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Review #1, by ScorpiusRose17 Most Loyal

18th October 2014:
This is a really interesting one-shot. I don't normally read or write many with Bellatrix in them so this was fun to read.

I liked how you kept her real. She really is that character that will play with her food before she eats it and she never disappoints. She is just one of those characters that is also predictable, but you were able to keep me guessing throughout.

I like how Yaxley isn't afraid to put his two cents into her. A lot of the characters run the other way when Bellatrix confronts them, even her own husband seems scared of her, but I like how you chose Yaxley. Even in the books he seemed to be more... eye rolling at her all the time.

This was a fun One-shot and I look forward to reading and reviewing more of your stories in the future!

Slthyerin Review! :)

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Review #2, by Iellwen Most Loyal

9th July 2014:
In the name of the House Cup 2014, I review thy story! :D

BELLATRIX!!! How could I resist?! ♥

I have a little CC about 'Bella'. Rather than CC, this is actually most likely just my personal opinion so... If it bothers you, don't mind it ;)
I think that Bellatrix would positively hate anyone that is not Cissy (CC, Cissy, haha! Sorry^^') call her Bella. I don't even think Rudolphus has the right to use her nickname ^^'
So I was really surprised that she lets Yaxley, whom she so obviously loathes, use the nickname given to her as a child from her parents and sisters ^^
Also, Bellatrix only became 'Bella' in the books after she found out Voldy was a Halfie and that she wasn't his fav' anymore, after screwing up in the Ministry and being severely punished for it. And after her 'Lord' started threatening her own family and blood.
Voldemort does call her 'Bella' but only after she's failed to retrieve the Prophecy and stops being the 'Amazon' that is Bellatrix.

I have that fixed idea that Bellatrix really, really enjoys pain for her twisted reasons and you've showed that pretty well in the first part ^^
Her thought about Chocolate Frog Cards was really cute - but that's the 'problem', I just can't picture Bellatrix even thinking something cute, let alone something about sweets ^^

About Yaxley; I don't think Deatheaters would try to help one another, especially not Bellatrix, who is their Lord's favourite :/
Also, I felt it was a bit 'uncharacteristic' to have him explain to Bellatrix that their Lord, whom they both serve and adore as a living god they would willingly die for any day, would only bring her pain and that it's a bad thing.

I absolutely LOVE that she repeated 'will I stop, will I stop' quickly; I could perfectly picture her, looming over her choking victim, smiling madly and shrilly taunting him!
Also, I love her answer to Voldemort; sooo loyal. Not worry about her but his plan she might have disrupted!!! Awesome!

I like that delusion you brought forth, the one that makes Bellatrix believe Voldemort probably cares about her and only her, that he's changing, that he could (*shudder*) love.
I love that you had her have a panic attack as that little voice inside her head reminds her the Lord never said such things ^^

You had a little comma misplacement there: "my old, friend." I think there shouldn't be one at all ^^

I really enjoyed reading and giggled at her madness :D
Kudos for going out of your comfort zone!!!


Author's Response: Thanks so much!!

This review made me really want to continue this right away and not be lazy.

And the cute thing, she was sane at one point. Also she's hearing voices shes loosing herself. On the verge. And yeah good point about the name I forgot about it. Lol.

Thanks again!! Maybe when the house cup is over you can help me with this.


I agree on everything you pointed out,
There's a reason Yaxley is like that I just never finished the rest it was suppose to come out in due time.

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Review #3, by Courtney Dark Most Loyal

17th February 2014:
Hey there! Thank you so much for entering the Uncomfortable Challenge!

I'm sure Bellatrix Lestrange would be an extremely difficult character to write about, as basically all we know about her is that she's a horrible person who enjoys torture and went more than a little insane while locked up in Azkaban. I personally have a deep loathing for her as she killed Sirius - sob!

Anyway, I think you did a good job with her characterization! She certainly seemed creepy and there were certain moments throughout this chapter when her insanity definitely showed through! I also enjoyed the way you wrote the torture scene.

Nice job!


Author's Response: Thank you sooo much!! I've been checking for your review constantly I couldn't wait to see what you thought of it.

It really was a challenge, I always wanted to write about her but couldnt seem to get it right, so I loved this challenge, I had to really do research, which didn't come up with much and wrote this several different times.

Sorry bout the long babbaling lol, again thank you so much.

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