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Review #1, by pointless_proclamations Reading the Signs

1st October 2014:
Dear Meg,

Why did you do this?

Poor Hermione is already stressed and all. And Sirius was very sweet to have comforted her in that way. That was a really cute scene.

You did a really good job of reminding readers of the seriousness of the situation with Hermione's reaction to the Daily Prophet and the pensive. I hope this will cool some of the hot-headedness from last chapter.

You know, you dropped a whole lot of anvils on my head with this chapter!

I love the Prewetts and I can't wait to see what you do with them! Friendly rivalry, possibly?

Why Meg? Why is Marlene so mean? Why would she do such a thing? I know that Sirius doesn't mean it, but with how stressed Hermione is, are you going to make even harder for them to get back together? Is this fight going to be different than all their other ones? And can Hermione get herself together after all these things?

Your story just gets more and more exciting!

Em (with a bruised head because of the anvils)

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Review #2, by pointless_proclamations Her Burden To Carry

30th September 2014:
Dear Meg,

You actually scared me. The flashbacks played like a movie in my mind. It was a brilliant effect. Absolutely genius on your part.

I love how we get to see some Hermione with Remus again. She really is close to every single person in this group and each in a very unique way. The variety of her relationships makes this all more realistic.

She's got quite the potty mouth, too, doesn't she?

I feel that the broom scene kind of marked the reunification of the group. They seem closer now more than ever.

How do you not run out of ways for Dumbeldore to write out the password in a sentence?!

That last paragraph just brought a whole new set of things to worry about. At the same time, you've shown that Hermione is so good at anticipating situations that can turn badly.

The greatness of these chapters never diminishes, huh? ;)

Hugs and chocolate mousse,

Author's Response: Dearest Em,

I'm so sorry that I scared you! I couldn't do anything too horrible to Peter. I love him too much. Wow, I don't even know how to properly respond to that. Thank you so much! I'm more than happy that you liked that. :D

I see too many stories where it is just her and Sirius and that's all. I don't see it happening that way, at all. I personally think that she would become close with all of them, each in different ways of course. And Remus was someone who she already loved and respected, so I can definitely see a genuine friendship forming there.

Haha, not normally. Sirius tends to bring that out in her. ;)

Yeah, that kind of was the way of showing that everything is - for the most part - back to normal. And I couldn't have her spend all that money for Sirius to never receive his broom!

I honestly have no idea where they come from. One of those sleep deprived moments, I think. hahaha

Never a quiet year at Hogwarts for her. Even in the past. The poor girl. But with her always anticipating the worst, she's definitely prepared.

:blush: You're entirely too kind! Thank you!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm just going to hand over an entire ocean's worth of mojitos... There's a possibility you may need it.

Copious amounts of Firewhiskey, Butterbeer, mojitos and love,
Meg ♥

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Review #3, by pointless_proclamations Please, Please be alright...

29th September 2014:

I cannot seem to write this one fast enough. WHAT IN MERLIN'S EXTENSIVE COLLECTION OF LINGERIE DID YOU DO?! Is this why you gave me mojito, butterbeer, and firewhisky?! Meg, you cruel, cruel soul, but so thoughtful at the same time! You are brilliant.

I must say that I love the bromance between Sirius and James. It's so cute. They are adorable together. They make up so easily. I can feel the love going on between them.

Lily and Hermione's talk was heart-melting. I cannot say more.

That duel was great! What a way to change the pace. It's written amazingly. Curses flew everywhere it was spectacular.

But then Peter. . . Meg, why would you make me fall in love with your characterisation of this sweet and kind and caring Peter only to have him bleed out? I am mentally chanting the title of the chapter as I write this (very appropriately titled, by the way).

Hugs and Belgian Waffles,

Author's Response: Hahaha Em, I absolutely love you! ♥ I can't stop laughing every time I read your many variations of Merlin's wardrobe! XD Yes, that would absolutely be the reason I provided the mojito, butterbeer and firewhiskey. :hides: I'm sorry! But thank you!

Sirius and James might be my favorite friendship of the entire series. I just love it. It's a very rare and wonderful thing to find a friendship such as theirs. I'm really happy that it seems to be portrayed well! :)

Oh that was an emotional one for me. Lily broke my heart there. :(

Eek! Thank you! :hug:

I know, I know! I'm sorry! But out of all of them, he is the least skillful... The poor thing. I hated doing that to him. But, hopefully, he will be alright.

Love, an apology letter and a barrel of Firewhiskey ;)
Meg ♥

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Review #4, by Regine It's His Mark

29th September 2014:
Wow okay this story is so good and I just love it. 10/10 would cry

Author's Response: Hi there!!

Aww thank you so much!! I'm thrilled that you are enjoying it!! Thank you for reading and taking the time to leave such a sweet review!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #5, by pointless_proclamations The Room Of Requirement

27th September 2014:
Dear Meg,

I'm guessing that this is the chapter I can breathe normally through before you get me stressed out again. That's wasn't completely the case.

That being said, this chapter was so sweet. Everything from Lily and James's reaction to Harry's abilities and Peter's conjuring of a corporal patronus. The dolphin is very very fitting to how you've made him out here.

