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Review #1, by chasethebutterflies It's His Mark

11th February 2018:
I really hope you continue with this story, itís great!

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Review #2, by Toni It's His Mark

10th December 2017:
I don't know if you're still working on this one, but I'm just dropping in to let you know I liked it.

I like the contrast between this Hermione and the one from Saving Severus Snape. In SSS, she's trying not to alter history too much, which means choosing to let certain tragedies play out while good people suffer and die. It's a tension that fits that fic perfectly. Here, however, she's on a mission to change everything, and I love it! She has Dumbledore hunting Horcruxes and planning to take Voldemort down before Harry's even a twinkle in his daddy's eye! :D Everyone gets a happily ever after with this Hermione - makes me almost wish she could do something like that in SSS.

I get Snape here, too. He's fallen further into bitterness here than in SSS, because he's had another year to wallow in loneliness. But I love how once again being reminded of his ability to love throws things into sharp perspective, and the Snape we know and love comes back. That last chapter was nicely done.

I can see why you're rewriting this story, it does need some work. But I can also see why you decided it's worth the rewrite. This is good.

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Review #3, by Dinthemidwest Hogsmeade

12th April 2017:
Oh, you just CAN'T keep them apart now!! Too much friendship to break up... What a good take on all the Marauders & Lily! Sirius and Hermione should make it through this into the future; I can just picture it now!

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Review #4, by melian Unrelenting

8th April 2017:
Hi Meg! Thought I'd drop by to see what's all the fuss was about. Everyone seems to be talking about this story, hahaha.

Anyway. I'll say right out that time travel is not usually my thing. It's cliched and the fish out of water thing usually runs its course in about 3 chapters. This, though, is more promising. I've learnt why Hermione was sent back (to stop Peter Pettigrew from going rogue) and I also know how she plans to do it (telling Dumbledore about the Horcruxes). The dalliance with Sirius, which I assume will happen given you've laid all the ground work, will be a distraction but I'm sure she'll get there in the end.

There were some cute aspects to this chapter too I thought. Hermione accepting she will get yet another invitation to the Slug Club is one of them. The slip of the tongue that has her calling Lily "Lily Potter" is another. And Hermione asking is she would be allowed to murder someone on her first (or was it second?) day is a third. It's this kind of attention to detail that makes people want to read on.

And so, what's next? Sirius is indeed unrelenting - he has found what he considers to be a worthwhile challenge in this new girl. James is of course also unrelenting (see how I'm using your chapter title here? Teehee) but we expect that in a Marauder era fic. And Hermione certainly has ​her work cut out for her.

I thought this was a very interesting snippet from what is probably an even more interesting story. Once this crazy month is over I might even get a chance to come back and read it all. Lovely job!

Cheers Mel

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Review #5, by nott theodore Hogsmeade

8th April 2017:
CTF Review

Hi Meg!

Ah, this chapter was so fun to read! Your version of Hermione is definitely much freer than the girl that we see in the books, though I suspect that that is also partly because we're reading this from her point of view and not from Harry's. She's with people who don't know her (yet) here and so she can be a different version of herself, in some ways - more relaxed about certain things, I think.

I like the way that you write the dialogue between all these characters, too. You're really developing them well here and I'm getting more of a sense of how comfortable they're all becoming with the others and to see Hermione becoming a part of the group is really nice. Like that moment when they all toasted her and said how glad they were to meet her - that was so sweet.

James keeps walking in at the most unfortunate of moments, doesn't he? It's like he plans things like this - at least when Harry pushed between Ginny and Dean he was both invisible and had a motive because he actually liked Ginny haha. That is not the case for James here so he really has no excuse except for being annoying.

I liked reading about Hermione telling them all about her first year escapades, too. It really shows the way that their friendship is growing, even if she can't be completely honest with them.

The friendship/relationship growing between Sirius and Hermione is being very well developed, and I'm enjoying reading it here, particularly with how they're being more honest with each other now.

Sian :)

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Review #6, by crimson quill Gryffindor Tower

8th April 2017:
Hello Meg!

So Capture the Flag! yes, us, again.

