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Review #1, by DoctorUnderwood Shake, Rattle and Roll

22nd February 2014:
My name is DoctorUnderwood and I approve this fanfiction.

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Review #2, by cosmical Shake, Rattle and Roll

11th February 2014:
oh my god, this is sooo great??? i want to be best friends with riff raff (i've officially adopted the nickname) and scorpius (we can bond over our mutual love for bukowski) and james (i always love james)
when i just finished this i laughed while feeling deep secondhand embarrassment for my dearest riff raff and sorta want to waltz into your story and slap james in the back of the head and then walk back out
anyways, pls update soon!!
jade xx

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Review #3, by chasm Shake, Rattle and Roll

2nd February 2014:
Okay, I have to admit, I clicked on this story because I'm a tried and true Korean drama addict. (Oops.) But I /stayed/ (all false advertisements aside (I kid; this story is fab)) because of your insanely amazing characters and intriguing setting and the snark inherent in this, heh. ^___^ I seriously loved the voice of this story. Raffi is so brutally honest and hilarious at the same time -- and I do love myself a good puffball oc. :'3

Needless to say, I'll definitely be lurking (and hopefully reviewing, if I'm not lazy) to see where this goes! The trio sounds hilarious so far. Oh, and this:

"So, Riff Raff, are you still in lurve with Malfoy? Because you don't move into a sinister abandoned house with someone unless youíre madly in love with them."

Aha, I adore James already! On a side note, does this technically mean, by his own definitions, that James is madly in love with him too? JAMES/SCORPIUS. Called it. ;D

--Chasm ^___^

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Review #4, by Loony_Scorpy Shake, Rattle and Roll

26th January 2014:
nelll i'm so happy this is finally here ahhh

also idek if you remember my penname but pls ignore it you would not realise how old i was when i chose it far out it makes me cringe but it's caitlin holaaa

anyway! i'm so excited to see where this goes and the whole adventure direction you say you want to go in is so good bc i love that sort of thing and there isn't enough of it here esp in next gen idk i don't even read much here anymore

but yes i love the dynamics between your characters already and i loved the interaction with the portrait and yes i'm just v excited in general if you couldn't tell but it's going to be so different and that is v good

anyway i'm rly tired and possibly still hungover so this probably doesn't make sense bc my attention span is non existent and it's taken me over an hour to write this ahaha

but omg i'm going to stop talking now
this is fab
adios ♥


anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL REVIEW!! im blushing with joy and happiness and you're the best
♥ ♥

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Review #5, by tightsarenotpants Shake, Rattle and Roll

21st January 2014:
You are the most fantastic author I have ever come across and I'm proud you took the chance to write hpff. As always, I'm already in love with the characters,e specialy scorpius. I loved the portrait speaking scene and how raphaella and James have a fun relationship although I'm not quite sure if they hate or love each other. Maybe both. And I am madly in love with the hogwarts houses mashup in the manor. Wowza. Way to be creative. I love it already! Hope you update soon.



Author's Response: hi paola!!!

this is such a lovely review, i'm tearing up a little. i love scorpius a tonne, especially because he wormed his way into being a main character.

don't worry a lot more is to come on their relationship, or lack of thereof. but really he just annoys her.

thank youuu!!! ♥

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Review #6, by Cavell Shake, Rattle and Roll

16th January 2014:
Hi there! I've always been a big fan of your stories, though sadly I've never stopped and reviewed, but I decided that I simply loved this first chapter so much that I absolutely had to review.

I adored all of your characters! Raffi has such a blunt, honest voice that made me want to squeal and suffocate her in a hug, and Scorpius was all broody and arrogant and hilarious and James was just ♥ there are no words in any dictionary to describe your James, except for absolutely smashing. He was adorable and funny and the wrist story made me grin like an idiot.

