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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn Red Balloon

26th September 2016:
Ahh, I loved this!! Perfect ending :)

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Review #2, by Unicorn_Charm Red Balloon

1st February 2015:
Rose!! :D

I've currently lost the ability to word properly. I know that this wasn't exactly a "happy ending," in the traditional sense, but honestly, I felt it was. I think it's great that Al is actually finding himself and becoming quite happy without being in a relationship with someone. I have a friend who is exactly like that, and it's so frustrating. I'd say in the last 13 years, she's been single for a total of 3. I don't think she'll ever change, so it was kind of refreshing to see someone with those characteristics grow out of it. Yeah, it sucks that Brandon had to break up with him, because you could tell that he genuinely cares for Al, but you're right, it is for the better. Who knows? Maybe they'll find their way back to one another. I think I'm totally shipping them over Scorbus. Actually no. I KNOW I'm shipping them over Scorbus here. :p

Can we talk about how great it is that he is working at WWW with George, too! I've never read a fic where one of the Next-Gen kids ends up working there, and I just adore that idea! Could you imagine how fun that would be? A. George is probably the coolest uncle ever! B. That is probably the coolest shop in the Wizarding World! How would they NOT want to work there?

Rose seems like she's doing perfectly alright after the break up with Scorpius. I think that relationship was based more on hormones than anything else, wasn't it? I'm sure she liked him, but it just came off as more of a physical relationship to me. I think she was great with Albus. She gave him a bit of tough love, but was also very supportive and also offered to turn Brandon's hair pink haha. That's how you know that she has his back to the end. ;)

I honestly am happy to see that Albus and Scorpius could at least be friends again, but I really don't want to see Albus get back with him! Am I horrible (or alone in this) for not wanting them to get back together? I know Scorpius was young and very influenced by his father, but I feel like what he did to Albus was horrible. I just don't want him to hurt Al again. :( But, I guess I'll have to read True Romance now and find out. :D

This was fantastic, Rose! Thank you so much for all of the swaps because I really, really enjoyed reading this!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Meg!!

I don't know if i'll ever do a traditional happy ending. I am glad you liked the way I finished this story. I just wanted to bring Albus and Scorpius to a better place as people, rather than as a couple. It was important for me that he be able to be by himself and not just flit from relationship to relationship. Brandon really was doing what was best for Albus, not what he wanted for himself.

I'm surprised more people don't stick the next-gen kids there for work. Family jobs are always so easy to get - and you're right that it's loads of fun.

My ScoRose relationship here was mostly hormones (with a hot guy that seemed to be going well). She's too carefree right now to be really upset by a breakup. Rose and Albus are the close cousins in my head.

You're not the only person who was happy with them being just friends at the end (and okay that they're not romantically involved).

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing all of this!! It really meant so much to me!


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Review #3, by Unicorn_Charm Red Line

30th January 2015:
Hey Rose! :)

Stop being so fantastic at writing! :p Wow, only one chapter left to go in this story? I'm so glad there is a sequel, because I don't want to let your characters go get. I'm not ready!

I really love the way Al seems to be growing and becoming more comfortable with himself. Like how he flat out told Rose that he and Scorpius had a thing, he openly discussed his relationship with Cindy and told Brandon about he and Scorpius. Your Albus is just a fantastic character. I really adore him. And he was so sweet to Cindy when she was upset about that jerk cheating on her. He's automatically a jerk because he cheated. I hate that more than anything.

I honestly had so much respect for Brandon when he flat out told Harry freaking Potter, his boss and savior of the Wizarding World, that he would not discuss his private conversation with Albus with him. I feel like most people would have absolutely told him, because of who he is, but Brandon didn't even let that phase him. He seems like such an amazing person. I can totally understand though why Albus would have taken the news of him seeing a few witches in his past poorly. With what happened with Scorpius and Rose, you really can't blame him.

So Rose seemed to handle everything very maturely. Besides threatening to use an Unforgivable on Albus, which was really funny by the way. She seems to be just a little bit more like her mother. I imagine, if she were more like Ron, she would have completely flew off the handle at learning Scorpius and Al shared a past. And she was very mature with their break up too. Your characterization of these Next-Gen kids is just amazing. I love them!

I'm really proud of, and happy in a way for Scorpius. Yeah, it isn't fun being pretty much kicked out of your house at that age, but he finally can be himself. That had to be very liberating. And it sounds like Astoria was almost forced to marry Draco. At least, she doesn't sound like it was entirely her choice. More like she was pressured into it by her family. She certainly doesn't seem very happy.

All in all, this has all been so, so fantastic! I really cannot wait to read the final chapter and then begin True Romance! I love your writing, as I tell you often! But honestly, you're one of my favorites, by far! Awesome story, Rose!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Meg!!!

