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Review #1, by adluvshp Chapter One

21st April 2016:
Avi! Aw this was so sweet! I was feeling down and was just looking around for something light and nice to read and this did the trick. It was so pure and real and adorable and lovely. It brought a huge smile to my face.

Your characterisation of Astoria was very good - the free spirited woman wanting to travel and partake in adventure, and yet she ultimately chose to settle down with him, for her love, and that was beautiful. Her doubts and fears and uncertainties made sense and they came through the narrative in a clear manner.

I absolutely loved your portrayal of Draco, and how much he loved Astoria. It kinda reminded me of the love my fiancé and I share (cliche I know) and it just really made me smile and feel good =) Both Draco and Astoria were so relatable.

The ending segment was very sweet with Astoria praying that they always be together and Draco kissing her worries away. The news of her pregnancy came through in such a cute manner and I loved the happy note this ended on.

Your descriptions were beautiful as always and the overall writing was brilliant. Loved the plot theme, and really enjoyed reading this. I'm so happy I stopped by. Thank you for spreading smiles through your wonderful writing!

Angie (Lost Muse)

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Review #2, by Chocolate Frog Card Chapter One

10th March 2016:
Hello! I am Wendelin the Weird, you may recognise me from Chocolate Frog Cards, one of which features me due to my record-setting feat of being burnt at the stake 47 times. And from the first few paragraphs, I can instantly identify with the narrator, Astoria. In fact, I think if she had lived during the Middle Ages, when I was alive, perhaps we'd have been partners in crime and been burnt at the stake together. It is quite thrilling, if one uses a proper Flame-Freezing Charm!

While Astoria did settle down from her life of travel and freedom, it's very clear that she doesn't really consider herself as having 'settled'. The way you describe their relationship is just beautiful - she feels safe, but not caged, and after so long of keeping her heart guarded, he was just what she needed. I think Draco is a lot like this too, really guarded, and I imagine the war changed him a lot. Basically, I would love to read the story of them finding each other and getting together as a couple, because with your version of Draco and Astoria I bet it would be such a good story! :D

Aw, and what a sweet ending! I just love these two and this was such a great story full of emotion and such powerful love. I really enjoyed reading this!

-- Wendelin the Weird

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Review #3, by Marshal Chapter One

2nd October 2015:
I really liked this. I have not come across many stories of Draco and Astoria. I'm sure they are there if I looked, which admittedly I haven't but this was still a good read. You had a very even pace with the story which was nice and you led me as a reader along the path of Astoria's and Draco's life. I thought it was nicely romantic and wonderfully played. Over all good job.

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Review #4, by rosiful Chapter One

19th August 2015:
I really enjoyed reading this! I love Draco/Astoria, and you just wrote them so beautifully and perfectly here.
I really like how you characterised Astoria, and made her very adventurous and not exactly suited for the High Society! I can see why she wasn't too keen to tell Draco she was pregnant at first, she didn't want to let her carefree spirit go. But, he makes her want to settle down and begin a new adventure. This is so perfect!

This was a pleasure to read!!

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Review #5, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Chapter One

21st February 2015:
I’m not a huge Dramione fan but I want to check out your story but I only have time for a one-shot and then I need to jet off to work.


To live did not mean you were alive, she concluded. She only felt truly alive when she was deep in the action, adventure, and the thrills that made you feel scared and excited at the same time – so deep into your chest, you’d be feeling pain.

Already loving your writing style. I think Astoria would have been adventurous and given Draco a run for his money. She would have liked to live and go off from place to place. I kind of see that in Narcissa too. Narcissa wanted a family and to protect said family but she also wanted to experience things I think. I don’t think she would have been happy as just a housewife and she’s not just a housewife she was a Death Eater too. So I don’t think Draco would have married someone who could have liked to be complacent.

She lifted her glass of champagne in acknowledgement. ‘lifted.’

Kind of confused why ‘lifted’ is there again at the end.

he was almost sure he loved her, with all of his heart, all he could ever muster. But she felt the doubt grow bigger with every moment, devouring her heart.

Ah, doubt. I think it plagues everyone. Especially a free spirit like Astoria. To settle down and make a life with someone. I’m surprised he doesn’t want to live like her but I like this part here. The growing concern. The fear. Marriage is not easy.

Oh wow. I’m such a mush I have tears in my eyes from the end. When he pointed out she hadn’t been drinking I knew right away but that moment when she revealed she was pregnant to him that just…UH! I’VE MELTED.

