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Review #1, by ohmymerlin One

14th March 2014:
Hey, Isobel! Sorry for the delay on this! I'll just jump straight into it, shall I?

I think Dennis' characterisation may be a LITTLE out of canon, but we hardly see him and after the Wizarding War - and especially after losing Colin - he could become how you've depicted him. I've just always had an image of him being a little naive and sensitive, but to see him snapping and being - quite frankly - rude to people gave me a little shock, but it's believable. You've pulled it off well and I don't think you need to worry about it too much! Even though I said it was a little out of canon, you've made it work and made it make sense. You've done a great job with that!

I kind of feel sorry for Kaitlyn. Dennis is such a liar and he seems really grumpy and moody, and Kaitlyn seems sweet and doesn't deserve someone like him. I know he's an innocent man but I feel like he's treating her unfairly and I admire her for still sticking with him.

I also got the impression that she was a Muggle but her not being surprised about the owl was a good indicator that she wasn't :p

You also asked about the descriptions of Egypt but I feel like I can't really comment on that. I've never been to Egypt so I have no clue if they're accurate or not - this is so ignorant but I just think of sandy deserts, to be quite honest - but you did describe them quite nicely. You definitely have a knack for description!

Now, the second part!

Okay... is Wayne the Minster of Magic of Nevada? :O I didn't see THAT coming! And WHAT?! His wife is dead but she's alive?! That's so bizarre!

And why does Pansy want to entrap the Minister of Magic? :O What has that naughty man done?

You definitely succeeded in being eerie and creepy! You've also got me asking all these different questions because I'm so curious about what the flop is going on! I don't think you need to worry about the eeriness/creepiness/mystery, you've got that down pat!

And now the last part!

Yes, you definitely made me ask questions! I'm a bit frustrated that I don't know who the elusive boss is but it's not extremely annoying that it puts me off. It definitely draws the readers in!

At first I was thinking maybe the elusive 'He' is the Minister for Magic - Wayne - but then you wiped that theory away when he asked for Misty to share information. I can't think of who this person is at all! I have NOTHING.

And yes, you definitely got the mysterious balance right! I find it a little disgusting the way He treats Misty but I guess that's just what happens when you work for a criminal. Well... we don't know if he's a criminal but I'm definitely getting that vibe from him!

I think the chapter as a whole was brilliant. It was a little confusing and strange that it's split up like that (will the rest of the chapters continue to be like that?) but I do like how well it all connected! I understood immediately why you put Dennis and Pansy in the same chapter but I was confused as to why Misty and Him were in the chapter until they mentioned 'watching' them. I think that's called stalking.

And what?! Dennis murdered someone?! I find that highly unbelievable! Who is this person who thinks that he murdered someone?! I'd like to have a stern chat with them! :p

Ack, you say you want theories but I suck at theories, I'm sorry! Really all that comes to me is that the person who thinks Dennis murdered someone is the same person Dennis and Pansy want revenge on because he (or she) is a crazy psycho who makes up lies about Dennis murdering someone! :p

Anyway, this was a very fascinating chapter, Isobel! I'm super curious as to what's going to happen and how it all pans out!

Feel free to request again!

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Haha, it’s completely fine! I’m sorry about the lateness of my review responses, too :P

Haha, that’s okay! Personally, I imagine him having been young and naive pre-war, but then he went on the run at /fourteen years old/ because if he didn’t, he and his brother and their family would’ve been killed and that influenced him. And then Colin’s death — Colin, who he idolized — would’ve had an impact on him, since his life was turned completely upside down because of the war. I do understand how you feel he may be slightly OOC, and I’m really glad that I’ve managed to make my interpretation of his character believable! :)

Poor Kaitlyn, she does get messed about quite a bit. Aha, she’s actually a Muggle! I meant to have that scene be quite overwhelming for her, in terms of OMG! Dennis is leaving! OMG! There’s an owl! OMG! He’s behaving so oddly! and her natural instinct was to address all those OMG!s in order of importance, so she didn’t ask about the owl in favour of finding out why Dennis is leaving her. The scene is from his POV, so that may have gotten lost, though. Hmm. I may edit that…

Hehe, I understand that — what I meant was whether you found the descriptions realistic enough to visualize, since I’m veering away from the normal tourist ideas of pyramids, sand and camels :P

Wayne is indeed! Yay, a surprise plot twist! His wife is dead, but she’s alive! Wait, that can’t be right… or can it? ;) Pansy, too, has her own reasons for her actions. And they will be explained… eventually. :P

Oooh, thank you so much! That is absolutely fabulous to hear! I’m really happy you thought it was creepy, because I honestly don’t think I can do scary well. I also how you used flop instead of a certain non-12+ word, hehehehe.