So this is a nice little chapter for getting to know the characters a bit more and seeing their personality. I think the dialogue really works well as showing their friendship, they'll all so cheeky with each other which is quite nice. it's their friendship as I have in my head canon!!

obviously hermione is just falling for sirius already. I think she's being quite sassy and sirius seems like a guy who likes a bit of banter in a relationship. you've created an instant attraction/spark between them (honestly, it's nice to read the start of their relationship!).

I liked the little touch of hermione who let herself fall in the stairs because she's a clever little cookie! she plays the part so well!

that's interesting as Lily is her only roomate so Lily was the only gryffie girl?! that's pretty unusual for hogwarts right? it is clearly a reason for hermione and lily to be getting close in future chapters so it makes sense for the story telling anyway!! xo

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Review #7, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Inevitable Breakdown

8th April 2017:
Why does it feel so different now?

Because heís a sexy young man and youíre a sexy young lady thatís why!

"That was before I got you to say yes. Now you can't take it back!" he smirked at her.

What a trickster! No means no. No doesnít mean yes.

Iíll kill him, myself. I swear on Merlinís wand, I will.

That would definitely change the future!

Today she was not the brightest witch of her age, as she was so often told. She was a scared and overwhelmed eighteen year old kid. She needed this breakdown like she needed air.

This is how Harry has felt his entire life! Unworthy. Uncomfortable. Like an outsider. They have literally reversed roles. Hermione is Harry. Why am I just realizing this now?

Sirius is such a pain in my butt. I mean I swear heís so wishy-washy. One minute he says heíll let up and the next heís up her behind. Just give her a break. If you love someone let them goÖOH MY GOD THIS STORY IS THAT. IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE LET THEM GO, IF THEY COME BACK, YOU KNOW THAT SAYING.



WHY DIDNíT I REALIZE THIS BEFORE? In order to move forward she has to let the past go. In order to go back into the future she has to let the past go. The love won't really be hers until she goes back but was it really her love to begin with? Was it really her love to have? She's just a figment of their imagination.

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Review #8, by Lady Asphodel Peter Pettigrew's Potential Problem

8th April 2017:
It must be weird for Hermione to go to Slughorn's party with a new group of friends, but it's good still the group had a little fun.

I had to laugh at James and Sirius antics because of their 'dating.' Really funny!

I never thought that Peter was trying to be recruited from way then, but I totally forgot, in canon they Marauders and Lily were young. The movie actors can really get in the way of the image of how the characters are in the books. So it does make sense that Severus (and other Slytherins?) would try to pressure Peter to joining Lord Voldemort from like their seventh year, since James and Lily were like 20 when they had Harry.

It is interesting that instead of approaching Sirius, who's part of a family who serves Voldemort, that Snape went to Peter instead.

It's good though with Hermione's help and influence that she's trying to keep Peter from going down that same road.

Though sadly, it doesn't stop Sirius from worrying that he may lose Hermione to Peter. Another interesting idea you have here. Where he could be worried about losing her to his other favorable friends, you had him jealous of Peter - a really unique idea here indeed.

Ah James! Though, I can understand that because the Marauders were quite comfortable with Lily and Hermione that he would be comfortable enough to the point where he exposed Remus' secret.

It's great though that Remus was still able to share his secret with Hermione and Lily. And it's good that James, Sirius, and Peter get to to share their secret as well. Lily and Hermione (even though she was completely aware of that knowledge) were understanding of why they kept that all a secret. It's lovely that they even bonded over it too.

It'll be interesting how Hermione will be when she stays over with James and Sirius at the Potters. It is weird indeed... I imagine she never thought she meet Harry's grandparents, let alone his parents as well.

Very nice writing! I enjoyed reading this!

(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak)

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Review #9, by Pixileanin Gryffindor Tower

8th April 2017:
Ah, Sirius is a piece of work, isn't he? I mean, he's not letting up, and she's the new girl, and so I guess she's assuming that she's the "fresh meat" in the room. But seriously (and not the pun), the boy is relentless. It's funny that she slapped him, albeit playfully. His friends weren't expecting it, which is equally funny. From where Hermione comes, I'm sure it's more common for the guys to be called out for inappropriate behavior. I like how this small move showcases the differences in time. It's subtle, but it did something for me.

