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Review #1, by Sunshine&Daisies Distraction

22nd July 2015:
Eagerly awaiting the next chapter! Hope to get to read it soon :).

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Distraction

20th July 2015:
Did I want to snog Potter?

Yes Gee, the answer is yes. The answer will always be yes.

“I want you to get hit with a Bludger. And then the second Bludger. And then the Hogwarts Express.”

This is the perfect response. This is something I would have said to a guy when I was her age. Ah, to be young again. Not that I’m old but man she’s sixteen? Seventeen? That feels like a number of years ago.

I said I was sorry. I miss you. I miss us.”

Excuse me while I vomit my breakfast.

I was physically attracted to Albus Potter. Captain.

Duh. Give the girl a round of applause for finally figuring it out.

“Her name was Lilah and she was spicy.”

I’m not entirely sure how I should interpret spicy.


This was great to ease back into. I’ve been gone for awhile because of work—adulting, why?—so this was fun to read. I’m really liking where this is heading and I’m glad she gave it to Matteo but I do wish she would stick up for herself more. I understand the be yourself, I don’t think she was being herself when she was dating him.

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell Comforts of Home

17th July 2015:
I love Jane and Oliver's relationship. They are such phenomenal parents, and their dynamic has only gotten better with age.

I also like Gee's response to this whole thing. It's real and kind of refreshing--she doesn't feel the need to be heartbroken. She isn't. She's a bit banged up, sure, but more by her sister's betrayal than some guy she really wasn't that into. She even feels some compassion for her sister, even though it doesn't eradicate her anger. And she has an honest, open relationship with her parents, who listen and give good advice. The whole thing just feels very real--nuanced and non-stereotypical, and I'm glad that Gee has had such a healthy response.

And everyone didn't turn against her, but against the guy who deserved it, because sometimes people can actually be sensible.

Little of this went the direction one might expect, but I like that. I think Gee comes across as a realistic character here. Good job!


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Review #4, by rising-dawn Distraction

14th July 2015:
You are such a great writer and I can't believe it took me so long to find you! Great chapter -- Georgialbus (Geebus? Albiana? Wow those all sound terrible) makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside :) Thank you!

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Review #5, by merlins beard Distraction

5th July 2015:
but she's not very smart about it. I like Leo's suggestion. Gee should have totally gone with what he said instead of going on a random date with a bloke who walks out on her like that. No girl deserves that, especially not Gee!!

Oh I really hope Pippa gets what she deserves... I can see Albus having something to do with payback for Gee... that could be fun.

I love that he is so obviously in love with her but she doesn't realize... he came to check on her after her horrible date and then spent the night, hugging her and comforting her and not doing anything he wasn't supposed to do... he's the most perfect guy ever...

I'm guessing Albus will have to tell her about his feelings for her sooner or later, Gee is just too stubborn to tell him first... Oh, they'll be so happy together... I can't wait!


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Review #6, by Anon Distraction

5th July 2015:
Holy crap. This story is so good. And it just keeps getting better! The buildup of Albus and Gee is so slow but SO worth it. It seems realistic, which is more than you can say for a lot of fanfiction stories. I love the scene with Matteo, showing what an absolute d*** he is and the one with Broderick and Pippa that broke my heart completely for Gee. Hope you update soon, any time frame possibly?

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Review #7, by Haley Distraction

4th July 2015:
Lovely lovely chapter as always :)
Poor Gee. It's so tough when you plan on having this one hobby and future career and suddenly she has to change everything and figure something else out. I really feel for her.

Also Leo is my favorite. I love how he notices the tension btwn Gee and Albus and wants her to just snog him. I couldn't agree with him more.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #8, by Sunshine&Daisies Distraction

4th July 2015:
Yay! I'm so excited you updated. I love this story and just adored this chapter. Full of laughs :). I look forward to seeing Al and Gee's relationship progress. Please update soon!

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Review #9, by Diana Hanson Distraction

4th July 2015:
I really love this story. I think Gee is adorable and Albus is precious. I really wish she would follow Leo's advice and snog Albus! It is amazing how much her relationship with Albus resembles her mother's relationship with Oliver.

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Review #10, by madness Distraction

4th July 2015:
I love it! But hot damn there is some sexual tension there!

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Review #11, by AUBS Red Wine

29th June 2015:
Please continue this story!!! I love your work and can't wait to see you come out with next for Gee!!!

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Review #12, by Hellli Red Wine

11th June 2015:
I've never written a review, BUT! I thought I would now. Also I've read Keep Away / Hide & Seek multiple times and I cannot put my love of your writing into comprehensive words.
(This goes for the whole piece, not only this chapter).
1) Matteo is a twa t :D I remember telling you this when you sent me this story's first chapter as a preview/what do you think-thing on twitter. And I love it, how twa tty he is. Especially because he makes Albus look SO good.
2) Albus is like, the perfect guy. He is so supportive and understading and really just the perfect guy. Heart-eyes, every time I read about him.

I neeed a new chapter. It's like a drug, I'm telling you!

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Review #13, by N Red Wine

10th June 2015:

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Review #14, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Red Wine

9th June 2015:
“I wanted to be rid of people who have a negative impact on my life,” I said flatly. “You’re next, darling.”

