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Review #1, by rosehedwig243 In Absentia

26th April 2017:
Here for CTF!

First of all, I quite like your characterisation of Ginny. The disliking of valentine's day, her being alone and eating chocolates, thinking about getting six cats (LOL), these are all something I can understand from her point of view, with the way it is written.

I really liked how you took that scene from her first year when she sent the card to Harry and made it such a significant event in her life that after that she never wanted to think about Valentine's day in a romantic sense ever again.

Her comment on people like Lavendar, and "slobbering on your significant other", was also very Ginny and made me laugh.

I was a little confused by "Five years later" - was there some sort of rule regarding pureblood couples? Or is it more of an allude to the war and the carrows terrorirising the kids?

My heart stopped when she said "we were married for many years". WERE?! They are not married anymore?! And then I sigh in relief that okay they were always married, only one of them is alive now.

Very clever what you did with the dead-alive thing. It is Ginny who is dead, not Harry!

Aw, it's a little sad that she did not get to say those three words to Harry one last time, and now she wishes she had said them more often. Maybe after Harry dies they can unite and she can say those words in the after-life?

(also no chocolate in after-life! That's oh so very sad)!!


Author's Response: Hi Hayden!

Thank you so much, I'm really glad you like this portrayal of Ginny and can understand her!

That scene was pretty funny from Harry's POV in the book, but it must have been absolutely mortifying for Ginny.

The bit that's 'five years later' was when the Carrows ran the school, Harry was on the run, and people were probably generally miserable, although pureblood kids probably had slightly less to worry about.

Heh heh I think that tricks most people. Plot twists abound. But yes, they were married and happy together until Ginny died.

That's a nice thought, I'm sure she will when Harry joins her :)

Sad indeed. Makes me think that Voldemort's reason for trying to evade death was because he just really loved chocolate. :P

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #2, by adluvshp In Absentia

26th April 2017:
Ooh this was an interesting read. At first I thought it's Harry who is dead and Ginny who is alive but by the end it is clear that it is the other way around so nice twist there! Your reflective writing style is brilliant here - there is an almost monotonous tone to it which totally fits in with the character ginny is here as well as how she is not that into Valentine's Day. The bit about how she liked the idea of it as a little girl with candies and hearts but then it got ruined because of the whole singing dwarf thing made sense but also broke my heart a little and I only wanted to hug her. Some things here were relatable too, like sitting alone and devouring chocolate alone on the day and thinking about a future as a cat lady - merlin knows we have all thought of that when single on valentine's day, haha. Ginny's personality touches were there throughout this narrative, from not being a very romantic person, to thinking dryly about forgetting her anniversary one time, to feeling fond of how Harry told her every day that he loved her (very sweet of him - I can totally imagine harry to be a romantic like that). The last bit of regret tugged at my heartstrings though - the things unsaid and how much she wanted to tell her husband again that she loved him, while he is old and a grandfather. All in all, very bittersweet and well-written!

Author's Response: Hi Angie! Thanks for stopping by!

I think that's most people's reaction at first, because it's worded so ambiguously - I'm glad you liked the plot twist! And thanks so much, I'm thrilled that you like the writing style as well and that you thought it fit Ginny and that she was relatable. (omg yup about the future as a cat lady XD )

And thank you so much, I'm really glad you liked the characterisation of them both, and that you were touched by the bittersweet regrets she has after she's died. Thank you for reading and for leaving this wonderful review!

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Review #3, by Kreacher In Absentia

28th February 2017:
Even though Kreacher is far too busy for this, Mistress Hufflecupid insists she is not done with showering Kristin with love. Mistress found this Valentine's story and wouldn't let Kreacher pass it.

Kreacher doesn't think the Weasley hated the ceremony of Valentine's when she was sending Harry Potter a poem via cupid-dressed dwarf. Kreacher is always alone on Valentine's Day, and does anyone hear Kreacher complain? Kreacher never complains. About anything. Ever.