Ah, and James isn't any better with Lily, I see. Well, it's nice to see her as Head Girl, and inserting herself into Hermione's circle, just in case she needs a hand. The cool descriptions of Lily's eyes were great. The connection was clear, and the way it gave Hermione pause was some excellent writing.

I also like how the Common Room is exactly the same, but instead of giving her comfort, it's another source of stress for Hermione. I really like the familiarity that doesn't give her rest, but I do hope that Hermione can find some aspect of her new surroundings that lets her unwind. The girl is going to pop a blood vessel with all the tension inside of her.

"She needed an escape."

As I was saying...

Well, this is interesting. There are only two beds in this room. I wonder what this means? It's definitely different, but I'm glad that Lily will be her roommate instead of some random other person. This intrigues me. I must know what happens next.

Another great chapter!


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Review #10, by nott theodore These Foolish Games

8th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi Meg!

Just again before I start the review properly here - the spacing is a bit out on this chapter again, and it made it difficult to read in parts (just thought it was worth telling you if you're going to edit).

I obviously haven't read the last chapter I'm afraid but there's clearly something happened between Sirius and Hermione here and it's making them both feel really awkward towards the other and ignore the other. I think it's interesting to see that Hermione is opening up to Lily about her feelings towards Sirius. I like that she's reluctant to get into anything with him at this point because her life is already complicated enough without the added complication of Sirius (not that it'll stay that way of course).

Oh my goodness, the reactions to Lily saying that she'd go out with James are absolutely adorable!! I loved reading them all reacting so differently, but all with so much shock at her answer. James was so cute when he actually believed that she'd really said yes and gave her that massive hug.

The conversation with Dumbledore was really interesting, too - I thought he had some really valuable and helpful advice for her and I'm glad that he's there to guide her through, in a way (though she knows more than he does in some ways). But seriously, how is she meant to just enjoy everything when she's trying to stop Voldemort?? Does he know about Sirius???

Sian :)

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Review #11, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap These Foolish Games

8th April 2017:
Hermione looked at Lily like she had three heads.

Hey, if Lily and James can work out then I guess Hermione should give Sirius a shot. Thatís the logic here, right?

"You... You... Did you just- You? Yes?" was all he was able to say.

Iím surprised he didnít faint. I think heíll need to get checked out in the infirmary. He must be dreaming.

They could tell him together on their own. The mere thought of Harry made her think of Ron and that lead to thinking about everyone else she had left behind.

You know if she succeedsóand we both know Iím a skeptic hereóI wonder if they would be friends. I mean, just because they all know Hermione now like what if sheís born and her parents change her name? Itís something so small and insignificant I know but Hermione in the future wonít be Hermione in the past. Why would she remember them when she hasnít even been born yet?

Youíre saying because she went back in time and knows what she did and everything but still. I canít shake this feeling.

"I know, Hermione. I was being foolish and selfish. I didn't even think of the fact that you've just lost your parents, moved from your home and entered a new school and new environment during your last year. It must be exceedingly difficult," he said kindly to her.

Good heavens when you lay it all out like that he is rather selfish, isnít he?

Itís those hormones man!

I guess I donít consider the burden she has to bare right now. Hermione is trying to save herself, her friends and the entire wizarding world. Living in the moment is just what she needs but she canít get too comfortable. Itís just a double edged sword. I think sheís destined to a lot of painful but happy memories.

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Review #12, by nott theodore Welcome to Hogwarts

8th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi Meg!

You know, I actually felt really bad for Peter here (again, how are you doing this? How are you making me feel bad for Peter Pettigrew when he's one of the characters I like and understand the least???) when he asked Hermione about her parents. Not just because her skin crawled when he spoke to her because she feels so uncomfortable with him, but also because he didn't mean to make her upset. I mean, her story is pretty believable and she needs people to believe it for what she's there to do, but still.

In a way, though, I think that that story has probably helped the others to take to her quicker as they already feel sorry for her and know that she's going to need help to start her new year at Hogwarts when she doesn't know anyone. It was really thoughtful of Remus to offer to show her where to find Dumbledore's office, as well - very in character for him, I thought.