Albus did a lot of growing up with Brandon - at least he's confidence in his identity and telling people about his past. Albus and Cindy are bffs forever and Dawlish is a jerk.

Brandon is definitely captain integrity and is quite brave - even when it comes to facing down HP on a matter of principal. Albus is just insecure enough for the fact that Brandon is pansexual to upset him a bit (but at least he got over it).

well, Rose is hot-heated enough to threaten but not enough to do an unforgivable. For the most part, she's quite level-headed but does go off the deepend like Ron (with enough provocation). I'm so glad you like how I've written the next-gen kids! :D :D

This was a huge moment for Scorpius. I don't think he could have matured if she stayed at home. I think Astoria was torn between following her dreams and marrying Draco (not a thing of being forced to do it, but setting aside some of her own ambitions for the confines of marriage). I've never pictured Draco as a very good husband from a relationship and romantic perspective, so their life together is lonely.

:D :D I love that this is one of your favorite stories!! Thank you so much for being an awesome reviewer


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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm Red Letter

25th January 2015:

Ok, I'll come back to that, but I just had to get it out of my system.

This was probably my favorite chapter so far. I absolutely loved it! I'm happy that Rose isn't entirely clueless and does sense that there is something off with Scorpius. It makes me feel a little bit better. :) Although, I'm sure you-know-what is going to hit the fan when she finds out exactly why things seem a little off with him. And I'm sure she's still going to be hurt. Ok, so maybe I don't feel better at all.

I love Savage! I absolutely love him already! I want him to be my friend! He just seems so... cool. There really isn't another word for it. And the flirting and getting to know one another was adorable! That whole bit in with the "soup of tomorrow," (which was funny) was so cute! And I have a feeling that perhaps Harry matched those two up on purpose. Especially when he was fighting a smile when Al said they would be going out for drinks. I don't know why, but Harry telling Al not to Apparate if he was too drunk really made me laugh. :D

It's about time Al found someone who treats him like a person, and not some dirty little secret. I'm so glad that he's with someone who will hold his hand and be affectionate in public. Not to mention, actually go to a family function with him. Rose was so cute when she ran up and asked who his friend was haha. And Brandon used the Boyfriend word!! Awww!

Ok... Now I can get back to Scorpius being a jerk and so rightfully receiving a punch to the face. THAT WAS A HORRIBLE THING TO SAY TO ALBUS! How dare he insinuate that Al is trying to sleep his way into a job! After everything that he had put him through?! And he thinks it's ok to speak to him that way?? I was so happy when Al cocked back and let him have it! I mean, of course violence is never the answer, but... Who am I kidding? Sometimes someone just needs a good punch! ;)

Oh I cannot wait to see what happens next! I have a feeling that it's all about to get very real. Wonderful, amazing, spectacular, incredible, brilliant chapter!! I so cannot wait to read on!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Meg!!

I do enjoy including a nice punch when one is called for.

This was probably my favorite chapter to write if I'm being honest. Rose is willfully oblivious to some things about Scorpius but part of her definitely realizes *something*

Savage is handsdown my favorite OC. I don't think you'd be surprised to know that though. omg, I'm so glad you found the soup thing funny. It's corny and I kept waiting for people to tell me what a dork I am. I like to think Harry has being thoughtful about who Albus would enjoy spending time with. :D

Having Albus and Brandon get together was a huge accomplishment for me - especially after Albus went so long without a person who loved him openly.

Scorpius... I think he just kind of lost it and went overboard with jealousy. I don't think he expected to see Albus happy and it was a sharp reminder that he's not really happy.

I loved this review!! Thank you!


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Review #5, by Unicorn_Charm Red Hot

24th January 2015:
Hey Rose!

How do you do it, woman?! How do you write characters who are just so real and so human??

Poor Al is just emotionally wrecked. This heartbreak has hit him hard. Like really, really hard. He seems like he's fallen into a deep depression. The bags under his eyes, the weight loss, the whole personality seeming different. My heart just breaks for him. :(

I'm super worried about Rose now, too. She seems like she's very smitten with Scorpius. I hate that he's using her just to appease (and slightly irritate at the same time) his parents. She seems like such a great person and doesn't deserve anyone who is anything less than 100% invested in her. I'm almost hoping she meets someone else while she's in Spain for the next month. I just don't want to see her hurt and embarrassed.

The feels are strong in this one, Rose!

I was feeling bad for Scorpius, but I don't know if I am so much anymore. Obviously there is a part of him that is dating Rose to go against his parents, so why couldn't he just do the same with Al? Maybe he never really loved Al and this was just his out? I think he did care for him, but now I'm not so sure if he actually ever loved him... I don't know what to think anymore!