Mistress Hufflecupid thinks Kristin did an excellent job of writing a story with no dialogue. But Kreacher likes dialogue. Except Kreacher's is more of a monologue. Mistress Hufflecupid thinks you write Ginny expertly, and this story, though short, has much emotional value that Mistress finds bittersweet.

Author's Response: I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this (I have no internet) but Mistress Hufflecupid is amazing and so are you, Kreacher. Thanks for the review ♥

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Review #4, by bigblackdog In Absentia

20th December 2015:
eep! and you thought were late on the swap! sorry!

i really enjoyed the complexity of emotion in this story. even while the overall tone is more melancholic, you've included some wonderful little snippets of humor. i love the idea that fred and george talked ginny into writing the valentine's day song for harry and this line, "then searching fruitlessly for my lost diary that had actually been possessing me for most of the year. All in all, not one of my better days."

the wry humor, the more pragmatic approach to romance, and especially the little details about ginny not even liking romilda vane and her two day long holyhead harpies game, to me, are a perfect characterization of ginny.

you had me totally sucked in, trying to figure out why they were separated for this valentine's day. i definitely did not expect that it was ginny who had died.

i also really enjoy your conception of ginny's afterlife. maybe enjoy isn't quite the right word, but it felt really appropriate to end the story with this kind of bleak unknown and ginny just waiting.

thanks for the swap, i'm so glad it introduced me to your writing!


Author's Response: Haha no worries! as ginny in this story can attest, time is relative

I haven't thought about this story in a really long time as it's an older one, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found you'd reviewed this one. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and the complexity of melancholic and humourous. Ginny has such a wonderful wry humour to her that I thought would really come out in times like this. and yeah, ever since writing that scene I can't imagine the valentine as being anything but Fred and George's idea. Ha, glad you liked that line about the diary as well!

Ahh, thank you! I'm so glad you liked this characterisation of Ginny - it was definitely an interesting story to write because I wanted to keep her the same person at the core, with her dry humour, but also account for the fact that she had lived a lot of years by this point and wasn't really the same person as we read about in the books. Aside from the Valentines day song debacle, she didn't seem very sentimental about romance and that trait seemed to fit her. And I think that despite her dislike of Romilda Vane, the war and the horrors of what that year at Hogwarts was like would definitely bring people together, especially if they're suffering on the same side. you know, misery loves company and all.

the idea that Ginny had died was one that I hadn't actually intended when I began writing and then suddenly she was dead and I liked the twist in the story :P I'm glad it surprised you! And I'm really happy to hear that you liked the afterlife and her waiting, and that it was an appropriate end to the story, thanks!

Thank you for the swap! I'm really glad to have been introduced to your writing as well, as I absolutely loved what I read of your story.

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Review #5, by Felpata Lupin In Absentia

6th February 2015:
Hi Kristin.
It's a bit I'm missing from your author's page... I'm back now!
This is so sad and so sweet at the same time. And you did wonderfully at writing Ginny (you do wonderfully at writing anyone)!
It's true. When you lose someone, you feel like you haven't been able to tell them how much you loved them enough...
Strange to think about it the other way around. I hadn't understood it was her who had died...
Thank you for yet another moving and beautiful story!

Author's Response: Chiara! Thank you so much! You are way too kind to me ♡
I'm really glad to hear that you liked this story, and that you could connect wih Ginny's regret at not telling Harry often enough that she loved him, despite the twist in circumstances here how it's the other way around. I'm so glad you liked the story and thank you so much for your compliments - I'm glad it was moving, and so flattered to hear that it was beautiful, thanks!! ♡

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Review #6, by TidalDragon In Absentia

24th December 2014:
Howdy! Since you were so kind to volunteer Christmas reviews for people I figured I would return the favor!

I settled on this fic because I have been reading Ginny-centric stories today (she's one of my favorite characters) and I thought you DID do a good job with her, especially older her. She still has that sharpness in some of her language that we've come to know and a sense of humor. But you also folded in the reflectiveness that HAS to come with time, especially after death.

