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Review #1, by TreacleTart- Round 3 run boy, run.

6th April 2015:
Hi Nadia

I’m here for the Gryffindor Capture The Flag Battle Round 3.

Oh I love the opening to this. The first two lines rhyme!

Interesting to find out that Teddy is “pretending” to be Victoire’s boyfriend. Oh and later on he describes Victoire as “gross” and “rubbish” This definitely isn’t like most Teddy Lupin stories. I like that you’re breaking the mold a bit.

I am quite curious who this mystery Weasley is. Aww how sweet. They’re going to run away together.

Oh no! Now Scorpius is in the way! Weasley is telling Teddy how hot Scorpius is. Does she have any clue she’s breaking his heart?
Wow. An honorable Malfoy. I’m surprised.

Babies? Where did that one come from? I'm so happy they got back together and are going to have a family. Hopefully, they can build a bit of trust for each other.


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Review #2, by TidalDragon run boy, run.

3rd May 2014:
Howdy! I have arrived here in the final stages of my quest to R&R all the Golden Paw nominees.

I will admit that at first, the style of the story was a bit disorienting. Over time though, as the scenes became lengthier it grew on me.

I will say though that I'm still somewhat confused about the ending. At the beginning, my understanding was that it would be a story of lost love, which I eventually gathered was between Teddy and Rose. Then, you delivered the happy ending (?), but there appeared to still be a date discrepancy, with the loss Teddy is reflecting on in the beginning being in 2026 and the reconciliation appearing to still be in 2025. I suppose all this leads to the probably rather foolish question: WAS it a happy ending? Or did the apparent happy ending occur the year before the beginning of the story? You described it in your A/N as "fluff" so I considered that it was supposed to end happily, but the dates confused me a bit. Possibly the fact I woke up way too early, combined with spending an afternoon building a piece of furniture is just messing with my head...if so, just ignore this part.

At any rate, it was an ambitious style and I think you ultimately handled it well. The ups and downs were nicely done and you conveyed differing emotions strongly throughout without the excessive language typically associated with such things. Good luck!

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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin run boy, run.

7th March 2014:
I don't believe I've read any of your stories yet! Well, I'm here for the Blackout (15/15 for number two, to keep track)!

Aww! This was super sweet, well, after the bit of roughness and mild heartbreak, but I've found that when I read a story that has multiple emotions in them, each one becomes stronger! Congrats on writing fluff -- that's something that I've been unable to do so far.

Anyway, Teddy is really quite endearing through this! Despite his first girlfriend, uhm, not liking males all that much, and having to prove himself to Rose's brother, he still holds on strong, waiting for her. The moments between them are very adorable, I think one of my favorites (besides the ending, of course) was the post-snowball fight.

Then there comes Scorpius. I felt so bad for Teddy at this point! I wanted to lock Scorpius out of the room so that Rose wouldn't be subjected to, hotness.

Then, when I reached the end, discovering that Rose was pregnant with Teddy's baby -- I got all sorts of squee-related feels! And with the "I love you"s :D ♥ !

This was awesome, wonderful job!


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Review #4, by randomwriter run boy, run.

12th February 2014:

I'm sorry it took me so long, I am. But I'm also glad I got here. I'm also happy that you kept most of this away from me, because well... Teddy and Rose, I might not have read it in quite the same way, you know :P

Despite that, you had me from the first word, Nadia. And I was hooked until the very end. This whole piece was just so beautiful, and this is going to sound a bit weird, but even though it is so beautiful and fluffy and cute, there is this sense of poignancy that simply rings throughout it. It shows in your narration, which is amazing, by the way.

I remember reading 'Her Only Choice'. It was the first fic I'd read by you, and now I think of this and I have to say that your writing has grown by leaps and bounds. You've improved in so many ways. I think you understand human emotion better now and you're able to churn out these pieces that just hit me. They hit me so SO hard, Nadia. I'm still reeling from all that this story is.

As for the plot itself, I'd have to say that it develops beautifully. I love how you can see the clear stages in their relationship. It's all so well defined, but nothing is out of place. The transition from friends to more, though not explicitly described, seems to happen quite smoothly. I especially loved the selection of scenes you have here, the choice of which moments to depict in writing is really excellent. You've brought out all the perfect moments.

