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Review #1, by Daphne brown Nursery Rhyme

2nd April 2017:
I LOVE IT! 10/10 :) ;) ;) ;) ;)

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Review #2, by Lostmyheart Nursery Rhyme

27th April 2014:
Hi Karou!

I'm here for your requested review.

This was a VERY interesting story, I had to read faster to see what happened next, what was behind that door and to see the reason for why was Draco so stupid! Seriously, his father is dead and the only thing he thinks about is to help him...

You've written it exceptionally well, and the story flow was very nice and easy.

I did like the repeating lines of the song, they gave the story a kind of ominous feeling to it. Though I'm sure of the extra space between the lines/sections were intentional. Personally I've had many problems with uploading a story and it came out with large spaces between the lines, so maybe that's what happened to you?
it would have been a lot easier for the eye, but it wasn't a big problem. Just a minor one :)

I seriously don't like basements, or attics... they're constantly added in horror movies and when the characters go down (or up) I always close my eyes. So here I was, reading you story and I was thinking 'I can't close my eyes this time, what now?' So I began to read faster, to get it over quickly, haha :) It was really scary, but it was a little weird ending - which probably was intentional. It didn't give a lot of explanation about the 'monster' and its gift for erasing a human being from the memories of all other humanbeings and just erased from life in general.

But then again, most horror stories don't have an explanation at all, and it gives your story a kind of interesting ending. It doesn't need to give much sense, and you did a great job scaring me!

I know you said you wanted me to come with parts you could improve, but honestly, when I like a story I generally can't come up with anything. So the only thing I can say right now is that you can fix the spaces if you want :)

I loved reading it, it was a very classic plot with a really great twist.

Big hug,

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for checking this out :)

Yes, Draco is very stupid sometimes! *cough Vanishing Cabinet cough* But he does love his father, or at least respect him in a strange way that's on the point of reverence.

N O O O 0 SPACES!!! I think they are haunting me.

I'm glad I scared you! That was really the point of this one-shot...and as for the reasoning, well, why don't you visit the monster and ask it how it removes people from existence? I'm sure it could pull up a chair for you...

I'm only joking! Don't go through the door. Listen to Scorpius.

Really? Thank you so much :) (Darn those pesky spaces)

Thank you for reviewing my story!

-Karou :)

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Review #3, by kenpo Nursery Rhyme

16th April 2014:

Wow... this was really haunting and fantastic.

I totally got that feeling of hope at the beginning. The image of Scorpius running up towards the house... new home, new life. I really want that for Draco.

The basement door thing is ridiculously creepy. It reminds me of the fact that I'm a little bit afraid of my basement. My dog REFUSES to walk past the door going down to the basement. So... hopefully there's nothing like this down there.

I liked the way that Astoria and Draco totally dissed the woman. "Yes, we know. Don't go down there, yup! Okay, gimme the papers!"

The song... that's so creepy. I've said creepy way too many times, but that's exactly what it is. Just ridiculously creepy. When Scorpius was singing, it was really a great way to enhance the creepy level. Someone when little kids do stuff, it makes things moer haunting and.. chilly. It reminded me of when the girl I nanny for suddenly got an imaginary friend (normal for kids her age), but I had just watched one of those ghost shows, and the ghost was the kid's imaginary friend... so it was really weird. And then the girl I nanny for made us sit on the porch waiting for the friend to show up for like two hours. I was so creeped out.

That's what this story reminded me of.

I think that Draco's devotion to his father is really sad. It gives us insight into his character, and why he acted the way he did. He just wants to make his father happy, and do what his father asks... Draco is such a heartbreaking character, and you indirectly nailed that point really well.

Another thing that's entirely realistic is how much the story changed without Draco's existence. It's odd to think about, but all the things that happened really did happen because of Draco.

I mean, even Draco's bullying could be seen as helping Harry "train" for the rest of his life.

This was so well written, and beautiful, and so so so creepy. I don't have any better words right now other than just "creepy".

You did an absolutely fantastic job with his.

-Huffleclaw/Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza-

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for coming over to review :)

I think he deserves a new start, on some levels. But on other levels...