Speaking of - PLOT TWIST! I spent all the way until the end thinking that Ginny was sad on Valentine's Day because HARRY had died before her, having clearly gone to plenty of effort throughout life to make them special, but no. You tricked me!

From your A/N you seem almost worried that it got a bit existential. Given the eventual reveal of Ginny being dead, I think that actually enhances it! It would be natural when you have nothing to do, but wait (as Ginny's afterlife is right now anyway) to think about such things.

An enjoyable read on an enjoyable evening! Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Aah, thank you - this was so kind of you!

This is one of those stories that, when I wrote it, I really wasn't sure what I thought of it. So it is reassuring to hear that you think she seemed right considering she's got this reflective, existential view as a result of being older/dead but still has the dry wit we know from her as a teenager.

I'm glad to hear that the plot twist was a surprise, too! ;) Actually that surprised me as well, as I wasn't even intending it when I started writing :p

I'm so happy that you enjoyed this story! Thanks so much for your review and have a wonderful holiday :)

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Review #7, by C In Absentia

15th December 2014:
I liked it! A lot different than I expected when I read the description, but really cool :) I like how you mixed nostalgia from things in the books with things of your own. It was melancholy but still somehow fun to read.

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for your review, I'm thrilled that you liked this story, and the mix of nostalgia with silly things and difficult things. So glad you enjoyed reading this! Thanks :)

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Review #8, by wolfgirl17 In Absentia

14th December 2014:
Hey love,

Wolfgirl here for Hot Seat! This story was a little odd, but I found myself enjoying it immensely. I've always been intrigued by stories written from the perspective of the elderly as they reflect on their lives and the trials of aging and opinions of young whipper-snappers. This story was lovely. I really really liked it. If I get time, I'll throw you a few more reviews today on your other stories that I've not yet reviewed, but no promises as I'm currently writing this at work *bleh*.

As always when it's your writing, great story. Keep up the great work!


Author's Response: It is indeed odd! I only planned out the ending halfway through writing it and it surprised me as well :p And it was definitely a new perspective I was trying out and I'm glad you liked it! Thank you so much, I really appreciate your review and I'm so glad you enjoyed the story :)

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Review #9, by Freda_and_Georgina In Absentia

7th December 2014:
I absolutely love this. For a while, I thought Harry and Ginny had divorced in the middle of their lives and thought about how horrible that would be. Then I thought Harry had died. Then I read the end.

What do you mean there's no chocolate in the afterlife? Okay, I know why you did it, but it still doesn't make me like this afterlife.

You wrote Ginny perfectly. Don't worry. After all, you have a little liberty seeing as she's older now. Your writing is awesome and I love every story I read.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked that twist! The idea came to me halfway through writing the story and I thought it might be neat to try out.

I know, no chocolate, it sounds awful. I maintain that this is the reason Voldemort tried to become immortal. XD

Aah, thank you SO much, you are too kind! ♥ I really appreciate it! Thanks for your review :)

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Review #10, by Gladis Gudgeon In Absentia

22nd October 2014:
Review Tag
I wrote a really go review, but it got deleted, sorry if this feels rushed. Ginny was spot on. Story was amusing. I like the premise. The quote was used well. The use of book details was nice. Your description was good.

As for the bad stuff: you used some clunky words that disrupted the flow of the story. The transitions between scenes could be handled better. 8/10

Gladis G.
P.S. Sorry If i cheated you out of a proper review. I really put a lot of work into the first one.

Author's Response: aw bummer, it really is the worst when you finish typing and then it all disappears :-/

I'm really glad you thought Ginny was spot on, that means so much to me to both keep her in character as herself and as a much older person who's lived her whole life. Thanks about the description and book details too!

There were definitely some clunky words in there, but in keeping with Ginny's voice, who didn't strike me as the type to use scholarly words all the time, I left them in. I'm sorry you didn't like the transitions though - they were the ramblings of an old woman about her life, I hope it didn't disrupt the story too much for you.

