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Review #1, by MileyMalfoy Red Flags

12th July 2014:
This is a really interesting beginning to the story. I'm already completely sucked in and I want to know what's going to happen next. I know I would pay big money to watch Draco's head explode when he puts two and two together about Scorpius' secret admirer being Al, although it was definitely interesting to see the kind of life that Scorpius has lived, and how he was spending his holidays. I thought this was really well written, and I'm definitely going to be reading on.

~ Meg
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi!! I just want to say how much I've loved this review!!! I hope you'll continue on with the story. You'll definitely get to see some of Draco's reactions to Scorpius' love interests.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Review #2, by Ravenclaw333 Red Hot

9th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review - Educational Decree #6

I'm glad I have the opportunity to actually reread/review parts of this story individually rather than going through it all in one fell swoop. You've done such a good job here with characterisation and emotions, particularly with Scorpius, and outlining the tensions between him, his family, Rose's family and of course Albus. I loved your line about how Scorpius's love for a man didn't matter to his family, but could be accomodated with a woman - that says it all regarding the Malfoy attitudes to sexuality. The Weasleys are brilliantly done as well - Hugo being the inappropriate little brother, Hermione trying to be polite, Ron being downright hostile.

I forgot how messy the whole Albus/Scorpius/Rose triangle is, and you do such a good job with illustrating it without a big confrontation scene between them. Brilliant job, as always!

Author's Response: Lisaa!!

I'm so thrilled you came back for parts of this. I think red hot is my favorite chapter from PI. Scorpius is a bit complicated here. he's fighting through wanting to meet his parent's expectations but also be as happy as he can be in the situation. I did like pointing out the Malfoy's hypocrisy when it came to love. Hugo is my favorite minor character in this just because he's so snarky.

one difficult thing when I was writing this was that I didn't want some huge knock-out-drag-out fight with this love triangle. It was a challenge.



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Review #3, by patronus_charm Red Balloon

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review and for decree 2!

Can I just say that Albus has such cute people in his life from Brandon, Ginny and Harry? So cute! Also, that line about him being happier with Brandon than alone or with Scorpius was so cute again and just so perfect forever. Because of this speed reviewing I havenít got a ship name yet, but I will have one eventually! So much tension between Scorpius and Albus, Iím loving it! But ahaha, why break them up, Rose, why? Donít be mean, itís not fair! Wah, donít be friends again, Iím not forgiving as you can tell, but Brandon is the one for you, not Scorp! Whoo, onto the sequel now!


Albus needs cute people in his life. It was that line that ruined their relationship though (with Brandon) because Bran expects people to be all self-sufficient and not rely on others for happiness. Oh, yeah, the ship names are Branbus and Scorbus or Aldon and Alpius. I HAD TO BREAK THEM UP SO THAT ALBUS COULD GROW ON HIS OWN AND BECOME HIS OWN PERSON!! it was a necessary evil.

Yay for sequels!

Your reviews on this have been fabulous! Thank you so much!!!


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Review #4, by patronus_charm Red Line

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review and for decree 2!

Ah, Brandon and Albus were so cute together Ė they are made in heaven!! Also, they had such a lovely chat and now theyíre so close, close enough that Harry goes to Brandon for help and yeah, so cute and I was just gushing way too much throughout. Yay I loved seeing Albus and Cindy catch up they really made me laugh as itís another form of sort girl talk and it was nice to see Albus begin to open up. What? Whaaat? Ok, so Scorpius dumps Rose because she doesnít want to marry him, then he announces to his parents he wants to date guys, did not see that one coming, but Albus, donít ditch Brandon now, he was always loyal and lovely unlike Scorpius!!


That chat meant a lot to me when I wrote it. I dunno, it was kind of my own views but coming out of Brandon's mouth. Albus and Cindy are bffs especially now that they have fun stuff to gossip about.

SCORPIUS DUMPED HER BECAUSE HE KNEW IF THEY WEREN'T GOING TO GET MARRIED IT WASN'T WORTH STAYING TOGETHER. His parents know he wanted to date guys int he first place so i'm not sure why they're all shocked about it now. I CAN'T PROMISE ANYTHING WHEN IT COMES TO THESE SHIPS.



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Review #5, by patronus_charm Red Letter

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review and for decree 2!

Bahaha the girl talk made me laugh way too much especially the whole thereís Scorpius, wait, what, no the star not the guy, sorry it just made me laugh so much! Yay Harry and Albus are so cute together, I love seeing them together! Hahaha, this is Savage! SO exciting as Iíve heard so much about him and now heís finally here, heís actually rather cute and much more mature than Scorpius, so the perfect match and I canít wait to see what happens next between the two ;) omg they kissed, omg he met the family, omg some jealously from Scorp, omg so awesome, omg must read on!!!

