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Review #1, by Headless Tristan butterfly heart loves lilac girl

19th October 2014:
(Are you sure this is the right place? Oh okay then. Hold on, what are you - NO DONT DROP MY HEAD ISAAC. Blast. Put it back in my hands please. I'll carry it myself.)

He hem. Sorry about that. My servant, Isaac, he's useless.

Ooh what an interesting story. I loved the descriptions of Fleur, they were extremely vivid. In fact, all of your descriptions were amazing. I could picture it all, it was wonderful. I liked it where Katie imagined their would-be children - It was very sad. I have no children either, sadly. I had my head removed from my body when I was still young. I had not settled anywhere. And after the unfortunate axe incident, it was rather difficult to find anyone who would look past the fact that I do not have my body intact.

Oh, I'm sorry. How rude of me. Would you prefer I balanced it upon my neck to make me look less frightening?

I think my favorite part was the paragraph that starts 'You wrote me tiny notes in French'. The way that Fleur's English improved throughout the story was a really nice touch.

Right, I must be off. Isaac! Come take my head. That's it lad. Well done. Don't drop me this time.

Farewell, sweet Maia!

Tristan Flemingway,
Headless Horseman

Author's Response: why hello there Headless Tristan! thank you so much for dropping by and leaving this lovely review! i know you must be very busy what with your headless hunting and everything so it means a lot you would take time out of your schedule to read my waffly little fic!

i hope Isaac keeps a good hold of your head for you!

Head Still Attached, Cannot Ride a Horse

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Review #2, by mymischiefmanaged butterfly heart loves lilac girl

21st August 2014:
Hi Maia!

I loved your reviews so went back to the review tag and decided to return the favour :)

Wow - this is such an original story and is beautifully written. I really like Bill and Fleur as a couple so am unwilling to accept this pairing, but as a story this is brilliant. You characterise Fleur so well, and Katie's love rings very true.

Just a couple of things - you're quite inconsistent with Fleur's accent, which doesn't matter much but if you do come back and edit this that might be something to focus on.

Also near the beginning you say Katie's friends with Alicia, Angelina and Cho, but then say 'the three of us' when it should be four.

These are both really minor points, though. They don't interfere with the flow of the story at all and I only noticed because I was reading it carefully.

Well done for writing this. If I didn't like Bill so much I'd change my mind and support this pairing.

Emma x

Author's Response: Hiya! Aww thanks for picking me on review tag, haha.

I'm so glad you liked it! I am a huge Bill and Fleur fan too so getting this pairing in a challenge was hard for me, but I decided to give it a try. The only way I could really manage it was to pretend like this was an AU where Fleur and Bill had a bad relationship... even though this is set in Canon verse... idk, haha

I actually tried to show a progression of Fleur's accent, because as you live in another country longer your accent lessens, so it would be very different when she had lived in France her whole life and came over for the tournament to it would be when she was living in England full time for several years. Guess I didn't explain that well enough in the fic, haha.

Thanks for the review hun!


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Review #3, by simplelullaby butterfly heart loves lilac girl

20th August 2014:
Hey, simplelullaby here from the review tag! That was really something, oh my God I loved it. That's what I really like about challenges, the fact that they produce such original fics such as this!

Katie and Fleur, I never would've thought about it before today, but now it seems so very plausible. I love that you fit it around the canon, and made it so that what Harry knows of Fleur in the books isn't changed, but from a different perspective her story is changed completely. It's really very clever.

I think the best part of this one-shot was the fact that Katie's voice changed throughout the fic. You caught glimpses of how young she was in the beginning, while she was engaging in gossip with her friends or reflecting on her failed attempt at love before. I don't think I really noticed how much her voice had matured in so little words until the end, when she reflected on her life being a series of Fleur doppelgangers. It's just pretty amazing, and I loved it.

Another great point is that you wrote it TO Fleur, which just made it all the more personal. I felt like it was everything she ever wanted to say to Fleur, like she was writing a letter that she was never going to actually send. It was a great direction to go in!