You know what, Albus Dumbledore is a bit of a mystery to me, but I really liked the way that he read the letter that she gave him here, saw it was from his future self, and he barely batted an eyelid. His mind works in very complicated ways and nobody else really understands them but at least Hermione could go and get his help.

Ooh, it was interesting seeing her being sorted at the end of this chapter - especially since I suspect the Sorting Hat changes his mind with experience. I wonder if the decision to put her in Gryffindor here will influence the decision when she starts school in the future?

Sian :)

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Review #13, by nott theodore Please, Please be alright...

8th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi Meg!

Ah, so now I'm filling in another gap and seeing what happened to Peter when he got attacked by Snape (I'm sorry that these reviews are probably coming across a little confused, it's the nature of this game haha).

I'm so glad that James and Sirius have finally made up their quarrel! It was so clear from the opening of this chapter that James's mood was really getting to Sirius, even though he didn't know why he was acting so strangely, but I'm pleased that James decided to come to them and explain his behaviour. It's honestly completely understandable that he would be so overwhelmed at the fact that his whole future was laid out before him - I can't imagine it happening to me - and especially with it being such a tragic future, as well.

Aw, all of the presents in this chapter were just so sweet and thoughtful! I loved reading about all of the details that you included in those gifts, because there were so many thoughtful parts to them there. I loved the fact that Remus and Peter had decided to give the girls gifts at this point, too, to remind them that they're all going to be together and try to stop them from worrying. It's so lovely and particularly helpful and important for this point in time when they're all - especially Hermione and Sirius, I imagine - worried about the future.

And then the ending! After seeing Peter being so sweet and thoughtful, and so determined not to betray his friends, it was so horrible to see him being attacked like that when they didn't want any trouble! You wrote that scene really well, and even though I've read ahead of this chapter, you still managed to make me feel worried about him here!

Sian :)

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Review #14, by Pixileanin Welcome to Hogwarts

8th April 2017:

Hi there. Hermione has some astute observations about the Marauders, particularly Peter. I like that you have him so unassuming here, and that Hermione can't see what she knows will inevitably be. It makes sense, because his closest friends couldn't see it, or believe it of him either. Nice play.

That's really heartbreaking for her, that she's coming to this familiar place and no one knows who she is. You write this with a lot of conviction. I hurt for Hermione when she couldn't call out to Hagrid even, someone whom she had gotten quite attached to. It's the exact opposite feeling of most homecomings that we read in Hogwarts, where everyone's so excited to be here, and the poor girl has so much to fear.

"Hermione had to get ahold of herself and not be taken in by the charm of her best friendís future godfather. "

Um well, since this seems to be one of the points of the story, it's highly unlikely that she'll succeed with that notion. Though I can't blame her for trying. Maybe she'll last longer than I think she will. lol.

The Sorting Hat, I love reading about it! It only added to Hermione's apprehension, which you write very convincingly, and I appreciate how it went back and forth between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, but then landed on the correct House, and rhymed doing it. Bravo!

Well, at least Hermione can breathe just a little bit easier, knowing she's in Gryffindor, and has a few new friends to give her a bit of support. It will be interesting to see how she holds up after this initial meeting.

A strong chapter, with lots of tension. Nicely done!


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Review #15, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Please, Please be alright...

8th April 2017:
Sirius snorted impatiently. "Love. You do realize you told me that I would be blamed for having a hand in their murders. Then I would rot in Azkaban for twelve years only to escape and be murdered myself two years later, don't you?" he snapped.

Well when you put it that way. I donít know I think James is a bit more sensitive than Sirius. Plus, letís add that his child has to fare for himself the rest of his life and fight this dark wizard that his parents died trying to protect him from.

Heavy stuff.

"Imagine finding out the love of your life is not even from this time?"

You have got to be kidding me! Jeez, and they say women are bad. The two seriously bicker like theyíre in the relationship together. How sensitive can they be!

Aw but Valentineís Day and the turn into mush. How nice of Peter and Remus to get the girls a gift but Sirius is annoying that he wants and needs something. What a prima donna. I love that Peter and Hermione are so close. He really needed someone like her in his life. That last scene though. I know heís going to be okay but still itís a lot to stomach. You could actually kill one of them off earlier and then the timeline in the future would really be different.