Author's Response: It was a lot of fun for me to reach back and write about being that young and hanging out with a girlfriend. I'm glad it got you laughing because I wanted it to be silly.

Halbus has a good relationship going on. But of course they do!!

*fanfare* this is THE Savage (okay, the 2nd Savage as the first one was offed by accident in another story) - but it's THE ONE YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT! Brandon is much more mature than Scorpius (or Albus but who's keeping track?) THEY WENT THROUGH SO MUCH IN THIS ONE CHAPTER!



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Review #6, by patronus_charm Red Hot

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review and for decree 2!

Omg, poor Albus but I loved how Cindy gave him advice, she was the best! But that scene at the train station must have hurt a lot with the way they were really going for one another, even I wasnít supporting them and this is my OTP weíre talking about here. Haha, I loved the joke Scorpius made about their house though and how it was easy to find the loo, that just made me crack up way too much. Also, the whole meet the parents thing was funny too but itís making me wonder if heís just doing it to wind up Draco.

Author's Response: Albus needed a friend so I gave him one. The train ride was hard for Al but thankfully he had a pal through it. Scorpius does have a sense of humor!! He's not just a robot guy. haha, I think winding Draco up is a part of his nefarious plan.

Thanks for another wonderful blitz review!


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Review #7, by patronus_charm Red Rose

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review and for decree 2! Happy 100th review!

Haha, I loved their reading choices so great! I also loved that Albus and Rose werenít BFFs like itís often the case in next gen as this was a refreshing change and one that I enjoyed a lot, so whoo go that! What? No rose, stop crushing my soul with your stories?!! Why did Scorpius ask Rose out, why, why why? I canít deal with this.

Yeah Albus make your stand against the horror of Rose and Scorpius. Ha, Harry giving romantic advice was the best thing ever and I died with laughter. The ending crushed me a little with Albus walking into them it was just so awkward, but yeah, for once Iím not cheering for Scorose which is feeling a little strange, but fab chapter!


Author's Response: KIANA!!

I thought Jane Austen was a fitting choice of author for Albus at the moment. Rose and Al aren't BFFs but they're close (enough). I HAVE TO CRUSH SOULS - THEY MAKE MY HAIR LOOK NICE!. IT'S THE ONLY WAY!

Harry and his romantic advice is perhaps one of my favorite things that I wrote about in this chapter. Or the whole story. I can't decide. THE END CRUSHED ME TOO! BUT IT HAD TO HAPPEN. I've turned a lot of people against ScoRose. :P You're not alone.



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Review #8, by patronus_charm Red Flags

7th July 2014:
Shame on you Rose breaking educational decree number two and this is a House Cup 2014 Review!

Omg, these guys are perfect together you wrote the kissing so well and it was so cute and so perfect and I think Iíve already falling in love with the two of them. I really liked how you made Albus and Scorpius so snarky with one another too, even though theyíre dating as it just showed how well they both knew one another.

I really liked the scene with his parents as it was just so funny to see how they just didnít understand their son at all, and that he wanted to marry for love and break free from all this pureblood horror. Aw, just the present from Albus was so cute too! The ball scene was so adorable, they were so adorable, everything was, onto the next chapter!


Author's Response: I'M A RULE BREAKER!!

I can't tell you how excited I was to see you blitz PI!!!

It was a lot of fun to write Scorpius and Albus in this chapter where they are a bit unexposed to the heartache they go through. They were definitely friends first which helped (and kind of hurt) their relationship.

Draco and Astoria really missed hte boat when it came to their son. I mean, they have to have their heads in the sand to not realize it was from Albus. :D I'm thrilled you liked the ball scene!!!

Thanks so much for an awesome review!


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Review #9, by crestwood Red Balloon

24th June 2014:
While I really loved Brandon and Al together, I did know that their breaking up was inevitable and I felt that you handled it well. The reasoning behind the decision was actually something I was thinking about. You've done a good job of painting the picture of a person with a kind of stunted sense of self. His absolute need for another person to find contentment is definitely problematic and Brandon was only doing what he knew was right, even if he broke Al's (and my) heart in the process.

The pacing of this chapter was just as good as it's been throughout. I loved that it ended with Scorpius and Al agreeing to a sort of friendship. This story expertly segues from scene to scene and definitely leads directly into True Romance. Thank you for the opportunity to read both stories, I am admittedly slightly obsessed with them and can't wait to read more of True Romance when you get around to uploading the next chapter!!

Author's Response: *confetti* you reached the end!

