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Review #1, by ladyrae Foreign Tongues

23rd August 2014:
I love Lia. Completely oblivious, check. Oddly injured by someone, probably her father, check. Still always joking and entertaining, extra check. Only now Carter's becoming a bit of a mystery and I wanna know everything!!

this was a great chapter. Definitely fulfilled everything I wanted after the last one. Still very curious about Lia's new man and if anyone/James is gonna remind Carter about her drunken indiscretion. Update son!! Lovely as always ladies.

Author's Response: don't we all love lia!!!

you are the sweetest, thank you so much for your kind words!! we're sorry this chapter took so long to update, hpff was down for a little so hopefully next time we'll be able to come around a lot sooner :)

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Review #2, by Fffffodl Shock Therapy

11th July 2014:
Good chapter. If I'm not mistaken this chapter displayed some of Carter's anxiety issues. She needed to get away from as quick as possible momentarily forgetting that she should probably stay with her friends. Loved it. Update soon.

Author's Response: ding ding ding!!! thanks for paying attention and shooting us a review, you are always loved and appreciated on this end :) and don't worry, we won't be gone for too long

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Review #3, by ladyrae Shock Therapy

9th July 2014:
Interesting chapter. A bit jumpy, but there was a lot to tell so it's understandable, and it was still a good one. WHO IS THAT GIRL? And WHAT is that animal thing? Much suspense!!

Also, woah revelation from Lia at the beginning. Where's that gonna go???

Author's Response: oh gawwwddd sorry for it coming off a little jumpy, but yeah it was definitely really difficult to make it not jumpy with everything that happens in this chapter

as for everything else TIME WILL TELL MY FRIEND, we've definitely got some fun chapters coming up!!!

(also can we just say you're one of our favorite readers because you never fail to leave behind your thoughts and thats just rad)

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Review #4, by ladyrae Supernova Remnants

11th June 2014:
Another great chapter! I like the development of whatever is going on with this bird thing. And the Carter/Sirius drama and Lia being oh so oblivious. Can't wait for the next!!

Author's Response: thank you darling! i'm glad that you're pleased with where the story is going. hopefully we'll have time to update soon!!

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Review #5, by gratefullygreat Supernova Remnants

10th June 2014:
Oh, I cannot wait for the next chapter. Can't wait to see note Carter/Sirius action. Loving it. Xoxox

Author's Response: we're so happy that you're happy!! thank you doll!

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Review #6, by lalalalaluhhhhver Drunkenness Blues

26th May 2014:
love this story so much!!! and I have been watching your blog too, I think the characters are perfect. xoxo

Author's Response: thank you!! it's so great to hear that people are actually paying attention to the blog. i'm so glad you like the characters!

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Review #7, by ladyrae Drunkenness Blues

26th May 2014:
Another great chapter. Very interested in weird chick with the mass murder book. She's gotta be the one they heard in the bathroom, right?

Interested if Carter tells Lia about her and Sirius. More interested in Lia hearing about what she drunkenly said to Remus and how she'll feel about that. Can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: ow ow ow this is so nice! thank you so much you are such a peach!! also, we all know lia, she's pretty much immune to embarrassment when it comes to remus hahaha

we're so excited to share the next few chapters. things are going to get very interesting soon, we promise! xx

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Review #8, by casa_bella Spreadable Lipstick

16th May 2014:
I have so much love for this story!! Update soon. X

Author's Response: hey friend thank you so much!!! we will try and update as soon as possible (hopefully faster then we did this time 'round) xo

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Review #9, by ladyrae Spreadable Lipstick

15th May 2014:
I'm really liking this story so far! I know it's supposed to be Carter/Sirius and Lia/Remus, but I'd be interested in seeing the opposite friendships. Especially since Lia and Sirius both have serious family issues.

I really enjoy this fic. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: thank you so much!!! we actually do have a lot of plans for lia and sirius's friendship throughout the story so i hope you'll be pleased with where that goes

we'll try to update soon!

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Review #10, by Fluffywuffywoopoo Half-Baked

8th April 2014:
Hurry up and post the next chapter! Face palm

Author's Response: in due time, my friend, in due time

(check out our blog in the meantime for updates !!! link is on our profile)

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Review #11, by BelievemeorLeaveme Half-Baked

7th April 2014:
Love this! I love the dynamic between Sirius and Carter. Update soon, pretty please!

Author's Response: thank you so much hopefully we'll be able to update quickly!

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Review #12, by blue_splash Azure Skies (And Jumpers Too!)

27th March 2014:
Another great chapter! Please update soon, I cant wait to read more! I'm curious to see what happens with the bathroom incident or if it was just random. Also we've yet to actually see Lily, does that mean the girls arent friends with her or just not close? Remus is sweet to Lia, I'm sensing some romance over there, well hopefully haha! Anyways I'm rambling. I love it and and cant wait to read more!

Author's Response: hey this is so nice thank you for your kind words!!! lily WILL be in the story we just wanted to take a different route from the usual lily/oc bff scenario you see so often in other fics. but we promise she's not completely left out!!

it would be pretty difficult to share a dorm with someone for your entire adolescent life and not become friends wouldn't it?? hahaha

as for everything else... you'll see in future chapters ;) should update soon!

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Review #13, by blue_splash Gossamer Season

27th March 2014:
Absolutley fantastic! Cant wait to read more! I love Lia and Carters friendship! Great work

Author's Response: thank you so much you are so lovely!! we're really trying to show how close carter and lia are so i'm glad it's coming off like we want it to

we should update soon so you won't have too long to wait to read more

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Review #14, by sweetypye0110 We Built Another World

5th February 2014:
Great start!!! Can't wait to see where you're going to go with this. Update soon please!

Author's Response: hey friend thank you so much!! the next chapter is actually currently in the queue, so i think you'll be thrilled to know that we will be updating soon. :)

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Review #15, by oldnumberseven  We Built Another World

15th January 2014:
Well, you certainly got my attention by opening the chapter with a quote - not only do I love doing that myself, but it's a beautiful Sartre one as well!

First, I have to commend you (and I'm using the collective you here, since it seems there is more than one writer for this fic?) for adding some spice to the typical train ride/sorting feast template most people use to start their fics. But man, you've got some interesting female OC characters here too. I'm interested to see where things go from here, considering the obvious Lia/Remus and Carter/Sirius attachments :D

My only criticism would be to space out your work more - sometimes your paragraphs are long and truth be told, a little hard to get through. But that's just a suggestion!

Author's Response: ah ah ah i am just now seeing this!!! yes there are two girls writing this fic and we thank you SO MUCH for your review we really appreciate it!! also we will definitely take your suggestion to heart, as this is our first fic we've written together and things *might* be a bit wonky at first lmao

but thank you for the compliments!! x

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