However, this chapter brought up some topics that require a degree of concern: Sirius's jealously of Peter, Peter's uncertainty of himself, and James's moodiness.

I am hoping that the first and second issue do not amount to Peter's self-fulfilling prophecy and that the third issue is solved soon. But I do not know how this is all going to go down because you are quite unpredictable, Meg.

Your ever anxious, ever cookie consuming fan,

Author's Response: Hey Em!

Haha, yes. This was the chapter I was referring to. I'm sorry that didn't end up proving to be true. :hands over extra cookies:

I'm not going to lie, I became a little emotional writing James' reaction to what Harry could do at that age. I never imagined, when I began writing this, that some scenes would hit me so hard. It's a pretty crazy/surreal experience. And it makes it so worth it when I receive reviews like yours. :) I searched for quite some time trying to find the perfect animal for Peter. I thought that fit him (the him I've created for this story) perfectly. I'm so happy to hear that you feel the same way!

:grins mischievously: I guess we'll see...

Hermione has done a pretty good job with putting those boys in their places, so far. Hopefully she'll continue to do so and all of this will blow over. But like you've said, I can be a bit unpredictable (which I'm still hoping isn't a bad thing) so you never know what may, or may not, happen.

Big hug, lots of love and a Firewhiskey (I have a feeling you may need something stronger for the following chapter),
Meg ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #6, by pointless_proclamations The Truth and The Order

27th September 2014:
Dearest Meg,

I have entered this chapter armed with your freshly baked cookies and mojito. I feel like I need it.

Dumbledore just earned so much respect for what he said in anticipation of Hermione's revealing everything. I read it all with my breath held. Same goes for Peter later in the common room. Wow. I really like what you have done with him. Your more than redeemed him at this point. You've warmed me up to him even more than I ever thought possible.

Meg, I was so worried that they would actually not trust Hermione anymore, but they the way you made Peter talk some sense into them was just so lovely to read.

I'm now curious about how James and Lily will start acting around each other. Even more so, how are you planning to utilised the Recognition Charm? Attempted trickery via Polyjuice Potion? On top of that, what in the world will they do about Voldemort now?

Sunshine and strawberry mojitos and loads of love,

Author's Response: Em! ♥

:D Glad you had the cookies and mojito with you for this chapter.

I feel it was very important for Dumbledore to say those things before Hermione launched into her explanations. It provided more validity to what she would be revealing to them all. And I feel he owed her at least that much, considering everything he - well the future version of himself - has asked of her. I've honestly really fallen in love with my Peter. He's one of my absolute favorites of this story, so I love hearing others like him as well. :)

Peter and Dumbledore's words have definitely made a great deal of difference in her friends' reactions. Although, James is still rather iffy at the moment. Hopefully he'll come around.

If anything, this will strengthen their relationship even more, I think. Anything is possible... ;) I imagine, from here on out, they will be working towards participating in the war, which is bound to happen. I can say that much. :p

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the kind words and love you have given me and my story! It means the world to me, Em! ♥ ♥

Love, hugs and Butterbeer,
Meg ♥

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Review #7, by pointless_proclamations The Final Horcrux: Hermione's Worst Memory

26th September 2014:
Dear Meg,

Four days sure fly by fast when you are anticipating extreme pain. I felt more sympathy for Hermione here than in any other chapter so far. You did such an amazing job of slowly breaking down her stability. It tore me up a bit.

I'm now imagining a swimming Dumbeldore. I am not quite sure what to make of it.

That scene, Meg! You know which one. It was so thrilling and uncomfortable to read in a good way. That agony was written so well! Then there is this surge of pride because of her success. She really makes for an epic Gryffindor.

This chapter brought so many more questions: what will Voldemort do? How will they react to her secret? I can imagine so many ways they can react badly and I hope none of them come true. Will there be a battle? What is going to happen? Meg!

Your story stresses me out, but I love it,

Author's Response: Dearest Em,

Time does definitely speed up, quite a great deal, when dreading something exceptionally unpleasant. Aww I'm sorry! Well I am and I'm not haha. It's an enormous compliment knowing that I could invoke that kind of emotion in someone. :D

Bahahaha! That would be a sight!

Aww thank you!! ♥ Remember how I told you that I had a few scenes vividly in my mind, since the beginning? That was one of them. I knew that was going to happen since day one. I couldn't wait to get to that part and write it all out. I'm really, really happy that you liked it! *squee*

I want to tell you everything so badly! But you'll have to read on and see. :p

I'm so sorry for stressing you out! :hands over freshly baked cookies: Hope that helps!

Hugs, love and a mojito (for the stress),
Meg ♥

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Review #8, by pointless_proclamations Awakening

25th September 2014:

I felt such relief when I found out that Hermione wasn't detrimentally harmed and--wow--did Sirius show some real dedication to her. They are so, overwhelmingly in love with each other and you show that so well.

You made me feel such pride for Peter for telling everybody what's been going on with him and for standing up for himself (and Hermione). I think you've completely redeemed our perception of him from the books.

