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Review #1, by forevergryffindor Duels Are Not For The Distracted

16th September 2014:
Awesome never disappoint

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much!! I hope I continue to not disappoint. Next chapter is in the queue :)

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Review #2, by GJ Duels Are Not For The Distracted

10th September 2014:
One of the best chapters by far! OMG SO FREAKIN GOOD! You're an amazing writer, I felt so much while reading this chapter. Keep it up :) can't wait to see what happens next! Andi & Ted

Author's Response: YAY thank you so much! I hope you keep reading, it means so much. Next chapter should be up soon, it's in the queue :)

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Review #3, by DancingMooncalf Duels Are Not For The Distracted

9th September 2014:
Oh my! that's just horrible! is she still alive? Oh that Rabastan! He really took it too far this time.
I do hope you plan on uploading the next chapter within a week, because I can't bare waiting any longer to find out what happens next!
the tension and emotion in this story is rather raw and I like that, it puts me on edge in a good way, if that makes sense. And this chapter, especially the end, will make tension rise even more I'm sure.
Please please update soon!

Author's Response: I guess you'll find out in the next chapter :o
The next chapter is in the queue so it should be up within a few days :)
I'm so glad you enjoy my story, and I really appreciate your review, it helps motivate me to write more! I hope you keep reading :D

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Review #4, by aurora borealis Duels Are Not For The Distracted

9th September 2014:
Best chapter yet:) Also a bit darker than the rest. The end was not expected at all, but I think I can guess what happened. Can`t wait for the next chapter to see if I was right. You have an amazing writing style, keep up the good work:)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Yes it will get darker and darker as the story continues, I guess because Andromeda herself realizes just how dark of a world she lives in. Thanks so much for your wonderful review, and next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #5, by lookatthatfanfiction We're Just Friends Who Sneak Off To Hogsmeade Together

8th September 2014:
Ted and Andromeda are so cute together! I'm glad she's finally admitting her feelings for Ted even if its just to herself. Great chapter can't wait to read more update quickly!!

Author's Response: That's the first step, isn't it? Admitting to yourself. Hopefully she admits it to him soon. Eek! Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #6, by keyty Andromeda Goes To The Library…Not To Study

24th August 2014:
Girl you are killing me. I was just reading as fast as I could thinking KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS and then they didn't kiss. So disappointed. They're so cute. He's so cute with her. I ship it so hard. Please update soon! Ahhh!!

Author's Response: Lol I know I'm going to keep bothering all my readers with that, but it is coming, son :))

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Review #7, by married to black Hide The Bruises, Hide The Secrets

12th August 2014:
Ted is winning me over with each chapter! Everything about him is so intriguing and entertaining. I love the way he puts Andromeda on edge because he is so good at reading her. I can sense just how much he is beginning to like her and it is making me feel all happy and gushy over them. These two are so cute together.

And yay at Ted having the courage to ask Andromeda for more time to spend together! He is so straight-forward and bold. I love that about him

Author's Response: Isn't Ted perfect?? Gahh I love him so so much. He's an amazing person and he makes me want to cry :') Thanks girl I hope you keep reading :)

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Review #8, by married to black Cake Makes Way For Conversation

12th August 2014:
That little line at the end has me gushing so hard and I am out in public yet I cannot control myself over their cuteness!!! I love this chapted because I sense that this will truly be the turning point for their story and I am so incredibly excited to see what more we will get from them.

I can't help but feel for Ted. Sometimes, Andromeda jumps the gun too quickly and comes off somewhat insufferable with the attitude but I love how Ted always counters it so quickly :'D he is just too cute. I am hooked on him I swear TT.TT

Author's Response: I know, why can't this happen to me in real life. Sighhh, I guess I will have to live it through reading and writing hehe. Thanks :))

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Review #9, by married to black Lakes, Lies, And Limbo

10th August 2014:
Zan is so precious!! I can tell that I am really going to like her character. She seems very endearing and cute but also has some ~ wise thinking ~ in her that I like.

MARCY AND HE RAVENCLAW. YAS YOU REPRESENTED MY HOUSE WITH ONE OF YOUR CHARACTERS. OMFG. WOOHOO. I am excited. Right after I finish with all of these chapters, I will go shove my face with all of the flawless writing you have done for them because I can tell they will be one of my favorite otps in this story.