I wish I was this clever when I was in high school.

“You don’t know if you can bake at all. Have some fun with it.”

I like this logic. I know I can do nothing when I’m drunk. Just be loud and cheery. Not functional.

Mistress! You dog. I read the rest of the chapter with this big grin on my face. Reminds me so much of Jane/Oliver and yet Albus/Gee are two completely different people. Yeah, we had some familiar leg conversation, wine, flirting and baking but it’s still different. I find them to be a bit quirky even. This grin won’t leave my face though. It’s embarrassing.

I ship them harder than sailors on a boat.

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Review #15, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Comforts of Home

9th June 2015:
We slept together, Matteo. Don’t you think Gee ought to know?”


AURELIA, WHY CAN’T YOU HAVE ANY GOOD JUDGEMENT? She’s so desperate to be popular and in league with her sister she does such…silly (12+, rule, darn you) things. It’s ridiculous. There’s a sister-code you know.

It’s real.

“What? I’m brilliant!” Dad said defensively. “I’m the best parent. I win all the parent awards – why shouldn’t I hear?”

Oliver, I love you. Always and forever, Deeds.

Yes, I just wrote him a fan girl love letter.

Mistress, this review is no longer about you. Sorry.

Coming up next: Gee becomes a master baker with Albus.

Master…no, let’s keep this 12+. Haha.

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Review #16, by Tre Red Wine

1st June 2015:
This chapter was kinds of awesome, Gee and Potter are getting to be as adorable as her parents were in the original story. Great job!

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Review #17, by Anon Red Wine

31st May 2015:
I normally don't leave reviews, since it's rare to see someone actually writing and updating fics. But all of your fics are awesome (I came here from the Rose/Scorpius fic, and I LOVE the way you write Next Gen). The writing is smooth and the tension rises and you just HAVE to know what happens next. I'm going to go check out your other fics now ;)

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Review #18, by someone who should probably be stopped Red Wine

13th May 2015:
Lovely story! I'm hooked! I seriously read Keep Away, Hide and Seek, and this one all in the time span of a week because they were so good.

They should be illegal.

I love Gee's attitude towards all of this and I can't wait to see more development between her and Albums!

Lovely lovely lovely =)

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Review #19, by Sunshine&Daisies Red Wine

8th May 2015:
Love this story! So glad you posted a new chapter. Looking forward to the next one!

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Review #20, by ABookishBeing Red Wine

7th May 2015:
"if Matteo thought making the team was the way to become a Star Keeper, he was mistaken. That title was still taken, whether or not I was playing."
Excuse me as I die because of the brilliance and the sass and the Gee and oh look at that I've spontaneously combusted.
Albus and Gee are so perfect I loved this chapter. The parallelisms with The Keeper's Daughter are so strong, but I am really enjoying this story. I feel like most of your stories follow the "chase" or the events leading up to the relationship, but I really really really want to read Albus and Gee in a relationship so I hope you have that in store to indulge me.
Their constant being drunk is speeding things up and I love that so much.
Ah, beautiful chapter. I loved it. Especially because Albus is bad at baking. Thank you for writing and update when you're able to! I miss reading and reviewing you!

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Review #21, by Dee Red Wine

7th May 2015:
i love how jane and oliver are rooting for gee/albus! this chapter is so cute, i was basically squealing at the food fight and i like how gee is quick to defend herself. i need myself some wood comebacks, asap. looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #22, by merlins beard Red Wine

7th May 2015:
Aw cute!
I can't believe they had a food fight. This chapter was fun to read, all the light, easygoing conversation and fun was really cheerful. Gee deserved a fun night out after everything she's been through. Who would be better suited to join her than Albus Potter?

He already likes her a lot, and she is quickly falling for him... that makes me a little afraid of the next chapter. Albus will be hurt if she distracts herself with another guy. She shouldn't even have to distract herself, she should just accept her feelings and be happy. (I guess I'm in a happy/fluffy mood today)


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Review #23, by Gaia Red Wine

7th May 2015:

Gee without some dumb boy holding her back is what I live for! Taking control of her life and deciding to be happy! Brownies! Wine! Captain Potter!

I love seeing her thrive!

Also, brownies and red wine. You know just how to destroy me.

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Review #24, by dobbyismyhero22 Red Wine

7th May 2015:
I love Albus an unbelievable amount. Also, I can't get over how much I completely adore this story xx

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Review #25, by radicallyali Red Wine

7th May 2015:

I almost forgot what happened last chapter. Oh buddy.

I don’t think he remembered.” Sucks to suck Matteo.

Glad Gee is rid of him. He was awful.
I like happy Gee.


Sophia elbowed me. “Why are you two so smiley? It’s disgusting.” : - )

Albus winked and I was surprised to feel my face heat up. hehehehe.

Snog talk only leads to snogging.

“I am absolutely not licking brownie batter off your finger, Potter.” Gee you’re not fun.

The brownie-cakes tasted worse than rocks Oliver is going to be so sad.


“You should get that before someone easily distracted gets it for you.” ay that was smooth Albus.

I just want them to kiss. I’m whining. This is my whining that I want Gee and Albus to kiss already.

All the usual, I love the story the characters are perf 12234231/10 ;)

Xoxo Ali

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