I was wondering if she was ever going to tell anybody about that little duel. . . ;)

Meg, that scene in the Room of Requirement was so sweet. I can't imagine how much more annoying he'll be to James and Lily now that he knows this. :P

I also can't imagine how you could follow such a sweet scene with one that primes us for danger and horror (?). Why did you do this to me, Meg?!

Oh and she'll be so nervous and out of it in anticipation for the journey, won't she? Will Sirius notice? Does she know how to not disturb the Inferi? And Hermione is planning to be the one who drinks isn't she? Oh dear, I hope she and Dumbledore will be okay. And I hope that Hermione can remember all the wonderful people (her parents, Sirius, Harry, Ron, Lily, Peter, James, Remus, EVERYONE) and things in her life to get through it all.

Your anxious fan,

Author's Response: Hi Em! :D

No, she was pretty much alright. Just a little shaken up. They truly are very deeply in love with one another. I'm so happy that is being portrayed well. XD

Eep! You have no idea how happy it makes me every time I hear someone say that they like Peter! It's not easy making one of the most hated characters in the series likable.

Aww thank you! That was another one of those scenes that I just loved writing. Eh, he's not going to give James and Lily a hard time, since they don't know about Hermione... (yet?) ;)

I know, I know. I have a really bad habit of ending chapters that way, don't I? :hides:

All of those questions that I can't answer haha. We'll see how everything plays out. :D

Thank you Em for all of your reviews! I love them and appreciate them more than I could tell you! ♥ You're interest in and kind words for this story make my heart all fuzzy.

Tons and tons and tons of love,
Meg ♥

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Review #9, by pointless_proclamations The New Year's Party

25th September 2014:
Your actions warranted the use of all caps for this review.



I should start at the beginning.

Hermione's really is good for Sirius. Poor Peter. It really is a good thing that she is there for both Peter and Sirius. And she always does make up with Sirius quickly when they fight.

You've made Crouch, Malfoy, and Snape amazingly detestable. They are so easy to despise. Were they also looking at her because they were thinking of having her join the evil following of Voldemort?

Your action scene is well-written. It was gripping and exciting. I couldn't stop reading.

And then you went on to send Hermione into unconsciousness. I am hoping she'll love or this will be cruelest plot twist ever. I also hope that whatever happened, it was not detrimental to her health in any way. I'm so worried and anxious, bit I can't bring myself to hate you for what you did. It was too good.

All in all, another wonderful chapter. You just write so well! This story just gets more and more interesting.

Hugs, love, and hot chocolate,

Author's Response: Bahaha! "Merlin's Toeless Socks!" :D
:hides: I'm sorry!

I think she is, absolutely. She definitely puts him in his place, which is no easy task haha. I know, poor Peter is terrified. But at least he has someone who he can confide it and trust. Someone who he knows will have his back. :) She is proving to be quite beneficial to all of them, in one way or another. That stems from my personal life. When my boyfriend and I fight, it doesn't ever last long. We always try to resolve it as quickly as possible and move on. It's healthier that way.

Oh they were just awful! Lucius is intrigued, Snape strongly dislikes her and Crouch desires her. So they all had different reasons for being creepy.

That scene took a while. I found it rather difficult to write, so thank you!! XD

Well... I can't give anything away. I guess you'll just have to keep reading. ;) I'm glad you can't bring yourself to hate me, though! I would be really, really sad!

Eep!! Thank you so, so, so much!! ♥ Once again, I have a humungous smile on my face from your amazing review!! I hope you continue to enjoy this!

Ooh yummy, hot chocolate! :)

Much, much love, plenty of hugs and cupcakes,
Meg ♥

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Review #10, by pointless_proclamations I would if I could, but I can't.

24th September 2014:
Dear Meg,

You have yet another wonderful chapter here.

I love the James-Sirius bromance scenes. They would make a lovely couple. Cuter than James and Lily and Hermione's and Sirius I imagine. ;)

I love hide and seek. It's a game that even I still wish to play sometimes. That was hilarious and adorable. And you twisted that and went on and created a little heartbreak of a scene.

I also like how Lily and Hermione are getting along It must be rather odd for Hermione to know part of Lily's future.

I see more familial bonds between Remus and Charlus and Dorea. And I am a sucker for such familial bonds. I smile an sigh here.

"He doesn't deserve this. I wish I was able to change that as well," is something I've been thinking about. I have this massively nerdy perception of Lycanthropy. I'm identifying it as a virus. At least I think it would be. I don't know too much about viruses. . . My original point is that Hermione is such an empathic character. She has all these commendable traits.

And oh dear! Sirius finds out! He really is quite clever and he understands her so well. At least he's conflicted as opposed to intent on making Peter worse. That's quite sensible of him.

Padfoot and Prongs are ridiculously adorable, by the way. How childishly playful and charming at the same time.

Loads of hugs and cookies,

Author's Response: Hiya!! :D

Thank you!! ♥

Haha, I know. Aren't they quite ridiculous? They would be absolutely adorable! ;)

Me too! I haven't played in forever, but I loved hide and seek as a kid. Especially in the woods, it was always so much fun. But yeah, it turned quite serious (excuse the pun) there for a bit.