Your one-liners, too, are absolutely hilarious and you should see how madly I'm grinning right now because my gosh, I just really loved reading this and I think it's such an original idea and you'll be seeing me around here for a while, I think! (and I'm stopping now before I start rambling now again)


Author's Response: Hi!!! That's so lovely to hear from the 'lurkers' (i'm joking)! I'm glad you liked it, I've been working/fiddling with this for a very long time.

The rag time team are quite strange, and they're probably going to get crazier and stranger, as they get into their antics.

Please do stick around, it's hopefully going to get very exciting! Thank you for the lovely review!

-nell ♥

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Review #7, by stardusts Shake, Rattle and Roll

15th January 2014:
ahh I'm so glad you've finally posted this story! I'm curious to see where it will go. I think James is becoming my favourite (even though we only saw him for a tiny tid-bit) though Raffi is a close second :) I always enjoy your stories so I'm very happy you decided to write HPFF (and NextGen no less). Anyways, I look forward to the rest of the story! :D (elie)

Author's Response: i know, it took me sooo long! don't worry james, as raffi mentioned, is theatrical, and there will be lots of him. i've always wanted to come back to hpff, it feels like home (i'm overly sentimental ssshhh)! i'm glad you like her, because she's a bit /bleggghh/, but i love her nonetheless.

thank you!!
-nell ♥

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Review #8, by charmingly Shake, Rattle and Roll

14th January 2014:
Hi Nell!

So this is great and I love Raffi's character a lot and I'm excited to read more of this!

(and I'm acciofirebolts from 1dff and I miss you~)
(also I don't want to put my name up on this review)
(ok bye)

Author's Response: HELLO!! HOW ARE YOU? *throws confetti*

i'm glad you like her, she's very umm, strange!!!
-nell ♥

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Review #9, by greenbirds Shake, Rattle and Roll

14th January 2014:
i'm so excited by this! it seems so interesting and i'm so excited for the next chapter. it's a different spin on the typical james potter persona, and i'm really looking forward to the next chapter. please update soon! bea xx

Author's Response: i'm glad you're excited. james is very exciting and he has a backstory and is a very strange dude! thank you xxx

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Review #10, by wildflowers Shake, Rattle and Roll

14th January 2014:
NELL! Boys is everything we've ever dreamed of, and more. Okay? Okay.

Let's start with the writing. Fantastic. Fab. Wonderful. Which of course leads into Raffi's voice, which is blunt and honest and I literally want to snuggle her and have her tell me nasty things only to hex her into oblivion.

Scorpius is deliciously pratty and wonderful and sneaky. I want him to recite Bukowksi at me and maybe clean my dorm room b/c it's messy. Yeah.

James Potter DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED. Let's talk about his grin or the fact that he calls her Riff Raff or the wrist story or MILES FREAKIN' GARBER. Yeah, it's painful.

Abraxas Malfoy heyo sup bro mad game skills. There better be lots and lots of Narcissa and Lucius because well, you know my love and adoration.

Anyway thanks for the cute lil shoutout it made me smile. :)

Love you lots and all those gross things.

Grace xxx (three british kisses)

Author's Response: this review is making me blush like... eh myself.

im glad she comes across as honest and blunt, she's very strange. they're all very strange. james is going to be sooo annoying, im very excited abotu his potential annoyingness

theyll come in!! i love them sfm, my otp

meh i dont really like you,
nell ♥

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Review #11, by SereneChaos Shake, Rattle and Roll

14th January 2014:

(Admittedly, there was the close shave when I almost joined the Ottery St. Catchpole Knitting Society. But after attending two meetings, I realised that Knitting Society was just a placeholder name for the My Grandchildren are More Successful Than Yours Debating (while we hold on to our knitting needles) Society. But, understandably, we try not to talk about that mishap.)

I loved that! You have so many great funny lines sprinkled around this chapter, lol, and the play between Raffi, Scorpius and James should be interesting! I'm looking forward to the rest of this story!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you found that particular part funny, that part has actually survived about twenty rewrites and redrafts.

Thank you!! ♥

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