Ooh...basements are just scary in general, I think. Attics are less so.

Use the word creepy all you like! I am smiling so much at this, you have no idea :D I've always found that song creepy, I don't know why but I just do, so OBVIOUSLY I had to write a ghost story about it.

That's...odd... Haha.

Wow, thank you! I wasn't even thinking about that when I wrote this, so that comment really means a lot to me.

You did an absolutely fantastic job with this review, I will be smiling for the rest of the day :D Thank you so much.

(Good luck with the Eggstravaganza!)

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Review #4, by adluvshp Nursery Rhyme

14th March 2014:
Blackout Battle 16/20

Wow, this was very, very creepy. It almost gave me shivers. The nursery rhyme part was especially super haunting and it got my heart beating fast.

I absolutely loved your plot idea of this. It was interesting how Draco's non-existence changed the fate of the wizarding world. That was my favourite bit of the story really.

The whole mystery about the door was also nicely written and had me curious about it in the beginning. Scorpius' dream was also very powerful and added more to the air of suspense and foreboding.

The events in the end were kinda shocking though and I felt pity for poor Draco. The "thing" that caused it all was the creepiest of all and I just hope it doesn't haunt me in my dreams tonight haha.

All in all, this was a spectacular piece of writing. You really did justice to the theme and genre, and your descriptions were very captivating and vivid. Great work!


Author's Response: Hi there!

Really? I'm glad you think so!

Thank you, and I'm glad you liked that bit. I reached that point and realised that actually, Draco has a huge part in the outcome of the war. There are other parts that I didn't mention (the Vanishing Cabinet for example) but Harry's death was the big one, I think.

Oh no, don't have nightmares! All you need to do is NOT go through any creepy doors and you'll be fine...or will you?


Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #5, by lady_devil Nursery Rhyme

7th March 2014:
For the Blackout Battle!

Hey there! I don't think there are any words that can describe this story...and I mean it. I love the Malfoy family so much, when I came across this story I had to read it!

I started to read the chapter first before I listened to the song, because I couldn't resist, and I loved how you made everything flow together from beginning to end. It was a sweet family moment, moving into the new house, as I kept reading you really turned the whole story into a haunting and beautiful story that left me wanting to read more at the end.

Defiantly am going to check out your other stories!

Author's Response: Hey there! Wow... thank you so much. That means a lot to me. I'm glad you liked it so much, and thanks for leaving the awesome review.

-Karou :)

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Review #6, by Iellwen Nursery Rhyme

29th January 2014:
review swap! :D

I see you suffer from the same formatting problems I do...! ^^
As far as I know, it happens while copying/pasting from Word to the website. As I was told recently, 'it's nothing a quick preview won't fix' ^^
But it's definitely a change you'll have to do when you have a few minutes as the spacing really does disturb the read... :)

The chapter's title is nursery rhyme so you could really use the song more than twice (or was it thrice?) because it reaaally creeped me out. :D
I had to listen to it first (found it rather easily on the web, found a version sung by anne murray.. Wow, creepy.) Nice choice!

I was wondering why you chose Draco since any wizard (or Muggle for that matter) could've been the protagonist for this haunted house story - until the end when the voice in his head explains and the summary suddenly makes sense^^
Considering where my wip is headed, how could I not love the idea behind this one-shot?! ^^

Have you thought of a prequel/sequel?

Cheers! :)

Author's Response: Yay! Sorry I didn't respond earlier, my computer was playing up and I couldn't get to this. Working now :)
Just read through the story - YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I don't remember the spaces being that big but it will be sorted as soon as I've reviewed one of your stories!
It was actually four times but the last time it was kinda split in half so that the meaning got across (I hope). I'm glad it creeped you out, that was the point!
I don't really have a reason for picking Draco - maybe it's because he is actually pretty vital to the outcome of the war but nobody really thinks about it much.
You just put a huge smile on my face I'm so glad you like it!!! I wasn't sure whether it would work out so your feedback is really really great! :D
If I did I'd probably call it a 'companion' since 'prequel' could either be before it happened to Draco or after it happened to Draco but, like, before Astoria grew up if that makes sense? It's all a bit timey-wimey :).

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