Having started from the sequel, their breakup wasn't much of a surprise. I am glad you liked the reasoning behind it. It took me a bit of cajoling to figure out how to do it so there wouldn't be hard feelings between them (or so that it wouldn't be detrimental for them to get back together - e.g. going back to abuse or a cheater). To be fair, I've given them a fair shake at getting back together thus far in True Romance. You'll just have to wait and see how that pans out. :P

I'm really glad that you liked where it ended. I knew it would be too hard to bring them back together in the story but they needed to end in a decent place.

Yay! In my head hte two stories lined up quite well but it's always good to hear that from someone else's perspective. :D I'm really happy that you're kind of obsessed with them. That really makes my day. I have part of hte next chapter written for True Romance but the HC has kept me busy!

Thank you so very much for reviewing the entire story and for your awesome gushing and feedback!


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Review #10, by crestwood Red Line

24th June 2014:
I'm really glad Brandon valued Al's privacy and refused to tell Harry. His personality is so fascinating. I like Cindy more and more every time she appears in the story. The minor characters aren't one dimensional in this story, thankfully.

This is the saddest I've been for Scorpius for sure. He breaks up with Rose and then pretty much immediately gets disowned. Some kinds words and money with no attempt to really stand up for him from his mother don't really make him feel all that better, I fear. Hopefully things turn around for him!

Author's Response: I thought it would be important for Brandon to have those strong lines/boundaries when it came to his work/life balance. Plus making him stand up to Harry felt like a big deal. just in general. Cindy is a doll and I need to have her make an appearance in True Romance. I haven't forgotten about her but she hasn't wandered into the narrative yet.

Most people feel bad for Scorpius at this point. I was pretty proud of him. I think his breakup with Rose was sabotage (he knew she's end things if he brought up marriage). Astoria is in a tough place when it comes to her relationship with her son and husband. I think the money and kind words were truly the best support she could offer right then.

I've loved all your reviews so far - thank you so very much!

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Review #11, by crestwood Red Letter

24th June 2014:
I've been waiting sort of impatiently to meet Brandon and this did not disappoint! He's close to making me forget all about how much I want Scorpius and Al to end up together. His maturity is really refreshing and seeing Al happy could make anyone with a semblance of a heart grin.

Their first kiss is my favorite part of this story so far and I can't give you any more compliments on the flow of this that I haven't already given. Scorpius deserved that punch at the end. I really hope he comes to his senses before it's too late.

Author's Response: Brandon does kind of make a late appearance in the story (late but fashionable). haha, I'm glad he's making you forget about Al/Scorpius. I mean, they're still a possibility (through this and True Romance) but I like that he's in the running. Bran is really quite the mature, worldly person who can (hopefully) help Albus grow up a bit.

I really liked writing that kiss. They feel awkward to write sometimes but I liked that one. Yeah... Scorpius earned that punch. :D

Thank you so much for another wonderful review! I can't believe how fast you blasted through this!

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Review #12, by crestwood Red Hot

24th June 2014:
Draco is still making me extremely angry, as always. He's just despicable the way he treats everything like a carefully planned out strategy to gain favor in the Ministry or elevate his status.

Cindy seems like a good friend and someone Al could probably use at the moment. I'm glad Scorpius didn't mess up the dinner so badly, for his sake...although I don't necessarily agree with his being with Rose, seeing as he clearly doesn't love her.

I do feel for Scorpius though, because he's simply trying to make his father happy, which is something I think anyone can understand. Also, everything Hugo said in this chapter made me laugh out loud, so you've got me feeling a pretty wide range of emotions right now

Author's Response: I don't think anyone likes Draco at this point. I just saw him trying to regain the family honor after the war and wanting to be back on top which has left him rather short-sighted when it comes to his own son.

:D I'm really glad you like Cindy. She was a last-minute add to the story. Scorpius has complicated feelings towards Rose. He doesn't love her but he enjoys her company and could be good friends with her. But... I agree that it's not right for him to stay with her.

Scorpius is in a tough spot. I like to think he would be happy enough with Rose. Hugo was a lot of fun to write and I'm absolutely thrilled this chapter caused you to have a wide range of emotions.

Thank you once again for such a fab review!!


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Review #13, by crestwood Red Rose

24th June 2014:
You've ripped my heart out by having Scorpius go for Rose, even though I knew it was going to happen. I'm legitimately upset for Albus and I can't ever forgive Draco for how he's treating his son.

The Al and Harry scene is perfectly awkward and realistic. The handling of emotions is spot on and the pacing is flawless to the point of being a non-issue. I wish I could give you more criticism but I have compiled a grand total of zero complaints about the way you write, so I'll just gush about my love for everything here in the meantime!!

Author's Response: I kind of rip hearts out a lot (I think there's a support group forming for that). Draco isn't a very nice character in this story. I mean, he's past the whole mudblood nonsense but he's still rather old fashioned. Albus... well, he does have a rough time for a few chapters.

