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Review #1, by DracoFerret11 mystify.

11th July 2014:
Hello there! First of all, I'd like to say that your banner is BEAUTIFUL. And the story was so sweet. So, let's go over things:

Grammar/Spelling: I noticed a few errors, but the ones that stuck out to me were, "opening a draw to his right" instead of "drawer," and "carefully placing his tombs" instead of "tomes."

Plot: I really loved that this story centered around books. I think it was a perfect scenario for Hermione to fall in love, and I think you paced it out very well. I loved their sessions of reading books together and the respect and admiration it fostered in them. Good job!

Characterization: I definitely think you hit Hermione's character on the head. She was just sassy enough at the beginning (side note: at first, I thought it was the HOGWARTS library, so maybe clarify that somehow, unless it already was clarified and I'm just dumb). Her progression to respect for Draco and his books was lovely. He was cold enough at the beginning and warm enough at the end without me ever questioning his change.

Descriptions: I would have liked a few more details about how things looked, sounded, felt, smelled, etc. We have a few instances of that, but I really wanted to be able to feel like I was there in the library, and I didn't always feel that way.

Emotions: I liked their growing affection. I didn't feel like it was too fast, and I think you justified it well. Good job!

Overall, I liked this a lot. Good job!

--Emily (House Cup 2014 Review)

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Review #2, by Lostmyheart mystify.

13th March 2014:
Wow. It was so beautiful and sweet.
I love that you kept it simple and yet so fulls of details at the same time.

And when he kissed her, I swear, my heart began to beat faster.
How you described the kiss was amazing, and so imaginable. All the wonderful feelings when you kiss each other for the first time.

I lovet it.
- Lostmyheart

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Review #3, by CandiFloss mystify.

9th February 2014:
It's really rare for me to literally squee when I read a story, and the fact that your writing merited that squee is a compliment unto itself.
First off, I love your characterisation. Dramione is my OTP, but it's such a tricky pairing to pull off - most of the time, the relationship seems stilted and unrealistic. Yours, though, was gradual, plausible, and evolved so sweetly that I couldn't help but smile. :)
Also, that little touch at the end? Connecting the initial burgeoning of sentiment to the ultimate state of love lends a beautifully cohesive feel to the story, and I think it finished off the tale wonderfully.
Finally, above everything else, I absolutely adore your writing. Stylistic narrating can be amazing when it's done well, as yours certainly was. The lyrical prose perfectly complemented the sweetness of the story.
Obviously, I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I am so touched by this review. Honestly, I've been sitting at my computer for about 10 minutes just trying to think about what I want to say - thank you just doesn't seem like enough. It's so wonderful to hear that the characterisation and interactions were believable (it is very tricky to pull off, especially in a one-shot). After much thought, the intellectual attraction was the only thing I could actually picture as 'realistic', so thank you for letting me know it was plausible! :)
And above all, thank you so, so, so much for those kind words about my writing. It really means a lot to hear that. I'm so happy you enjoyed the read :)

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Review #4, by Dark Whisper mystify.

26th January 2014:
No dairy (cheese) or corn that I see. :)
This was really cute.
I liked how you used the "roman numerals" like chapters in a book. It was very fitting and added to the style.
This could be any couple, but because it is Draco and Hermione, it adds to the significance of it all.

I think my favorite line was when they were in the restaurant... "Before she even feels the night has even started, the music stops..."

I have to tell you what a wonderful thing it is to loose track of time when you are with someone or feel that time flew by much too soon and you are not ready for it to end or to say goodbye. These are truly the best of times in a relationship. Talk and talk and talk... sinking into deeper territory than mere surface conversation.

Excellent. Realistic. Great read.

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: I'm struggling to think of response that could do this gorgeous review any justice ... Honestly, I really wasn't expecting much from this story (I wrote it in one sitting, and I never write fluff), so to read your review ... I'm speechless.
Haha, I am glad you noticed the Roman Numerals! They are my new obsession in stories right now. It's good to hear that they actually worked with the story well - I thought line breaks would make it too haphazard and stop-start.
And yay, Draco and Hermione :) I had trouble thinking of a one-shot for them, just because of their rocky history (it seemed daunting to forget all that and try and write them romantically in 7000 words or less). This idea that they would have intellectual conversations stuck with me, though, and I can actually see it happening. I am over the moon to hear that you found it realistic yourself.
Thank you so much for this review, it was just lovely to read. I could not thank you enough!
- Mahalia

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Review #5, by LaLaLuna mystify.

26th January 2014:
It wasn't corny - it was cute! Lovely work.

Author's Response: 'Lovely work' - thank you so, so very much; that just made my day.

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Review #6, by Stunned mystify.

26th January 2014:
It wasn't painful at all I really enjoyed it!
There was a certain air of mysteriousness about it that had me gripped from the very beginning!
I loved the very vivid descriptions and the whole Draco/Hermione stuff, really good!
Considering a sequel by any chance?
Stunned x

Author's Response: I'm so, so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! I'm not used to writing fluff like this, so I wasn't sure how it would be received. I'm flattered you think it is good enough for a sequel, but, alas, I am terrible at one-shots, and don't think I have the imagination in me to drag it out more than I have already. Sorry!
Thank you very, very much for this review! It was lovely to log in and see :)

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Review #7, by MC_HK mystify.

26th January 2014:
This is the best Christmas present I've ever received :)

Thanks brain twin! I love it!


Author's Response: You are more than welcome, dear :)

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