This was such a great story! I really enjoyed your writing style and can’t wait to read more of your work.

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Review #6, by lindslo2012 Chapter One

16th May 2014:
Hi there!
Wow this was beautiful.
I am usually a Dramione fan but when I read this it just made me want to root for them!
They are perfect together in your story- so perfect that I was jealous of their love! Lol.
I can see Draco being more happy with Astoria than he probably ever could be with anyone else.
Even though your story was rather short it seemed so much longer because in just your short story I could see their love for each other as though I knew about their last ten years!
I think you described everything perfectly and I would have to say my favorite part is when they were dancing to their wedding song. How sweet is that!
I think this is one of the most sweetest Valentine's Day story I have ever read. :)
Thanks for the awesome read! And thanks for your amazing review on my story as well!!!
Please come back and re-request if you have another story or so,
-Lindsey :)

Author's Response: Hi Lindsey!

I'm so sorry for the late response!
Thank you so much for your lovely review, I enjoyed reading it :)
I'm so happy you liked my story, despite it wasn't your (our) usual pairing :) I love Dramione stories as well, but lately I've been wanting to explore Draco in a different way, so I tried this for the valentine's day challenge :)

I'll definitely re-request someday!
- Avi

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Review #7, by Veritaserum27 Chapter One

9th May 2014:
Hi Avi,

Here for the review swap! Sorry it took me so long. But, boy was it worth it! Wow. This was... holy cow... I can't. It was just so BEAUTIFUL. I can see why it won the Valentine's day challenge. I'm totally gushing right now and I can't find the words, but I need you to know how AMAZING this was.

You showed a side of Draco and Astoria that we never get to see. They were both so cute and loving and kind and... perfect.

Ok. Down to the specifics. The first half was so great, the way you set up Astoria's character. Someone who loved life and lived it to the absolute fullest. She has been everywhere and seen so much and loved every minute of it. So only real, true love could be the reason for her to give all that up. And she found that with Draco. But the best part was that you showed us that with your small moments and little descriptions of their passion together. The way he kissed her and how he planned their wedding song. They were clearly the envy of the Valentine's Day ball.

And then you lead us right to a steamy, romantic scene where they truly were able to show their love for each other. Draco obviously adores her and Astoria's insecurities are just the nervous jitters of a soon-to-be new mum. (At least that is how I read it.)

I just loved how you chose to tell the story, by letting the reader discover little parts of both Astoria and Draco as individuals. And then how they were so different from the other couples. Then you let us see a little bit of their intimacy with each other and finally culminated with one of the most important moments of their lives.

Thank you so much for writing this. I am so glad I chose this piece to read and I cannot believe that it doesn't have more reviews. You literally brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful.

Thanks again for the review swap. I will gladly do one again with you - just say the word!

Beth (Veritaserum27)

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

Argh! This review made my day :D
I am so happy you liked my story. I worked so hard on it, re-read it for hours, and it's going to get beta-read soon as well :)

Yes, she's kind of like a free spirit to begin with, and still is. And I'm so happy you mention their passion for each other, which was exactly what I was aiming for, while writing this story.
I did listen to the 'Young and Beautiful' song by Lana Del Rey like a hundred times, while writing it. I really wanted to build the songs feelings into the story, which I hopefully did well. Hence, the steamy, romantic scene :P :) And yes, you were right about the nervous jitters of a soon-to-be new mum!

And Thank you for wanting to reviewswap with me! I loved reading your review (or should I say, reviews? :P) I would love to reviewswap again :D

Big hug,

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Review #8, by Ravenclaw333 Chapter One

9th May 2014:
Hey, here for that review swap you offered!

I really loved this piece (and I love the song too, and now I won't be able to listen to it without thinking of Draco/Astoria!) I haven't read a lot of Draco/Astoria, but I always love seeing how people interpret the relationship and how they characterise Astoria - and I have to say, I do love your Astoria! The way you've described her longing for freedom and love of travel is fantastic, and the way you've made it clear that her marriage to Draco isn't giving up that freedom and adventure, but rather exchanging it for a different kind of adventure, is awesome. You've given some good insight into her situation as well, especially the upper class nature of her social circle now, and how she feels out of place and insecure in their presence. And the relationship you've developed here between Draco and Astoria is equal parts sweet and passionate, and I'm shipping it so hard right now! Overall a lovely bit of writing, and you should definitely write more of this pairing!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you so much for wanting to reviewswap with me! :)

Oh right, the song. I forgot to credit it at the Author's Note. I didn't use the lyrics, but I still think it's polite to credit your inspiration :) Good thing I remembered that when you mentioned the song!