I'd imagine it would be tough, becoming so close with someone, knowing they may not be alive in the future. But who knows, there's a chance she will now. And Hermione is holding on to that hope that they all will be. It's what gets her through each day.

I like to think that the Potters treated Remus and Peter as part of the family, as much as they did with Sirius. I'm happy that made you smile! :)

It completely makes sense to view it as a virus. That's how JKR viewed it, so you're in good company. ;) And she truly is. It's one of the 1,000,000,000,000 reasons why I love her hahah. (I may have embellished there a bit. But I still adore her)

Hermione was foolish to think that he wouldn't figure it out. After he had found out where she was really from, he would definitely start putting pieced of the puzzle together. I imagine it would be a tough spot for him. I wouldn't know what to do either.

I'm such a dork. I laughed while writing then and then again when I read it over while editing. Who laughs at their own writing?

Tons of love - in form of cookies - and hugs your way!
Meg ♥

(Look how quickly I answered a review! I'm so proud of myself haha)

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Review #11, by pointless_proclamations Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.

23rd September 2014:

I really don't have much to say. I'm quite speechless.

As ever your marvellously grand writing was captivating.all those scenes were endearing and adorable. I couldn't tear my eyes away and I didn't even attempt to do so.

With regards to Sirius and Hermione, you keep taking this relationship to new depths. The likes of which I never quite imagined possible. They work so well together!

I couldn't find anything wrong here (or in any of your chapters). It's flawless.

Hugs and cookies,
Em (your speechless fan)

Author's Response: Em!

*Squee* Thank you!!

Honestly, this chapter, particularly the garden scene, was really emotional for me. I remember being very drained after writing it. There was a lot going on there. So to read your amazingly lovely words about this chapter very much warms my heart. :)

Their relationship was definitely put through it's first major test. It was one of those, "If we can survive this, we can survive anything" moments. They did seem to eventually work through it, mostly.

Wow. I don't even know what to say. Flawless? Once again, you've rendered me speechless. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that and how much it means to me! All I can say is, thank you. Thank you so, so much. ♥

Much, much, much love (and, of course, cookies),
Meg ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #12, by pointless_proclamations Peter Pettigrew's Potential Problem

22nd September 2014:

What we have here you see, is yet another marvellous chapter. There really are no words for it.

First off, I see what you've done to James's wardrobe here. ;) I also see your continuation of that Lily and James- Sirius and Hermione parallelism. It's unimaginably adorable.

Your detailed descriptions of everything to do with the party is simply beautiful. I love the aesthetics. How very high class that party, described using very high class writing, too.

Also, I wonder why Remus isn't part of the Slug Club.

Bahaha! "walking punchline" Brilliant, but oh so cruel. I am in awe. I do despise what he's doing here, but I hope he doesn't end up very bad in the end.

Again, I must stress my adoration for Hermione. I admire that she wants to include Peter in everything. I love how she makes him realise that he is, indeed, loved.

That scene, Meg. That scene in the train was so moving. You have such a way with words and it leaves me speechless sometimes.

Hugs and cookies (because cookies = love),

Author's Response: Hey hun!

Eep! Thank you!! ♥ You are truly way too kind to me!! :D

I'm glad that you liked that. :) Definitely two similar, yet completely different relationships. I really enjoy writing them both together. I'm so happy you think they're adorable!!

I had the most vivid picture in my mind for that party. I hope it came across at least half as lovely as I imagined it. :) And thank you, again!! You're far to sweet!

Love him or hate him, Slughorn did have an uncanny knack for choosing students who did go off to become great - regardless if they used that greatness for good or evil. Remus, as much as I love him, wouldn't have fit Slughorn's criteria, I'm afraid. I just couldn't see him becoming a memeber of "The Slug Club."

Snape really isn't a nice person. He may have done, and possibly may still do, good things, but that doesn't change that fact that he's a jerk. I have a love/hate relationship with Snape haha.

She's really trying hard with Peter. Hopefully it will all pay off. ;)

I actually wrote that whole scene out first, and then went back and did the whole Christmas party after. I loved writing that. I just adore Remus and the love and acceptance the rest of the Marauders had shown him. They're such a wonderful group to read and write. I'm thrilled you liked that scene!

Many hugs and cookies (because you're right, cookies are love ♥) your way,

Meg xoxo

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Review #13, by pointless_proclamations No more fooling around.

22nd September 2014:

There are so many things that are exciting about this chapter!

First of all, I do love how we get to look into Sirius's mind like this. He's actually quite fragile on the inside, isn't he?

"if she ever left him, it would break him." Meg. . . [more wincing]. . . why do you do this?

And here's something that's been brewing in my mind for the last few chapters: a sort of time paradox. I wonder. . . if Voldemort dies in this era, then there would be no need for Hermione to go back in the next era. In that case, wouldn't she not go back at all. And if she doesn't go back at all, then Voldemort would still be alive in Harry and Ron's era. And if he is, she'd go back. I hope my rambling makes sense.

I absolutely adore where you're doing with Peter. He really does need some love, but so does Snape, doesn't he? Poor, poor Snape.

So many feels Meg, so many. Thank for yet another brilliantly captivating story!