I loved all these moments in between because they're all so cute and awkward and sweet. Sometimes, there's more to it than meets the eye and they really show us how much they love each other, especially Teddy! Speaking of Teddy, I want him. And I want to be Rose. Isn't she the luckiest ever? :)

Their conversations were just so... SO... awwh worthy.I absolutely loved the awkwardness and the humour in them too. The age difference between them is quite evident through the conversations ('How was school?' ;) ), and I liked that because it was one of those subtle things about your piece that didn't need to be stated or explained. The story lay in the details. It takes real talent to write that way and master it. Congrats :)
And that snowball fight scene? Sneaky, sneaky, Nads. Very sneaky. ;) I just had a proper laugh at that because, well, like EVERYBODY else (I'm sure), I fell for your little... deception act. It was a really nice touch and it diffused the otherwise serious note of the piece.

It wasn't entirely fluff though. It was very well balanced because while this had its fair share of extremely cute moments, there were also parts of it that were quite serious.serious. You've managed to write two diametrically opposite genres in a way that seems so natural. It just flowed. I really really loved it. And that beautiful narration just tied it all together.

Stylistically, I'm glad you gave this a shot. You've done a great job of telling a tale while switching up styles, without it being too confusing. In the beginning, I did have to re-read a bit because I was bust trying to figure out whom you were talking about and how the piece was structured, but after reading through a bit, I got too lost in the story and it all just made sense. I loved it.

You starting lines were really lovely and they just drew me in. Initially, I thought he was talking about Victoire, but after that idea of dismissed and Scorpius was mentioned, I realised that it was about Rose. And even though it did break my heart a little, it was totally worth it. I loved this story too much. Speaking of Victoire and Scorpius, I really like the fact that you didn't completely disregard them. That would seem sort of unrealistic and would raise a lot of questions. I like how you somehow offered an explanation for why those relationships could not have worked out at all.

Well, I'm sorry. It's really late at night and I'm not sure if this review made as much sense as it was supposed to. I'll PM you stuff as and when I remember. I love you and your talents and this story and your writing and every thing :) It was truly truly beautiful and when you manage to combine fluff with humour and a touch of angst, how. Just HOW could you not have a winner? Well done Nadia :)


P.S- Check your favs, love.

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Review #5, by maraudertimes run boy, run.

11th February 2014:

I need to stop reading your one-shots because every single one of them makes me cry no matter how happy or sad it is, because you write so beautifully and make me feel emotions (gah! emotions!). But I know I never will stop reading them because I just love your writing style so much.

(Also you're awesome, so there's that too, because I think you should get *all* the reviews!)

It was cool to see how Rose and Teddy would end up together. I'm a diehard Teddy/Victoire shipper, so it was really nice to see that they didn't end on bad terms and no one was heartbroken, but that Victoire did not necessarily like boys and that Teddy was kind of a beard for her. I was so happy that no one got hurt!

But when Rose said that, I was with Teddy in thinking that Rose was unfaithful. It kind of broke me. But then when Scorpius sort of attacked Teddy, well, it showed that Scorpius is actually a good guy and a great friend to Rose, instead of a sleazy guy I thought he was at one point.

She's pregnant?! Oh goodness, be still my heart! Teddy's reaction was simply gorgeous, and I like to think that it's irrevocably true that guys don't understand any of that.

Good gracious, this broke me and then built me up again and I can't thank you enough for writing and publishing everything you have, because I just really love your work.

Beautiful work!

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Review #6, by Erised run boy, run.

1st February 2014:
Nadia. Oh my goodness. Are you trying to kill me with all the feels here? Like seriously? Because I think you just did and I simply CANNOT believe how strong your writing has become now. I think you write some of the best pieces I've read on here during my seven years on the archive!

You pack such a punch with those first few lines that I sat back and just went, "Wow." The subtle descriptions telling me everything I needed to know and not a word more, the resentment between Hugo and Teddy, the narration that this is going to end in heartbreak. Honestly, you have done such a brilliant job with those opening few scenes that I am just amazed and really rather jealous. Where can I learn to do that?