I mean what if Lily doesnít get pregnant? What if Hermione did with all the fornicating sheís been doing with Sirius. Now that would be hard to explain.

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Review #16, by nott theodore I would if I could, but I can't.

8th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review


Ah this chapter was really good, I definitely enjoyed it. Now Sirius knows everything and they've taken their relationship to the next level, and I'm really interested to see the character development that you've created here.

It's kind of strange to think about the fact that Hermione has to return to the future where she's not going to be with Sirius - at least, they'll be very different people to each other at that point than they are now. I guess this is the sticking part for me, really, the idea that they'd be together in the future as well?

I loved the little bit of banter about whether or not James and Sirius should be together, it really made me laugh :P

I think my favourite part of this chapter was the conversation between Lily and Hermione. I can so imagine them getting on really well even if they were alive in their normal timelines, and it was nice to see them having some quality friend time here, as so much of Hermione's life at the moment is taken up with Sirius and then the rest of it with trying to get to defeat Voldemort. They're both getting a bit wrapped up in their boyfriends - which I think definitely happens, especially in first relationships and early on in them - but it was nice to see them just talking like normal friends and sharing information and secrets like other teenage girls would. It's nice to think that they could have some normal experiences in spite of the war raging around them.

How did Sirius figure out about Peter? It seemed very sudden, and I have to admit I wasn't entirely sure how he worked it out, but now I understand why he's so shaken about it.

Sian :)

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Review #17, by Lady Asphodel Meet the Marauders

8th April 2017:
You did really well with describing Hermione's nervousness being at Kings Cross. A neat thing you have here - which I really like - is how you describe the fashion style from the 70's. Many would miss that point when writing for this time period. It really makes Hermione situation here quite unique.

Ah... Hermione meets Sirius and James! Of course they'd set their eyes on her! I'd expect no less. I like how at ease they are with her, and helping her to feel the same way with them!

I know exactly how Hermione feels when it comes to starting at a new school and starting all over again with, meeting new students, making new friends, and meeting new teachers. Then she'll draw attention to herself by others - the students and teachers! Though in her case, it's weird because she's in a different generation, but still at the new school - so I can only imagine how much more on the fritz she is.

A really nice introduction to Remus! A younger Remus would look healthier and hopeful because of how unaware he is of his future and everyone elses. The meeting with Peter. It must have been very hard for her to keep her cool - knowing the problems he caused in their future and his betrayal. Peter notices somewhat of her cold front, even though she is trying hard not to be cold with him. He's probably confused as to why she's that way with him.

Overall, this was an enjoyable chapter!

(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak!)

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Review #18, by crimson quill Meet the Marauders

8th April 2017:
Capture the flag!!

these are my favourite type of chapters in the time turner fics when they meet the marauders! I really thought it was good how you did indeed made a clear point to say it was the 70s, referring to their dress sense. A lot of stories just forget about that because it's easy for the storyline but I thought you did well to just get the reference in there.

I liked how you had hermione introduced to the marauders one by one. it gives the reader a chance a little taste of the personality you're created for him without being over powered by the others. It's funny that on her first day she just run into them isn't it? ;)

I think she's already under sirius spell. hehe! in such a small amount of dialogue you've already really shown what they are like as a group of friends. it's rather telling that hermione feel more comfortable with Remus than the other guys. I think that Remus is my favourite marauder based on this chapter alone but knowing the story like I do, I know peter is important but hermione's first reaction so understandable! xo

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Review #19, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap I would if I could, but I can't.

8th April 2017:
I think he might be the one," Lily said with a big smile on her face.

If only she knew! James is your soul mate Lily. Youíre the greatest love story ever told in Hermioneís generation.

And I was just figuring, since you're here to change it, and it may not happen anyway, can you tell me about it? You said you knew me, when did we first meet?"

Uh. No. Sirius, why do you have to ruin the moment? Nothing good could come from knowing. His life is so sad and heís happy now. Sirius deserves happiness but all Hermione is going to do is break his heart.

"Lily... I think he wants you to ride him." Hermione said, breaking out into a laugh.

In more ways than one.