Author's Response: Dearest Em ♥

*blushes* Thank you so much!!

Oh yay! I'm ecstatic that you liked that! He's been through a lot in his short life. I don't think there would be any way he wouldn't be a little broken. I think he just hides it all very well.

*hides* I'm sorry! ;)

In theory, yes. For the purpose of this story, no haha. I totally see your point, and you're completely right, in a real (even though time-travel isn't real) sense. But for my story to work, it won't quite end that way. You're rambling totally made sense. :D

I think that's all Peter really did need. There might be some who completely disagree with me, but that's just how I feel. But if things were different, we wouldn't have ended up with 7 books and 8 movies we all love. So, I can't be too upset. Snape did have some love, maybe not the love he wanted, but love all the same, from Lily. If he didn't get so tangled up in the Dark Arts and his Death Eater friends, he wouldn't have lost her. In a way, his situation was his fault. He made poor choices. But he did end up atoning for the decisions he made in the end. We'll see if he does that once again. ;)

Eek! Thank you!! As always, I'm writing this response with a ridiculously huge grin on my face, due to your kind words and enthusiasm!

Big bear hug,
Meg ♥

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Review #14, by pointless_proclamations Hogsmeade

22nd September 2014:

You have me speechless and positively beaming after that beauty of a chapter.

I admit, I'm actually not one to read so many romance fan fiction stories, but this is undeniably, undoubtedly adorable and overwhelmingly sweet. They are all so cute when the mood gets playful. I just produced a series of a random assortment of incomprehensible noises there.

That scene in which they kissed just oozed pheromones. That tingling feeling she felt probably indicated that his genes coded for an immune system different enough from hers. Their offspring will be blessed with a healthy variety of genes in that case. That probably only made sense in my head, but I make my case: they're perfect for one another.

I am thrilled with the what Hermione noticed about Peter. It assures me that he probably won't be so bad, after all. She's so sweet! It reminds me of what she did/will do with SPEW. Only with an unappreciated human. She's not just good for Sirius, she's good for everybody here (see: butterbeer toast dedicated to her).

With chapters like these, I get worried, though. I'm guessing that there is very little chance that the next chapter will continue on with such cuteness. Meg. . . are things going to get more serious? I am so very anxious to read on and find out for myself.

Hugs and cookies,
Em :D

Author's Response: Hiya!!

Aww thank you! This chapter was the fluffiest of fluff haha.

It won't be strictly romance, though. That much I can promise. More action and tense situations come up in the future, but there are still some fluffy/romantic moments. :) I'm happy you're enjoying them this far! It's always so great to hear someone is enjoying something you've written when it's not normally something they read. *squee*

Em, I think you're inner Annett is showing. ;) But, yes. This was teenage hormones at it's finest. :)

There was something about Peter that has always intrigued me. I always thought, after reading Snape's memory in OotP, that maybe they were a little cruel to Peter. It had me wondering if that was the reason it was so easy for him to turn on his friends. Maybe he never felt like he really was a "friend" to them, you know?

No, unfortunately, the cuteness cannot last. There will still be moments here and there, but not as much as the first few chapters. It definitely will become more serious. (Pun intended? haha) I hope you continue liking it! ♥

Love and cupcakes, ;)

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Review #15, by pointless_proclamations These Foolish Games

22nd September 2014:
Dear Meg,

You spin the most wonderful of tales. I am always so enthralled!

I shall write my words as I read.

Hermione needs a hugh, Meg. Preferably from Sirius. The feels, Meg. My metaphorical heart is in pieces if that is possible.

Sirius is shockingly distant and cold. Is this his way of dealing with hurt? It's all very, very sad. Why can't they just make up?!

And what a way to lift the mood with a little Lily and James! I beamed comically wide. I couldn't help it! That entire scene was much too cute. Those two are perfect together, the way you've written them. Faces exhibit their house colours, there is so much blushing going on here, I sigh.

I hurt a little every time Hermione does. How do you do this?

"After they both managed to stop checking the other out. . ." MEG! You have the best of lines even in the most serious of situations.

And they hug! These two sides of Sirius you show: the flirt and the consoler. You have characterised him amazingly well!

I am so anxious to read on for so many reasons: the issue of taking down Voldemort, Lily and James, Hermione and Sirius, and what is this you're going to do with Remus? The full moon is coming up soon, you've said?

Fabulous chapters, you've got here, the whole lot of them. I am constantly excited and never disappointed. :D

Your fan,

Author's Response: Hi again!! ♥

*squee* you're truly the best! Thank you!!

Aww I'm sorry for all the feels! That is such a huge compliment, though! Thank you!! :D And she truly does just need a hug. Sometimes they can work wonders.

Yeah, he is being pretty awful to her right now. But it's just his coping mechanism. Still, that's no way to behave. In some ways, he still has some growing up to do.

I'm so happy you enjoyed that part!! It was one of my favorite scenes to write and is still one of my favorites that I have written in general. It was so much fun to imagine and write out! I'm glad you liked it!! ♥

I'm sorry! But it makes me a little happy that my writing can elicit such emotions!