I’ll try and give you some more clues next chapter, because I don’t want you to be /too/ frustrated that you end up giving up the story! ♥ I’m glad that it draws the reasons in though!

I can confirm that no, ‘He’ is not the Minister for Magic. And he isn’t “officially” a criminal, but he sort of is. So feel free to get illegal vibes from him!

Well, the next chapter is split up too, so yes, I think it may continue this way. I don’t really want to have one chapter with Pansy, the next with Dennis, the next with Misty because then when we get back to Pansy’s POV, the readers might have forgotten what happened to her and be confused. *hides* I’m glad that you felt it all connected, though, and I will try to keep future transitions as smooth as possible!

It is… Misty and her Boss. Would you like to have a stern chat with Misty’s Boss? :P

Ahh, sorry! That would be a no! I like the theory, though! :D I’m so happy that you’re enjoying this story so far, and I hope I can keep surprising you in future chapters ;)

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Review #2, by toomanycurls Prologue

21st February 2014:

Looking at your stories, I'm guessing this is the one you want to swap on!

Your dedication on this story is sweet. :)

I haven't read a lot on Pansy (before or after the war) so I'm quite interested to read about her life in NV. I wonder if US wizards use different birds as owls aren't as common. Perhaps a hawk or eagle.

It's fascinating that Pansy doesn't ask about people's magical abilities (which makes sense later when you explain her wand is snapped). I love the fantasy life she's created for writing to her parents. What if they visit one day and see it's not true?

I really love how you explained Pansy actions in the battle of hogwarts. that she just wanted the fighting to stop. It's a much nicer explanation than most people give her. When I first read through this, I missed your excellent reference to her life as an escort - I loved the line about commiting acts she hadn't even thought about before her disgrace. It's beautiful and tells so much.

My jaw dropped when you revealed her job! (and her name of choice) It's such a perfect way for her to complete her fall from wizarding society.

Excellent prologue and am excited to read on!


Author's Response: Hi!

Aww, thank you! Nicole's been a massive inspiration to me and a fabulous friend, so I felt it appropriate to write a story just for her to show my appreciation :)

Oooh, that's a good point. I'll definitely research that -- but it wouldn't matter for Pansy in particular, since she wouldn't be able to purchase an owl from the wizarding community in Nevada anyway. I'll be sure to keep that in mind for any future chapters featuring members of the wizarding population, though!

Heh, yeah. I think deep down she knows they're 99% Muggles, but as long as she doesn't know it for sure, she can pretend. The poor girl's in denial :P And haha, Pansy is determined not to let them.

Ooh, thank you! I felt that Harry's POV was a touch biased against Pansy, and of course he didn't see her during DH or post-war, which I think redefined her. And thank you ^.^ She's certainly fallen from her pedestal!

Hehehehe. I wish I could see Fleur's face for real when/if she finds out about Pansy using her name for escort work :P

Thank you!


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Review #3, by adluvshp Prologue

17th February 2014:
Hey! Here for your requested review from the forums!


Okay on to a more coherent review xP

First off, I have to say I love Pansy Parkinson as a character as she's a very minor character, seems very complex, and it's great what you've done with her here! I enjoyed all the "backstory" that you provided us of her wand being snapped and her writing those fake letters to her parents etc. It was believable and a tad sad too.

Ooh Pansy is an escort? Now, I did not see that coming. And a plan? What plan? Now, I am even more intrigued. I assume the man she is "meeting" is someone of importance to her plan then - and judging by the summary - I think it's got to do something with revenge but revenge on whom? and for what?

Ah so many questions! I love the opening to stories that make you question and think so much, so I've to say this was an absolutely brilliant prologue. As I said, I think you've characterised Pansy perfectly. I could totally imagine her being this way so great job there.

Your descriptions were great too and the way you've introduced the setting and the events is awesome. I truly was captivated while reading and I'm burning with curiosity to know more, and to see what happens next. I also saw a mention of "Creevey" in your author's note so I am super excited to see the role Dennis Creevey will play in your fic (seeing that Colin is dead - though a dead Colin might also come into play - omg so many questions again)!

All in all, I think this was a fabulous start to your story. Your prologue has surely served the purpose of prologues and has me curious about everything. It has also set the scene for the main plot and characters, so great work!