I loved the dinner with Ron and Hermione. It was too funny seeing that having a Malfoy there caused Ron to regress back into a teenager. :) And that part about Hugo talking about the pastries in Amsterdam, Ron saying how Muggles make good pastries, only to immediately take that back after the look from Hermione had me cracking up. :D

I always enjoy your writing so much! Your characters are always so well rounded and just a pleasure to read. I can't wait to read the rest of the story!! Thanks for sharing and for the swap!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Meg!!

I don't know how I did this story. Some of it was planned and some of it intuition.

Albus is quite mistreated in this part of the story. I am pretty sure that a depression is normal at the level of breakup and heartache he had but I promise he doesn't not stay in it forever.

Rose is a bit smitten with Scorpius and he does like her (just not as much - there's is a complicated relationship). She's pretty boyant though, Rose, I don't think anything will pull her down for too long.

I like making the feels strong. :D :D :D

Well... it's complicated with Scorpius. He's dating a girl to appease his parents but dating Rose to also annoy them. He really did love Al - Scorpius is hurting more than he lets on. You see this in his reaction to Brandon later on.

For Ron, having Scorpius over for dinner was a test of his nerves, maturity, and ability to move on. All in all, he did the best he could, haha. After so many years of being together, Ron has finally learned to read and follow Hermione's moods/direction. :P A crucial skill.

I can't tell you how happy I am that you're enjoying this!!


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Review #6, by AdinaPuff Red Flags

20th January 2015:
Review swap!

So I took you up on this little short story. I'll definitely finish it tonight when I'm settling down for the evening. But for now, I'll leave a review here on the first chapter! :D

Definitely interesting. I like how Scorpius isn't afraid of telling his parents that he loves Albus, that he wants to be with Albus. Astoria tells him that it happens a lot, he does go to a boarding school. But I know this is different. That they do have very strong feelings for each other, and it's evident, especially in Al's more outgoing nature.

The party was brilliant. I like how Albus begged Harry to take him with, knowing that Scorpius would be there. And Scorpius saying they should stay up and host, but eventually leaving downstairs anyways. And awe how they danced together. hm, I wonder if Harry's onto them at all.

Oh, and Draco was being awfully terrible in saying that he can go get a have a child and then Scorpius can do whatever he wanted. But I can see that coming out of a pureblood's mouth. It's definitely believable.

Well done! I'll be reading on! :D


Author's Response: Leigh!!

Thank you so much for reviewing this! :D I hope you enjoy the rest of the story when you get around to it.

While Scorpius' parents aren't quite accepting of his sexuality, I feel like he wouldn't hide it from them. Astoria's dissmissive comment about it just being something that happens at school is perhaps telling of either her or Draco's experiences at Hogwarts. Their feelings are deeper than just a school crush.

I'm so glad you liked the party - I think their parting words/interlude caused Albus to try a bit to see Scorpius when the opportunity came up. Harry might be kind of onto them but he's not really one to belabor who his son likes.

That wasn't a high point for Draco's parenting career... I thought it something a pureblood mgiht say as well even though it is quite horrible.

Thank you for a fabulous review!!


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Review #7, by Unicorn_Charm Red Rose

18th January 2015:
Hey Rose!

Oh this is just all sorts of horrible on so many levels! Poor Al is heartbroken and betrayed, Scorpius is secretly heartbroken and forcing himself to be something his isn't and Rose is just an innocent bystander who will inevitably be hurt. It's just a mess! Is it horrible that I love it? ;) There's just so much going on! It's all a recipe for disaster and I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds!

Harry was fantastic here. The part where he thought how he wished he had some kind of experience in his childhood, with dealing with a sad child, really broke my heart. It was just a small, tiny little line, but it really got to me. :( I think he did an amazing job with his son, though. I loved how he was completely supportive and did not even bat an eye at the fact that his son prefers the company of men. I can totally see Harry and Ginny being completely tolerant parents.

I felt so bad for Al when he walked in on Rose and Scorpius in a compromising position. I can't even imagine how horrible that would be. I'm glad that he does seem to have a friend though. He's not completely alone, even though he's not exactly confiding in Cindy. Yet?

I definitely cannot blame Al for getting so angry with Scorpius almost kissed him. I probably would have punched him in the face haha.

I'm really, really enjoying this story so far! I can't wait to read on!! Thanks so much for doing the swap!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Meg!!!

I can't tell you how much I love each review you've left on this so far.

This is a chapter where almost no one gets ahead. Albus perhaps get the worst end of the stick here. Scorpius hiding his heartache while pursuing Rose is also a bit hard but Albus is left completely alone. I loved setting up this mess and I like to think ti's fun to watch everything fall apart.

I'm really glad you liked Harry here. His reflection on growing up without an example of good parenting was sad for me as well. I feel like Harry had an idea that Albus liked guys and would have thought love to be more important than old fashioned/outdated social convention.