I loved the little scene between Teddy and Rose at Christmas with the misletoe. They are honestly so cute! I love that Rose was not interested in talking to him or anyone because being a moody teenager is obviously more important than talking ;) And their teasing one another was great! With the line 'you look beautiful in red' I swear I just melted into a puddle!

You sneaky whatsit with the snowball fight scene ;) very clever! I love how we see their friendship progress with their exploration of growing up, like Teddy trying to deal with Rose's self confidence issues. The age gap between them is obvious in your writing but it feels so natural between them, like Teddy and Rose are just the obvious conclusion to make, never mind Victoire and Scorpius!

Then you have those tiny little scenes which seriously just melt my heart. They aren't particularly long and are simply the expression of love from one to another, and I just love reading them Nadia. They add such a depth to the story with just a few lines, telling us more about their relationship and it's so much more simple than reading reams and reams of how their relationship progresses. Those small snapshots tell the reader everything that is needed and nothing more, which definitely is a specialty of yours!

Oh my goodness, then you just pull my tummy out like that. Why did you do that Nadia? WHY? Haha. Honestly as soon as I saw Scorpius mentioned I just went "Oh no!" because I just KNEW what was going to happen. And then it did and it was just so sad and gut wrenching and then I read to the end and ugh I hate you now. You have toyed with my emotions too much with this story and I simply cannot take any more of it. ;) But I'm happy now because yay, that was such a happy ending! Although seriously, the Scorpius thing was sneaky and I'm not sure I can forgive you for it!

Nadia, this was AMAZING. Honestly I am in awe of your talent. Your style is wonderful, you use words so economically (a good thing!) and I know that you are hilarious with your lists in the Gryffie newsletter and that shows across with lines like "What is baby pregnant?" - that made me giggle. This was such a joy to read and I'm so glad I did! I will stop gushing like a crazy lady now because I'm sure this is the longest review I've ever left! Well done :)

Author's Response: HEYY JENNY. I feel rather stupid because apparently I AM INCAPABLE OF WRITING RESPONSES. SRSLY. SO MANY AND LAZY :(

And holy beheezus whut whut whut even is this review whuttt. My writing is STRONG? WHOA. That's huge because today we did lifts in gym class and I sucked and bad things :( (nearly everything was "needs improvement" except sit ups... *sigh*) And *bows down* I AM **NOT** WORTHY JENNY, NOT WORTHY.

I don't know where you can learn to that, but I will give you my secrets (not so secrets really). Step 1.: SEARCH BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH ON TUMBLR. Step 2: DO IT AGAIN EXCEPT ON BUZZFEED. Step3. Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock. Then repeat all steps except with Tom Hiddleston and then do some final Instagram surfing and BAM. Your life will be ruined, and then you can write this fluffy stuff in false hope :( But basically, that is how.

Oohhh, that line :P Lol. So cheesy, but I'm glad you liked it!

Victoire and Scorpius can go byebye because TEDDY/ROSE FO LYFE. And hehehe what clever no clever at all.

Those snapshots were more, "GAH I HATE DESCRIPTION SO DIALOGUE DIALOGUE DIALOGUE" Honestly, I live on tumbrl. It's only guest stalking, but once I make an account *shiver* but yes. Thank you!

Toyed with you emotions lololol how I don't know how I even because really, it's so cheesy and whut why how.

NOO, YOU'RE AMAZING DUH GURL. "baby pregnant" I don't know :/ I don't know. I was probably high lol. I basically am when I'm making the lists :P


Thank you so so so much you awesome person I lurrrve you ♥

- Nadia ♥

(now my stomach calls -- FOOD!!!)
p.s. I'm also kinda high when hungry, so sorry for rubbish response.

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Review #7, by Violet Gryfindor run boy, run.

31st January 2014:
You wrote a Teddy/Rose story! If I'd known sooner I'd have leapt on it right away. You had me right from the beginning and I wasn't able to look away. The structure is beautifully put together, and I especially like how it's easy to follow and still stylistically complex - that's a really difficult balance to achieve, and you did so effortlessly here. The story is a puzzle, presenting that strong image of Teddy in the snow, then leaving readers to slowly piece together how he got there. But even better, you show how he picked himself up again and made things right.