I don't have any CC for you as I think this was a very good piece of writing and I didn't find anything off. I am adding the story to my favourites as I'd like to follow it and read the rest of the chapters whenever I get the time, so please do feel free to re-request!

Great job! I am loving the intensity and mystery that hangs around the narrative =)


Author's Response: Hello, Aditi! ♥

Nonsense - don't feel bad about using caps lock! It's actually quite flattering to know that my writing's made someone squee :D

Hehe, thank you! I'm really pleased that you enjoyed the backstory, as there's more of it to come in future chapters! I'm happy that you felt it was believable, because that's something I really want to strive for in this story because of the really unusual ship that is Dennis/Pansy :P

Yes she is! And her plan will be revealed bit by bit through COA, and is indeed about revenge. As for who their target is, and why they want revenge... you'll have to wait and see ;)

Again, I'm so excited that you're enjoying this prologue. I was a little concerned that it was too short and subsequently vague, but you've certainly quelled those doubts. And I really appreciate your lovely comments about her characterization!

Hehehehe. Dennis Creevey will definitely feature quite heavily in this fic, since it was written for Nicole/teh and she adores him. As for whether dead!Colin will be involved... I couldn't possibly comment ;)

And woah, thank you very much! I'm honoured that you favourited this and you want to continue reading, which is lovely to hear! I hope the future chapters continue to be so pleasing ♥


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Review #4, by BumblebeeDoe One

9th February 2014:
Oh, I'm loving this story, so far! It reads sooo smooth, definitely something readers enjoy. I also love stories that keep me wondering whats next. Also your choice of characters are fantastic! I'm not ashamed to admit that Pansy is one of my favorite characters of the Harry Potter Series, I just think shes such a complex character and so underestimated (my personal opinion obviously haha). Having Dennis in the story and soon Astoria , captures my attention too because, they werent mentioned in series often, much isnt known about them, so I like seeing peoples takes on them, you can do so much with those characters. Oh, and your original characters are very interesting, looking forward to seeing how they shape the plot! Everything looks good to me, don't think you need to change a thing :) Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much! I'm really pleased to hear that it flows well for you, and that it's mysterious because that's what I wanted to achieve. Pansy is a rather difficult HPFF character to write, personally, because she's canon and I don't want to stray from the books but at the same time, what Harry saw isn't necessarily her true persona. I agree that she's complex, and that Dennis adds chaos to the mixture :P Astoria isn't actually in this story, I'm afraid; Misty is /impersonating/ Astoria, and the real one is busy planning her wedding. I'm glad that you love my OCs and that you're enjoying the plot! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! :)

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Review #5, by Violet Gryfindor Prologue

31st January 2014:
Wow! Where to start! This story has so much going on and so much going for it - of all the possible situations I've ever imagined for Pansy, this is definitely not one of them, and you address that wonderfully because Pansy feels the same way. I loved that part at the beginning where she describes her upbringing and how her parents did everything to keep her life perfect. That suits the canon Pansy... well... perfectly. It explains quite a lot about her snobbishness and the way that she makes fun of Hermione - who would certainly be, in Pansy's eyes, the ultimate imperfect. It doesn't make her actions forgivable, but it does put them into perspective. You emphasize how Pansy was raised to a particular way of life and, more importantly, a particular ideology that she's been cruelly wrenched away from. You've positioned her so that she's forced to live an entirely different existence, yet she doesn't give up and doesn't show any signs of weakness. Here, in all places, she's able to do what she refused to do at the Battle of Hogwarts: fight.

The one thing that I'm not sure about in this story is the breaking of Pansy's wand. That's a pretty drastic thing to have done, and I'd like to hear more about it at some point in this story. How many others are in Pansy's situation? What kind of measures did the Ministry think were necessary against anyone associated with the Death Eaters? Is Pansy sent to Nevada, or does she choose it as a place safely far enough away from home? I want to know more! But I suppose that's the whole point of a prologue - to make your poor readers thirsty for more.

This is excellently-written, which is of course no surprise. I really like your take on Pansy and her future after the war - it's fresh and original, and it'll be fantastic to see where you take this story. I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to read it!

Author's Response: Hello, Susan! Wow, thank you! Coming from such a talented author as yourself, I'm really pleased that you're enjoying this story, and my interpretation of Pansy! I certainly do feel like she would be brought up to aim for a standard, and that standard is perfection. In fact, this is why I love making her current situation so imperfect, because it shows the resilience that I don't think she realizes she has. She won't fight for Voldemort, or Harry, but here, she'll fight for herself, and I love her selfishness because it's very black-and-white.

