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Review #1, by Gryffindor016 Second Day

2nd August 2007:
roem of requierment u moron,get a spell check its spelled engraved u stupid ass, u couldnt write a story if u tried dumb one please spre me the torture of reading thins any more and kill me now!

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Review #2, by zoe1 Second Day

4th February 2006:
hahhaha lol v.funny!!! dont think he would be that harsh to ron and hermione..even in his head....but its stll hilarious...i guess we hav similar senses of humour!! keep writing!! ~ zoe1

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Review #3, by blondefaerie Second Day

2nd June 2005:
these are funny! the first chapter to this one wasn't as funny, but I liked this one and Ron's Story. I liked them both. YAY!=D

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Review #4, by cheese eater What Harry Thinks

24th May 2005:
that was the worst storey i have ever read!

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Review #5, by Emma3 Second Day

8th June 2004:
HAHAHAHA!!!!! That's HILIRIOUS!!!! LOL I love it!

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Review #6, by ggh What Harry Thinks

25th April 2004:

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Review #7, by elizabeth kelley Second Day

21st March 2004:
hahhahhhahhhahahhahhahahhaahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahhah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but siriosly-hey sirius!back to the subject-when you portray harry like that it really seems that he should be in in forever.

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Review #8, by Lani What Harry Thinks

24th August 2003:
hey! HAHAHAHAHAHA that was funny! i think like that too sumtimes! cept the voldimort stuff n wizard stuff..yea. lol, well, i hope u rite more n update soon! lani

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Review #9, by Stars What Harry Thinks

20th August 2003:
OMG! So true. I dont think Harry would actually thin that, but then how am I suppose to know, I\'m not him afterall. He cracks me up though! Hehe! Anyways that would SO be like a boy with PMS. Hehe! Anyways maybe you could write a sequel? you know, a Ron version of PMS? Please and Thank you!

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Review #10, by Anon What Harry Thinks

17th August 2003:
this is funny. even though harry isn\'t always like that. can admit he is sometimes a bit PMSey, though.

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Review #11, by midnightrose What Harry Thinks

16th August 2003:
Hiya, Weeee! I\'m the first reviewer! Anyway, this story was so hilarious! ABSOLUTELY like a boy with PMS! Hahahaha! Love it! Love, Caty (ADVERTISEMENT: READ MY FIC \"AFTER THE PAST\" FOR $0.00! BUT WAIT! IF YOU READ NOW, YOU CAN R/R! BOTH THINGS FOR $0.00)

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