I love the way Ted reacted when he found Zan and Andromeda. I think it is cute how he was all angry because it reflects just how much he cares about her. He was all ~ worried ~ and mister angry because she wasn't properly taking care of herself. So. So. CUTE. Kawaii! Kyeopta ~~

Once again, you delivered a really cute and flawless chapter. You're making me start to really like the side characters and that just adds to how well I found this story to be.

I never find anything to criticize on your grammar, spelling, etc and this is another one of those moments :P great writing!

Author's Response: YAY MORE REVIEWS FROM YOU!! I love Marcy, and I totally think of you when writing her. And I thought of you when I put in that Ravenclaw bit haha. Thanks love :))

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Review #10, by aurora borealis Andromeda Goes To The Library…Not To Study

7th August 2014:
My addiction to your stories is only comparable to my addiction to coffee, so PLEASE update as soon as possible:) Love all your stories, but especially this one and `21 days of Worthy`.

Author's Response: Haha I hope you drink your coffee while reading my stories. Thank you so much for reviewing! Next chapter is in the queue and 21 days of Worthy is in progress. Not going to lie I'm a little slow on that one :/ Soon though, thanks again :))

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Review #11, by tia Andromeda Goes To The Library…Not To Study

6th August 2014:
AW Ted/Andormeda are gonna go on an actual date "sort of but still" I'm excited to see how their day will turn out. Update soon my lovely gremlin!

Author's Response: Haha I know, it's about time! Thanks dear, next chap is in the queue! :)

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Review #12, by bookworm19971 Andromeda Goes To The Library…Not To Study

5th August 2014:

Author's Response: YAY!! Next chapter is in the queue, thanks :))

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Review #13, by DancingMooncalf Strangers With Cigarettes

5th August 2014:
The way you write makes the emotions really deep, if I may say so. I had a serious lump in my throat there with Andromeda, it must be horrible to live in such a confusing and pressuring environment, not knowing how to escape it. '
I think I'm hooked on this story now. It has a very serious note to it that I really appreciate.

Author's Response: I had a lump in my throat writing it actually. Thank you so much for your review, it really means a lot and I hope you keep reading :)

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Review #14, by tia Rash Meets Reason

5th August 2014:
Did not expect how much I would love this chap but then again I catch myself falling in love with each chapter more. Marcy/Jamieson deserve the cutest couple award, Ted/Andromeda can come in at a close 2nd

Author's Response: Yay, I thought you liked Ted/Andromeda more hehe. Thanks girl, love ya :)

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Review #15, by keyty Rash Meets Reason

21st July 2014:
YAY!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY THEY ARE SO CUTE. I'm so glad Andie's plan worked! Ahh I almost melted when he (indirectly) said he was in love with her. That was so sweet. And I think Marcy can help Andie now. It would be so cool if she returned the favor to help her get with Ted. But of course Marcy has it easier. Her sister isn't a lunatic death eater. She's definitely onto something now though. It wasn't very smart of Andie to use Ted. She should have used (name of her Hufflepuff friend I'm totally blanking on) to give Jamison the note. Oh well. That'll add up to more drama so yay! I'm so scared for Marcy though. And what happens to her will be an indicator of what will happen to Andie. Uh oh. Please update soon! I can't wait to read more!!!

Author's Response: Yay thanks for reviewing!! I know it finally worked, and I wish I could write more from their perspective so I will try to squeeze that in. Marcy definitely has it easier, and hopefully she will try to help Andromeda, but for now no one knows about Ted :o Thanks again :))

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Review #16, by married to black The Art Of Cheating

20th July 2014:
Okay, can I just //GUSH// about this one scene in particular for a moment?

"Oh," he pivoted towards her, a playful look on his face. "And what do I get in return?"

"Hmm, let me think about that...I won't tell McGonagall, naturally,” she faked a smile at him"

KLDRJGLWER I squealed during this part. I mean, COME ON, their chemistry is just oozing and seeing Andromeda but all teasing and playful was just the best.

I have to say, my favorite thing about them is the dynamic that exists between them - they really just don't hold back much when interacting and they have the wittiest conversations. It's like when you're enjoying a match and keep seeing the ball bounce back between the two sides and can't help bUT FEEL SO ANXIOUS AND INTRIGUED AND JUST FLKGJDFLG.

Squealing. Endlessly.