That scene was difficult - not just for Albus. Cindy is a really good friend for him here. He'll open up to her soon, I promise. :D

Thank you so much for a wonderful review!!


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Review #8, by Unicorn_Charm Red Flags

13th January 2015:
Hey Rose! Here for the swap. Sorry it took me so long!

I'm so sorry, I didn't even realize that your other story was a sequel to this one. You're right, I definitely should read this one first then. ;)

I think that Al/Scorpius is slowly becoming one of my favorite pairings, so I'm excited to read this story. I already love how you've set this up. It seems like there is going to be a lot of heartache ahead of us. Even just from the very beginning where Al is completely openly smitten with Scorpius, who is more reserved about it. Just that right there is enough to cause some problems in the future. But then we add in the extra complications of his parents wanting grandchildren. Yikes. I feel so bad for Scorpius to be put in that position.

I loved how Ginny would not attend Malfoy's party. I can absolutely see her being one to hold a grudge that way. Those firey Weasleys haha. And I'm sure Al was a little embarrassed when Harry mentioned how he begged to come to the party. I'm surprised no one noticed the closeness between him and Al.

I wonder if Albus knows the significance of the room he was dancing with Scorpius in. I'm assuming probably not? Or maybe he did, because he didn't give Harry a hard time when he called down for them to leave.

Those last moments in that basement were very forboding. You can tell that something is coming soon and it's not going to be good. I'm very anxious to see what is going to happen between them when they get back to school. If my assumptions are correct, I'm really nervous for poor Al. He's going to be blindsided. :(

This was an excellent chapter, as always. :D I can't wait to continue on!! Thanks for doing the swap!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Meg!!

I'm so really excited about your reading this!!! TR makes sense without having read this but I don't fully recap what happens in Pure Intentions either. Yay for background story!!

Scorbus (my ship name for them) is one of my favorite ships for Next-Gen. I really didn't wait long at all to jump into the heartache bits. Scorpius is afraid of not being able to love Albus like he wants so he holds back instead. The whole Malfoy legacy thing will complicate life for a while yet.

Part of me did feel that she might have gotten to a point where she could be around Draco socially but it fit so well with the story for her to refuse to go to their house at least. I imagine Harry is a bit oblivious about the things that could me one of those 'omg, dad' moments. I like to think any adult who saw them hanging out assumed it was just two friends spending time together (much like no one looked twice at Ron and Harry hanging out at the Yule Ball).

I almost wrote about him guessing that the room had been one where Harry was shortly held hostage but didn't want to pull the focus away from the moment.

muahahahahahaha - I wasn't very subtle here iwth the upcoming heartbreak.

thank you so much for a wonderful review!!


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Review #9, by nott theodore Red Rose

14th August 2014:
Hi again, Rose!

Oh dear, you really like torturing your characters and your readers, don't you? I can't complain because I do it too but still, you made me feel so sorry for Albus when I was reading this chapter!

I was really impressed with the way that you managed to transition a few months of time in this chapter without it seeming like it was going too fast or skipping a lot of the story. We learnt a lot about the way that their relationships and friendships were developing and you managed to pace it so well!

Watching Scorpius decide to go and ask Rose out and the way that he gradually removed himself from Albus's company and the strange sort of relationship that the two of them had was absolutely heartbreaking! I felt so sorry for Albus as he had to watch it all unravel before him and he couldn't really do anything about it to stop Scorpius from turning from him. It's not fair on anyone with the way this situation is turning out - Scorpius is using Rose and that could well make her really unhappy and poor Albus! ♥

Harry's romantic advice was brilliant, I thought you portrayed him really well again in this chapter. I loved how nervous he was about approaching the subject of Albus being gay in case he'd got it wrong, but also that Albus had always known that his parents would accept his choices. The contrast between the Potters and the Malfoys as parents is so upsetting.

Oh no, poor Albus! It's horrible for him to have to walk in on Rose and Scorpius like that and Scorpius is being so mean in the way that he's jealous of Albus but really it's his own fault. This is a really original portrayal of Scorpius and Rose together too, and I'm intrigued to see what happens next!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sian!!

I do like tormeting my characters (and readers). Albus is meant to be a sympathized character in this chapter. I'm glad you felt for him! :D

The time jumps worried me when I wrote this. I just didn't want to tell a story about them in school (well, school didn't matter to the narrative) so I tried to avoid it in this story. I'm glad that it still got some good information across while zooming ahead.

Scorpius' behavior was quite the slow torture for Albus, especially as Scorpius didn't really make it a clean break. Rose is in danger of a lot of hearbreak here too. :-/

I'm quite proud of what I managed with Harry here. I write him so infrequently that he's not a character I know extremely well. Harry was likely quite nervous trying to suss out what Albus needed from him here. It would have been a disaster to get wrong though. The Potters v. Malfoys are quite the unomfortable contrast.