You've done fantastically with the ship, finding a new and really compelling way of constructing their relationship. You make it wonderfully complicated, and for much of it I was truly wondering why reviewers were calling this a fluffy story because it seemed that their relationship had hit rock bottom. What I think I love most about this story is how you aren't afraid to deal with heavier subject matter in a story that is, overall, fluffy. They're both flawed, human characters, and it's great to see how you've characterized them in creative ways. They're still both Rose and Teddy, easily recognizable, but you approach them from new directions, and I really admire that.

One thing that stood out was how Teddy sees Rose in a very particular way, and that's how he makes his fatal error. He constructs her as the quiet bookworm even though she herself does reject the image, answering his question about school in way that bookworm!Hermione never would have done. Rose isn't her mother, no matter how she may appear so initially. And you also show how Teddy is just bad at reading people, or maybe just women, by referring to his experience with Victoire, thus suggesting that he's made the same mistake with Rose. There's a lot more to Rose than Teddy realizes - even by the end, we don't really know what kind of pain Rose suffered from. Teddy has been so consumed by his jealousy (in his quiet rather passive aggressive way) and his insecurity that he doesn't stop to ask Rose why. He's an endearing Teddy, but he's also an appropriately frustrating Teddy, like his father with his doubts and insecurity. The baby can't entirely save their relationship, but hopefully Teddy's recognition of his mistake will make a big difference - I like the fluffiness of the ending, but I can't help wanting to know more about what happens to them now. This is actually testament to how well you've written these characters and if you write a million sequels you'll have my undying affections. ^_^

Amazing work! It was lovely to see you'd written a Teddy/Rose, but an absolute treat to find out how wonderful it was to read!

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Review #8, by teh tarik run boy, run.

21st January 2014:
Hellooo Nadiaaa! ♥ ♥

It's mee, teehhh.

And my, my, what have you here. Teddy/Rose? I love this ship! And asdjlkjavl this is honestly one of the sweetest, fluffiest fics I've read in quite some time. You did such an amazing, detailed job developing Teddy and Rose's relationship, from the awkward first conversations ('How's school?' lol :P ) to the way they gradually become more relaxed around each other. I love the silly fun banter and somewhat childish arguments, which elicited a few giggles out of me: always fun to read about big people behaving like a bunch of children!

It wasn't all fluff, though. There were some sober moments throughout the story (though the characters, especially Rose, weren't exactly sober); I love how you fitted Scorpius into the fic, and how the simple misunderstanding nearly drives Teddy and Rose apart; Scorpius is such an interesting character! LOVE how he flat out denies that he doesn't love Rose in any way at all - "Er, no, she's not my type." I had a good laugh at that. Also, I really liked the brief mention of Victoire near the beginning. Teddy/Victoire is a hugely popular next-gen ship, of course, and I like how you solved that problem in this fic by making Victoire gay (I think she is...?); (on a side-note, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU WRITE A VICTOIRE FEMMESLASH FIC PLEASE WRITE THIS PLEASE).

And ahhh, OMG, the ENDING. Rose is pregnant! And idiot Teddy immediately assumes its Malfoy's kid. -_- I'm feeling the need to give him a good whack on his Metamorphmagus head, and you know, shake things up in his skull a bit. Maybe he'll be able to see things clearly after that. That's right, Teddy, what the hell is baby pregnant, anyway?!?

