what if I have to carry a machete around with me? I look awesome with it.

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Review #14, by ruby_slippers Comforts of Home

18th March 2015:
I just so love this story! Wish I could just read the entire thing in one sitting - you know curled up on the couch on a rainy day (or sunny day actually) ignoring all things except the book your reading ... and the occasional calls of nature and hunger pains haha. I wanna do that with this story. Flipping love your characters and flipping love that Matteo McD**chebag is finally outed! And of course bloody love Leo and Potter!
And Gee and Oliver!!! Cannot even express my love for those two! Just hands down the greatest!

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Review #15, by ruby_slippers Comforts of Home

18th March 2015:
I just so love this story! Wish I could just read the entire thing in one sitting - you know curled up on the couch on a rainy day (or sunny day actually) ignoring all things except the book your reading ... and the occasional calls of nature and hunger pains haha. I wanna do that with this story. Flipping love your characters and flipping love that Matteo McD**chebag is finally outed! And of course bloody love Leo and Potter!
And Gee and Oliver!!! Cannot even express my love for those two! Just hands down the greatest!

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Review #16, by dobbyismyhero22 Comforts of Home

17th March 2015:
I had such a stupid smile on my face the entire time I was reading this. I just love Gee so much. After everything that's happened, she still has such a positive attitude and it's really just great to read. I'm looking forward to the baking chapter! xx

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Review #17, by B Comforts of Home

17th March 2015:
I LOVE THIS STORY!!! Oliver and jane are as cute as ever and I'm so proud of Gee for handling this so well. Matteo is an absolute douche and I'm glad Gee realised this! And I love Jane's advice about Matteo and Aurelia, Gee deserves so much better and she shouldn't be affected by their stupid relationship.
OMGOSH UPDATE SOON PLS !!! Love this story!

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Review #18, by merlins beard Comforts of Home

17th March 2015:
Wow, Gee is so mature about all of this. She handles everything so well. Other people would probably murder their sister if she did that. Mattheo is a disgusting example of how teenagers always compete for popularity. But it's not a contest. I can't wait for Gee to get together with Albus, because that is obviously where this is headed.
I loved the chapter. Can't wait for more.

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Review #19, by merlins beard Downward Spiral

2nd March 2015:
I've just started reading this story and i am completely in love with your characters. I loved the two fics about Gee's parents, but i'm a sucker for Next Generation fics. I love Leo the most because he is everything a girl looks for in a best friend and more. He reminds me of my best friend a lot... I love that Albus is that lonely boy even though he is famous and good looking and nice and perfect... he prefers to hang out with his siblings and is really serious about quidditch and his future with the sport. I can't wait for more.

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Review #20, by ScarletRoses Downward Spiral

25th February 2015:
I absolutely love that you addressed Leo in your author's note and your "you do you" comment. It is hard to believe there are still people sensitive about that sort of thing, but there really is. Love is love. And I think you held yourself extremely well in your author's note by not telling the person off. I would have.

BUT GREAT CHAPTER!!! Gee needs to beat the crap out of Matteo. More than just smashing glass on his hand. Albus should kick him off the team. Yes, yes.


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Review #21, by ruby_slippers Downward Spiral

23rd February 2015:
Haha screw you Matteo! Kid was a twot anyway! Bring on Albus! Love that she dominated that. So not impressed with Aurelia. There is a code. A sister code and the wench didn't just cross it she danced all over it then pitched a tent so far on the other side she can't even see the line anymore. The line is like a sprc on the horizon, not even a spec it is so dar behind it has faded into the stuff of myth and legends.
too much?
p.s. "douche canoe" is possibly the greatest insult ever

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Review #22, by jt Downward Spiral

21st February 2015:
I love this story so much. It's nearly as good as Oliver and Jane (only saying that because before I wasn't a big Albus P fan more of a James P, but I'm kind of loving Al now sooo..)

Okay, basically ignore that bit up there. You're a great writer. Awesome story-teller. And you know...I just love it.

I'm not making any sense so I"m just going to stop here and say I really enjoyed this chapter can't wait for the next one!

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Review #23, by Willow_Lupin Downward Spiral

21st February 2015:
Oh man! That's awesome! I've been waiting for her to dump him man that was worth the wait! I can't wait for the next chapter!!

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Review #24, by Sunshine&Daisies Downward Spiral

21st February 2015:
I'm so glad you've updated! I really enjoy this story and am always looking forward to reading each new chapter. Please update soon!

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Review #25, by Spyci Downward Spiral

20th February 2015:
Wait, why would there be a problem with Leo being bi? Super excited for the next chapter btw!!!

Author's Response: There shouldn't be. Really.
But to someone apparently there was enough of a problem for them to stop reading - so I figured if there was any other confusion out there, I'd clear it up.

So glad you're enjoying the story! Thank you so much for the review!

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