Youíre saucy. I give you that. The sexual banter and mention of their agh dirty deeds if you will are really quite surprising. I don't think I've read such a sexual fanfic before. I'm not a prude so it's fine. I like it! I like that they're acting like actual teenagers. I suppose it's a sign of the change of times on the archives, right?

i wonder how he's going to act towards Peter. I mean, he has to be wary of him. I really didn't see in any of the chapters that he would find out. Now i feel like a fool because now i really cannot predict where you're going to go with this. So, everything should work out fine then, right? For some reason I can't shake the feeling that Hermione or Sirius are going to die. Like one can't live while the other is alive, you know what I mean? It just wouldn't be right. Uh! So confusing. Gina, update some more please, I'm addicted!

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Review #20, by nott theodore King's Cross - Nineteen Seventy-Seven

8th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi Meg!

I really enjoyed reading the opening of this chapter. I could really feel Hermione's apprehension and tension about what she's going to have to do, and it's really completely understandable that she'd feel that way. But one thing I really liked was the way that she questioned why she was the one who had to go back in time to do this mission. Her comments about Harry being the Chosen One - I feel like that maybe finally gives her a glimpse of what it's like for Harry, having all this expectation on him to put things right and save the world. Until now she's been someone who's chosen to fight on the right side - and while that's not been easy for her, I think she'll maybe understand Harry better now.

I hadn't even thought about the fact that she couldn't really turn up in her clothes from the 90s to Hogwarts in 1977. Probably another of the reasons that Hermione has been chosen for this mission. Other people just wouldn't even think about that sort of thing - I'm a case in point.

I liked Hermione's incredulity and reluctance to have to befriend people like Peter Pettigrew. I have to say, I feel like she's trusting Dumbledore a lot here. I hope that past Dumbledore knows as much as this current one does and helps her out to try and fulfil her mission, because it's not going to be easy to just arrive in 1977 and befriend the Marauders and try and stop Voldemort.

Sian :)

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Review #21, by Lady Asphodel Awakening

8th April 2017:
I don't find it surprising the Malfoy attacks Hermione, and he manages to get out of trouble. Really relates to how his name keeps him out of bad news in her time. I find it brilliant though that Peter got one on him! Brilliant indeed! He's not the most favorable character ever - but this makes me like him just a little. I'm sure even for Hermione - as you show her surprise here - she can't believe because she knows how he turns out to be in the future. Reading further about him, you really made him into a likeable character! Aw, makes me wonder what could have been had Peter not let Voldemort break him.

Not sure of that curse Sirius said that Malfoy cast on her is actually real, and I mean from the books or canon like from Pottermore, but if it isn't - then it's pretty unique (though bad) spell you came up with - if you came up with it. Fortunately the curse didn't have ill-lasting effects.

Poor Sirius, worried sick over Hermione. Then the things he heard her say during her coma-like state. I cringe and sympathize with her that out of all the things she could have said, she mentioned horcruxes.

I'm happy that even though Hermione couldn't explain everything to Sirius, he was still understanding and he believed her in terms of her knowing of horcruxes. Yay!

Snape, of course, is a downright git. He needs to run along indeed. Don't know what really happened between him and Hermione, but I can see that she made her point when he walked away.

It's cool that she has the rest of the Marauder's support and Lily's. It's good that Hermione was able to easy Sirius' jealousy over her spending time with Peter. And she was able to share her life stories with Sirius. I can see Sirius love for her grew deeper, and Hermione for him in return. It does feel good to be able to be yourself at least with someone.

And soon Dumbledore and Hermione will be on the hunt for the Horcruxes!

(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak!)

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Review #22, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap King's Cross - Nineteen Seventy-Seven

8th April 2017:
And here we are at chapter 2, nearly the very beginning. I wonder why Dumbledore chose Hermione as well. I mean she does have the time turner and I know he did trust her years before with one as well. She did change the past before but only in a very small way. Sure she did give Sirius a chance once so being able to give at least one of them a fighting chance might make this crazy idea all worth it.

The hesitation to befriend Peter is valid. I wouldnít want to help him either but if she really wants to blend in sheís going to have to trust him. Even if itís just faint at first. Only true effort will allow her to reach her goal.

