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Review #1, by MidnightBlue_x Of Never Kissing and Bastien.

11th May 2016:
I was so incredibly excited to see this had been updated! I love this story, and I can't wait for more, especially more Regulus.

x Ely

Author's Response: I'm slowly coming back around to this! Thank you for being diligent, it's keeping me going. And we all need a little more Regulus around.

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Review #2, by GJ  Of More St. Mungo's and the Kitchens.

15th January 2016:
So good! Can't wait to see what Rosier's reaction is going to be lol

Author's Response: Thank you thank you kindly! I'm dealing with a rough start to my semester, but I'll try to get back in writing and posting this soon!

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Review #3, by LittleMissAutumn Of More St. Mungo's and the Kitchens.

14th January 2016:
Rosier isn't going to be a happy camper when he hears Regulus and Claire's cover up story. The rumor mill is going to spread like fire. Update soon please and happy new year! :)

Author's Response: Ah, poor Rosie. ;)

Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for the review!

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Review #4, by LittleMissAutumn Of Rosier and St. Mungo's.

26th November 2015:
Ahhh you updated!!! Poor Annabelle! I hope she's alright. I'm glade Claire finally stuck up for herself. Rosier is an evil bastard and he was planning on raping her! Regulus better kick him in the balls.

Author's Response: Yes, yes. These chapters get certainly more dark as we descend in to the war. Glad you're enjoying!

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Review #5, by MidnightBlue_x Of Rosier and St. Mungo's.

18th November 2015:
I may have squealed when I saw this had been updated. I'm so happy that you're updating again- this is one of my favourite stories on the site. I hope we're going to see a lot more of Regulus now!

x Ely

Author's Response: AHHH, me too honestly. School is calming down for me so I couldn't resist finally getting all of this chapter out of my head finally. More Reg is always good I say. ;) thank you for being an avid reader!

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Review #6, by BumblebeeDoe Of Dungeons and Underestimation.

30th August 2015:
Hi! I've become obsessed with your story, just read all 14 chapters in one day! Love it, Claire is such an amazing character, and I love the whole dynamic of her being a Hufflepuff but coming from a Slytherin Pureblood family, (Espicially myself being a Hufflepuff and having a love for Slytherin) gives it a nice twist. Cant wait for the next chapter!

P.s. I was drawn to your story because Im trying to work up the nerves to write my own Regulas Black story, probably with Sirius too because I love the Black brothers but for now I will just marvel in your incredible story :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm actually trying to garner up the writing muscles to continue this story, unfortunately university is pulling too strong! I love Regulus, so you'll have a future reader on your hands for sure. ;)

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Review #7, by C Of Broom Closets and Bludgers.

4th August 2015:
I'm sorry, I can't continue to read this story due to how much I hate the point of view character, I understand that you are trying to have her come across of what she was taught her whole life- but she has absolutely no likeable traits. She is annoying and shallow around Rosier and generally a biatch otherwise. It's a shame, you seem like a good writer. At last, don't let me discourage you, I just thought I'd tell you that you OCs might loose you readers, especially when written in 1st Person.

Author's Response: Hey don't feel bad! Haha. I getcha. I generally struggle with writing Claire often because I wanted her perspective to be new. Often in this era of writing people take two approaches to someone on the side of Voldemort either they are inherently evil and we, as the reader, discover why they end up like that or what lead to them being that way or they have a change of heart. I wanted a different approach with Claire. I wanted indifference and indecisiveness on where she truly stands. About half way through these chapters I wanted to switch to 3rd but felt I had gone far too deep in writing. But seriously, this is a great review. I enjoyed your honesty! Thank you!

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Review #8, by GJ  Of Dungeons and Underestimation.

21st June 2015:
SO GOOD!!! OMG I CAN"T BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED! Ah that cliffhanger tho... lol :(
Hopefully this is the end of Claire and Evan!

Author's Response: I think even I hope a little bit. ;) But nothing falls apart so easily. So we shall see dear reader.