I'm very glad you liked Al and Harry's talk. I struggled with that because it had to feel supportive but uncomfortable with Al walking out of it knowing his dad had his back. I'm okay with zero complaints and really love gushing.

Thank you so much for another awesome, uplifting review!


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Review #14, by crestwood Red Flags

24th June 2014:
First off, I'm SO excited that True Romance was a sequel because I was wondering all night what exactly it was that Scorpius did to Rose and Al. This is very well written, especially because the characters that I liked from the sequel are present in this story and seem to all have the same voice, which is a huge win on your part.

The pacing of this chapter is great; the party scene in particular was masterful. The paragraph of Scorpius and Al's dance seemed to stretch on longer, as if time had slowed down for them. A lot was packed into a few words and that's a difficult skill to master. In general, I am enamored with your writing at the moment!

Author's Response: I can't tell you how thrilling it is that you were curious about it all night. :D I mean, really. This has the same core set of characters and it's really good to hear that they have the same voice as they have in the sequel. :D

I don't know how to respond to your last paragraph. I mean, is a hug an appropriate response? That's probably the nicest thing someone has said about my writing.

Thank you doesn't begin to cover how much I loved this review and just wow.


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Review #15, by GingeredTea Red Rose

26th May 2014:
I've been thinking about this story. I saw you made a sequel and I admit, I'm just on chapter two but already glad to know it will be continued!

I loved this line, and nearly chocked on the grape I was eating. For reward I got an odd look from my cat.

"ďDo you know if Rose is single?Ē It was supposed to be a casual question, something not to be read into, but Al jumped on the question like James onto a broom. "

You really take Albus and Scorpius to a new level for me as a reader. Your presentation of them is just without flaw - they seem real and relatable and somehow you manage to take a story that is centered around slash and make it about so much more. This story just engulfs me, which is why I have arrived at the end and and am itching to press the "next chapter" button! :D :D

Thank you for the wonderful read!


Oh yes, to answer your question from last chapter, I don't usually read next gen (although it is growing on me) or slash (although I have read some, when the plot just can't be missed). So far, your Al/Scorpius is my favorite. :)

Author's Response: I can't tell you how exciting it is to me that you like this story! Especially since you're just warming up to Next-Gen and slash isn't quite your thing. :D haha, I'm glad you didn't choke at that part... I would have felt bad.

I like to think that their romance and sexuality is secondary to the larger story going on. In all the slash I've written, it's more about people than sex so their orientation is usually not a huge focus.

Thank you for a wonderful review!!


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Review #16, by Veritaserum27 Red Balloon

23rd May 2014:
Hi Rose!

And I made it to the final chapter!

This was just... perfect. I love, love, love the message(s) that this story brings. I am a very mathematical person, so I am going to number them for you:

1. You can't be fully in love with someone else until you love yourself first. This is something that I truly believe in real life. It is not necessarily enough to love yourself first, but you must also have something in your life that is just for you and only then are you ready to share your life with others. By the end of this story, Al is almost there. He has started to tinker in George's shop by coming up with some new products and enhancing the old ones. Scorpius has his potions shop and he has thrown all his money and time into it. He seems to be in the early stages of a successful business. I think it was just as important for him to find his own niche as it was for Albus. Brandon and Rose are characters who already know who they are and what they want out of life.

2. Love is not limited to gender, age or social status. While it wasn't true love, Scorpius was able to have feelings for Rose - beyond the physical. She had a great personality and a free spirit that he found attractive. In the end, they weren't the perfect match, but they did have somewhat of an emotional attachment. I really liked how you portrayed the love between Brandon and Albus. You handled it exceptionally well, making their passion realistic, without going overboard with the specifics. That is a really tricky platform to balance. I think Brandon is the perfect character for illustrating this fact - he loves the person first and then their physical features. I was impressed with how you managed to get him out of this story without a huge emotional breakdown. I know he is my favorite character in this story (and that is really saying something because I adore Rose as a character in all stories) and I would like to see him make an appearance in another fic of yours. Do I hear sequel? Or just a new fic with that character in it? Please, pretty please??

3. Happy endings are possible! You did it! No one was seriously hurt and all the characters were better off because of their breakups. They all grew and learned from their experiences and are poised to move on in their lives. I don't know how you managed it, because I just made it sound all hokey and fairy tale ending, but it was definitely not that. You managed to make the reader feel contented that each person was exactly where they should be in their lives AND leave hope for the future, without being overly dramatic or overt about where the characters ended up. Kudos for a job well done. I know that Albus and Scorpius are going to be together, but I also know that they both needed to take the paths that they did to get there. Their relationship will be strong, passionate and whole now that they have both learned a lot about themselves and relationships in general. I truly believe that they will protect and nurture their love because they have learned how fragile and precious it can be.