:-/ I did end it with a tough moment for Albus (as well as Scorpius and Rose). I haven't read a ton of next-gen stuff so I'm glad that this isn't cliche or even all too common.

thank you for a wonderful review!!


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Review #10, by nott theodore Red Flags

14th August 2014:
Hi Rose!

So I've been wanting to get a chance to read True Romance because so many people have been enjoying it recently, so I have a few minutes and I thought I'd use them to come and check this story out!

I really loved the way that you opened this chapter, setting up the romance between Albus and Scorpius from the very first sentences. I could see the differences in the two of them from the very beginning, since Albus seems much more caring than Scorpius - but I think that's perhaps just because he's been brought up in a more caring family and is more comfortable expressing his feelings. I liked the way that you showed the way that their relationship had developed in just a few sentences, and were able to illustrate the subtle differences between the two of them really well.

I felt so sorry for Scorpius when I was reading the section about his parents and when he just wanted to be with someone he loved. It's so unfair for someone to have that sort of pressure on them, to feel like they should have to marry just to do their duty and carry on the family name, and I felt so sorry for Scorpius. I liked the conversation with Astoria though, and I think that background helped to show why Scorpius acts the way he does to Albus.

The final section, with the party, was great. I thought it was so sweet of Albus to try and make sure that he'd get to see Scorpius over the holidays, although I get the feeling that perhaps he doesn't understand the full extent of the situation that Scorpius is in with his family, as he was quite happy to take risks and kiss him in their home. I really liked Harry's portrayal, too, especially when he wanted them to leave the cellar straight away. I'm excited to see what happens next!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sian!!

Oh I'm so happy you got a chance to check this story out. I'm sorry it's been so long and I'm just now replying.

oh boy, I don't know how to respond to this. Can I just send you some fancy chocolate instead? I'm glad the differences between Scorpius and Albus come out at the start. They were new to me here and I was still figuring them out. I do think Albus' much more loving and affectionate home made a difference in his characterization here.

I wanted to make Scorpius likeable especially as he's not very nice to Albus further on. It was important to me that no one was 'the bad guy' in this, not even Draco and Astoria. I'm glad that you liked Astoria's conversation with Scorpius - she is definitely the peace maker in the family.

Albus is in the dark with regard to Scorpius' familial expectations. He was certainly bold when it came to trying to kiss Scorpius at the party - he doesn't understand the concept of their love not being appropriate to some people.

Thank you so much for a lovely review and I'm overjoyed that you like this so far!!


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Review #11, by MileyMalfoy Red Flags

12th July 2014:
This is a really interesting beginning to the story. I'm already completely sucked in and I want to know what's going to happen next. I know I would pay big money to watch Draco's head explode when he puts two and two together about Scorpius' secret admirer being Al, although it was definitely interesting to see the kind of life that Scorpius has lived, and how he was spending his holidays. I thought this was really well written, and I'm definitely going to be reading on.

~ Meg
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi!! I just want to say how much I've loved this review!!! I hope you'll continue on with the story. You'll definitely get to see some of Draco's reactions to Scorpius' love interests.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Review #12, by Ravenclaw333 Red Hot

9th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review - Educational Decree #6

I'm glad I have the opportunity to actually reread/review parts of this story individually rather than going through it all in one fell swoop. You've done such a good job here with characterisation and emotions, particularly with Scorpius, and outlining the tensions between him, his family, Rose's family and of course Albus. I loved your line about how Scorpius's love for a man didn't matter to his family, but could be accomodated with a woman - that says it all regarding the Malfoy attitudes to sexuality. The Weasleys are brilliantly done as well - Hugo being the inappropriate little brother, Hermione trying to be polite, Ron being downright hostile.

I forgot how messy the whole Albus/Scorpius/Rose triangle is, and you do such a good job with illustrating it without a big confrontation scene between them. Brilliant job, as always!

Author's Response: Lisaa!!

I'm so thrilled you came back for parts of this. I think red hot is my favorite chapter from PI. Scorpius is a bit complicated here. he's fighting through wanting to meet his parent's expectations but also be as happy as he can be in the situation. I did like pointing out the Malfoy's hypocrisy when it came to love. Hugo is my favorite minor character in this just because he's so snarky.

one difficult thing when I was writing this was that I didn't want some huge knock-out-drag-out fight with this love triangle. It was a challenge.



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Review #13, by patronus_charm Red Balloon

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review and for decree 2!

Can I just say that Albus has such cute people in his life from Brandon, Ginny and Harry? So cute! Also, that line about him being happier with Brandon than alone or with Scorpius was so cute again and just so perfect forever. Because of this speed reviewing I havenít got a ship name yet, but I will have one eventually! So much tension between Scorpius and Albus, Iím loving it! But ahaha, why break them up, Rose, why? Donít be mean, itís not fair! Wah, donít be friends again, Iím not forgiving as you can tell, but Brandon is the one for you, not Scorp! Whoo, onto the sequel now!