Haha I don't know where that came from, honestly. I'm happy you found it amusing, though! XD

Sometimes, the man he comes to be, does shine through. That would be one of those moments.

Eep! More questions I can't answer, and I want to horribly, but I can't ruin it on you. Such a dilemma!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You really are far to kind!

Lots of love!!
Meg xoxo

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Review #16, by HogwartsAlum It's His Mark

22nd September 2014:
Meg!! Hi lol, well another great chapter. I love all the emotions you put into this. It really shows what the characters are like deep down. On to the criticism since I know you like a little to help make your stories the best you can. The only fault that I can see well not even a fault but something you could have added was Hermione's opinion on the joke Severus made. Because she truly knows how courageous he really is. Well I can't wait for the next chapter in this masterpiece. Hope to see you soon. Alum.

Author's Response: Hey there!!

It's so great to see you back again! :)

Thank you so much! I was really happy with this chapter, so I'm thrilled that you liked it! I have to admit, writing it was a pretty emotional for me. I know that I'm getting close to the end, so it made me kind of sad, but slightly relieved as well.

I absolutely do! I can't even tell you the amount of times I have went back and edited or added something due to some CC I've received. I'm always up for it! :) You're right, she does know how courageous he is. I could definitely go back and add that it.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I truly appreciate the support, kind words and the suggestions you've given! ♥ I hope you continue enjoying the rest of the story. I'm hoping to have a new chapter updated soon.

xoxo Meg

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Review #17, by pointless_proclamations The Inevitable Breakdown

21st September 2014:

I went through that chapter too quickly. I hung on to every word. It makes complete sense that Hermione is struggling through the adjustment. So much can happen in 3 days!

Oh that poor Sirius. Why is it so hard to carry on a relationship when one of them is from another time? But you bring up such valid points.

I see Lily might be giving in to James. What will happen between these two? I predict a relationship to help Sirius and Hermione develop their own. A catalyst, if you will. I am curious to see how those events unfold!

Meanwhile, I wonder what is she to do about bringing down Voldemort? I must read on to find out more.

Your very captivated fan,

Author's Response: Hello Dear!

Yeah, that was quite a lot to go through in three days. I think even the strongest of us would kind of lose it. Imagine how alone she must feel, even though she is surrounded by people who are trying to include her. I would definitely break down.

Being the logical person she is, she would look at the situation from every angle. It just seems that the cons are completely outweighing the pros at this point. That and she really is just getting to know him all over again.

Lily and James! I just love them so much! Maybe seeing the two of them, once they get togethe, would be a push for Hermione to possibly give it a go with Sirius. :)

Haha no spoilers. ;) You'll definitely see, though!

Thank you again, Em!! I love and look forward to your reviews!! They're some of my favorites I have ever received. :hug:

Heaps of love your way,
Meg ♥

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Review #18, by pointless_proclamations This is your mission, if you should choose to accept it.

21st September 2014:

I have realised my error. And I must apologise profusely. Will you ever forgive me for reviewing the wrong chapter? I didn't even notice until just now!

This is such a sweet chapter. I love how you brought up Harry. You never fail to make me laugh and that only gives me more reason to love your writing.

About Hermione's denials regarding Sirius. . . LIES! LIES, I SAY! She must succumb to the 'Oh so tempting Black charm.' She must! It's only the second chapter and you having me pushing this ship away from the harbour. It must sail.

Oh dear! Snape completely escaped my mind. Now you've just raised more questions! Meg. . . [wincing].

I sense a Lily and James and Hermione's and Sorous parallelism. Oh the excitement! This will only be doubly cute I suppose.

On to the next chapter I skip, Michael McIntyre style for maximised efficiency, with no sense of self-restraint.

A hug if you'll have one,
Em (your fan still and now more than ever)

Author's Response: Hey Em,

Haha no worries! I honestly didn't even realize at first. :D So you're definitely forgiven!

Aww thank you!! Yeah she kind of made a bit of a boo-boo in the beginning of the chapter there. I think she recovered well, though.

Oh I'm thrilled you feel that way! I know that this is a hard ship some people to accept, so the fact that you're pushing it away makes me happier than I can say! :) Yeah, she is absolutely fighting whatever this is as of right now.

Hehe. You'll just have to wait and see what happens with our favorite greasy-haired future professor. ;)

I love James and Lily. I've had just as much fun writing them as I have had with Hermione and Sirius. Prepare for major cuteness.

You're too much! This had me laughing out loud. I'm so, so, so happy you're enjoying it!! ♥

I'll take your hug and give one in return!

xoxo Meg

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Review #19, by pointless_proclamations Unrelenting

19th September 2014:
Dear Meg,

I have never actually read a Hermione Time Turner fix before, but this one looks promising.

Meg, you write these characters so well. I am not thrown off in any way by your interpretation of them. You are just so talented.

Your mention of Horcurxes brings forth so many questions to my mind and I love stories that do this. Is Harry a Horcrux in your version of events? I guess not because if she'll be going back in time, Lily won't have to make that sacrifice.

How is she going to try to defeat Voldemort? With the Marauders? Is Pettigrew already a traitor? Will she 'find out' about Remus being a werewolf? And I have so many more.