Also, I really love when people choose a title because it has a REAL meaning for their story, and I loved your title choice. The butterfly heart which carried on throughout the story was so perfect, and it didn't sound like meaningless repetition at all, when things like this sometimes can. My favourite part was when you'd been so serious throughout the fic, and then had Katie say that lilacs weren't a butterfly's favourite flower. It was a nice way to end it, I thought.

The only thing that threw me from the story really was the formatting - the spaces between lines and such. But that's such a little thing when compared to the actual content of the story, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

So yeah, I loved it. Very glad the review tag brought me here!

Keep Writing,


Author's Response: oh my god, this review was far, far more beautiful than this story! thank you so much, you've honestly made me blush!

I totally would never have thought about these two for a SECOND if it weren't for the challenge. For two random characters, I think the assignment worked really well, and I'm glad you did too!

I am really glad you noticed Katie growing up over the course of the story. I really wanted to show a progression, here, to show this love which borders on obsession and how it remains a constant thing throughout Katie's life as she grows up - but then to show how it changes itself, too, how her love grows and changes, and eventually may fade.

I have to admit I have a secret love for writing in direct address. I definitely think it makes the story feel more personal, and while some people don't like the style, I'm really glad you think it worked here!

Oh, god, I'm usually so bad at titles. I think I got lucky here - I actually thought of the line about butterfly hearts long before I started this fic, and this was the perfect place to use it, so I had a title right from the start which is rare for me.

uuugh, the formatting. I've tried editing this about 5 times, but the HPFF editor just really hates me. I get so bugged by those big spaces - I will have another try at editing it as soon as my new fic gets through the queue, maybe it'll work this time! I'm glad it didn't affect your enjoyment of the story too much.

Thanks so much for this amazing review!


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Review #4, by maraudertimes butterfly heart loves lilac girl

11th February 2014:

I can't describe exactly how you write, because it is everything and nothing. You evoke feelings with your words, but then it's nothing and I'm just watching this scene like a fly on the wall, not realizing that it's sad.

Katie was beautiful, and the fact that she did not know why Fleur would love her, because she is 'plain' was heartbreaking but realistic considering that Fleur's beauty eclipses everything else. But it was sweet to see her explain why she and Fleur were in love, because I believed that they were and because of that, the ending broke me.

I think you wrote Fleur inexplicably well, and her need to keep what was happening between her and Katie helped keep canon in this story, which I liked, but also showed the somewhat delicate nature of this relationship at the time.

The ending broke me, because I wanted Katie to get over Fleur so much, because I did not want Bill to get hurt, or for Victoire to grow up in a split household, and I was shattered when they reconnected, because it inevitably meant heartbreak for Katie, which happened and just made me sad.

Ergh, this just made me feel things and though I loved this, I don't like feeling these things because I like being really happy, but this was beautiful and I'm just kind of rambling right now, but I loved this, and the first few lines were inexplicably gorgeous.

Great job, I absolutely adore this.

Author's Response: Oh my god, thank you so much for this gorgeous review! You are way, way too sweet.

I honestly only read happy stories but whenever I write I seem to end up giving such angsty endings! I loved writing this though, exploring the more painful side of love that we all go through at one time or another, and with a pairing who we have so little context for that I basically had complete freedom... it was really interesting to explore. So I'm very glad you liked it!

Thanks for reviewing xxx


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Review #5, by kenpo butterfly heart loves lilac girl

28th January 2014:
I read this earlier this week, but I'm a bad reading and didn't review (in my defense, I was on my phone, but that really shouldn't be an excuse).

This is so sweet. You write like a butterfly, if that makes sense. It's so simple, but so powerful. Like it's clear that you either just have ridiculously good instincts or spend a lot of time carefully choosing your words.

Either way, I'm jealous.

I LOVE that this is written to Fleur. The use of "you" is so powerful. "Sweetheart, I flock to you."

Ugh, I flock to this writing! Can you please just take all my plunnies and write them for me?! Or just let me steal your writing ability?

The plot was really well thought out, although sad. It looks like you've been able to take off your fluffy earmuffs and put your angst top-hat back on! Congrats! (Apparently, fluffy stories are earmuffs and angst is a tophat...? Alright. I'll go with it.).