Albus needs cute people in his life. It was that line that ruined their relationship though (with Brandon) because Bran expects people to be all self-sufficient and not rely on others for happiness. Oh, yeah, the ship names are Branbus and Scorbus or Aldon and Alpius. I HAD TO BREAK THEM UP SO THAT ALBUS COULD GROW ON HIS OWN AND BECOME HIS OWN PERSON!! it was a necessary evil.

Yay for sequels!

Your reviews on this have been fabulous! Thank you so much!!!


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Review #14, by patronus_charm Red Line

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review and for decree 2!

Ah, Brandon and Albus were so cute together Ė they are made in heaven!! Also, they had such a lovely chat and now theyíre so close, close enough that Harry goes to Brandon for help and yeah, so cute and I was just gushing way too much throughout. Yay I loved seeing Albus and Cindy catch up they really made me laugh as itís another form of sort girl talk and it was nice to see Albus begin to open up. What? Whaaat? Ok, so Scorpius dumps Rose because she doesnít want to marry him, then he announces to his parents he wants to date guys, did not see that one coming, but Albus, donít ditch Brandon now, he was always loyal and lovely unlike Scorpius!!


That chat meant a lot to me when I wrote it. I dunno, it was kind of my own views but coming out of Brandon's mouth. Albus and Cindy are bffs especially now that they have fun stuff to gossip about.

SCORPIUS DUMPED HER BECAUSE HE KNEW IF THEY WEREN'T GOING TO GET MARRIED IT WASN'T WORTH STAYING TOGETHER. His parents know he wanted to date guys int he first place so i'm not sure why they're all shocked about it now. I CAN'T PROMISE ANYTHING WHEN IT COMES TO THESE SHIPS.



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Review #15, by patronus_charm Red Letter

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review and for decree 2!

Bahaha the girl talk made me laugh way too much especially the whole thereís Scorpius, wait, what, no the star not the guy, sorry it just made me laugh so much! Yay Harry and Albus are so cute together, I love seeing them together! Hahaha, this is Savage! SO exciting as Iíve heard so much about him and now heís finally here, heís actually rather cute and much more mature than Scorpius, so the perfect match and I canít wait to see what happens next between the two ;) omg they kissed, omg he met the family, omg some jealously from Scorp, omg so awesome, omg must read on!!!

Author's Response: It was a lot of fun for me to reach back and write about being that young and hanging out with a girlfriend. I'm glad it got you laughing because I wanted it to be silly.

Halbus has a good relationship going on. But of course they do!!

*fanfare* this is THE Savage (okay, the 2nd Savage as the first one was offed by accident in another story) - but it's THE ONE YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT! Brandon is much more mature than Scorpius (or Albus but who's keeping track?) THEY WENT THROUGH SO MUCH IN THIS ONE CHAPTER!



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Review #16, by patronus_charm Red Hot

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review and for decree 2!

Omg, poor Albus but I loved how Cindy gave him advice, she was the best! But that scene at the train station must have hurt a lot with the way they were really going for one another, even I wasnít supporting them and this is my OTP weíre talking about here. Haha, I loved the joke Scorpius made about their house though and how it was easy to find the loo, that just made me crack up way too much. Also, the whole meet the parents thing was funny too but itís making me wonder if heís just doing it to wind up Draco.

Author's Response: Albus needed a friend so I gave him one. The train ride was hard for Al but thankfully he had a pal through it. Scorpius does have a sense of humor!! He's not just a robot guy. haha, I think winding Draco up is a part of his nefarious plan.

Thanks for another wonderful blitz review!


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Review #17, by patronus_charm Red Rose

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review and for decree 2! Happy 100th review!

Haha, I loved their reading choices so great! I also loved that Albus and Rose werenít BFFs like itís often the case in next gen as this was a refreshing change and one that I enjoyed a lot, so whoo go that! What? No rose, stop crushing my soul with your stories?!! Why did Scorpius ask Rose out, why, why why? I canít deal with this.

Yeah Albus make your stand against the horror of Rose and Scorpius. Ha, Harry giving romantic advice was the best thing ever and I died with laughter. The ending crushed me a little with Albus walking into them it was just so awkward, but yeah, for once Iím not cheering for Scorose which is feeling a little strange, but fab chapter!


Author's Response: KIANA!!

I thought Jane Austen was a fitting choice of author for Albus at the moment. Rose and Al aren't BFFs but they're close (enough). I HAVE TO CRUSH SOULS - THEY MAKE MY HAIR LOOK NICE!. IT'S THE ONLY WAY!