I adore her interactions with the Marauders already! I could laugh until my diaphragm twitches annoyingly.

With all of Sirius's comments and all of Hermione's reactions to them, I feel anxious about their getting to know each other better already.

I'm going to really enjoy this one, aren't i?

Your fan,

Author's Response: Em!!

Oh I'm super excited that you started to read this one!! XD This story is my baby.

I was absolutely hooked after my first Hermione time travel fic, so I hope that you do end up enjoying it!

Eek! Thank you! That is such an enormous compliment, Em! I'm so happy the characters seem like themselves.

To answer your questions, no, Harry would not be one when she goes back. Neither would be Nagini, because Voldemort didn't make her one until right before The Trio's fourth year. So, for the purpose of this story at least, it's just the locket, the ring, the diary, the goblet and the diadem.

I can't say how she will, or will not, defeat Voldemort. No spoliers. ;) Pettigrew is not. You may end up becoming rather surprised with Peter. That much I will say. As for Lupin, you'll find out haha. :D

I love writing dialogue and I particularly enjoy writing it between Hermione and all of the characters in this story, so it makes me so happy that you're enjoying that!

Sirius and Hermione. It's just way too much fun writing those two together. I hope you continue to enjoy their interactions with one another!

I truly hope you do! :)

Thank you so much, again, hun!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts and reactions to the rest of the story!!

Tons of love,
Meg ♥

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Review #20, by crestwood This is your mission, if you should choose to accept it.

15th September 2014:
I will say that I don't really read time travel stories often. Not that I hate them or anything, I just don't typically go out of my way to read them. But, the premise of this one struck me as interesting; Hermione defeating Voldemort before he gets too powerful. Other than for the Sirius/Hermione ship to happen, I think it has to be her for a couple of reasons. Ron would never agree to going back in time by himself without as much as a real plan in place. I think he relies too heavily on Hermione's guidance for that. And you can hardly send Harry back to show up at Hogwarts looking like his father's twin and expect no one to be suspicious of him and look into what's going on.

I'm glad that you had Hermione actually grapple with the gravity of the task she was given. It's obviously a rather large thing for Dumbledore to ask and she wouldn't be so thoughtlessly excited to go on this kind of mission. I like that she took a step back and thought about what it really entails. Especially with the aging thing. That's certainly scary to think of. I wonder, even if she does go back and save everyone, how that will affect the present day. Time travel often leads to very bad and unpredictable repercussions.

This AU world is an interesting one. In this world, Dumbledore has not been killed and Voldemort's Horcruxes are gone, but he's still on the loose. At least, I think that's all that's changed. If there's anything else different about this, let me know because in order to understand how her actions in the past will change things, I'll have to know what this version of the present is like of course.

Hermione was definitely not prepared for them to look so.. young. I don't think anything could have prepared her to be looking at a young James Potter or a Lupin that doesn't look a bit tattered. You've written Sirius with just as much charm as we always hear about him having possessed. This is all going to be very awkward if she gets back to the present and he's alive there!

The question I do have is, if she succeeds in preventing their deaths and rewrites all of the time between their deaths and the present, then what becomes of the time in between? She'd return and her life could be much different. First of all, she'd have no recollection of her entire life up until that point. All of the events up until that point would be slightly (or maybe extremely) different than she remembers. Her friends will be totally different than when she left, especially Harry. It's questionable if growing up with so many loving people around him wouldn't cause him to differ a lot more from the boy we grew to know in canon. Of course, these things can all be done really well and I'm so curious to see how you go about this story!

I added this to my reading list. I can't promise a certain day or anything, but I will be back to work through the rest of this! You've got my attention. Thanks for the swap! Sorry I went so in depth about time travel, I literally could not help myself.

Author's Response: Hi there! Oh I'm so excited that you've chosen to read this one, even though time-travel stories aren't typically your cup of tea. :) And you're right, other than the fact that the whole Sirius/Hermione ship would not happen, it would make the most sense for it to be her. I think you've hit the nail right on the head with Ron, and Harry would never work. Other than the fact that he looks just like James, it would be to much emotionally for him.

I've read other Hermione time-travel stories where she just jumps on the opportunity to go back in time. I don't see her doing that at all. She's a planner and a thinker, she would never just blindly accept a mission without thinking it through beforehand. I've actually started to write out the final chapter, and things are going to be rather different, but some things will remain the same. Everything will definitely be explained at the end.

The only things I've changed for this story to work were; Dumbledore - obviously - is still alive, Ron and Hermione never actually got together, Voldemort escaped during that final battle. Pretty much everything else is true to cannon. Some things had to be tweaked here and there for the story to work, so it's not completely AU, but it's not totally cannon either.

No, I think that would be quite a bit of a shock for her. Seeing Sirius and Lupin looking so young and fit and seeing James and Lily alive, period. Not to mention, seeing how close they all still were to Peter, who she knows betrayed them all. If they truly love one another, when she gets back - if he's still alive - I don't think the age gap will matter all that much. True love doesn't have an age limit. At least, that's my opinion. And she'll be either 19 or 20, depending on when she goes back, so she's an adult.