That definitely will be explored in a future chapter; I was concerned about being repetitive and interrupting the flow of this prologue. I agree that it was a drastic thing, but after Draco and Lucius walked free with Harry's assistance, I think the Ministry wanted vengeance and Pansy became the scapegoat. Again, this will be explored in the future - chapter three, if all goes to plan.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on this story, and it's great to hear that you're finding it original! I hope the future chapters are as enjoyable for you as this prologue is! :)

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Review #6, by ohmymerlin Prologue

29th January 2014:
Hey, Isobel!

This was a great introductory chapter! First I'm going to commend you for writing, editing and then putting it in the queue ALL on your phone! I can hardly unlock my phone without getting annoyed at it!

Okay, so you asked about my opinion on the prologue. It's very interesting! I'd never really thought of Pansy being outcast and her private life of her family forcing her to act all daintily and such. I did find it a little unbelievable but you've made it work!

I feel like Pansy is a BIT out of canon, in the books I always got the feeling that she was extremely snobby and I don't know if I can imagine her being so... sweet? Not that she's exactly sweet in this but she's acting like a little princess saying that she was only trying to protect herself in the Battle. And maybe she was using that excuse but I feel like that Pansy should be a bit louder/ruder in my opinion. I just felt like she was playing the innocent card too much and Pansy always struck me as a person who would kind of just accept that she's done wrong but still whine about it - but not in a nice way. In an obnoxious way.

But that could be my head canon. I just always pictured her to be really snobby and stand-offish, even when in exile.

Also, is Pansy a prostitute? Or is it a different type of escort that I'm unaware of? (After all, I am a teenage girl who has no experience in that area :p)

If so, that's quite believable. For some strange reason, I always felt Pansy was very comfortable in her sexuality or whatever, and I can believe that she works in that profession.

But I'm very curious as to why she's using Fleur's name. I would love to see Fleur's wrath if she ever found out. I feel like Pansy would be left into dust, ahaha :p

You have managed to make me ask questions (clearly, haha!) but you haven't been too vague. It's vague enough that we're hanging for more and we're a tiny bit frustrated but not so much that it looks like you've been lazy. And leaving the prologue on a cliffhanger of sorts just makes us want to stay even more because we have to know.

I liked how you've given us a big reason as to why Pansy was always all over Draco and it's very believable as Purebloods were always like that. So good job on that!

Just to go back on Pansy's characterisation - sorry - I just feel like it's not very in-character for her to not like imperfect. She never seemed like that type of person to be delicate and specific. I don't think she was a go-with-the-flow type of person, but just very stubborn and set in her ways, if you get what I'm saying?

I understand that it's after the Battle but no one changes that dramatically. I think she'd still be stubborn, obnoxious and - quite frankly - rude but she'd have become more withdrawn? I don't know, that may just be my head canon.

Anyway, this was a really good introductory chapter! You've definitely drawn the readers in especially since we really don't know much about Pansy after the Battle so it will be interesting to see your take on it!

Feel free to request again!

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Hi Kayla!

I'm SO sorry about the ridiculous amount of time that it's taken to respond to this review! I have no excuse except real life + procrastion = very bad. Forgive me? ♥ (And hehe, thank you! It did turn out to be a little annoying but it was worth getting it into the queue while it was short instead of risking that it would be longer by the time I got on my laptop.)

Oooh, thank you! I've already discussed the concept of Pansy being canon/OOC in PMs so I won't go over it again, but she is kind of a princess, and she's had the rug completely pulled out from under her feet. Don't worry, she still is a bit of a snob -- but only to certain people. And yes, haha! (I don't have any experience in that area either, so that's no excuse :P)

Fleur would probably flip if she ever found out! Pansy needed a false alias, and exotic names are hip and in fashion, and I suppose she found Fleur's name easiest to recall because you know, Fleur /was/ Triwizard Champion of Beauxbatons so her name would've been more well-known that her peers who were at Hogwarts during GoF.

Hehehehe. I'm really pleased that the prologue has drawn you into the story, because obviously I'd like readers to want to continue reading. And it's super that I've managed to explain some of her reasons for doing what she did in the books in a way you liked :)

Thank you so much for your lovely review, Kayla! ♥


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Review #7, by teh tarik One

26th January 2014:'re probably expecting a lot of berserk capslocking...I shall not disappoint...






