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Review #1, by GuestWhoCan'tRememberHerUsername It's going to be fine, you know

19th April 2014:
So I just reread Keep Away and Hide and Seek for about the hundredth time this week, and I just wanted to let you know how much I loved those two books, and that I'm really excited about The Keeper's Daughter. Oh and not to sound insensitive, but Gee just really needs to suck it up and tell Albus about her issue.

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Review #2, by madness It's going to be fine, you know

10th April 2014:
Love it! Can't wait to see how Al takes it!

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Review #3, by Javery fannn (I might be Gealbus or Geatteo fannn now ;P ) It's going to be fine, you know

1st April 2014:
It took me longer than it should have to realise that the freaky colors and culinary word substitutes were a 1st April joke. (Alfalfa Pastry instead of Albus Potter I can understand, but seriously, what was chicken nugget supposed to mean??)
But despite it being sometimes difficult to read (and quite hilarious - I hope Gnocchi wins the Cup too) I really enjoyed this chapter! I know this is going to be an Alfalfa/Gee story, but so far I've got nothing against Matteo :P
Super curious how the fact that Georgiana's not playing will be going down. Also a headache was mentioned... I'm sure that'll help us to some extraordinary situations. Looking forward to it, as always :D
Till next chapter

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Review #4, by Fan from Norway It's going to be fine, you know

30th March 2014:
I loved your Oliver/oc story, and I'm already hooked on this! Please, please, pleaaase update! I can't wait for the next chapter! :D

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Review #5, by Hope's Mom It's going to be fine, you know

29th March 2014:
Gee needs to suck it up and tell her team about her injury. Waiting is hardly ever worth the worry! I loved Oliver's comment "I'm really good looking." Matteo seems nice. Won't he be surprised when her finds out he's the unexpected starter for the year. I think he won't be as pleased to find out why (with everyone else). Pippa should be an interesting character. Her asides about the Wood family will likely be rather painful for Gee. Thanks for a new chapter and the mention in the dedication - I am so honored!

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Review #6, by QuillIce97 It's going to be fine, you know

28th March 2014:
A dedication? Whatever for?

Author's Response: For being one of the amazing first people to review the story! Thank you for that!

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Review #7, by Penelope Inkwell It's going to be fine, you know

28th March 2014:
Bahaha, Im really enjoying the light-hearted tone. And I like how Matteo seems...actually nice. I mean, maybe hell turn out to be horrible, but you know how in a lot of stories the heroines initial boyfriend is so obviously awful? And there are stories for which thats the right choice--Im not a big fan of the blanket disparagement of plot points that can work. But it makes the girl look a bit dim if everyone can see hes wrong for her right off the bat and she just cant figure it out (which, I mean, does happen in life and so should be reflected in literature. But Ive seen an awful lot of it, and I like that it seems like its going to be different here). Besides, its far more common for relationships not to work out for reasons other than hes evil.

So yeah. If she was going to fall off a house for someone, at least he seems decent.

Nice to meet Sofia, Isla, and Leo. I always appreciate when an MC has good, supportive friends.

Im really interested to find out whats going to happen when Gee has to reveal all. And to really get to know Albus. I mean, I know weve met him, but it was so brief. I dont yet know much about him, aside from that hes Quidditch-obsessed and seems concerned about Gees well-being.

Also, meeting the infamous Pippa should be fun!

Favorite Quotes:

Im really good-looking, Dad said when I told him, which was not helping.

"Admittedly, he enjoyed power and thought it best exercised over Slytherins.

"Last year she tripped Aurelia when she was walking down the stairs with her friends. Ten stitches. Aurelia had it better, trust me. Pippa ended up overnight in the hospital wing and I had to clean toilets for a month. Worth it.
--Loved this, because it showed that as much as the sisters dont get along, theres still strong family loyalty that ties them together.

She told Aurelia to get a thesaurus because her swearing wasnt creative enough to warrant her last name.

Its all just little spelling things. Ive got nothing to say in regards to the story, other than that Im really enjoying the characters and am eager to read more!

"Lucky for me because she kicked the crap out of Anthony Meijer fourth year for breaking my heart.
--There should be an in before fourth year.

Pity. I was just telling Gee that I think its admirable to admit faults and only up until last year did I realize how to pronounce some of them.
--removing up until might make this a little bit clearer. Or saying ...faults, and up until last year I didnt realize how to pronounce..."

I mean, you wont, obviously, be maybe if something goes wrong because of Pippa.
--but instead of be?

Thats it! Thanks for another chapter. Its really amusing and enjoyable and Im already hooked!


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Review #8, by Hiii It's going to be fine, you know

28th March 2014:
Please update hormones x

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Review #9, by Penelope Inkwell It Happened in August

28th March 2014:
Oh my gosh, I love it already.

You have such a talent for making extraordinary circumstances (i.e. being a witch, playing a magical sport) seem totally real and relatable.

I can already tell that Gee is going to be a great protagonist. Aurelia, is a little brat, but she is at that age, and everyone has to start somewhere.

I ADORE Gees interaction with Alicia. Comedic skill, right here. Im favoriting this story right now. I already know that Im going to want to read the whole thing.

Also, I love the idea of finding something new to do, of having to pursue other talents than those youve always depended on. Starting over. Its a good problem to explore.

So excited for this new fic. Hooray!