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #11, by The Ghost Of His Last Laugh In Absentia

20th October 2014:
Hi, review swap here!

I really loved this fic! I adore Ginny as a character. I love hearing her inner monologue and feelings, and this one-shot really took the cake!

It's a very realistic story, I think, which I love. Ginny is characterized just right. I can imagine her not being so lovey-dovey as Harry, but still being emotional. The end really through me off. I went from thinking Harry left to Ginny to realizing your point really and almost cried, it's so sweet. It really twists the reader. Overall, I think this is a great fic, and I'm definitely adding it to my favorites! Great work!

- the Ghost of His Last Laugh

Author's Response: Ahhh, thank you! This is such a wonderful thing to hear. I'm so glad you liked the portrayal of Ginny, especially as she's one of your favourite characters.

The end was intended to throw people off, as it's only in the last few lines that she reveals her actual situation ;) Aw, it means so much to me that you were touched by the story though. Thanks so much for your wonderful review - and for favouriting, wow, thanks! ♥

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Review #12, by Courtney Dark In Absentia

17th February 2014:
Hey there! Thank you so much for entering the Uncomfortable Challenge!

Wow, this was a really great one-shot! The whole time I was reading I was full immersed in Ginny's memories - I think you did a really good job both with the prompt, and at being Ginny.

I really loved the memories you chose to incorporate in this piece - like the Valentine's Day of Ginny's first year at Hogwarts, where she sent Harry a singing dwarf. The way you described that really stuck out to me, and made me smile.

And I liked that you mentioned a bit of the war, too, because obviously that is a very important time in Ginny's life - Harry had broken up with her and she had no idea where he was, Death Eaters were ruling the school and yet she still attempted to celebrate Valentine's Day.

I loved the slight twist at the end - I totally thought that it was Harry who had died, but when I found out that in fact Ginny was dead...that was a really cool idea!

This was an awesome one-shot!


Author's Response: Hi! Ahh, I am so sorry it's taken me such a long time to respond to this wonderful review! I'm travelling and have been without internet for the past few weeks.

Thank you, I am so happy to hear that you think I did well with the prompt and writing Ginny!

I'm glad you liked the range of memories too - I think the Deathly Hallows era would have been so differentfrom Ginny's perspective, and her view on the war during a time that's supposed to be happy seemed important to include. And of course I wanted to put in that silly scene from Chamber of Secrets too!

I am so glad you liked the twist at the end - that idea came to me halfway through writing it and I just couldn't resist. I'm glad it was a surprise ;)

Once again thank you so so much for this lovely review and I apologise for my delayed response! Thanks for the challenge, I really loved participating in it.

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Review #13, by toomanycurls In Absentia

6th February 2014:
Thanks for doing a swap!

DUDE! This was just a mind blower. I thought you did such a wonderful job with Ginny's voice. I've never really tried to get in her head but it seems like you've lived there quite a while. I love that she's less romantic than Harry - it seems just perfect and I like that they don't fit into the typical gender roles in regards to romantic expectations.

Revisiting her romantic endeavor from CoS was brilliant. I love that Fred and George talked her into the singing card. I imagine they were half on her side and half looking for a good laugh. You used your quote to great effect - it flowed perfectly with the rest of the narrative.

When you touched on the V-day she spent while Harry was fighting Horcruxes I thought my heart would explode. I do like that the war and unhappiness pushed those girls together in a mutual support group way (in my head there was snogging though).

When you hit me with Ginny being dead instad of Harry (which is what I was sure this was about once it got morbid) I thought I'd just keel over. What a wonderful twist!!! Her regrets about not saying I love you more got me all choked up and teary eyed. It's such a real regret people have and oh I just want to go hug someone now.

Author's Response: Thank you! Ooh, I'm glad it seemed like I've been in Ginny's mind a while as this was the first time I'd ever written her and I had no idea if it would seem like her. So that is wonderful to hear! I'm glad you liked the gender roles too with who's the romantic.. I'm a big fan of challenging stereotypes of gender roles and with Ginny and Harry it just seemed very natural considering their personalities.

