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Review #1, by hedera Blue Ribbon Operator

6th July 2014:
Hi! This is a House Cup 2014 Review :)
I really enjoyed this story! Whilst there was quite a bit of dialogue which I think sometimes can be a bit of a problem in one-shots- it's hard to create meaningful dialogue in shorter pieces- I actually think it worked really well!
Rose's internal monologue was interesting, and I really liked the idea of it being the early hours of her birthday.
I think a particularly nice detail was the apathy of the Petrol Station guy- I could picture him so clearly in my head, and he seemed really real! It was good!
I thought your grasp of detail was excellent, you really seemed to encapsulate London and its mood well.
My only real question for this fic- and it is a burning one, is about the football! Were they City or United fans? (I feel like it's United)(even in a fictional universe another United victory is horrific)
Anyway I really enjoyed this story! I thought that both Scorpius' panic attack and Rose's narrative were really well handled!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It was a bit difficult for me to get London ~right since I don't live there, but Google Maps certainly helped. And yes it was a United match! Quite horrific.

Again, thank you for the review! :)

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Review #2, by Lululuna Blue Ribbon Operator

26th March 2014:
Hello! :)

Ah, I really loved this! So many things about it. First of all, this is a really original take on a friendship and on HP characters in general, really. I loved the realist, gritty elements to it - the messy apartment, the attention to small sums like Rose spends at the gas station, how each tiny moment is difficult for Scorpius. It was really fascinating and I thought you portrayed it so well.

The little details here were honestly amazing. The fact that the ribbon came from the section of the store where the children who couldn't afford expensive things would buy hair ornaments was just such a tangible, powerful image. I liked how Rose's interest in the ribbon, how it became a thing of beauty for her, wasn't explained clearly, but how the ribbon carried through the story as a little thing she used as an ornament or gift for herself. The moment with Scorpius tying it in her hair and trying so hard to get it right, even though she was about to take it off again anyway, was really powerful and a lovely moment.

Rose's patience and devotion to her friend was so fascinating here. At first I thought they were a couple, until I noticed how they had separate bedrooms and the term "friend" was used. She was so patient and gentle with him, though I was impressed at how she didn't feel frustrated or trapped, or at least didn't show it. I found their interactions to be very realistic and believable - especially when she told him that if he changed his mind in the morning, that he should tell her. I can tell how you really put a lot of heart into making realistic characters.

Rose's feelings towards Hermione interested me as well. It makes sense that Hermione would be nit-picky and ambitious for her children, but that she would also care about seeing them and missing them. Scorpius' comment about him understanding Hermione being "Rose-sick" was so lovely as it showed what a wonderful, warm person Rose is, and how much Scorpius cares about her. The last line was lovely testament to that as well.

One thing which I absolutely loved about this story was how you brought London to life here. London is my absolute favourite city and I felt like I was there while reading this - the throngs of tourists flooding around the attractions, the streets, the view... gah, it was gorgeous. ♥

I wonder if perhaps part of Scorpius' anxiety comes from feeling guilty about his family's history? (I just wrote a story about this so I might just be projecting the idea onto here, but I found it quite interesting! :P). I thought this because of his reaction to having the runner hit him - his worry for the man and his anxiety about hurting somebody else, even unintentionally, seemed to have some history or reasoning to it. Perhaps he feels responsible for all the people his father and grandfather hurt when they were Death Eaters, and that is translating through to his anxiety.

This was a really well-written and wonderful story, I loved every word! :) I'm so glad I read this! :D

Author's Response: Oh wow! Such a sweet review. Thank you for responding and enjoying the story! :)

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Review #3, by MissesWeasley123 Blue Ribbon Operator

12th January 2014:

And dude, first of all, this is adorable. I truly love it. I was getting a bit annoyed of Scorose, but you took such a different take on it. I hope you realize, how perfect this truly is.

Your characters were flawed, which is the first step to writing romance and making it realistic. They weren't perfect, and neither was their love. They had to do a lot of sacrificing, to be with each other.

Your summary is basically perfection, to be very honest. But not only that, this story is written beautifully. Everything, from the way you wrote this particular line:

Carefully he gathered up the front pieces of her hair and tied them together in the back with the ribbon. Noticing it was uneven, he untied the ribbon and tried again. He did this several times over until the bow was perfect.

to this line:

He relaxed, especially as they walked to the last car and away from the majority of people.

One of the greatest things about this was that there was this continuous peace throughout. It was so calm, and so when his panic attack came along, it was very bam, and you focused on it greatly.

I loved the little bits of description, of the mosque and then Baker Street (total fangirl moment there, because asdfghjkl; Sherlock ♥)

Very well written. Excellent writing :)

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for this lovely review, it really made my day. I love putting little details about places in my writing, and I actually based Rose and Scorpius' flat off a real location in East End, so Google maps became my favorite place while writing. Again, thank you! :)

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Review #4, by Miss Muggle Blue Ribbon Operator

12th January 2014:
Interesting! I like the different take on Scorpius.

Author's Response: Yeah, Scorpius was very difficult to write in this because I didn't want to portray anxiety and whatnot in the wrong way, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Thank you for the review! :)

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