*deep breath*

I /SERIOUSLY/ do not know where to begin.

First, DENNIS CREEVEY IN EGYPT. OMG you've seriously accessed my brain and did all the Dennis Creevey headcanon research in there! I don't even remember telling you about my headcanon in that much detail. FLAILS. YES. Dennis Creevey pretending to be a local in Egypt and striking random meaningless relationships with tourists and so on: EXACTLY how I see him. *cries tears of joy* And bahah, I'm imagining Dennis dropping out of Hogwarts and doing his GCSEs (??) and then running off. AND he has been accused of murder?!?!?! I love this, seriously. Uggh PLEASE update this now.

And whoa, that section with Pansy was creepy. She recognises the Nevada Minister for Magic! And the Minister thinks she's just some Muggle prostitute, wow, I'm trying to guess what her twisted plan is, but it's quite at night and I simply have no idea. The section with the dead woman was incredibly creeepy. There's no violent horror moment, but it's still eerie, the way she stands there in the hallway, doing nothing, merely staring at both the MInister and Pansy. Do these 'living dead' people have anything to do with Misty Waters (great name, btw) and her shadowy Boss? WHAT does that Boss fellow want with Dennis and Pansy of all people? Two such obscure, obscure characters in canon? I must continue to reiterate how much I love what you've done with these two peripheral characters, how you've thrust them into the centre of such an exciting and gripping story. Honestly, this has got to my favourite fic of yours now.


Thank you for writing me this fab fic, Isobel! ♥ I love this so much, and I really do look forward to all the updates and previews you allow me to have and alskdjcickl ♥

(sorry for this terrible and embarrassing review...I just...waah...)


Author's Response: OH NO, THAT WAS JUST A COINCIDENCE ;) (That was sarcasm, btw. It was definitely deliberate!)


I actually went and read All The Tombs Of Egypt Are Empty to get a better feel for your Dennis headcanon *blushes* But the tourist thing was something I had in my head about him from the start :P (Speaking of accessing brains, you accessed mine with Gladly Beyond because the ScoRose and Lily-Lou is perfect!) IT SHALL BE UPDATED SOON ♥

Pansy knows the Nevada Minister for Magic indeed ;) The plan does involve the Minister though, which can't really mean any good. AND I'M SO GLAD YOU THOUGHT SHE WAS CREEPY. I was really scared that I didn't get the creepiness appropriately across, so I'm pleased that you're spooked! You'll have to wait to find out if Misty and her Boss are connected to the living dead ;) And the Boss wants Dennis because of his murder accusation and Pansy because she's embroiled with him. (I'm glad you like Misty's name! I was scared of it being Mary Sue-ish, but there /is/ a reason for her name being so unusual... hehe)

I think every time I start a new WIP, it's your new favourite :P Not that I'm complaining, of course!


And nonsense; this review isn't terrible or embarrassing! I'm just happy that you love this fic so much ♥

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Review #8, by alicia and anne One

24th January 2014:
Oooo this story is getting more exciting, especially that Dennis is now in it. :D

I was quite scared when he was crossing the road, it sounds really dangerous. :S I'm glad that he got across okay though.

Oooo a holiday romance, aye? Go on Dennis! Although it's only been four days and he is already tired of her.

Awww Dennis, I'm feeling sad for him that he felt like he needed to flee from England and get away from everyone and everything. Oh, he keeps seeing Colin? I wonder if that's just his mind or if Colin is actually around and isn't dead. *gets her hopes up that it's the latter*

:O The fortune teller is shocked, oh no, now I'm worried. Maybe Colin will be there?! Ahhh!!!

Pansy is wanting them to get revenge! I want Dennis to go and get it! I want him to go back to England! Wait! He's going to Las Vegas?

Ooo who is this mystery man who is spying on Pansy?

I can't wait for more! This is a really great story! :D

Author's Response: Thank you! Dennis is actually a central character in this story, since Nicole loves him and this story's for her :D

Yep; I think Dennis subconsciously knows he can't keep having holiday flings but he's unwilling to admit it to himself so he's blaming poor Kaitlyn.

Colin is dead. I'm sorry, but he's dead :( Whether it's all in Dennis' mind or not will be revealed soon... ;) *hugs Dennis*

Pansy and Dennis working together... I can't wait to write them as a couple ^.^ They're just so different; but that'll help when it comes to their plot. SIN CITY INDEED.