I think that was very likely the case with the twins' motives, yeah :p I'm glad you liked the use of the quote, too!

aww! please don't explode. But I'm glad that scene was touching. ( Hah, how would there be snogging in that scene? Unless it was just the girls together and that's how they made up for the lack of a real valentines day. Cue the Ginny/Romilda slash... lololol.)

ahh, I am thrilled that you liked that twist at the end! I'm sorry about the tears... *evilly strokes evil cat* ok, well, kind of sorry. I am so flattered to hear that you were touched by the writing though.


Thanks for an awesome review!

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Review #14, by Lostmyheart In Absentia

27th January 2014:
Wow, the ending was different than I thought.
When you wrote 'we were married for many, happy years' I thought they were divorced.

This one-shot was very sweet and different from what I've read in a long time.
I loved how you wound the quote from jane Austin into the story, I absolutely love her books.
In my opinion, you wrote Ginny perfectly. It would be hard to stay in character, when she's so old and has been through so many things - as I believe we all change continuously through our life.

I had completely forgotten about the incident with the dwarf, so it was funny reading it. How she hated Valentine's Day after that, it was understandable.

As for the no dialogue, it couldn't have been more perfect. She is thinking of their past, their days together, so if she spoke, it would maybe have been out of place.

Loved reading this story :)

Good luck with the challenge!

- A

Author's Response: Hi there! This review was such a lovely surprise, made my day! ♥

I'm glad the ending was surprising! I was hoping for it to seem somewhat mysterious until the end.

That means a lot to me that you thought it was different and original. And thank you, I'm so glad you thought I wrote Ginny perfectly! As you said, yeah she has definitely changed a lot but I'm happy it still sounded like her. I love Jane Austen too! I'm glad you liked the way I integrated the quote :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story!

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Review #15, by MC_HK In Absentia

26th January 2014:

Seriously, the way you started it out I had no idea how it was going to end. I kind of just thought that her and Harry got a divorce or something, so I was interested and read more until the end and my MIND WAS BLOWN. *CONFETTI CANNONS* This is so original and well thought out, I love it!!!


Author's Response: Wow, thank you! :D Honestly, when I started it out even I didn't know how it was going to end, haha. I'm glad you liked that twist at the end, and that you thought it was original! This ws such a wonderful review, thank you so much!

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Review #16, by MrsKatieGrint In Absentia

15th January 2014:
Review Tag!

Okay, so I might have teared up a bit there at the end. No shame whatsoever.

Actually, a long while ago, I took on a valentines day challenge with Ginny too, so when I saw your story, I was immediately interested to see what you would do too!(:

I thought you just did wonderfully. I lovelovelove your Ginny. So realistic, a bit pessimistic, but about all, genuine. And that just made the story about 78592106584 times more interesting.

I thought it was sweet that Harry wrote her poems later on, and how he was the more romantic one in the relationship. I love how you brought up their 'technical' first valentine, and described the beautiful ones after her looney one during the war.

The end was seriously heartbreaking for me. Hashtag, I'm still teary-eyed in disbelief at the thought of Harry dying.:(

Wow, this was seriously wonderful, and definitely touching in all aspects. Yay, for yet another wonderful story for me to play tag with!(:
P.S Favorited.(((:

Author's Response: *hands over tissue*

Thank you! Ah, I'm so happy to hear that you liked my portrayal of Ginny. I love her blunt realism in the books and tried to capture that as much as possible here. It's so great to hear that you thought she was genuine, and that you liked her descriptions of the various Valentine's days from the miserable to the beautiful.

Heh, yeah to me Harry always seemed like the more sentimental one!