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Review #9, by LittleMissAutumn Of Dungeons and Underestimation.

18th June 2015:
Oh my gosh I'm obsessed with this story! I ship Claire and Regulus so hard! Poor Annabelle! At least Claire is sticking up for her! I'm so proud. Reg better step in. Evan is a jerk! I hate him.

Update soon please!!! 10/10

Author's Response: I'm a big shipper for them too. DEF. claire is making strides, but that will certainly make waves amongst others. He is a huge jerk.

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Review #10, by GJ  Of Secrets and Fear,

6th June 2015:
Yayy for the update!! :) It was so good, can't wait to see what happens next! Possibly some action between Claire and Reg... lol

Author's Response: One can only hope. ;)

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Review #11, by MidnightBlue_x Of Secrets and Fear,

1st June 2015:
I'm so glad you updated thisóI absolutely adore this story. I hope something big happens between Claire and Regulus soon!

x Ely

Author's Response: And it is reviews like this that make me remeber people actually read what I have to write. It just floors me haha. I forget that sometimes. Thank you, and don't we all hope. ;) xx

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Review #12, by Felpata Lupin Of New Friendships and Knowing.

4th May 2015:
Another lovely chapter!
I'm loving Claire and Regulus more and more!
They are really a lot more similar than they realize, and their friendship (or possibly something more) is just so endearing!
Oh, if only they didn't have to live according to the Pureblood society laws... Why don't Reg just follow in his brother's step and turn his back on it all? I know why, obviously... But it still makes me sad!
Ok, I'm very excited about this secret nighty rendez vous... Update soon!!!

Author's Response: I so apologize that it took me far too long to reply to this. I was in a bit of a writing rut it seemed. But thank you oh so much for this lovely review.

They are similar, more than I think either of them cares to admit in the beginning.

Ah if only they could run away and be in love and away from all of this mess. But that's the intriguing part, why does he stay? ;) And most of all why does he betray int he end?

I just posted another chapter to the queue I hope it is to your liking and that it is validated soon!

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Review #13, by elena Of Heart Matters and Hospital Wings.

21st March 2015:
Whoops! I realized that I'd read this a few days ago but not had time to review! So now I'm back to leave you the review that you deserve. I really enjoyed this chapter, it was really nice to see claire being good at something and not being completely helpless. As usual evan is a git, but I feel like he is also under a lot of pressure. Regulus is amazing, he's probably caused a lot of problems for himself with his behaviour, but I like the fact that he's still willing to defend his brother. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: I do that all the time, haha.

I thought it was time Claire be good at something, and have something on her own. She deserves the hospital wing quiet frankly, she just gets to be Claire there.

AHA. Yes, as much as Evan gets on my nerves, he is. They're all under pressure, highly concentrated pressure. They have to do what they have to do.

I like writing Regulus like this. I don't want him to be as evil as the side he's on. There must be some good in a man who defies the Dark Lord, even after being on his side.

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Review #14, by Felpata Lupin Of Bad Shags and True Love.

3rd March 2015:
I've started to follow this story only recently, but I'm already in love with it!
Claire is a very interesting character, stuck in the middle between the pureblood beliefs she'd been taught for all her life and her kind and loyal nature. So glad she made up with Anabelle!
I wish she could simply turn her back on the Pureblood society and live happily and freely, but I suppose that's not what is going to happen...
Regulus is very interesting, too. I suppose there's a lot more about him than what he's letting on (and from the little we know about him from canon, this shouldn't be suprising).
I'm really curious about where this all is heading. Hope you're going to update soon.
Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: It's always fun when people jump in, unfortunately I have been terrible at being a loyal updater of chapters but I'm catching fire once again for this fic and for writing quite generally. I surely hope I do not disappoint.
The story was really spurned on when I started to become really fascinated with the other stories on here in the same era. I mean, the first war was so harped on in the canon yet little was revealed about what it was like to live in those times, so alas, this story was born.
I always loved Regulus, even though we knew so little of him, what in the world would make him turn on the dark lord? So that's why I wrote this.