Harry and his romantic advice is perhaps one of my favorite things that I wrote about in this chapter. Or the whole story. I can't decide. THE END CRUSHED ME TOO! BUT IT HAD TO HAPPEN. I've turned a lot of people against ScoRose. :P You're not alone.



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Review #18, by patronus_charm Red Flags

7th July 2014:
Shame on you Rose breaking educational decree number two and this is a House Cup 2014 Review!

Omg, these guys are perfect together you wrote the kissing so well and it was so cute and so perfect and I think Iíve already falling in love with the two of them. I really liked how you made Albus and Scorpius so snarky with one another too, even though theyíre dating as it just showed how well they both knew one another.

I really liked the scene with his parents as it was just so funny to see how they just didnít understand their son at all, and that he wanted to marry for love and break free from all this pureblood horror. Aw, just the present from Albus was so cute too! The ball scene was so adorable, they were so adorable, everything was, onto the next chapter!


Author's Response: I'M A RULE BREAKER!!

I can't tell you how excited I was to see you blitz PI!!!

It was a lot of fun to write Scorpius and Albus in this chapter where they are a bit unexposed to the heartache they go through. They were definitely friends first which helped (and kind of hurt) their relationship.

Draco and Astoria really missed hte boat when it came to their son. I mean, they have to have their heads in the sand to not realize it was from Albus. :D I'm thrilled you liked the ball scene!!!

Thanks so much for an awesome review!


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Review #19, by crestwood Red Balloon

24th June 2014:
While I really loved Brandon and Al together, I did know that their breaking up was inevitable and I felt that you handled it well. The reasoning behind the decision was actually something I was thinking about. You've done a good job of painting the picture of a person with a kind of stunted sense of self. His absolute need for another person to find contentment is definitely problematic and Brandon was only doing what he knew was right, even if he broke Al's (and my) heart in the process.

The pacing of this chapter was just as good as it's been throughout. I loved that it ended with Scorpius and Al agreeing to a sort of friendship. This story expertly segues from scene to scene and definitely leads directly into True Romance. Thank you for the opportunity to read both stories, I am admittedly slightly obsessed with them and can't wait to read more of True Romance when you get around to uploading the next chapter!!

Author's Response: *confetti* you reached the end!

Having started from the sequel, their breakup wasn't much of a surprise. I am glad you liked the reasoning behind it. It took me a bit of cajoling to figure out how to do it so there wouldn't be hard feelings between them (or so that it wouldn't be detrimental for them to get back together - e.g. going back to abuse or a cheater). To be fair, I've given them a fair shake at getting back together thus far in True Romance. You'll just have to wait and see how that pans out. :P

I'm really glad that you liked where it ended. I knew it would be too hard to bring them back together in the story but they needed to end in a decent place.

Yay! In my head hte two stories lined up quite well but it's always good to hear that from someone else's perspective. :D I'm really happy that you're kind of obsessed with them. That really makes my day. I have part of hte next chapter written for True Romance but the HC has kept me busy!

Thank you so very much for reviewing the entire story and for your awesome gushing and feedback!


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Review #20, by crestwood Red Line

24th June 2014:
I'm really glad Brandon valued Al's privacy and refused to tell Harry. His personality is so fascinating. I like Cindy more and more every time she appears in the story. The minor characters aren't one dimensional in this story, thankfully.

This is the saddest I've been for Scorpius for sure. He breaks up with Rose and then pretty much immediately gets disowned. Some kinds words and money with no attempt to really stand up for him from his mother don't really make him feel all that better, I fear. Hopefully things turn around for him!

Author's Response: I thought it would be important for Brandon to have those strong lines/boundaries when it came to his work/life balance. Plus making him stand up to Harry felt like a big deal. just in general. Cindy is a doll and I need to have her make an appearance in True Romance. I haven't forgotten about her but she hasn't wandered into the narrative yet.

Most people feel bad for Scorpius at this point. I was pretty proud of him. I think his breakup with Rose was sabotage (he knew she's end things if he brought up marriage). Astoria is in a tough place when it comes to her relationship with her son and husband. I think the money and kind words were truly the best support she could offer right then.

I've loved all your reviews so far - thank you so very much!

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Review #21, by crestwood Red Letter

24th June 2014:
I've been waiting sort of impatiently to meet Brandon and this did not disappoint! He's close to making me forget all about how much I want Scorpius and Al to end up together. His maturity is really refreshing and seeing Al happy could make anyone with a semblance of a heart grin.

Their first kiss is my favorite part of this story so far and I can't give you any more compliments on the flow of this that I haven't already given. Scorpius deserved that punch at the end. I really hope he comes to his senses before it's too late.

Author's Response: Brandon does kind of make a late appearance in the story (late but fashionable). haha, I'm glad he's making you forget about Al/Scorpius. I mean, they're still a possibility (through this and True Romance) but I like that he's in the running. Bran is really quite the mature, worldly person who can (hopefully) help Albus grow up a bit.