You know, in my head it was actually Ginny who died and she's narrating from this kind of non-existence, but re-reading it I can see how it could also be read as Harry died and Ginny just feels lost without him. Aah! It really could be either way. Wow, thank you for pointing that out, that's really cool!

aw, I'm so honoured by the favourite! Thanks so much for your truly wonderful review!! ♥

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Review #17, by celadon In Absentia

13th January 2014:
Hey! Here to review your entry for my challenge!
Woah! Three challenges in one story?! You sir are quite the multi tasked and here I am struggling to finish one challenge!

Right, back to the story. It was heartbreaking. To be honest, I didn't really get the big picture until the end. I figured that Ginny was remorseful about how she should have told Harry her feelings more often, which gave me the nagging suspicion that one of them was dead. I thought Harry had passed on from the way she was lamenting. The truth hit me like a tidal wave in the face.

Poor Ginny with her embarrassing Valentine's day moments. I think that everyone has to go through them sometime. Well, except if you're me living in a country were valentine's day is really just February 14th.

Interesting use of the quote. It's actually from Pride and Prejudice (you know, the whole Darcy moment. Swoon.) and is intended for a person. Yet you used it to describe a holiday. The irony that Ginny hates to day of love. You know, I really have to agree with Ginny on this one. I've never really seen the point of Valentine's Day. Love should be something that is expressed all year, just like how Harry told Ginny several times a day that he loved her. Why allot one specific day for love? I feel that it's just an excuse to be exploited by company selling heart shaped everything.

That last line is my absolute favourite. It shows how nonchalant she is about dying and although she thinks it would have been nice of her not to forget their anniversary, it wouldn't be Ginny-ish if she hadn't. Each couple has their quirks and I think Ginny's apparent indifference to the concept of love is one of theirs. It's obvious that she knows Harry well enough to picture a conversation they would have usually had. Sometimes love isn't big romantic gestures like songs and chocolate, it's these little things (God, I sound like One Direction, don't I?) that matter.

No dialogue! How on Earth did you manage that? Is it awful of me that I didn't notice you hadn't included dialogue until you mentioned it in the Author's Note? I guess it all seemed so natural and the flow was so beautiful that dialogue would have stuck out like a giraffe in a herd of elephants. Not that your writing or your characters resemble elephants, just...gah, I just love the story so much that I don't know how to express this love!!

Haha, if you've actually managed to read and understand all of this rambling I congratulate you on writing a very lovely story. Thank you so much for participating in my challenge!

Author's Response: Wow, what a lovely, detailed review!

That was my intention actually, to be kind of ambiguous about what had happened until I revealed at the end that Ginny was dead. I'm glad you thought it was Harry at first, actually - I tried to word it just so that it might seem that way :p

I was so excited when I got that quote actually because I love Pride and Prejudice, and I'm glad you like the way I applied it here. Valentine's Day is quite a silly day, isn't it? It's more about consumerism, buying heart-shaped cards, which, you're right - shouldn't you express love every day? Heh, I think some of my own opinions about the day crept into Ginny's feelings as well, but I'm glad it worked!

Thanks, I'm so glad you liked the last line! I felt that Ginny wouldn't end it on a depressing or too-sentimental note - she is Ginny after all! And I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed their would-be conversation as well. She might not have said a lot that she loved him, but rather than the big gestures, it's the little things, as you said.

Haha, I didn't think you meant it sounded like elephants :P I'm glad it flowed so well, that's so lovely to hear!

Thanks so much for the challenge and for this absolutely wonderful review!!

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Review #18, by ReeBee In Absentia

13th January 2014:
Oh my god! Firstly, why on earth doesn't this have more reviews?!?! Probably because it's new, because there is not one thing u could've have improved on in this! Well, that's my opinion anyway!

THE ENDING! SO DID NOT EXPECT GINNY BEING DEAD! I thought it might've been Harry from the beginning, but never Ginny! It made me tear up, and even though I cry easily, this was so sad :( But so beautiful! I loved the contrast between Ginny's first year to her sixth with the Carrows! So sweet and beautiful!