Fabulous fic, Nadia! This was funny, sweet, sad at times, but there was definitely a very happy, very lovely ending. Super enjoyed this, my dear. Great work! ♥


Author's Response: teh I love you so much and ahshsksks can you please not. I find it so awkward whenever someone like YOU reads my work, because you are a goddess and I suck so like, why :P Seriously. It is completely normal for me to live on your AP but PLEASEEE don't read my stuff it is SOOO bad :P

LOLOL FLUFFTASTICNOTREALLYNESS. Yeah. This fic was weird. Like. Whut. But it was true good to be true which is rather unfortunate but meh yolo. This was different to write because I love angst, though I suck at that as well, so it was weird writing their banters. Unusual because I have NEVER flirted because I am awkward and ew but if it were to happen I would do it like Teddy though not really because I am shy but I can dream :P

Gah I don't like Tedtoire! I just never imagined Remus and Tonks' kid to be with a Veela... :/ But hehe yes VIC IS GAY AND FEMMESLASH IDK BUT I WILL TRY MAYBE BUT NOT LIKE. I AM TRYING CHO SLASH THOUGH IT IS NOT AS GOOD AS YOUR AWESOMENESS BUT I WILL TRY OK.

Ew she's preggers. That was SO cheesy :P lololol.

And lololol you enjoyed it.
It means a lot.
Thanks for the kind review!

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Review #9, by HeyMrsPotter run boy, run.

9th January 2014:
Dude, are you kidding me with this? This was quite honestly the most beautiful thing I've ever read in my entire life. When you sent that little section to me on the forums I loved it, but I never In a million years expected it to turn into this work of art.

Stylistically it was genius. I love the way you broke it down into christmases and I loved that even though it was in sections it still flowed perfectly. There was also a really lovely balance between the heartbreak and the fluff, I'm glad it had a happy ending and that Rose was 'baby pregnant' (love that.)

The POV was really interesting too, how you switched tenses but it was still all Teddy and then his little thoughts in there too. The one about her being a Lupin one day actually made my heart swell.

I could honestly quote every line of this back to you and tell you it was my favourite, I swear it was more like poetry than a story. It was unlike anything I've read before and unlike anything you've written. I hope you don't mind me saying but I'm incredibly proud of how much your writing style has changed and developed in such a short time, and you should be too. (Though I still love EVERYTHING you've ever written.)

Anyway, I'm pretty incoherent now so I'll stop and just go and cry in a corner at how perfectly wonderful this story is.

P.S. please write fluff more often!!

Author's Response: Dude are you kidding me, this review is so super awesome? Are you trying to kill me with this sweetness and making my face hurt from smiling? Huh, huh, HUH??? I am onto you. Ahem.

And what beautiful? There is no beautiful, there is only YOU and YOUR perfection and YOUR kindness that is a walking, living, and breathing piece of art.

Aw, I'm glad you liked it's prettiness :P I just added a chapter image as well, so hopefully it becomes even prettier! Oh my god, the baby pregnant thing was sooo dumb :P I'm sorry - but it was terribly cheesy when you think about it. I guess that's fluff though! And I also realize she's like, I don't know.. 20? Awkward.

I think that was one of the things even I personally liked, the switching of tenses. It was mad frustrating, and I cursed myself - a LOT - but I got through it, and WOW YOU LIKE IT? I LURVE YOU. ♥

Wow. This review almost makes me not want to throw up when I reread! :D I'm kidding (but not really at the same time but y'know. Poetry? WHUT. DAS SO KIND OF U. I will never mind anyone saying I've improved - it's what I strive for. I honestly don't think I improved in this, but it was most definitely a challenge, which was interesting.


But thank you, so much. t truly means a lot, Dee :)

- Nadia

(I might write more fluff, but with angst obviously, musn't let myself get squishy and weak)

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Review #10, by writeyourheartout run boy, run.

8th January 2014:
Happy Day 12, you! This is, of course, for the 12 Days of Reviewing challenge, and I'm so excited about today's task because it immediately led me to you and to this story!

Wow. This was just beautiful. I really loved it.

Aesthetically it caught my eye right from the start, which is sort of a weird thing to comment on, but hey! I just found it very pleasing! hehehe Stylistically, this was exceptional, in my opinion. I love the way you wrote it, with the purposeful flipping of tenses while still always in Teddy's POV; the way you sort of slowly led us into certain details so that we were given some surprises; the almost casual stringing together of events and moments that piece by piece constructed a relationship - all of it was fantastic.

I love how every snippet into their lives is rather short and to the point without every sounding choppy or losing its really beautiful flow. One of my favorite sections was this very short, seemingly insignificant exchange: ""Your smile," he said. "What about it?" "It's nice." "Thanks," she muttered." There's something about its simplicity that really makes it stand out. It's such a quiet little exchange, but it speaks volumes. It shows the innocence of where they once were, which makes the moments of doubt and distress and heartbreak all the more real and raw and upsetting.