I really liked writing that kiss. They feel awkward to write sometimes but I liked that one. Yeah... Scorpius earned that punch. :D

Thank you so much for another wonderful review! I can't believe how fast you blasted through this!

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Review #22, by crestwood Red Hot

24th June 2014:
Draco is still making me extremely angry, as always. He's just despicable the way he treats everything like a carefully planned out strategy to gain favor in the Ministry or elevate his status.

Cindy seems like a good friend and someone Al could probably use at the moment. I'm glad Scorpius didn't mess up the dinner so badly, for his sake...although I don't necessarily agree with his being with Rose, seeing as he clearly doesn't love her.

I do feel for Scorpius though, because he's simply trying to make his father happy, which is something I think anyone can understand. Also, everything Hugo said in this chapter made me laugh out loud, so you've got me feeling a pretty wide range of emotions right now

Author's Response: I don't think anyone likes Draco at this point. I just saw him trying to regain the family honor after the war and wanting to be back on top which has left him rather short-sighted when it comes to his own son.

:D I'm really glad you like Cindy. She was a last-minute add to the story. Scorpius has complicated feelings towards Rose. He doesn't love her but he enjoys her company and could be good friends with her. But... I agree that it's not right for him to stay with her.

Scorpius is in a tough spot. I like to think he would be happy enough with Rose. Hugo was a lot of fun to write and I'm absolutely thrilled this chapter caused you to have a wide range of emotions.

Thank you once again for such a fab review!!


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Review #23, by crestwood Red Rose

24th June 2014:
You've ripped my heart out by having Scorpius go for Rose, even though I knew it was going to happen. I'm legitimately upset for Albus and I can't ever forgive Draco for how he's treating his son.

The Al and Harry scene is perfectly awkward and realistic. The handling of emotions is spot on and the pacing is flawless to the point of being a non-issue. I wish I could give you more criticism but I have compiled a grand total of zero complaints about the way you write, so I'll just gush about my love for everything here in the meantime!!

Author's Response: I kind of rip hearts out a lot (I think there's a support group forming for that). Draco isn't a very nice character in this story. I mean, he's past the whole mudblood nonsense but he's still rather old fashioned. Albus... well, he does have a rough time for a few chapters.

I'm very glad you liked Al and Harry's talk. I struggled with that because it had to feel supportive but uncomfortable with Al walking out of it knowing his dad had his back. I'm okay with zero complaints and really love gushing.

Thank you so much for another awesome, uplifting review!


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Review #24, by crestwood Red Flags

24th June 2014:
First off, I'm SO excited that True Romance was a sequel because I was wondering all night what exactly it was that Scorpius did to Rose and Al. This is very well written, especially because the characters that I liked from the sequel are present in this story and seem to all have the same voice, which is a huge win on your part.

The pacing of this chapter is great; the party scene in particular was masterful. The paragraph of Scorpius and Al's dance seemed to stretch on longer, as if time had slowed down for them. A lot was packed into a few words and that's a difficult skill to master. In general, I am enamored with your writing at the moment!

Author's Response: I can't tell you how thrilling it is that you were curious about it all night. :D I mean, really. This has the same core set of characters and it's really good to hear that they have the same voice as they have in the sequel. :D

I don't know how to respond to your last paragraph. I mean, is a hug an appropriate response? That's probably the nicest thing someone has said about my writing.

Thank you doesn't begin to cover how much I loved this review and just wow.


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Review #25, by GingeredTea Red Rose

26th May 2014:
I've been thinking about this story. I saw you made a sequel and I admit, I'm just on chapter two but already glad to know it will be continued!

I loved this line, and nearly chocked on the grape I was eating. For reward I got an odd look from my cat.

"ďDo you know if Rose is single?Ē It was supposed to be a casual question, something not to be read into, but Al jumped on the question like James onto a broom. "

You really take Albus and Scorpius to a new level for me as a reader. Your presentation of them is just without flaw - they seem real and relatable and somehow you manage to take a story that is centered around slash and make it about so much more. This story just engulfs me, which is why I have arrived at the end and and am itching to press the "next chapter" button! :D :D

Thank you for the wonderful read!


Oh yes, to answer your question from last chapter, I don't usually read next gen (although it is growing on me) or slash (although I have read some, when the plot just can't be missed). So far, your Al/Scorpius is my favorite. :)

Author's Response: I can't tell you how exciting it is to me that you like this story! Especially since you're just warming up to Next-Gen and slash isn't quite your thing. :D haha, I'm glad you didn't choke at that part... I would have felt bad.

I like to think that their romance and sexuality is secondary to the larger story going on. In all the slash I've written, it's more about people than sex so their orientation is usually not a huge focus.

Thank you for a wonderful review!!


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