Now, Claire. I wish as well that she could run off and be happy, but unfortunately life is hardly ever like that. I'm sure I sound pessimistic now, but I'm meaning to be realistic. I'm just getting close to building to the point of all of this, but putting a nice backdrop never hurt anyone.

Your review has been so lovely to see today! I'll do my best to update within this next coming week!

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Review #15, by aidanlynchrox Of Bad Shags and True Love.

1st March 2015:
Huzzah!! A new chapter! yess!! It's been like a month since any of the stories I follow have been updated and so I was thrilled to see that the new chapter had been posted! And what a chapter it was! I loved Claire in this! I feel like this is the first chapter in a while where I didn't feel like starting my review off with poor Claire! Always an improvement! Her banter with regulus was excellent, I'm always a fan of banter, and the fact that it was with regulus is always a perk! Evan is still a creepy git, but I feel like Claire is now 100% aware of that and is going to do what she can to get rid of him, which I totally approve of. I'm happy that anabelle is out of the hospital wing, although their conversation about love was sad, I think anabelle is going to inspire claire to do what she needs to do to find happiness (although we know that in cannon both evan and regulus die young so how long lasting can her happiness really be?). I'm so happy that there was a new chapter posted that I can't even bother being mad about you posting a bit of a cliffhanger at the end, it's fine as long as you update soon ;)
I eagerly await the next chapter, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Oh how you always make my day. :)

I'll admit writing this chapter I smiled more. Claire is walking closer to happiness, closer to the path of good, or at least good compared to the darkness that surrounds her. I'll admit I posted this little chappie without rereading it thoroughly so I have gone back and edited a bit since your read through. I am disappointed I posted it in such a state.

Anyway, yes, yes. The banter with Regulus is my favorite, I think it shows that in the midst of the crazy they're still teenagers and young, bantering and laughing even. Evan is McCreepster, and rightly so.

The scene with Anabelle is one of my favorites because it's a new step for them. Claire is opening up for the first time in her life.

Ah, I do stick to canon, so yes. We know how it ends for them, but the twists are all the more fun.

I'll make a diligent effort to post a chapter within the next two weeks! Thank you for the review, it was lovely to find!

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Review #16, by elena Of Winning and Drinking.

27th February 2015:
Ugh that's a really unfortunate situation for Claire, no one should ever be forced into sleeping with someone, even though he didn't physically force her the emotional blackmail is pretty much the same thing and it's really sad that she had to go through that. Hopefully things start to look up for her

Author's Response: I hope so as well. Claire Nott deserves better than what she is settling for, she just doesn't feel that way yet. Her loyalty to her family supersedes that right now, her loyalty to a comfortable life even goes further. We'll see how things turn around for poor Claire.

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Review #17, by Elena Of Broom Closets and Bludgers.

27th February 2015:
Poor claire, I think all of my reviews start with that? I know that she's brought it on herself but it's obvious that she feels guilty about what she's done but still, also if evan is a keeper isn't it illegal for him to use a bat to hit the bludger? but that's a minor detail

Author's Response: I think they do all start that way, but it means I'm getting my point across, haha.

It very well may be, I'll do some more research and possibly have to change this part up a bit if it indeed looks that way. I may just keep it for the sake of the story. It makes it all a little more riveting.

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Review #18, by elena Of Control and Problems.

27th February 2015:
Poor claire, she's definitely going to regret that fight with annabelle as well as telling they slytherins how to take her out in the quidditch match. Its really sad that Claire feels like she can't play or like quidditch I'd really hate to be in her position. Evan and his friends are so sleazy

Author's Response: The sleaziest. Those boys so easily play with people's lives, so easily distance themselves from their own humanity. It's horrible to watch, even as a writer. She will regret it and betraying her, our actions always have consequences. Let's hope she can stand up to them.

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Review #19, by elena Of Scrubbing and Stars.