Katie's love for Fleur seems to boarder almost on obsession, but it's still so sweet.

The tears had washed away your usual sugar lips, replaced them with salt. My mouth tasted bitter the whole way home.

You're killing me! This is too fantastic. You're such a fantastic writer. Never stop writing.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for this gorgeous review! I honestly can't even respond to your compliments about my writing style, you are way too kind. I feel like this is one of my messier fics and I don't really love the writing in it, but I've never gone back and edited it because it came from a place of raw emotion that I think I would lose if I cleaned it up, and the emotion is really what I was trying to get through here.

I am proud to be wearing the angst tophat again! haha!

Yeah, this love is definitely not healthy, but in a way it's almost too pure... like, it's not bad at all, but it will only hurt them both. It's a sad concept to write :(

Thanks for the lovely review hun!


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Review #6, by teh tarik butterfly heart loves lilac girl

27th January 2014:
Hello Maia! I'm here to review your challenge entry! aslkdjfvm gah this is such an amazing story. I'm actually really happy you chose to take the serious route with this fic instead of writing some crack!ship because this is such a pretty pairing! And gah, you've written both Fleur and Katie with so much delicacy and detail and passion.

I love how this fic is set in Hogwarts Era, during the events of GoF; honestly, situating your story within JKR's canon timeline makes your ship all the more realistic in the Potterverse; I think you've just filled in my headcanon gaps about what went on with Fleur during the Triwizard Tournament. :P

OK, Katie first. Ahh, I'm flailing a bit at Katie here; I love her voice, first of all, how tender she is, and I love the style of narration, in which she addresses Fleur directly. The entire story felt like one very long and very beautiful loveletter. I love all the terms of endearment Katie uses; I really do appreciate how unflinchingly honest she is with her love for Fleur - it's a quality that I really like in her character, and I think you've done a marvellous job conveying the extent of her love and affections. The part near the end where she tries to convince Fleur to leave with her and bring her children with her so that both of them can raise them together was just absolutely lovely, and I thought I had a glimpse of just how much, how very much Katie wanted to be a part of Fleur's life. Fleur should just take up on that offer and leave Bill ahahaha. :P I've always found Bill / Fleur a rather strange ship, anyway. :P aslkcoifasf and of course, the ending made me incredibly sad :( :(

Your portrayal of Fleur as a character is absolutely breathtaking, and so true to how she's written in canon. She has that ethereal Veela quality that makes everyone feel inferior when they glance at her. You showed this very well through Katie's enthrallment with Fleur; it's a lovely way to show the Veela part of Fleur's character. It's great to see that Fleur, despite that ethereal, almost unattainable aspect, reciprocates Katie's love; I think I've read a few fics where she's been portrayed as cold and snooty. But what I really loved the most was the final bit, where Katie sees Fleur as she is for the very first time, flawed and torn and deeply in love, and yet is unable to make herself truly happy. And Katie finds this more human version of Fleur even more alluring and beautiful, which is just ga;sklcji perfect. :)

Great use of imagery as well! The butterfly and lilac metaphor was wonderful and very fitting, especially with Fleur's name, and your descriptions were gorgeous.

This is a fabulous fic, Maia! ♥ I'm so glad you entered the challenge, and this fic has been such a pleasure to read. Thank you for participating!


Author's Response: Hiya teh! Ah I'm so glad you liked it! I admit,I toyed with the idea of making this a parody/sillyfic, but rejected the idea pretty quickly because as soon as you gave me this pairing, their story began to spring to life for me. I love me a good sillyfic but this just felt more serious as soon as I started writing, so I'm very glad you think that was the right way to go!

I have always wondered what Fleur spent all her time doing during the tournament! Think we've found our answer ;) Really, though, I'm a stickler for canon so I wanted to try and weave this into the existing story, see if it made sense that way.

I'm so, so glad you liked my characterisation of them both so much. I can't even respond to all the nice things you just said about my writing! My main aim when I'm writing is ALWAYS to make my characters seem as human as possible. I think intense, vulnerable love is something everyone can relate to, and it is almost the dominating part of Katie's personality here, and it also makes Fleur a softer version than we often see her as.