I think u did amazingly well with Ginny's voice! Lovely! And the reminiscent tone isn't sad (which suits dead Ginny perfectly), but more hopeful and regretful. She isn't sad that she's dead, just sad that she couldn't say I love you more often. I love that! So sad for us as the reader :(

And the last line! Wow! Loved it! And the comment about the Cauldron cakes! Perfect! And those two paragraphs where it slowly dawns that Ginny's dead! Wow!

Overall, it was so so beautiful! You did an amazing job! Thank u for the review swap! I'm so glad I read this! :D


Author's Response: Aw, this review has me blushing, I'm so glad you liked it that much! What a lovely review ♥

Hehe, I was hoping to surprise people with that, so I'm glad that was unexpected! Sad and beautiful? Aw, I'm so glad you thought that!

Thanks, I'm glad this sounded like Ginny's voice in its not-quite-sadness. It's a little intimidating to try writing a major canon character. Especially when they're dead.

I'm thrilled to hear that about the last line and the reveal about Ginny's death, and that you liked it so much! Heh, I thought some remark about chocolate at that time seemed appropriate for Ginny.

This review was such a pleasure to read - thanks for the swap!

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Review #19, by teh tarik In Absentia

12th January 2014:
Kristin! ♥

Waah, this is such a unique oneshot! I did NOT expect the ending, that Ginny is actually dead and reflecting on all her Valentines' Days, the good and the bad. Absolutely wonderful job, balancing out the humour with the singing dwarves, and the fluffy Harry/Ginny bits, and finally, that rather wistful ending, which pretty much changed the whole fic, and made me look at it in a different way. The ending really cast a shade of nostalgia over the beginning; initially, I thought Ginny sounded rather grumpy :P

You've also captured her voice wonderfully! I love how matter-of-fact she is, and how dry and funny her narration is. She's direct, honest and she's SO GINNY, and you've made her much more interesting than the books or the films...I'm not Ginny's biggest fan, but now and then I will read a fic about her. I can also imagine her teasing Harry for being soppy :P

I'm not entirely romantically-challenged (it's a trait that runs in the Weasley family though).

Ha! So she acknowledges this about the Weasleys including herself, then! So she does share something with Ron, although Ron is far more 'romantically-challenged' than her. But really, I love her reflections on Harry, and how she misses him, and is stuck somewhere, probably waiting for him to come along so they can set off together into the afterlife or something. It's incredibly hopeful.

And then you have that final line about Chocolate Cauldrons, which really ended the fic on a perfect note. It brings back that rather lovable dryness to her voice after she goes all nostalgic, thinking about Harry. :P

Great oneshot, Kristin! This was absolutely lovely, and it really is such a perfect but completely unique Valentines' Day fic. ♥


Author's Response: Hi! Ehehehe, thank you, I was really hoping that the end would surprise people, so yay, that's lovely to hear :P And it means a lot to me that you think this is unique! I'm glad you thought the balance was good with the silly and the grumpy and the nostalgic things, haha. That makes me so happy, because writing this whole thing was an experiment - I just sat down and typed and this is what resulted, and until I got a few reviews I honestly had no idea what I thought of it at all! :P

Yay - I'm so glad this sounds like Ginny! I think I am actually quite similar to her in some ways so I could get the dry humour, but since she's much older (and dead) it made for a very weird type of narration haha. (I didn't like Ginny in the films either, but I thought she was great in the books!) Anyway, I'm so glad that you read this despite not particularly liking her :p

She never seemed like the sentimental type, and some of the other Weasleys I certainly can't see being sentimental either. Ron is probably the worst, yeah.

Ahh, I'm so glad you like the end! I think 'hopeful' is a very good way to put that, as it's really left quite open. Haha, I'm glad you liked the last bit about Chocolate Cauldrons. Despite being dead I thought Ginny still wouldn't get carried away with nostalgia!