I think the most amazing part about this story is that you managed to do all of it within a novella. That is really remarkable. I didn't feel that any of the scenes or chapters were unnecessary or superfluous. Nor did it seem like the story was cut short at any point. (However, I am still going to bug you for a Brandon sequel - haha! I think he might be a good fit for Rose!)

I am pretty sure this is the longest review I have ever written, but I felt that I needed to make all of those points and let you know how much I enjoyed this story - especially the ending!

(One last plea for a Brandon Savage sequel here...)


Author's Response: Hi Beth!!

Wowzer - this review has knocked my socks off (metaphoric socks because I wear shoes that don't really need sucks). It's kind of interesting for me to think about the messages that came out of this story. Half of them were planned up front and half developed while I was writing.

1 - this theme was key for me (and was the growth moment for Al that I hinted at early on). Al is starting to get his own sense of self at the end - he does have a ways to go through. Scorpius is more there as he had to make a conscious decision to step out on his own where Brandon kind of pushed Al in that direction.

2 - This was a theme I wanted to convey from the start. It's also important to consider the type of love being felt. Scorpius and Rose could end up being really good friends and maybe lovers - if they started off a relationship with honesty. Albus and Brandon's relationship is one of my favorite that I've written in terms of it being healthy and well-balanced. Brandon is really quite a progressive dude. I like to think he was brought up knowing that love comes in all packages. I had to work hard at coming up with a reason for them to split up without making it a huge emotional ordeal, killing someone, or make it unrealistic. Quite a few people thought I'd go the death route. I'm so excited that he became your favorite character!!! I am currently writing the first chapter to a sequel to this - so you'll get your wish. Brandon is a major character in that. :D

3 - This is one of my few happy endings (especially in a romance novel). It was a personal goal of mine to end things on a good note for everyone - particularly Al and Scorpius. I like to go for a good dose of realism in my stories but I do tend towards darker endings than we saw here. I wouldn't take Al and Scorpius' future relationship for granted - there's still a chance for Brandon to come back once Al is his own person.

Writing all of this in a novella was difficult. After the first chapter, I realized that I had more growth and drama that could comfortably fit into a short story (which is how it started) but I didn't pace it slow enough for a novel.

I promise that I'll get the sequel out soon!! Hopefully it will live up to your expectations.

This is one of the longest coherant reviews i've ever had and it's really amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such an incredible review.


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Review #17, by Veritaserum27 Red Line

22nd May 2014:
Hi Rose!

Tagging you from review tag!

Wow! So much happened in this chapter, I don't know where to start. I think that I have to first mention that you've managed to create a cast of completely likable and realistic characters, but embed conflict at the same time. I love Brandon. He is such a great guy. Now, I don't want him to get hurt either. How are you going to do it? How can this end without anyone getting hurt??

So far, you've managed to let Rose off without too much pain. She seemed completely fine with giving up Scorpius for her "free to be" lifestyle. Yay! Rose is okay! That's one down.

My favorite line from the whole chapter is " I just don't like to use labels to define who I can like." That is so great. Brandon is such a stand-up guy. He even stood up to the great Harry Potter (in a non threatening way) to protect Albus.

I know Scorpius is really upset right now, but I am glad that he finally stood up for what he feels in his heart. I hope that works out for him, but it doesn't look good right now.

Thanks for this great story!


Author's Response: Hi Beth!!!

This was quite the action-packed chapter! It's really great to hear that all the characters are likable and relatable without sacrificing there being a plot. I really struggled through that aspect of the story because I really wanted to not make any single person the bad guy (or girl) for everyone to hate. I also didn't want to cause more harm than I did by setting up the plot with the starting circumstances it had. That was another challenge.

I had to make Rose so carefree so that it wouldn't break her heart to go through and end a relationship. It was not easy for her but she has a good head on her shoulders and will move on quite nicely.

Ah! I'm so happy you like that line - it is one of my better lines so I get excited when people like it. Having him stand up to Harry was difficult. Mainly I didn't want Harry to seem completely overbearing and innappropriate and I didn't want him and Savage to have a lasting awkwardness because of it.

Scorpius' moment of strength was hard for him (and his parents too) but he'll come throuhg it, I promise!!

Thank you so much for another wonderful review. I really have enjoyed reading your reactions throughout this story.


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Review #18, by GingeredTea Red Flags

21st May 2014:
So first I'll just say I SO don't normally read this type of thing. I felt like taking a risk today and thought of the skill with which you had written the Myrtle story I just reviewed. I'm glad I took the risk with you - this was, as I am going to now assume for all your stories, well executed!