The ending is almost sad, even though it's technically happy, but it's not really the ending of their story either, is it?! The beginning is the ending, and it isn't happy! You're trying to trick us into believing they work out and find true and lasting happiness in one another, despite the feuds and drama we see earlier, by ending it with this "Merry Christmas" business, but pfft. Pfft, I say! haha It's pretty great how invested you've gotten me, though. I'm not a big Next Gen fan, but I could totally ship Rose/Teddy after reading this.

Speaking of: I really love your versions of each of them. They feel so very real and authentic to me, with their imperfections and saying the wrong things and jumping to conclusions, but still trying so hard to hold themselves together. Teddy is so sweet and such a romantic, and though I don't think I could ever date a guy like that in real life, he's pretty great on paper. He cares deeply for Rose and that point is driven home so poignantly throughout the story, thanks mostly in part to those few italicized first-person thoughts he has. I love that you let us journey into his mind every so often; it brought a really personal level to him. And Rose was very distinct - a Ravenclaw, a bit of a loner, kind of impatient and blunt, but with a kind heart beneath it. I really loved them together, too, though it's sad that the beginning seems to have them fated to not work out.

There were a few little technical things, so I figured I'd point them out!:

"You wish(,) Weasley."

""You don't, but you should," he mused. (")You deserve to be loved. Tell me, how does it feel to be so awesome?""

"Where ever (Wherever, not Where ever) you want."

""With you(,) Lupin," she whispered, grabbing his hand."

"There was a lot he could so (do, not so), a lot he could say."

"He carried in her arms..." - I think you meant 'He carried her in his arms'?

"You could have asked(,) Teddy Lupin!"

""Merry Christmas(,) Weasley," you reply."

Anyway, all of those details were miniscule! The story was just wonderful, I truly enjoyed it from start to finish! And for your first attempt at fluff especially, you should be extremely proud of yourself! I'm so happy I had the chance to read this, it was just great! :-D


I have never been this terrible with review responding, I swear!

I'm really pleased you like how the piece looke dlol. That was something new to try, and I'm glad it worked for you. You have no idea how much it means for me that you liked this piece, since your writing is some of the most beautiful things I have ever read. You are so talented and it means the world, hearing you say this.

I was worried a lot of the times, wondering whwtehr the snippets were too short, or too lacking of description. Your words are so encouraging and I thank you for that. That moment with her smiles was one of my favourite moments actually, it showed how much of a sweetheart Teddy really is.

Haha, I like that! I don't think they end up with each other, actually, so you're right. The point of the whole thing was to show that... maybe they're supposed to work out, but they can't because Teddy's too much a romantic and he's too perfect and Rose holds back a lot. Susan later said in a review how she doens't think a baby can help with their bond, and I agree. I think Rose is still too young and Teddy doesn't understand that this isn't the right time for him to be asking what he wants from her, because she won't respect his feelings the same way.

Thank you for those typos!

And as far as characterization is concerned, I also worried that maybe it wasn't right for me to make them the way I did, but it was necessary for the fluff haha :P

Thank you so much for your kind words, and the review. You were one of the strongest people I eveer saw going at every day for the competition, so congrats. It means so much! ♥

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Review #11, by nott theodore run boy, run.

7th January 2014:
Nadiaaa! ♥ You are the cutest person and this is such an awesome present!

I love the fact that this is a Teddy/Rose, even though I've never really read this pairing before. It's something really different and at the beginning I thought (when you mentioned her being a Weasley) that it was Victoire, so I really liked the twist because it was a refreshing surprise. Also, you wrote them in such a cute way! I could not tell that you've not written fluff before, and I know I've told you this but seriously, everything I read by you is a massive improvement in your writing style and the quality of your stories!

I loved the way that you built up gradually to their relationship, and cleared the obstacle of Victoire and Teddy in just one line of explanation; it's a really clever way of writing. The style that you used here was quite experimental for you so far, I think, and it worked really well. The short snippets that we got built up a broader picture of their relationship that was so cute and I loved reading about it.

