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Review #1, by TheViperJono An Informant

16th August 2016:
This is a good story! I've enjoyed it from "the runaway returns" to this chapter.

I gotta ask, why haven't you updated this story for almost 2 years? Are you still alive?

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Review #2, by Jono An Informant

13th November 2015:
This is an interesting story.

I hope that there'll be a new update soon, brother.

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Review #3, by Dan2510 An Informant

4th December 2014:
Another fantastic chapter. I have enjoyed your previous story, The Runaway Returns and this is starting out just as good. I can't wait till the next chapter. Keep up the great work!

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Review #4, by zipzin An Informant

1st December 2014:
Really enjoyed this story so far and its prequel! Nice job and can't wait for the next installment. Keep writing!

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Review #5, by Bardic Magic Training Day

16th August 2014:
I am so glad you decided to write a sequel to your fantastic story - "The Runaway Returns". I really like your story lines and character development. I hope you update frequently and continue with this story. I will try to do better with reviews - I usually get so caught up in reading that I forget to post a review, but I'll make you a deal.if you write it, I will review it! Deal?

Author's Response: Deal! But I have to warn you that this story will roll out more slowly; real life has gotten busier for me in the last year unfortunately.

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Review #6, by Avinash Ol' Ernie

6th August 2014:
I can understand from where you are coming that ginny slept with ernie. Harry left her alone and heartbroken with no news of him ever coming back so it was obvious that she would have found comfort in someone else. I don't think ernie was the right character you choose for ginny. He was arrogant, pompous and a right git. Ginny would have been better off with someone else.Now about harry, I think your harry is too OCC.I can't imagine this harry with the one with cannon. There is huge character gap between them. While I can understand Harry's guilt trip and sulking and all that "four your own protection" blah blah... this is excessive. I can,t imagine him hiding and drinking with no outside contact. I don't no how you came to that conclusion about harry but I think you try and read read HP books again, if you ever have.In the end it's your story and everything is upto you, but please try to stick to the cannon as much as possible if you are following cannon and especially with your characterization.

Author's Response: Wow! Okay, you bring up a few things here.

First, I do try to hold to the books as closely as possible, but I do not necessarily follow JKR's post-book comments. If you regard them as 'canon', which I do not, then we forever stand opposed.

With regard to the 'canon' Ernie, was he...
Pompous? Yes.
Arrogant? Maybe, somewhat.
A right git? Definitely not.

Ernie may have thought Harry was initially behind the attacks in second year, but publically apologized to Harry for believing so after Hermione was attacked. Ernie also had issues with Harry during fourth year because, being a Hufflepuff, he felt Harry was trying to steal Cedric Diggory's (and Hufflepuff House's) thunder. However, from fifth year forward, Ernie was an ardent supporter of Harry and the DA and proved himself well in the Battle of Hogwarts. The fact that you would refer to Ernie as 'a right git' can only lead to the conclusion that you need to re-read the books, if you ever have.

Regarding my characterization of Harry, there is nothing patently non-canon about it. I can only conclude you have never known someone who has experienced PTSD.

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Review #7, by Aurorofthelight Training Day

21st July 2014:

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Review #8, by AIP Alexander Training Day

21st July 2014:
I've missed you so so so so so much! I'm so glad your back! I haven't even read the chapter, but i'll leave you a review once I read it! Btw I was so happy and felt so important when you named me in the last chapter, and i think you did it justice as well. I HATE the idea of Ginny with anyone else, but one of the reasons i like the story is that you make it as realistic as possible and i think what happened was bound to happen! i know I'm as guilty as you, as i just came back from a 5 month hiatus, but please don't drop the story!

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Review #9, by Jono The Squib

18th May 2014:
This is a very interesting story. Keep up the good work.
Can't wait for the next chapter(s) to be published.

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Review #10, by EJ Pauley The Squib

11th May 2014:
Yay! A new chapter! I was very excited to see this. I love how you're bringing in the story lines almost seemlessly. Its great writing. Looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #11, by "matthew Ol' Ernie

24th February 2014:
very good I love the last story and love this one so far keep up the great work cant wait to read more

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Review #12, by Nicole Swift Ol' Ernie

30th January 2014:
I would like to say the I read The Runaway Returns and am looking forward to the next part of the story. I would like to know how come Harry's magic did not stop Charley? Even if he did not now Charley had arrived I thought his magic took care of him. In the last story He caught Ginny when she was falling even though he was not looking at her and did not even know she was in danger.

Love the house elves protecting Harry. They must real care for him.

I also take it that since Harry is just starting his training that this story takes place only a couple of weeks after the last one ended right?

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Review #13, by LilyEPotter Ol' Ernie

29th January 2014:
Oh no, Harry and Ginny never seem to catch a break. Just when everything starts to go very well for them, something always happens to mess it up.

I do have one question though, wouldn't the goblins still view Bill as an employee instead of as an equal even after he technically moves up to be Head of the Goblin Liaison office?

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Review #14, by LilyEPotter It's Complicated...

29th January 2014:
What an interesting mystery concerning the silver cups. My first thought was the set that Mundungus had taken from Grimmauld Place, but then on second thought, that seems unlikely.

It seemed like the house elves wanted to keep Harry guessing as to why they had gotten Ginny the presents.

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Review #15, by Tim It's Complicated...

12th January 2014:
Absolutely great start of the sequel! The way you wrote the beginning of this chapter reminds me of the first chapter of HP Goblet of Fire. Start with some unknown characters, invest a little and suddenly kill them of. That skill of writing is only well excecuted by the best, and you damn sure nailed it.
Hope the rest of this story will be just as good as the first chapter, and the entire 'The Runaway Returns'. With your style of writing, you're one of the few who would be truly eligible for the title of 'next JKR'. I truly think your writing of the characters is very close to how JKR would do it.

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Review #16, by Ponneeswaran It's Complicated...

11th January 2014:
Its good to see a sequel... let's wait and see how the plot thickens...
Keep up the good work... eagerly awaiting the next chapter... :)

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Review #17, by mad_ninja It's Complicated...

11th January 2014:
Damn! Didn't know chapter 1 was out already. Keep on writing man! It's only chapter 1 and yet I feel super excited about this story that I want to see the ending immediately. But still take your time cause you certainly won't lose this loyal reader anyrime soon.

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Review #18, by Raj It's Complicated...

10th January 2014:
Hey i liked your first lst story in this series so much that i have been checking everyday when you would post this. Keep up the good work please..

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