I can't stop thinkingg about Draco and Astoria too whenever I hear the song, haha :) It fits them quite well, sort of dark and romantic at the same time.

You've been very spot on with your observation! Astoria is very insecure when she's around her so-called friends, and to be honest - when they gossip like that all the time, I would be insecure as well.

Yes! I will definitely write another story with this pair. It was so fun to write this story, it was so different and new to me and I enjoyed it very much.

I'm so glad you liked my story :) And thank you again, for reviewing.

- Avi

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Review #9, by LightLeviosa5443 Chapter One

23rd January 2014:
I'm so sorry it took me so long to get to reading this entry.


Like, holy cow. I loved this story. I loved seeing Draco really love someone. It was genuine and believable and beautiful and more than once I got butterflies in my stomach because it was just so well written and lovely!!

Astoria, and her worries, yet her perfection. I love the way that Draco sees her as just simply perfect, because he loves her so much. I love how afraid she was to tell him. Because she was a free spirit, she's not comfortable in the upper class. But he makes it okay. And this story. Perfect. I don't even have words.

I'm honestly not even entirely sure what I was expecting from a Draco/Astoria one-shot. Something gloomier, I suppose. But you wrote them both beautifully. You showed that Draco is capable of being gentle, and loving, and being so honorable and perfect. And you showed Astoria being a nervous young girl afraid that in a circle of people who are dishonest her husband might be one of those too. But she voiced her worries. Ugh. This was just perfect. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

Thanks for entering into the challenge. I loved reading this entry, it was wonderful.

Good luck!! :)

xoxo LL

Author's Response: My god, you have NO IDEA how happy this review made me!

I am so thrilled that you loved my story!
Can't believe you got butterflies from reading this *squeals*

I honestly didn't know either, what to expect from the pair - I always imagine them being a young version of Lucius and Narcissa; cold and posh. But when I heard the 'Young and Beautiful' song by Lana Del Ray, I could see it all so clearly - the ball, the dance, her feelings about the upper class and such. Except I had a different end planned - that he actually was like the others, only that she didn't know. But that wasn't quite Valentine's Day-ish, so I avoided that part and let the pair be better than their circle of friends.

I loved your challenge, good thing your already started it in December! Hehe.

Thank you so much for reviewing this!

- A

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Review #10, by Dark Whisper Chapter One

14th January 2014:

Awe, this was really sweet.

I love it that Draco is so loving and tender with her and still kisses her like they were teenagers. I can see where Pansy's jealousy comes in to play. :)

Your story about her insecurities is true-to-life, especially when one hears of so many relationships failing and of loved one's cheating, leaving broken hearts. And Draco is one of those men who are completely desirable to other women. It would be easy for him. The hard part would be saying no to temptation when it comes. That is reality, and so, I think it is only right that she would feel that way.

Her Valentine's gift would be the best gift for him. Despite his canon character flaws, I think he'd be an excellent father (or at least, he would plan to be a good one).

I can totally relate to Astoria's little prayer... to bring him along to Heaven. It was very sweet. But I would think she would find his non-belief a bit alarming, more so than reassuring. I do hope Draco changes his mind. Perhaps the new baby might have him thinking differently? I hope so. *praying for him* :)

Good job changing the story a bit to incorporate Valentine's Day into your story. Sometimes when people try to 'fit' things after the fact, it is a bit choppy. But you did so rather seamlessly.

You definitely penned a very sweet Valentine's Day, romantic story. Who wouldn't want to dance like that? Who wouldn't want to be kissed liked that? Great job on describing these things.

Good luck on the challenge. :)
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi DarkWhisper :)

Thank you so much for your review, a lot of the things you mentioned had crossed my mind while writing this story.
I wanted him to be happy for gift she gives him but as it wasn't the ending I had planned, I may have written him a little out of character - I think he was quite 'simple' up until that point. I do think he'd be a good father, I always imagine that he'd learn to become a better person after the war - with the death of Snape and all.

Yes, maybe she should have been alarmed with his view on the life after death. That would probably make the scene more realistic than her not commenting on it :)

I'm glad you think I did it seamlessly, with incorporating the Valentine's Day theme to the story :)
To be honest, I thought the story may have been too gloomy considering it was supposed to be a romantic day/theme, but maybe it was because I listened to the song while writing the story and it is a little melancholy, hehe :)

Thank you so much for telling me your view on this story, it means a lot to me and actually made me happy :)


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