You told this story in Christmases! That's such a brilliant idea, and I love the way that you worked it into the story and made it fit with the Christmas theme without it seeming forced at all - it flowed naturally, as if each of those moments was an important one for the development of their characters and their relationship.

The short sections when you brought us back to the present were really effective as well. I especially enjoyed seeing Hugo and his brotherly protectiveness - it seemed true to character when you think about the way Ron was with Ginny!

Ah, when you mentioned Scorpius I started getting really worried. I've read about them in most stories to the point I kind of consider them a canon ship, but here you had me shipping Teddy/Rose so much that I kind of hated Scorpius, almost as much as Teddy did. His pain was so well written and communicated in a way that made me really feel sorry for him. I could kind of imagine his heart breaking as the story went on.

I'm so glad though, that Rose didn't actually cheat on Teddy with Scorpius! The moments that you used built up so well to the ending, when they were reunited and he found out they were having a baby (though it clearly took him a while to compute!). It made me smile so much at the end and while I was worried for a bit the ending was going to be sad (you're extremely good at angst!) it's much more appropriate that it was happy for a Christmas challenge!

I seriously loved the way that you wrote the two of them and you should definitely try writing fluff again! The bit about her smile had me squeeing so much that it was ridiculous!

Thank you and this is perfect! ♥

Sian :)

Author's Response: SHARN HAAAIII. ♥

Nah, it's not the most awesomest present, BUUTT I'm glad you liked it so thank you, and VICTOREH.

Aw, you're so cute and nice :) But thanks. I've never read a Teddy/Rose either.. now that I think about it! Haha, the closest I ever got to it was, "Delicate" but that doesn't entirely count, I suppose. I don't even know why I ship them... I just never liked Tedtoire, and Scorpius didn't seem to fit the role for me. But yeah, I was a bit afraid you might not like this because of the pairing ._.

LOL, IT'S NOT CLEVER IT'S LAZY :P I was like, "Yo Nadia, there's that Victoire character." and then, "Right Nadia, so what should we do?" "MAKE HER LIKE WOMEN, MAKE HER LIKE WOMEN." = true story bro.

Yeah, that whole "tell a story in Christmases" thing didn't work out **that** well, but I tried :P And I'm super happy you liked the concept of it, though.

Aw, I like Hugo as well!

That was SUCH cheese :P This piece was so corny, I am so sorry this is a present for you. I'm terrible at angst, I just like to write it, because SADNESS IS EASY TO MEEH.


(this has been a rubbish response)

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Review #12, by marauderfan run boy, run.

7th January 2014:
Hi Nadia - here for our review swap! :)

This was a very stylistic story, I love what you did with it. I've never read anything quite like it before, with the switching between second and third person. At first it was a little confusing (until I figured out who the characters were), but it absolutely works! I really love stories written in interesting styles and this was so original :)

Also, have to compliment you on the pairing. As much as I think Rose/Scorpius are a cute couple, they (and Teddy/Victoire) are a little overdone so I enjoyed seeing a fresh new pairing that challenges two commonly accepted ones. Hehe.

I love the way you documented the change in their relationship in really subtle ways, just kind of average interactions over time. I also liked the subtlety with which you referred to the end of Teddy and Victoire's relationship - it needed to be mentioned but since it's not that important to Teddy and Rose's story as a couple, only those few brief lines were necessary. It explained everything without too much background info.

Speaking of the small changes between Rose and Teddy, there was one section that was super short but SOO cute (the part where he comments on her smile!) aaa, I just died of cute. Seriously, four lines and it's the sweetest thing ever

The end made me laugh too, is Teddy thinking she's pregnant without a baby? :p Lol. Poor confused Teddy.

In your A/N you mention you're proud of writing fluff... if this is indeed your first time writing fluff, I'm impressed! I always have difficulty writing fluffy romance and this is wonderfully done, even more so since it's your first attempt!

Well done and thanks for the review swap!! ♥

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Review #13, by SkyEcho run boy, run.

7th January 2014:
Hi MissesWeasley123!