27th February 2015:
The way that she reacted to annabelle's news made me really sad, obviously it's the way that she should react based on the way that she's been raised but it's still sad to see turning on her closest friend and actually feeling disgusted, I hope she can figure out that she's being stupid and it makes no difference wether or not the boy annabelle likes is magical or not.
Evan is waaay too smooth for his own good!

Author's Response: Aha. She is being rather dumb, these are the moments I hate to write but they tie in. I'm rooting for Claire to change, even though in some strange way I control that haha. I want her to change, Claire just has to want that too.

Evan is too smooth. He's a ring leader and charismatic, it only seems right that he is too smooth, yeah?

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Review #20, by elena Of Good Nights and House Elves.

27th February 2015:
I feel a lot of pity for Claire, she isn't really allowed to be close with anyone, the other purebloods because she's a hufflepuff, the hufflepuffs because her mother forbids it, her mom seems like a witch with a b.
It's really sad to see her reaction to saying goodbye to Evan, it's hard to image a 17 year old girl being resigned to a life that isn't ideal.
Regulus is looking out for claire, but why?

Author's Response: Ahh, Claire's mother. She's all into making her daughter perfect. She does seem rather horrible, right? I like to think it is out of kindness, she wants what is best for her daughter but is generally ignorant to what is best is not always what we imagine for someone.

She is stuck in a predicament. She's realizing more and more that her life is caged and unpleasant.

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Review #21, by elena Of First Dates and Toasts.

27th February 2015:
I love Annabelle, like I love how Claire values her friendship and makes an effort with her even though she could have just written her off and spent all of her time with the slytherins.
Evan is so charming and it makes me wary of him, I'm glad that Claire is clearly uncomfortable with what he's saying because he's saying some creepy stuff!
Barty crouch jr is also a creepy little guy, I am not a fan of him. Regulus is still enigmatic
moving on!

Author's Response: Anabelle is my fave. She's so lovely and warm. She's the ideal Hufflepuff in all of this mess. She loves, she cares, and she's loyal. She true to that and never misguided in her thinking.

I liked moving Evan from this ideal of a pureblood to what usually lies under that for them, especially the sadistic ones.

I always imagine Barty Crouch Jr. was a creep then as he was later, haha.

Regulus is a little puzzle, but those are always the best.

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Review #22, by elena Of Thestrals and Paupers.

27th February 2015:
Right, isn't regulus a mysterious little bugger, very hot and cold, but he's also probably had a really terrifying summer, I can't imagine spending a whole summer torturing muggles (or what ever Voldemort has 17 year olds do) and then coming back to school like nothings happened, that would probably make me act a little strange as well.
I feel like Claire is in the awkward position of not being disowned from her family and being in Hufflepuff, because clearly she loves her family and they love her but I can't imagine being surrounded by people that you've been taught are not worthy of you and knowing that they're perfectly normal people, I'd find it hard to stay prejudiced.
Evan, is one smooth character, lets see what happens there

Author's Response: Increasily mysterious I agree. He's a bit like an onion that one, you have to peel away at him to find more. That's how I wanted him to come off. Writing Claire as a hufflepuff is such a paradox too, it's hard to get just right all the time, so I hope I'm doing her justice. Thank you for all of your reviews!

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Review #23, by elena Of Freedom and Dark Marks.

27th February 2015:
Ok so I was really excited that this story showed up in my favorites as being updated, and then I was sad to see that it wasn't a new chapter yet, but I've decided to fend off my sadness and re-read the rest of the story because I didn't review every chapter the first time around and this story deserves many more reviews.
So, my second first impression of Claire, I like how you've managed to portray her love of family, clearly adoring her father and understanding what's expected of her yet still slightly wary of the pure blood world.
I love regulus' way of quietly showing off and showing Evan that he has a higher status than him, also regulus in general is one sexy dude
On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: This reviews have literally made my entire morning!

I did actually just post an new chapter, but it's still waiting to be validated. Insert impatient eye roll.