Itís crazy to me that Dumbledore relies on children at all points of his life to get the job done. I guess because heís at Hogwarts and he has to use the resources that are available to him. I mean another elder member of the Order wouldnít be able to change much, now would they? Because teenagers trust teenagers and not authority figures.

Iím just afraid that sheís not going to be able to change anything. What if by her going back there she worsens events? What if she wipes them all out, including herself, so anyone in the future doesnít have a fighting chance? If she knows where to look and who to follow whoís to say Voldemort wonít figure it out? He was so much stronger back then. I donít think Dumbledore fully weighs or thinks about what heís doing. In retrospect, deep down, heís kind of an arrogant man.

Iím so happy I got to read some of the beginning since Iíve read nearly the entire end of this story!

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Review #23, by nott theodore It's His Mark

8th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi Meg!

I have to say (and especially after you've said that this story is really bad, which is not the truth) that you can really see a marked improvement in your writing style from the earliest chapters to now. You seem a lot more comfortable and confident in your writing now :)

I felt kind of sad to see that Snape had become a Death Eater after all of this. I mean, I guess that it could be a good thing as it could prevent more deaths from the beginning, since he'll be able to share information on their activities earlier on, and not just for the months before Lily and James die, but also it puts him in more danger and it kind of seems like he's still going down the same path, you know? I suppose if he's been able to fool Voldemort so that he's able to join the Death Eaters at this point though he should be able to survive for a while. Unless he's fooling Hermione...

I feel a bit wary about all of the secrets that Hermione is keeping from everyone at this point. I can understand why she's doing it, because she feels like she's the one who has to determine everything that happens in the future, and look after everyone, but I still feel like it could be a bit of a silly decision, and possibly dangerous. I mean, she's not going to be able to stay there forever and there's information that other people know. Plus, not trusting people has caused issues with this group already - hence the whole Secret Keeper thing, right?

I loved that she was still worried about her NEWTs, though. So Hermione :P

Sian :)

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Review #24, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap It's His Mark

8th April 2017:
She wanted to vomit. She wanted to claw that mark right off of his arm and watch him bleed.

See, and this is where I see her plan crumbling. She should have stopped Snape. He was a key figure here. Why would Dumbledore even think you could really mess with time? Things that are meant to be will be. If theyíre all meant to die theyíre going to die. Itís crazy to think she could do all of this. Thereís something thatís bound to slip through the cracks. Snape is one of those somethings.

ďMaybe itís time Iíve done the right thing,Ē he admitted vehemently, more to himself than Hermione.

I just donít see how him becoming a Death Eater doesnít just keep them on the path of the same past and future. What are you trying to tell me here?

immensely was, she lied to Sirius. Especially after she had promised to never lie to him again.


Uh, Hermione. For someone so smart she can be so thick.

Your actions speak volumes!

I have to agree with your authorís note I really do think this was one of my favorite chapters. Obviously Iíve skipped around a bit because of CTF but your writing has really grown from say chapter 2 (cause I never read chapter 1) to now. There was a lot of range here emotion and description wise.

Sometimes all you have to do is let go and cry. I understand that completely. I wish the circumstances were different but theyíre not. At the end of the day do I think Sirius and Hermione are going to be together 20 years from now? No, I do not. I think sheís making the same mistakes that they did originally and I guess thereís a lesson to be learned in that. Itís just all so very depressing.

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Review #25, by crimson quill Awakening

8th April 2017:

So my head has gone totally crazy but here we are again my dear! nothing can take away from how good this story is! it's insane how much thought and detail has gone into all of this story!

so the beginning was me just shipping their friendship so damn hard, they're all so cute together honestly! they are like this unbreakable bond which you developed about how worried they were for hermione is so crazy!I liked how everyone's reactions were included to hermione and the confusion with the inner monologue.

I really loved that fact that it was hermione who was showing Sirius the room of requirements like it's fitting canon with your story. I love that aspect it time turner fics! so happy that hermione told sirius everything so he can support on her journey and understand who she is that little bit more. I really understand why she didn't tell him about parts of his future. so cute when they were looking at photos of harry and ron!

how different are your severus between your two stories, I love that you can write him in different ways which must be hard as you love your SSS Severus so much! good job!! xo

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