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Review #1, by Dee here Sabotage

21st May 2014:
Good start, I'm hoping there will be more James in the next chapter???

Author's Response: I haven't started writing it yet, believe me or not. Too many exams and all that, but yes he'll be popping in once or twice. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Ed's girlfriend Sabotage

21st May 2014:
Love the story keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thank you, I will try my best!

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Review #3, by Heather Sabotage

21st May 2014:
An asthma attack?!:'D defo my favourite part of the whole chapter

Author's Response: Thank you, ha ha. I didn't want to overdo it but sometimes I like it completely unrealistic!

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Review #4, by Guest Sabotage

21st May 2014:
A few issues with this:
First, you tend to do a lot of rambling and find yourself way off topic, but hats off to you, at least you don't do the whole 'anyway, where was I?'
Second, you use the word 'but' a lot, which is not a big issue but it would make it better if you used different vocabulary.
Last thing, some things are a little amateur and sound too put together making the story seem too false so we don't really have the feel that it's actually happening. The ending particularly finishes too quick and is too unrealistic I think.
Okay, enough of my criticisms, I do actually like this story and where it seems to be heading.
I really like how you introduced James as if he was a background character who can be very sweet, whereas in most stories he's immediately the most popular boy in school who is a plain a-hole.
I also liked the surprise that it was her best friend! I mean, it was obvious that it would be Rory, but I did not see Hannah coming!
My favourite part of this story is the main character, she's just so quirky and comes off with the most random statements. She reminds me of basically every other girl's thoughts that they would never voice.
All in all, I sincerely enjoyed this. Please do not take my criticisms in the wrong way, as a fellow writer I know how handy it is for people to point out flaws in my work.
Good luck in the future. x

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for the feedback. I'm glad you told me all this, I always like help with improving my work so it really means a lot. Ah, yeah, I see what you mean about some amateur flaws seeping through. Oh and I'll work on broadening my vocabulary.
Aw thank you, those were the things I really wanted to bring across, especially the James thing! I just don't want to do the overdone stories with James in them! And yes, I love her, it's really just me in novel form!
Thank you, love hearing feedback like this!

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Review #5, by jess Sabotage

21st May 2014:
Please update quickly I want to know what she's gonna do!!!

Author's Response: I'll update as soon as possible, trust me I can't wait to find out either because I seriously have no clue right now.

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Review #6, by anonymous Sabotage

21st May 2014:
This woz great, pls update soon

Author's Response: Thanks very much, it's so amazing getting reviews so I'm seriously basking in happiness right now. Thank you thank you thank you.

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Review #7, by YOUR BEST FRIEND FGT Sabotage

21st May 2014:
Fabulous darling,just beautiful
You know who this is Em ;)

Author's Response: HOW MANY TIMES DAMMIT
LY2 u big ginge

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Review #8, by Guest Sabotage

21st May 2014:
Flippity flip, that was surprising that it was her best friend. I knew, I'm sure everyone probably did, that it was gonna be her boyfriend but nice touch that it was her best friend! Holy cow, can't wait to read more, so do update quickly.

Author's Response: I was hoping it wouldn't be too expected, so that means a lot. I will update quickly, just for you, oh good Guest.

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Review #9, by Sara Sabotage

21st May 2014:
Omg that was intense. Great start please update soon

Author's Response: Thank you, it was intense indeed. Stupid slut. Thanks!

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Review #10, by befuddledbroomsticks Sabotage

21st May 2014:
Oh no she didn't.
How could someone obsessed with Superman be such a b*itch?! Ew. And this Rory guy seems like a douche bag. I just want to kick his head in.
But I like James! He seems cute, and he likes her obviously. Just please do not make it too cliched when writing about him.
Also, I would advise you not to use puns like 'complainionship' ever again. In fact, just steer clear of all puns. It's for the best.
I definitely see potential! Update soon.

Author's Response: Oh yes she did.
I know, she has such great taste too! Oh he is, just wait for later on in the story.
Aw, do you? He is quite, and don't worry there will be nothing cliched about this.
Thank you for taking the time to read it, I'll try my best to update quickly.

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Review #11, by Leah Sabotage

22nd January 2014:
Really interesting start! Please continue and get the next chapter up! I want to know who it was and what she's gonna do

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for the review and I am horribly sorry for this late response. Very embarrassing.
But yeah, I do plan on continuing with this story, I have a little more ideas on where I am going with it so the hope is that it will a lot better.
Thank you again!

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