I found no mistakes and entirely enjoyed this atypical read for me! :D I'll definitely be back for more!

Author's Response: Whoo! I'm glad you're willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Is it slash, romance, or next-gen that you're usually against? :) It means a lot to hear that you've enjoyed this so far. Thank you for such a kind review!!


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Review #19, by Veritaserum27 Red Letter

19th May 2014:
Hi Rose,

I just had to read another chapter for the BvB review battle.

Ok. Am I the only one who thinks Al is really immature? I am happy that he has found someone who treats him well, but he just seems a bit lost to me. I mean, Rose takes it upon herself to go abroad and Scorpius is clearly doing well (although not deep down). But Al has to rely on his dad to find some purpose in his life. He can't even make breakfast himself! I hope that Albus grows up enough to find something for himself.

I loved Brandon immediately. He is confident and represents security for Albus. I still want to see Al and Scorp together, without Rose getting hurt, but that seems near impossible at this point.

Oh Rose, you've managed to weave a tricky web here.

I did catch one typo here: Suddenly wishing he'd given this a little though, Al shrugged. ďWhat is there you can tell me?Ē

I think it should be "thought" not "though."

This is a really great story and the little touches here and there really draw the reader into rooting for Al and Scorp! Thanks for the great read! ♥


Author's Response: Hello again!!

Oh you're not the only one who thinks that. :) Um, I don't want to give anything away but that becomes kind of bit later on. I will say that Albus is my character of focus for growth in this story. I mean, Scorpius has lessons to learn too but I do more work on Al. I do think Al represents the downsides of an overly secure and nurturing home with his lack of independence.

Ah! I'm so happy you like Brandon! He is like a nice auror-sized security blanket. In my head he's kind of hot too (think young Robert Downey Jr. meets Davey Havock from AFI). I'm kind of glad you're torn at this point.

Ooh! Thanks for catching that. *creeps back go edit* :D

I'm so incredibly happy that you're enjoying this story!! Your reviews have meant so much to me (espeically in that they're getting me to jump back into this story which I've been putting off for a few months).

Thank you for another wonderful review!


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Review #20, by Veritaserum27 Red Hot

18th May 2014:
Hi Rose!

I'm here for the BvB review battle!

I'm so excited we get to see a bit of Rose in this chapter. I love her personality. She is so carefree and confident. I feel like she is fun, but mature as well. She actually seems much older than Albus, who is still nursing a broken heart, but acts much younger nonetheless. I really like how you've taken the time to develop each character in this story. That is no small feat with a novella. Nice job!!

Hugo made me laugh out loud. His interactions with Rose are genuine sibling rivalry. It was great! I also really liked Ron and Hermione - so true to their characters. Hermione would, of course be polite until the end and Ron, would only be able to appreciate Scorpius if he was making fun of his own family.

Now on to the plot. You make a compelling case for Rose and Scorpius to get together. Maybe it's just my own desire to see them together (they are my OTP), but it fits well. He seems to care for her. However, at the same time, you have put little reminders here and there that he really still loves Albus. And you have done such a fantastic job with weaving the story that I even want them to be together!!

Great chapter, yet again Rose - I'm on to the next one!


Author's Response: Hi Beth!!!

Rose really blossoms here (haha, I can be so punn-y sometimes). She is quite self-assured and mature. Albus has a lot of growing up to do. I'm so glad you're able to appreciate the character building I did. :D Not all people notice that so it makes me squee when people point it out.

Hugo was a hoot to write. He's kind of the culmination of how my siblings and I interact (from me to my older siblings to my younger brother to me). I'm so thrilled you liked how I did Ron and Hermione - especially as they get a bit more face time here. Ron appreciates humor (especially Malfoy bashing humor).

I started this story off a prompt to do a ScoRose but, uh, clearly diverted from that path. If Scorpius were in this with his heart, he might have a great catch in Rose. I do think he cares and would go so far as sticking with her throughout their marriage. I think a good comparison is going after your dream job versus one that is interesting enough and pays the bills. Whoo!! It means a lot that you want Albus and Scorpius to be together (at the moment at least).

Thank you so much for another fantastic review!!


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Review #21, by Veritaserum27 Red Rose

13th May 2014:
Hi Rose!

I thought I would do another chapter for the BvB review battle.

Great job with this one as well! I can really feel Al's pain. He seems to be the type that puts himself out there so easily and then feels completely trampled when Scorpius leaves him for Rose.

I think it would be really easy to hate Scorpius in this chapter, but your first chapter set it up so nicely that I just can't be upset with him. I mean, I want to shake him and tell him to snap out of it and just realize that he is potentially hurting everyone and everything he cares about here, but I don't loathe him for his actions.