I'm trying to write Claire as best as I can. I think she's lovely and just truly someone who is only on the wrong side because of her upbringing. I really always imagined there were people like that, who were generally drawn to good but because of family prejudice and the need to be accepted they chose the wrong side in it all. I love Regulus besting Evan, it's lovely. Regulus is one of my favorite all time characters in the series. He helps get rid of a horocrux for Merlin's sake!

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Review #24, by aidanlynchrox Of Overheard Conversations and Apologies.

20th January 2015:
Ok so I have a 2,000 word accounting assignment due in two days, so obviously I've spent all morning on HPFF, and I randomly stumbled upon this fic, and I've got to say I really love it! I was sad to see that it hasn't been updated in a while, but hopefully a nice long review will motivate you to write more! I was super happy to find this fic because I adore regulus and I find it really sad that there aren't very many regulus fics out there! I really like your choice to put Claire in Hufflepuff, I think that it's important to show that even a Hufflepuff can be prejudiced if they've been raised that way, but I was also really happy that she's friends with anabelle again, because anabelle is awesome. Evan is the worst, like no, he's beautiful and horrible, and she should ditch him for reg, even if we know that she's not gonna get a cannon happy ending with reg, at least she's not stuck with evan! Anyways, sorry if this review isn't very coherent or helpful, but I did really enjoy this story and this chapter in general! thanks for writing it and I hope you update soon :)

Author's Response: AH. I haven't written so long, but you're write, lovely long reviews like this do so make me want to jump back in this. I think this coming week I'll get started on the next chapter for this. I have let it slide too long.

Thank you for the comments! I love Regulus, he's probably the back story I've always had the most questions about. And I love the idea of a pureblood, crazy rigid upbringing and all, in Hufflepuff. Plus Anabelle is the bomb. I'm glad they've made up too. I will write more soon! Hold me to it!

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Review #25, by TumTum Of Overheard Conversations and Apologies.

1st December 2014:
My initial reaction while reading this was to think: "Claire is no Hufflepuff!" because of her attitude to blood status and muggles and the way she treats Annabelle. Hufflepuffs value merit, fairness and equality so why sell your friend out to be knocked out specifically... but then I saw that Claire isn't judgemental, rather she is kind and forgiving. She does values her Hufflepuff friends' good qualities and gentleness and looks past the way she has been brought up. Once I looked at it that way, I began to really enjoy the way you write her as a closet Hufflepuff.

Also I was being unfair - she's a normal, teenage girl who is a bit insecure and trying to impress a bunch of unenlightened teenage boys.

The sex scene was very sad, I really felt for her and I think that too many people go through similar experiences. I think you wrote it very tastefully and picked up on a fine detail - even if someone technically does say yes it doesn't mean that they weren't coerced or that they necessarily want it.

I'm really enjoying reading from Claire's pov and seeing her bury her private thoughts and censor what she says. That duality makes for interesting narration. I also find Regulus intriguing and I'm really looking forward to getting to know him better.

That said, I sincerely hope that Claire doesn't get so caught up in him to the exclusion of everything else. It hasn't shown signs of happening it's just previous fics have taught me that - I prefer reading from the pov who stays interested and involved with other people and other events, besides their love interest...

Sorry that's such a negative note. I should just say that I am really enjoying your story so far!

Author's Response: Thank you so dearly! This review couldn't have come at a better time. I'm ending my semester at university and hoping to dive back into this fic fully well, and it warms my heart when a person enjoys my work.

I love Claire because she's a bit like me in a way. She's trying to deny who she really is to fit in to what she has always been told to be. I love that. Plus, I wanted to write of a Hufflepuff that wasn't so.assumed to be a Hufflepuff. Probably a bit more like Neville, in that it was always in him to be brave but he simply had to be given the opportunity.

Ah, yes. I know your plight. I do enjoy the occasional fluffy romance but in these darks times it would be hard to simply stray to an all love story. I do want true love to be the hope in all of this though. I like the idea of that behind the "enemy lines" during this time. Some of them still had hope, still wanted out.

Thank you so much! I hope to continue this little fun story for you. :)

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