It's wonderful to hear such good things about this slightly weird fic, haha. Thank you so much for your review, and I'm glad you liked it! ♥♥

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Review #20, by 800 words of heaven In Absentia

12th January 2014:

This sounded interesting, and as I am also writing a story for multiple challenges, I thought I'd take a peek at how you did it :P

I remember feeling really awkward with the entire singing Valentine dwarf scene in Chamber of Secrets and second-hand embarrassment is probably nowhere near as bad as first-hand embarrassment. I've never thought about how Ginny probably felt. She seems to have grown up okay despite it, but obviously, it's had a large impact on her, at least in terms of Valentine's Day.

There's nothing that quite brings people together like broken hearts and a mountain of chocolate. It was wonderful to read that little anecdote about the four girls just being teenagers even amongst all the fear and Voldemort craziness.

Oh, I love how you've turned around the gender stereotype of the guy always forgetting the anniversary! I'm terrible with dates myself, so it's so obvious to me that girls also forget things like that. I can totally understand someone forgetting what day it and why it's important because of how crazy life can get sometimes.

OMG. WHAT. GINNY'S DEAD. NOT EXPECTING THAT. I have no idea why I didn't expect someone to be dead. I just went and re-read the story to see if I'd missed something, and the clues were there. I guess I was just too absorbed in Ginny reminiscing about all her Valentine's Days - both good and bad. On the re-read though it sounds as if Harry's the one who's died. So, double plot twist!

And what kind of place has she ended up where there's no Chocolate Cauldrons? Despicable! She should ask for a refund!

Author's Response: Yay, someone else who takes on too many challenges and manages to fit them all into one story! :P

I know, it must have been so embarrassing for her, to hear her Valentine read in front of everyone! (Actually when I was that age I had a similar situation, only I was the Harry of that situation... yes, awkward haha.)

Yeah, I think the Voldemort craziness probably separated a lot of people for various reasons, but that suffering can bring people together, as can chocolate :)

I'm glad you liked that! I love to challenge gender stereotypes, and the idea that only guys forget things like that is quite silly to me too. Ginny never seemed like a sentimental type so I figured it worked for her.

I'm so glad you had that reaction, haha! I tried to make it sound as if Harry was the one who died so I'm glad it seems that way until the twist. It's wonderful to hear that the story is that absorbing too!

Heh, yeah. No wonder Voldemort tried so hard not to die - maybe he just really liked Chocolate Cauldrons. :P

Thanks so much for your review!!

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Review #21, by LightLeviosa5443 In Absentia

11th January 2014:
Holy Canoli!

I started reading the story and thought it was maybe set in Hogwarts when she was young, but quickly realized it wasn't. I instantly fell even more in love with it. This was so so so so so adorable, I really enjoyed the flashbacks of Valentine's days past, and Ginny's reasoning for why she didn't really like the day.

When I got about halfway through I realized someone in the relationship either left or is dead, and I won't lie, I thought it was Harry. But I kind of love what you did with this. You brought in the story from a totally different angle than I would have ever expected, you wrote pretty much all views of Valentine's Day, from good ones, to bad ones, to horrible ones. And most of all, you ended it so beautifully.

I really loved the part where you mentioned being romantically-challenged was a Weasley trait. I just really loved the whole thing, honestly. It was brilliantly done, and beautiful. I wish I was more eloquent with words, but this really was just fantastic!

You did a great job with all of the challenges you were given, and I loved your use of the quote.

Good luck in all of the challenges!

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: bhgdrdtkfgi (sorry, trying to compose myself to write a decent response to this amazing review) Wow, this review really just made my day! ♥ Thank you so much! Heh, this was kind of an experiment of a story, I wasn't entirely sure how it would turn out! :p So it means so much to me that you liked it and thought it was adorable.

I'm glad you thought it was Harry at first, actually - I was hoping for it to be ambiguous and then sort of a twist at the end, so I'm happy that worked! I really challenged myself on the style for this and it's wonderful to hear that it came across as original.

:D Well we all know Ron is, and I've always imagined Charlie as less romantic as well (don't know why - just my headcanon I guess).

I am so glad you enjoyed the story so much - I really enjoyed your review :) Thank you so much! ♡

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