And poor, poor Rose. Although her character is not as developed in this story, it works well. She seems like a kind, funny, friendly girl who definitely does not deserve to be a part of this love triangle. I really hope she manages to come out of this unscathed.

I did find one typo in the chapter. It was early on and is part of this quote "but Rose seemed as any girl as any to give things a try" I think you meant to write "but Rose seemed as good a girl as any to give things a try." Not a big deal, but it caught my eye.

I also wanted to mention that I love the chapter titles. In combination with the title of the story, they work really well. Pure Intentions implies the color white (purity), but "Red" in the title implies anything but purity. Red symbolizes passion and anger - two emotions that you have captured beautifully here.

All in all, another great chapter. I can't wait to read the rest of the story. Thanks for writing and posting it!

Beth (Veritaserum27)

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

I'm so excited you did another chapter! :D

Al is going through a lot of heartache in this chapter. He's kind of an all or nothing person. That's kind of key point for him in terms of development.

A lot of people start to turn on Scorpius here. I mean, he's trying to appease his parents in the easiest way possible though he's doing a horrid job at keeping his friendship with Albus while he's at it. I am really glad that you don't loathe him (yet).

Rose does get some development further on but I'm glad her shallow intro works. I can't promise that anyone comes out of this unscathed. :-x

Ooh, thanks for pointing out that typo! I'll make sure to edit that out soon.

I'm really glad you liked the themes for the titles. I started with Red Flags because I talk about it in the hcpater but then it just kind of carried on. I do like the thematic clash with the idea of purity as much of the story is rather clandestine.

Thank you for such an awesome review!! I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on this!


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Review #22, by Veritaserum27 Red Flags

13th May 2014:
Hi Rose!

I'm here for the BvB review battle!

Wow. This was just... really, really well written. I was immediately drawn into it. At first, I was worried that it would be too cliche and typical of the other Albus and Scorpius stories that are posted, but you have done a great job, both with characterization and story development.

First of all, I would like to comment on the personalities of the two boys. It was stellar. Albus obviously comes from a family where love and tolerance were the primary focus. He is less shy about their relationship and a bit more eager. I sympathize with him, because he can't seem to hold his feelings back.

Scorpius, on the other hand is duty-bound. Even before the scene with his parents, it was obvious from his comments to Albus and mannerisms that he felt torn between two worlds. Draco's reaction was predictable, and rightly so. The Malfoy's have made no qualms that status was their first priority.

I really liked what you did with Astoria. She has to play the role of peacemaker between her husband and son. Her love for both is clear, and Scorpius's affections for her are what will move him to try to do as she asks.

I think my favorite part were the little touches that you put into the story here and there. For example, the basement that was where Harry, Ron and the others were held captive during the war becomes a sanctuary for Scorpius and a place where he and Al can be together. It acts as a redemption for the horrible acts it once participated in.

The love story between the two boys is handled very well. It isn't overdone and is described in such a manner that it seems they almost fell in love by accident.

This was a great first chapter. You have set all of the characters and their motivations up nicely, but also left us with a hint of trouble down the road. I can't wait to read on!

Beth (Veritaserum27)

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this review!!

I'm kind of bad at responding to compliments but you should know you've really lifted my spirits and made me sit down and seriously plot out my sequel to this. :D I haven't read many other Scorpius/Albus stories so I wasn't sure what the cliches were. I'm glad that I've managed to avoid them (thus far).

Characterizations are my favorite thing to do (that and tie into canon) so it means a lot to hear that you liked their personalities. I thought it would be interesting to parallel their upbringings in that light. I'm glad that the contrast of a loving versus cold household stood out to you.

I'm so glad that Scorpius' cold behavior had clear rationale even before the scene with his parents. I was worried that Scorpius would seem too cold to justify his relationship with Al. It's so great that his conflicted actions came through! Draco doesn't show much growth from who he was in school during this story. I mean, I think he grew past just hating muggleborns but he's still all about the family name.

Astoria is a fun character for me to toy with in this story. For her and Draco to work, they needed to still be a marriage of convenience (and perhaps love). I do see Scorpius as the center of her life though.

I couldn't help but add in bits of darkness from the war. I mean, it's such a fun juxtaposition to have a dark, cruel place transformed into a sanctuary for Scorpius while it still kind of creeps Harry out.

Thank you so much for a wonderful review! Your kind words have really spurred me on to write more!


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Review #23, by Ravenclaw333 Red Balloon

25th April 2014:
Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing story with such an amazing message! It's 6am and I've read through most of the night on my tiny phone screen because it's so good (forgive subsequent incoherency/typos) and I honestly am so grateful for a story that deals with the negative aspects of relationships and codependency. (Queer characters are just a bonus) I apologise for not reviewing every chapter as you so definitely deserve, but I'll definitely be reading more of your work!

