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Review #1, by TheSortingHat Christmas Day, 1998

6th January 2014:
This review is for Day 10 of the 12 Days of Reviewing.

I've never considered the idea of Colin and Astoria as friends before, but I think you really pulled it off! We know so very little canonically about Astoria's personality, but I really liked this portrayal of her and thought that it was realistic. I can see her being desperately lonely, and Colin's friendship filling that void.

I loved how the story was told from Dennis' point of view, with all his prejudices and tainted memories. It made for very interesting dynamics between the pair, and it was wonderful to see how much he loved his brother--of course, Colin just doesn't get enough love in general. :)

The story flowed well and was a joy to read. I particularly loved the juxtaposition at the beginning of the story between the Muggle family throwing snowballs and Dennis' own family, it really worked to help show what Colin's loss had done to the Creeveys.

Lovely writing, overall! I'd love to read some of your other stories, as well as what you write in the future. Really good job!


Author's Response: Hi!

I've actually written about Colin and Astoria becoming friends in my novella Defining Astoria, which this is a spin-off of, and you're absolutely right in your interpretation of Astoria's character!

Not all of the chapters will be told from Dennis' POV, but I felt he would be better placed to describe Colin's loss than Astoria. Especially as they don't get along, which is kind of a shame, because I think that would've been what Colin wanted. And I agree with you, Colin is sorely under-written :(

Thank you so much! And I'm really pleased that you liked the comparisons of the Muggle family to the Creeveys.

Gosh, thank you! I hope you do, in the future, because that would be just brilliant.

Thank you for reviewing!


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Review #2, by teh tarik Christmas Day, 1998

5th January 2014:
Isobel! Hi, lovely! ♥ Happy New Year!

Happy indeed... :( :(

Ugh, this is so sad I don't even know what to already know how i feel about the Creeveys, and Dennis ♥ I just love how you've written him; he fits so nicely with my headcanon of him. I love that exchange between him and Astoria; there isn't much friendliness between them, and I think the pitch and level of interaction between the both of them is just perfect.

And poor Colin :( :( I was just thinking about your latest chapter of DA, and all the misery and suffering both him and Astoria have gone through, and how much of that pain was inflicted on him by the latter...that last bit with Astoria at Colin's grave sort of broke my heart. I'm now trampling all over millions of heart-pieces and it's all your fault :( :(

I can't wait to read the next chapter of this! Lovely writing, Isobel! (Also, forgive me for this crappy review, but I'm supposed to be packing and leaving on a trip early next morning...)


Author's Response: Hello! ♥ Happy belated New Year to you!

Asdfghjkl, yes. Poor Dennis :( He certainly doesn't like Astoria, and she doesn't think much of him either, but Colin connects them. It's weird to think that they want to hate him for bringing them together, but they can't because they both love him. Ugh :(

I CRIED WRITING IT TOO ;( I think if Astoria could re-do her Hogwarts years, she'd avoid all the pain and heartbreak she inflicted on Colin. Then again, all of us would, wouldn't we? I'm now picking up all your heart-pieces and putting them back together to keep you alive for the next chapter ;) Which will be a happier one, I promise! It should be up soon, too ^.^

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Review #3, by LavenderBlue Christmas Day, 1998

4th January 2014:
Sniffle. GAH. I really enjoyed the read! I love that you're approaching a unique storyline from an even more unique perspective. You do such a great job of tying in untold memories of Colin into the tension between Dennis and Astoria. I hope we'll get to see more of Dennis and Colin's relationship, too? Colin always seemed like he was a fantastic older bro. :) Can't wait for the next chapter! Schooldays? Yes, please.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's great to hear that you love this story and find it unique! Unfortunately, this story is about Colin/Astoria, and while I'll include some brotherly relationship in it, it won't be much. There's quite a lot of the relationship between Dennis and Colin in my novella, City of Angels, if you want to check it out! ;) And schooldays will be fun indeed - the next chapter will be up soon! Thanks for reviewing! :)

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