I really love this chapter and I can tell that we will be getting more and more of them omfg yay *O*

Author's Response: Aww haha I'm glad I wasn't too cheesy :p I try to keep the conversation interesting and real, and though she does have a lot of angst, she only sometimes displaces it on him. I'm glad you loved it, and thanks for the review :)

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Review #17, by NASHAAD When Bella Writes

3rd July 2014:
Oh nava, you little tease, i really thought a kiss scene was coming up at the end, i was getting all pumped up for it too!! This chapter was a amazing, and dear standing ovation to you for giving greedy people like me such long updates to savor!!! I really do hope ted and 'dromeda, can i call her that btw? Get along to fixing Jamison and Marcy up soon, I can't wait till they first speak to each other again, im going to revel in the pure awkwardness of that!!! Rabastian seriously needs to find a hobby that doesn't include being a terrorist every turn, poor 'dromeda to think she had to put up w/ a creature like that her whole life. He needs a reality check though, how blind and condescending is that he doesn't know how much 'dromeda is repulsed by him?? Really though who is this blond chick to Ted anyways? I hope she's just a friend of Ted's that's curious about his new obsession w/ 'dromeda, lol they ain't got time for any more complications then they already got! Hope you had fun on your trip! :)

Author's Response: Don't you love when you think a kiss scene is coming but it's actually not? Haha I love doing that to readers :P Did you know Ted actually nicknames her Dromeda? So yes, you may definitely call her that :D Jamison and Marcy coming up next my love! Rabastan is Regina George with male private parts, just sayin, hehe, but ten times worse obviously. Yeah the blonde girl is just a friend and I'll definitely get to explaining that as well :) Thanks for your lovely review my dear penguin!!

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Review #18, by keyty When Bella Writes

2nd July 2014:
WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME SO?! Ah I'm reading on my phone and by the time the chapter ended it was almost touching my face. EVEN THOUGH YOURE MEAN I LOVE THIS CHAPTER. I love that Andromeda is finally coming to terms with her feelings for Ted. Stupid Rabastan, being a git. It's weird because irl I cuss a lot, and everyone I know does and it doesn't bother me. But since in this story people rarely cuss when he does it just makes me hate him more. I don't know if that's on purpose or not but there you go lol. I love that Zan gets her. It's sad that her "closer" friends are all so afraid of being different, like she is, so they can't trust each other. Or at least she doesn't feel that way. I hope she can at least confide in Marcy, maybe she could relate. But grrr I really hate Bella. I want to punch her!! But she ended up helping andromeda feel closer to Ted so I guess it's not that bad. But I still hate you for not letting them kiss. Gah I wish I knew what Ted was thinking! It would be interesting to have a chapter surrounding him. Also what muggle stuff did he have to leave for? Just curious lol. UPDATE THE SECOND YOU GET BACK FROM YOUR TRIP PLEASE. And also I hope you have a wonderful time wherever you're going :) okay bye

Author's Response: YAY YOUR REVIEW MADE MY DAY COMPLETE!! I miss your story so much btw and I can't wait to catch up on it after writing this review haha :p I probably should make my characters cuss more, it's just so weird because I don't cuss so I have to literally remind myself that some of these kids probably cuss haha. Andie and her friends definitely have a lot of things they need to learn to trust each other on, and they will throughout the story, hopefully :) Haha everyone thought they were going to kiss, nope nope not yett :) Thanks so much for reviewing! My trip was fantastic, I went to Nicaragua and the Caribbean and it ended too soon :( But now that I'm back I'm excited to write write write!! Thanks again :D

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Review #19, by tia When Bella Writes

22nd June 2014:
Bella is scary. I never want to get on her bad side but then again that resulted in an Andromeda and Ted scene so maybe I should thank her for that.

Author's Response: BELLA IS SCARY. I know I'm a tease I'm so sorry, I'm getting so much hate for it lol, next chapter will not disappoint you, hopefully! Thanks dear :)

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Review #20, by tia Don't Let Anyone Read Your Journal, Except For The Boy You Like

20th June 2014:
I love Marcy so much and the fact Ted is gonna help Andromeda with getting them together, I CAN'T WAIT!!! I LOVE TED EVEN MORE WITH EACH CHAPTER. That scene during that bathroom break; i squealed like a little girl. I hate you for making me act a fool at work. But i will forgive you b/c this chapter was quite long ^_^ Keep em coming with those Ted/Andromeda scenes :) on to the next one!

