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Review #1, by jrt  In Which I Cause A Catastrophe

21st December 2014:
It sounds pretty interesting and would like to see what happens next. Is this continuing?

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Review #2, by caapotter  In Which I Cause A Catastrophe

22nd January 2014:
Hey there!! I really believe you got a good thimg going on here! I love the harry/ginny romance so i would be really happy to see this fic continue. If you need anything i'm sure i could try to help you, just ask it of me! Congrats and dont let the fic die please! :)

Author's Response:
Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm not planning on letting the fic die, so don't worry! And, I'm sure ill be taking you up on that offer sometime! Thank you :)


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Review #3, by SkyEcho In Which I Blush (A Lot)

19th January 2014:
Hi FluffyNargles!
You have an interesting start here. I really enjoyed how you focused on a moment in time between Harry and Ginny. It flowed nicely and you definitely captured Ginny's shy and nervous energy at having a conversation with her crush! Her response at the end was great - very fitting for her personality. I look forward to seeing what happens next :)

-SkyEcho *Hufflepuff, 2014*

Author's Response: SkyEcho, Thanks for reviewing! I really appreciate it :) And for all of your lovely complements, too! I really love Ginny - she's one of my favorite characters - so I have lots of fun writing her. Thanks again and enjoy,


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