And you'll have to wait and see ;)

Thanks again for the review, Tammi ♥

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Review #9, by alicia and anne Prologue

24th January 2014:
I must say that I really loved how you had Pansy
hating anything that was imperfect and the little
detail on how her parents brought her up.

I wonder why Pansy has disappeared to another

:O Oh no! She's not allowed to use magic? She must
have done something very big to warrant that!

It's really refreshing to see Pansy written in the
way that you have brilliantly written her. How she
didn't want the war, she's not turning out to be
like the Pansy that I've always imagined.

This was a really good first chapter! I can't wait
to read more, I think I'm going to enjoy this. I
can't wait to find out if she'll get her wand back
and who she was sending a letter too.

Author's Response: Oooh, thank you! I wanted to make Pansy realistic and perfection seemed something canon that she'd aspire to, especially as she was determined to be Draco's girlfriend/future wife in the books and the Malfoys were "perfect" before the war.

She's disappeared to Vegas because she's running away :P

Yeah, I would say trying to hand over Harry to Voldemort is a big thing, and I feel like punishments were quite harsh post-war because of all the suffering inflicted on the Muggle-borns, even though there were pure-bloods like Pansy who weren't involved in that. I'm really pleased that you find my portrayal of her refreshing!

Thank you for the review, Tammi! ^.^ The identity of the letter's recipient is revealed in the next chapter, and as for the wand - you'll have to wait and see ;)

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Review #10, by teh tarik Prologue

8th January 2014:
♥ ♥ ♥

First, thank you SO MUCH for this. You really didn't have to, and I'm so flattered and incredibly over-the-moon that you've written a story specially for ME ♥ THANK YOU. AND ILY.

And wow! What a beginning! I am EXCITED ABOUT THIS STORY. Everything about it. The premise is so, so original: a Vegas fic with a rather downbeat Pansy who can't do magic and is forced to make do in the Muggle world. Also, she's working with an escort agency in Sin City! Using the alias Fleur Delacour! :P I'm so intrigued to find out what this plan of hers is and whatever she's trying to do...I demand you write and upload the next chapter immediately aksjhjcnisax

As if this story couldn't get any more interesting...then you have the promise of dead people coming back to life (but not zombies :P ) and the most important story element of all...DENNIS CREEVEY ♥ ♥ I'm seriously hopping about on one foot waiting for you to post the next part up.

OK, now to make some faintly intelligent comments on this fabulous opening chapter. I think you did a fantastic job portraying a post-Hogwarts, postwar Pansy. She's someone who has been brought up with pureblood ideals, but while she did support Voldemort's regime, I have this feeling that she wasn't strongly involved in Death Eater activity, and that she was uneasy with the whole wizarding war. I love how you explored the position of other Slytherins in the war - those who aren't Death Eaters and despite their pureblood elitism, are deeply affected by the war and all the violence. And I saw your status update on the forums that this is going to be a Dennis/Pansy? .!!??!!??.muggle-born Dennis? SRSLY CANNOT WAIT (sorry for repeating myself but arrgh)

Also, you really showed how ignorant some purebloods are (at least Pansy' parents) about all things Muggle. Pen and paper is the American way indeed!

FABULOUS START, ISOBEL! ♥ I can't wait to read more about the razzle and dazzle of Sin City! Thank you so much again for this. BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVARR.


Author's Response: EHH. BUT I WANTED TO. You've been such a fabulous friend to me this past year and I wanted to show my appreciation in a novella! Yes, I know it was supposed to be a short story but as all my short stories seem to, it got longer :P Since this is for you, I'll let you say those dreaded four words ;)

EEE THANK YOU!! I quite like the thought of Pansy settling into the Muggle world... perhaps I should write a prequel one-shot detailing the embarrassing moments when she first pretended to be a Muggle :P YES. Let's just hope that Fleur and Bill don't decide to visit Vegas any time soon, shall we? ;) PLANSY'S PANS ARE INGENIOUS... or are they? She /is/ enlisting Dennis, after all :P

Hehehehe. Pansy's always seemed like the pretentious stuck-up type to me. Like in PoA (I wrote that as CoA first bahahaha) when Draco gets injured, Pansy doesn't try to hex Buckbeak or Hagrid or kick up a fuss, she just goes to comfort Draco. She was brought up to be a nurturer (!!) not a fighter, imo. AND YES DENNIS/PANSY ALL THE WAY!!

I doubt that it's the best Christmas present ever (really?! :O) but I'm so pleased that you like it! ILY 5EVA ♥


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