Author's Response: Hello!!! Your review really made my night! It was such an unexpected surprise! It's so great to hear that you liked the message and were able to view the theme outside of the specific relationships shown. Thank you so much for reviewing!!


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Review #24, by marauderfan Red Balloon

19th March 2014:
The last chapter :O

That would be the worst, if children threw tantrums outside your door at work all day long. What a stressful job!

There is something wrong with my eyes today, definitely read that part 'George was juggling for two young children' as 'George was juggling two young children'... lol. Maybe that's why kids throw tantrums at the shop.

I loved the scene with the Potter family dinner. And the way you write Ginny. She's awesome. The family dynamic is so great though, and of course James having to say 'eww' about hand holding, haha

I really didn't want Albus and Brandon to break up, but then once Brandon said his piece it totally made sense. I think it was best for them, and Brandon is totally right - relationships don't last in the long term like that. So it was the right decision. And yay! Albus found time to do things he enjoyed, got to do some soul searching and now he's happy! :D

also, might I add, best ending ever. I really love open-ended endings (i'm really eloquent tonight, aren't I) and this was exactly that. It's happy, but it's not happily-ever-after. More than that, it's real; they still have a long way to go. Awesome job on this fic Rose, I loved it!!

Author's Response: LAST CHAPTER! dun dun DUN.

haha, I didn't think of it like that. Maybe Al is immune to their fits.

Some people juggle geese! (Firefly reference... going, going...) I wouldn't mind someone juggling me if I were a really little kid. uh, nevermind, I'd find it terrifying.

I'm so glad you like the Potter family dynamic. :D They were fun to write about. I wanted to give Ginny a bit of the limelight here as Harry has been mostly active in Al's life in other chapters.

It broke my heart to split them up. I really did agonize over how to do it. I didn't want to just break Al's heart and I couldn't stand making Brandon annoying or do something that would cause a breakup.

I'm so happy you like the ending. I thought bringing them past this point would take a story that moved at a different pace than this one did. I am planning a sequel where i try to bring them together (or bring Al and Brandon back together).

I'm so glad you liked this story!!! it was a fun one to write.


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Review #25, by marauderfan Red Line

14th March 2014:
Gaaa! My feelingsss. I'm trying to sail like 3 ships at once here and it's not working.

Dude. Brandon is awesome. Also there are so few bi characters in fanfiction (that I've seen) so that's a nice touch. He sounds like a cool guy. I love how open and honest he and Albus are with each other, its a nice change from how Al was with Scorpius!

Rose took that news from Albus better than I expected. I'm glad she didn't get too upset. And I liked their friendly teasing - the friendship between the two cousins is really great.

Poor Cindy! Ugh, I could have told her not to go near Dawlish. That slimeball.

Albus should work at the joke shop! That'd be cool.

Man, I can understand Rose so much here. Everyone gets married so early in the wizarding world it seems, and I totally understand Rose's need for freedom, and not being able to stay settled yet haha. I wasn't too sad she broke it off- she needs to be free and see the world, and Scorpius needs to follow his heart, not instructions.

wow, brave of Scorpius! Way to go! So sad about his parents though. Astoria is supportive but doesn't speak up for herself or her son, which is really sad to see. I hope Draco sees sense eventually, when/if he sees that his son is happy.

GAH IDON'T KNOWW how I want the relationships to pan out! I love Al and Brandon together. But I also really think that after that last scene, Scorpius, who is free to make his own choices, should finally be able to be withAl like he wanted. hjfjhdhjhfjskkhe

sorry for the delirious late niht review. I want to keep reading because this story is addicting. But i'm sleepy. So, until next time..

Author's Response: I'm sorry about your feels!! And yeah, sailing 3 ships at once isn't really that easy.

I kind of have a crush on Brandon and that's a bit silly because I wrote him. I thought him being bi would help balance something out in the story (I don't knwo what but I felt it would be important). he's definitely a step up from Scorpius from a healthy relationship POV. :D

Rose is a bit too laid back and carefree to really invest all of her emtions in a relationship. I'm really glad you like their friendship!! I imagined it would be quite close barring the months where Al was heartbroken.

Cindy needed you there to ward her away from Dawlish.

This is where Rose's carefree spirit was important. She's too something to get married at this point. unsettled maybe is the right word.

Scorpius was so brave there! I thought after destorying his relationship with Al and then "taking one for the team" with Rose, he had jumped through enough hoops. Draco will appreciate his son one day (in the sequel).

hehehe! I am so glad you're torn on who should end up with who. :D That was my evil plan.

I love your delirious late night review!!

Thank you so much for such awesome reviews!


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