Thanks for this gorgeous review x


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Review #7, by LightLeviosa5443 butterfly heart loves lilac girl

26th January 2014:

How do you even.

I was going to leave you this review that was like, talking about constructive things. But I don't have a constructive bone in my body right now. This story was so well written and so beautiful and so thought out.

I actually got butterflies while reading it. (which doesn't happen a lot lately).

I'm in love with the way you wrote this, the way that Katie talks the whole time, the way that Fleur was flawed at the end. It was just so priceless and precious and it fit so well with the way the story was going. I felt like I was watching a movie in my head because the descriptions were so perfect.

I don't even know how you do it. Your writing is so beautiful and I'm officially in love with this story. Like I read it, then made my sister read it, sent it to a friend, and now I've read it two more times. I figured I should probably leave a review before I read it another eight hundred times. I might even bookmark this page.

Wonderful beautiful magnificent glorious story, Maia! You've knocked it out of the park on this one!

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Sarah. Ah you are literally too sweet.

I don't even know how to respond to this! So many compliments in such a short space of time! :P

Hah, butterflies. I'm glad my butterfly story could give you butterflies!

Awh wow, I always aspire to kinda paint a movie in the readers head if you know what I mean, I'm usually a very visual person so I find it hard getting description down onto the page. It really means a lot that you liked the descriptions that much < 3

Ahhh, you're so sweet for recommending it to our sister and friend *blushes*. I really don't know how to say how much this means to me that you liked it this much! I wrote this in kinda a mad rush and didn't put much thought into it so I really wasn't sure if people were going to like it or not - it means so, so much that you do!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review hon.


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Review #8, by katie x butterfly heart loves lilac girl

26th January 2014:
I think I may have just fell in love with your way of words. Wow.

Author's Response: Aww, you're so sweet. I'm so glad you liked it!


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Review #9, by LaLaLuna butterfly heart loves lilac girl

25th January 2014:
Loved it! Your voice was really powerful and the imagery was so strong. And the characterization was really amazing too. I never saw Fleur that way before, but I'll never be able to see her and Katie the same way again. Now to reread GoF for the clues that I know have to be there, this story was so convincing.

Author's Response: Ahhh you're so sweet, I'm so glad you liked it! I'd honestly never thought much about Fleur as a character before this, so trying to figure out how i wanted to portray her was a real challenge, I'm glad you liked how it turned out!

Ahaha no don't do that you'll just realised how many facts I probably got wrong ;)

Thanks so much for the review :D


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Review #10, by MissesWeasley123 butterfly heart loves lilac girl

25th January 2014:
Maia. Ugh. Why are you so talented. Seriously.

I need you to write a novel, you have to do it. I want you to write because you are so talented and your stories are worth reading. Everything you write is beautiful. I don't understand how you do it. Every one shot, every single word is such SORCERY AND CAN YOU PLEASE WRITE A NOVEL? I will buy it. Seriously. And I will tell everyone to buy it too. You are the reason why HPFF is so amazing. Writing as great as yours.

Everything about this piece was so flawless. How your mind works I will never understand, and maybe I don't want to. Just never stop writing. You are so great at it.

The little moments, your descriptions. Wow. The way you described their kisses. It was beautiful. My heart. Gah. *collects herself* I wish I hadn't told you to end it in angst, because to be honest, they are a beautiful couple. You described everything about them.

And the lilac and butterfly reference throughout - honestly go write a novel I swear to god. I love this. And this will be the piece that will make me favourite you as an author.

Katie. I felt for her. And she was... Brilliant. The pain the love - literally everything was flawless. And Fleur. You made her seem even more beautiful than she already was in the view of Katie. I loved it. How it was always, "I and you" and that to me was beautiful storytelling.

Never, ever stop.
And go write a novel too ugh. Why are you so good.
This piece. Beautiful.
Nadia ♥

Author's Response: Nadia. I just. hfhduhdfuhdfiuhdufhfh I NEVER KNOW HOW TO RESPOND TO YOUR REVIEWS YOU'RE JUST TOO SWEET.

