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Review #1, by anythingcouldhappen Touch

28th February 2014:
Hi! I'm for the review swap :)

This was beautiful! I think you really managed to capture Dean's emotions in a very realistic way. Dean's always seemed like a very down to earth person, and your writing definitely reflected that. You also did a great job of writing Luna. She can be so hard to write with her wackiness, but you did great!

The theme of touch (especially at the end) was just so perfect. I think we tend to underestimate just how much human contact means, and how much we would miss it if we lost it. Your descriptions at the end about touch were lovely!

I also loved the bit where Dean started crying, because he started thinking. I know from my own experience that often tears come later, after the shock and numbness wears off. You described that really well!

Oh and I love your writing. It's very...crisp? I'm not sure if that's the right word. But its very easy to read, while still providing so much description and capturing the mood of the moment.

Awesome job!


Author's Response: Hi Sam! Thanks so much for swapping with me! I've been really wanting feedback on this story, and I'm so glad you took the time to help me out :)

I'm so happy that you liked it! Dean is one of my favorite characters to portray. And since I love him with Luna, I've had to learn how to portray Luna as well. She's so difficult to get right, just like you said, and I'm so glad she seemed authentic.

I was really interested in exploring Dean's journey back to human contact after being cut off from it for so long. I totally agree with you that we take touch for granted sometimes, so I tried to imagine what it might feel like after months without it. I think it would be an incredibly significant, almost overwhelming experience, and I tried to really show that at the end.

Haha, I'll take crisp! I love hearing that my style is easy to read. That makes me really happy!

Thanks again for swapping with me! I really enjoyed reading your chapter, and I so appreciate you taking a look at mine! I'm so excited that you liked it :)


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Review #2, by marauderfan Touch

8th January 2014:
Hadn't read any Dean/Luna until now but I TOTALLY SHIP THEM NOW. AAH I LOVE THEM. See I've brought this nice flag for the ship and a fancy new oar, glad to be aboard.

I really liked Dean's voice in this, and appreciated the background of his time as a fugitive and his capture by the Snatchers. What a miserable experience :( but you really conveyed the fear in the time of war, the uncertainty and the distrust of everyone else. I really liked the line about "living had become work" - although Dean wasn't at Hogwarts taking exams like everyone else, he was dealing with much harder, real things. The beginning of this chapter is so chilling, well done.

The second section was very subtle. I love missing moments a lot, and it was great to see the other side of the story as Harry and co. are upstairs.

And the third part wahhh. Poor Dean, that is a lot to go through, and to see ahead in your future (especially when the future is so uncertain in a time like that) and to think what everyone else is going through at Hogwarts. Aw I wanted to hug him. So I was really happy when Luna walked in because she's the sort of person who I think can always make a sad person feel better (case in point Harry in OotP.) She has such a sweet way of saying things and connecting with people - despite (or maybe because of?) her eccentricities she really understands people, and is exactly what Dean needed at this point. ♥ ♥ ♥

this part, I supposed social ladders had a way of crashing to the ground in desperate times. -- this is so true. Really liked that line.

I could really gush on and on about this but my internet always cuts out at the same time every day and it's about to, so I'm going to post this really quickly. but I LOVEDDD this, Maggie, this is both a sad and very heartwarming story. Love Dean/Luna so much. Great work!!

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