I can't give much away on what all of that will be like. Everything is going to be in those final chapters, so it'll be kind of a spoiler if I say what the future, or the years she didn't really experience will be like. I've had the ending planned out for this since the beginning and have recently began writing it. So I know exactly what the future will entail. I just can't say yet. I'm sorry. :( I also already have a sequel planned that is the Hermione growing up in that new future, up until the time she comes back from the past.

I'm really thrilled that you liked this enough to continue!! I hope that you end up enjoying it, I'm really loving writing this story. :) And don't apologize! Time travel is tricky business. So much can change or go horribly wrong, which is why I love it haha.

Thanks for doing the swap! I'm up for it anytime!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #21, by ToujoursPur It's His Mark

14th September 2014:
Great chapter :) I look forward to the next one!

Author's Response: Hiya!!

Yay! Thank you!! I really loved writing this chapter, so I'm thrilled that you've enjoyed it!! I'm aiming for the next chapter to be up within the next 2 weeks. :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!! I hope you continue enjoying it! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #22, by GeekTilTheEnd It's His Mark

13th September 2014:
Hiya so sorry I've not had chance to review, real life keeps taking over! and in reply to your reply last chapter I could never leave your story! It has touched me so and so have you :) I love this chapter, seeing Snape in a new light is amazing and especially his and Hermione's relationship growing, it is really rather sweet. But now Dumbledore has given Hermione her timeturner back is really sad, really don't want this story to end!! Cant wait to read more hun :D

Author's Response: Hey Emma!!

No worries at all! Trust me, I know how RL can definitely get in the way. Hope everything is alright.

Aww thank you so much!! I truly feel the same way. You were one of the first people to read and review, and that is something that I truly appreciate. I'm so happy that after all this time, you are still enjoying it and leaving such lovely reviews! ♥

Haha yeah, they might not be very fond of one another, but they do respect each other at this point. I don't think they'll ever really be best friends, by any means, but there's a mutual understanding there.

I know. :( That part, with Dumbledore taking that back, was hard for me. It really put in perspective that this story is coming to a close. But (I'm still not 100% sure about this) I may have a plunny in my head for a sequel to this... So it might not be totally over.

Thank you, again, for everything!! Hopefully the next chapter will be up in about 2 weeks. Working on it now. :D

Much love,
Meg xoxo

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Review #23, by lolnaina It's His Mark

13th September 2014:
lady! or guy! update! i am dying!

Author's Response: Haha it's lady. :)

I'm currently in the middle of writing the next chapter so expect an update within the next 2 weeks!

Thank you for reading and reviewing!! I'm so glad that you're enjoying it and I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the story!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #24, by HermioneJeanGranger10 It's His Mark

11th September 2014:
This chapter is so wonderful. Made up for the gap. The ending is just. Sooo true. Sometimes all you need is a shoulder to cry on or a person to cry with. I love it.
p.s. If u r interested, I have started a harry potter fanfic (it's my first one so I know it's terrible and thesecond chapter is way better than the first but yeah . ALL MY LOVE SENT IN A FLOWERY VASE

Author's Response: Hi there!!

Aww thank you!! I am actually pretty proud of this chapter, so it's really great to hear you've enjoyed it! :)

I didn't realize how many people would relate to that final line in this chapter. It's am amazing feeling that so many of you have felt the same way. I'm happy you liked that!

I will definitely be over to check out your fic. And don't be so hard on yourself! I'm sure it's great. :D The first fic is always the scariest. I still get nervous updating this story haha.

Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to review!! Hope to see you next chapter!


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Review #25, by Felpata Lupin It's His Mark

9th September 2014:
Hi Meg!
I didn't expect an update so soon! Lovely!!!
Beautiful chapter! So full of emotions!
I wish I could jump into your story and hug Severus, Hermione and Lily! And hug you for writing this!!!
"Sometimes, the only thing you need, is someone to cry with." I loved this closing line, it's just so true...
Sorry, I'm getting a bit melancholic... It's your fault, this was so sad!!!
Kidding, I loved it! Hope next chapter will be up soon, too!
Lots of love,

Author's Response: Hey Chiara!!

It was just that last chapter that was giving me trouble. The rest of the story should be updated rather frequently because, it's towards the end, and I've had the end clearly in my mind since day one. :)

Thank you for that. This was honestly one of my favorite chapters so far. I'm actually really happy with how this one turned out. (Which isn't always the case)

I know! They were each having such a rough time this chapter. Everything is becoming pretty serious as of this point. They're leaving school soon and entering the real world, which right now, isn't a very lovely place. I'm sure everyone is going to be rather emotional going forward.

Isn't it really, though? Sometimes you just need a friend there to either cry with, or let you just sob uncontrollably. I know I usually feel loads better afterwards.

Haha you didn't come off that way at all! I'm sorry this chapter was such a downer. :( There are definitely some more upbeat moments in the following chapter, promise. ;)

I'm hoping to have the next chapter up in, no later than, 2 weeks. I'm going to *try* to do 2 updates a month until it's finished. Which won't be much longer. I'm hoping to have this story finished by the middle/end of October.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely review! It's always wonderful to hear from you!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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