I actually have written a bunch of novels... one of them's even published on Amazonbooks! But I don't use a pseudonym and since you're not allowed to give out any details on HPFF I don't think I'm allowed to link anyone to it! Never fear though, I'm gonna be writing a hp novel on here soon ;)

Ah so many compliments and I don't know how to respond to any of them, just THANK YOU SO MUCH IT MEANS SO MUCH THAT YOU SAY SUCH NICE THINGS I'm so inconfident in my own writing and hearing things like this literally puts the biggest smile on my face for days afterwards < 3

I did kind of have an ending planned where another five years go past, and Katie has kind of lost hope and begun to move on - and then Fleur turns up on her doorstep one day, with her three kids and an undetectibly extended suitcase full of all her stuff, and they live happily ever after, and even have another baby together and name her Lilac :D I wish there was a way I could do like an 'alternate ending' for the people who'd rather read the fluffy version, haha. But, idk, you can use that as your headcanon for what happens next if you want ;)

I don't know where the whole butterfly/lilac thing came from to be honest, so I'm so glad you liked that! I don't usually use such strong motifs and I didn't want it to come across as heavy-handed or anything :/

Okay, I'm gonna go now so I can flail about this review for ten million more years < 333 Nadia you're far too sweet and lovely! Thank you so much for always being so encouraging, and I'm so glad you liked this.


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Review #11, by Aphoride butterfly heart loves lilac girl

25th January 2014:
Hey there! So I was so excited to see you'd posted this up - I love pretty much everything you write and your stories are always so fascinating and fresh and shiny :)

This, of course, wasn't an exception ;)

It's odd, because although it's a rare, unusual pairing, I've actually seen quite a few stories about on various sites and things with it :P I've never read one before, though, but I loved it!

I love how you talked about the way Katie thought of Fleur as perfect for so, so long, you know? Thought she was amazing and beautiful and perfect and everything, and then, the ending, where she realises she's just as human as the rest of them... it was almost bittersweet, in the way that it kinda implied to me almost that Katie hadn't really understood Fleur, really, until that point, because she's idolised her and loved her for perfection, and then, only after that does she love her for her, as it is.

But then, that's just my interpretation ;)

I loved Katie's voice in this as well. It's so strong and I love the way she writes/talks - it's almost poetic. I liked how it was obviously an older voice, as well, as though Katie was talking to an older Fleur, telling her about them. Some of the lines in here were phenomenally beautiful, and you used repetition so, so well - I'm kinda jealous! :P

I liked how you wove it in with canon, too. I'm a huge canon-fan, haha, which probably explains it, but I liked how it was an unconventional romance, really. How Fleur was married, and they didn't really have a relationship after GoF and all that, except that they kinda did because they had a relationship of sorts and they loved each other... the little cameo by Victoire was so sweet.

I have to admit, there was a point when Katie was talking about other girls, that I genuinely wondered if this was going to end up as a Katie/Luna and thought THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. But it didn't, and it was still awesome anyway :)

I loved all the metaphors as well. Actually, I love your writing, full stop. It's just so gorgeous - and this really, really brought it out. Your style in this is fabulous.

So, yeah, you might not be able to tell, but I love this. If you're not on my favourite author list already, you will be soon (I can't remember if you are or not... my bad!)!

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey Hun! Sorry this response has taken so long, oops.

I'm so glad you liked the story! I had so much fun writing this.

I've never seen another story of these two, but I might try and seek some out, haha! I can't honestly think why someone would ship them without being prompted because they never interact in canon, but I've fallen in love with them while writing this, so I'm not complaining XD

I don't really know why, but it never even occurred to me to make this an AU. It was so much more interesting to try and fit it into canon - and so much more heartbreaking, really, because I already knew Fleur had to end with someone else. Though I guess end up is subjective, because I kind of like to think a few years after this story ends, Fleur comes to her senses and goes back to Katie ;)

THOUGH A KATIE/LUNA WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME. Wow, now you've got me wanting to write a sequel where that happens. Luna would be the perfect breath of fresh air and originality to make Katie get over Fleur. Maybe Luna is the heliotrope princess after all, hahaha!

Ahh, just thank you for this awesome review! Your one of my fave authors on this site so I get so happy to know you like my work XD


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