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Review #10, by anon It Happened in August

26th March 2014:
Aarrgh! I'd been on waiting like crazy for u to start this story AND NOW U DID!!! I just hope u know tht there r ppl who r on d edge of their seats waiting for an update..fantastic portrayal of oliver as dad..he melted my heart :) u r d only author I trust when it comes to regular updates (altho how u do it is beyond me) whenever possible, pl add a few hundred words to this story... :) :) :)

Lotsa luv!!!

P.S: I don't think d status changing thing still reads 'complete' and that's scary cz u cld call it quits without any1 realising..u r planning to update, aren't u???

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Review #11, by Siriuslylovehp It Happened in August

2nd March 2014:
Why does it say that this story is completed? Are you not writing anymore?

Author's Response: I have no idea why it said complete - I've changed it! Thanks so much for letting me know! And thank you for the review.

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Review #12, by maraudertimes It Happened in August

11th February 2014:

Let me first say that I loved Keep Away and Hide and Seek so much, so it's super amazing to see Jane and Oliver's daughter take the spotlight.

Gee is amazing and I just love her. She's funny, sassy, stubborn, and everything I could possibly want in an OC. I just also love how she's quite over the fact that everyone knows her parents story, but not her own.

The fact that her and Albus are not at odds is really refreshing and I'm excited to see where you take this. Although, I kind of like Matteo, even if you haven't really introduced him yet, so hopefully he doesn't get hurt. (Although, if he hurts Gee, he's in for a hurting)

I loved Aurelia (and can I just say that I love their names), although I do see how she could be annoying. Is she perhaps a subdued version of someone in Hide and Seek?

Alicia! Oh, she would be the cool aunt. I loved her advice, and how you inserted something from the previous stories into this. Find a Brazilian boy? Yes, Alicia would definitely live through Gee. And her reaction to Gee not being able to do anything high-energy for six months was priceless, and so Alicia.

I loved this opening chapter and I'm so excited to see where you take this. Gee is so relatable (other than the jumping off a building for a snog), and I'm excited to see how Albus reacts to her not being able to play for six months and how those two grow closer.

Amazing job! I might have already said this, but I'm super excited to hear Gee's story!

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Review #13, by Hope's Mom It Happened in August

8th February 2014:
I like Gee! Oliver is the same as ever. There wasn't enough of Jane (and probably won't be too much of her I imagine, as this isn't her story). Aurelia has the annoying little sister traits down pat. I look forward to seeing more of Al. Great start!

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Review #14, by ReeBee It Happened in August

7th February 2014:
AH! AMAZINGLY FANTABULOUS! I literally like, need the update! Perfect! :D Great job!

You already know what I think of your work! Seriously though, dying for the next update! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #15, by Dee It Happened in August

5th February 2014:
I was thrilled beyond belief to discover that Mistress had made an addition to the world of 'Keep Away' and 'Hide and Seek', two of my favorite stories on this entire site. The author has an amazing writing style. The characters are unique, entertaining, and lovable and their interactions with one another are flawless. The inner monologue of the main character is always a treat.
I can't wait to continue reading new chapters of this story. The first chapter captured my attention and I'm already emotionally invested in Gee's story.

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Review #16, by QuillIce97 It Happened in August

3rd February 2014:
First chapter and I'm already laughing!!
Post another quick :)

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Review #17, by hai It Happened in August

3rd February 2014:
aaha i m so happy its up? does this mean 30 days is almost over? how many more chapters? but this story looks so good. is it wrong to ask how many chapters itll be? or how many years itll cover? (in her life)

Author's Response: Hi there! So glad you gave this story a shot :)

Yes, 30 Days is almost over. It will be 22 chapters total.

This story has only just started, so I have no idea how long it will be. It will either cover about half of the school year or the whole thing. I have yet to completely plot it out and figure out what I'm thinking, so it's definitely up in the air.

I hope you like it!

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Review #18, by Javery fannn It Happened in August

2nd February 2014:
Cool first chapter.

I might read Keep Away and Hide and Seek after all ;) Never really liked Oliver, but with Gee as a kid, he can't be too bad.

Georelia. My parents do the same thing. *Sigh* Well, at least that way they get it partially right. And Georelia has a ring to it, don't you think?


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Review #19, by drifting It Happened in August

2nd February 2014:
Good chapter - the boot & out the window part was hilarious. Really liked the Georgiana - Albus - Aurelia section too.

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Review #20, by Dawn It Happened in August

1st February 2014:
This seems interesting :) I feel for Gee since I recently got a concussion and couldn't do anything high energy for a long time too. It sucks big time.

I really like Gee:) And Alicia! Cool aunts are the bestest. I love their banter. I also like how you didn't do the cliched Albus-Potter-is-the-bane-of-my-existence-but-you-all-know-we-will-be-making-out-after-many-sexual-tensionish-scenes thing.

I've also never read Keep Away but I think I will soon :)

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Review #21, by UnluckyStar57 It Happened in August

1st February 2014:
Hi! I saw this first chapter, fresh off the queue, and I had to check it out!

I really love this so far! I think that it's a really interesting thing for a child of Oliver Wood to like Quidditch, but to not be a TOTAL fanatic, and then to have a "tragic accident" (that was actually sort of funny) that would render her incapable of playing. It's unique, and Gee's personality is super hilarious and awesome!

The only question that I have is: Will the next chapter be out soon? :)


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