Author's Response: I wish I could read HPFF at work. I know you love Marcy and don't worry next next chapter will not disappoint you at all :)) Thanks for the wonderful reviews as usual my troll :)

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Review #21, by tia Don't Let Anyone Read Your Journal, Except For The Boy You Like

20th June 2014:
This chapter was so funny, i was cackling like a mad woman during work. The scene w/ marcy and jamison had me falling off my chair.

Author's Response: LOLOLOL I can imagine you and Nash sitting and cackling while reading my chapters. Hehe I knew you would like that part, I was specifically thinking of you when writing it lol. Thanks love :)

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Review #22, by GJ When Bella Writes

20th June 2014:
Amazing update! OMG I want them to kiss already :(

Author's Response: Haha thank you!! Soon my dear, soon :))

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Review #23, by supercool When Bella Writes

19th June 2014:
luciusobsessed, you are amazing. I have read quite a few Ted Tonks/Andromeda stories, and I don't think anyone else quite captures their little nuisances the way you do. YOU ARE AWESOME. can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much, you are so sweet. This literally made my day. I am currently working on the next chapter so I hope you decide to stick around and continue reading. You're amazing :))

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Review #24, by nelumbogryffindor When Bella Writes

18th June 2014:
Again a good chapter..

Author's Response: Yay thank you, you're awesome :))

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Review #25, by Lululuna A Pettigrew Party

12th June 2014:
Hello! :) So a month ago you requested a review from me, and I'm finally here to deliver - I'm so sorry for taking this long!

I really liked this first chapter and the characters you're setting up. Andromeda especially is a really wonderful main character and I like how you've done a good job of showing her internal conflicts and motivations. She clearly has all these emotional and moral confusions whirling about in her brain and I felt you wrote those very believably.

Andy is interesting here in her quiet form of rebellion and resistance, and how she contrasts with Sirius. While Sirius is more brash and bold about his hatred of Death Eater ideology - quite the Gryffindor - Andy is more secretive and sly about her beliefs, far more of a Slytherin. I like how you portrayed her more careful form of resistance and how she realizes that instead of revealing herself as a traitor by running to help Peter in front of all the other Slytherins, she holds back and preserves her own safety and helps him later on.

Narcissa is quite interesting here as well - I always saw her as quite a malleable character who is easily influenced, and that came across here with how she doesn't resist the other Slytherins, but neither does she stand up against Andromeda even when she knows Andy is acting dangerously.

Poor Peter - that whole scene was just awful. It also showed how by "sending" Peter as a spy, Sirius does have quite a bit of control over his friends, or at least that's how it came across. I can see how that could lead to some resentment from Peter in the future, and how his humiliation at the hands of the Slytherins might make Peter want to prove himself in front of them and eventually become a spy. The spell for making him lose control over his bladder was a brilliant addition, though very sad, and I could really feel his sense of desperation and humiliation. It's really mindless torture for the Slytherins, but fits with how Voldy would display his victims and put on a show of humiliating and dehumanizing them. This is just the student version of that really. You portrayed those hints of horror so well.

One thing which stood out to me was that this chapter was very dialogue-heavy. Your dialogue is very strong and was especially impactful at the beginning in jumping right into the scene, but as a personal preference I would have liked a little more description to balance it out. This chapter was great, but I think it could be even stronger with some description to really bring the scene to life. Another way to make it even stronger might be to develop even more "showing" not "telling." So instead of "telling" us that Rabastan wears being a pureblood on his sleeve, you could go even more into what qualities about him makes him seem pureblood - the sneer on his lips, the curve of his proud head, the rich stitching on his robes. So that's just one example, but maybe something to keep in mind! :)

Ooh, I also liked the little hint of Ted (or at least I hope it was him!) at the beginning. I'm looking forward to seeing how you develop the relationships and how we might see Andy in her quiet rebellion even further.

Great job, I really enjoyed this chapter! :) Feel free to re-request anytime, and I'll try to be a little faster if you do! :D

Author's Response: Hi there! No worries, sorry for taking so long to reply! I had finals so I understand how hectic life can get :/

Thank you so much, I'm really glad that you like how I portray the characters. I tried my best to stay true to what I already knew about them and just expand on that.

I will definitely work on my description in my chapters. Thank you for the wonderful advice.

You're amazing :)

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