I really enjoyed reading your story! I thought the structure complimented the content perfectly. It was so poetic to catch glimpses of Teddy and Rose - and the use of dates worked to avoid any confusion. You have some beautiful lines throughout this piece, but the one that stuck out to me was - "His time with her would always be measured in Christmases." *sigh* :)
I also really enjoyed the incorporation of Teddy's thoughts at the end of the sections. My heart totally melted when he thought "I hope I call you Lupin one day, Weasley." They really worked to bring his true feelings forward and they had me rooting for Teddy to reveal everything to Rose!
Your ending was perfect - I liked the touch of humour with the "baby pregnant" exchange.

You've created a wonderful story - and I'm amazed with how you've managed to create such depth to your characters within a one-shot.

Author's Response: Hiya!

LOL, THE STRUCTURE! HA. I'm actually so surprised it turned out okay, because I was POSITIVE it would get rejected or something because I went a bit crazy with coding!

Oh my god, the dates were last minute additions haha. I just didn't want it to seem like minor girl pairing with a man, so I added dates to clear confusion :)


Haha, those parts in italics! Those were fun. I felt like this was just such a different piece for me, because I never write like this, I also never write fluff or romance in this way. I'm so glad you were rooting for him, I was as well.

Oh my god, that pregnant thing. I'm looking back and positively cringing hahaha. But I'm glad you liked it, the ending was a bit rushed though, in my opinion. I just had challenge deadlines -- eek!

Wow, thank you so much. I tried making these characters as different as possible, and am so excited you enjoyed this piece. Thanks for a great swap, this was so much fun to do :)

- Nadia :)

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Review #14, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing run boy, run.

7th January 2014:
Ah Nadia it's up it's up!! I'm so excited for you and because I can finally read and review!! I'm really hoping I get the first review here too ;)

Okay first things first, I love the edition of the dates... They just added such a cute and lovely touch and made me smile!! It's the little things!! I was wondering why you only put it on a few of them though? I know it's where it's the same date, I just wondered as you changed the year...

I also love that you've done this over Christmases. The fact that he always measures his time with her in Christmases is sweet as it's such a magical time of year! In that section though I adored this line: " It could've been then when she became inked onto his heart." my heart melts!!

I know Hugo only gets a two minute spell in this but his protectiveness over his sister is adorable. I love the whole "you can't do better. Ever." line.

Teddy... where do I even start with that boy? Wow. There's so many lines in this that fill me with lovely warm feels and just make me want to hug you so so much. Where he says her smiles nice... and then, when he hopes to make her a Lupin. It's just too lovely! Where is this man Nadia? I want one!

"Words couldn't bring back the dead but they could punch guts and destroy hearts." This was such a powerful line. I really loved it.

I really enjoyed the whole style of this story though, having the time frame flick forwards and back could quite easily get confusing but it doesn't in the slightest. I can clearly see the snippets of scenes happening in my head like a film and I love it!

Minor typos for you:

First, I think you've missed a star out between the first and second section in December 24th :)

Second, this line "He wasn't bitter about his deaths" I think should be there deaths not his?

Third, this line "You deserve to be loved" should have a " before it I think.

Oh Nadia, I don't even know where to start with this. Really, you should write fluff lots and lots as you do such an amazing job of it. Teddy and Rose are the cutest pair ever and I've never shipped them before! This has gone straight into my favourites dear!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: LAUREEEN!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


Right, the dates haha. Those were added so I wouldn't get into any minor girl gets together with a man pairing rule thing. But also because I sometimes felts it might be a bit confusing to follow... If that makes sense? Hehe, well the first date was Christmas day of the present, and then the next was Christmas Eve -- as was the next Weasley party -- because I was assuming they would have dinner on xmas eve, and then Christmas was Christmas? Haha. The May was to show that it was still a while until they liked each other, and then Christmas after the whole Mistletoe Christmas was when he would ask her out and then etc etc. I put it in whenever a new day would start. For example, I put the date December 25th, 2026 once, and didn't put it again to show that every time it would go into second POV, it was that day. Similarly, with the first Weasley party. This explanation isn't making any sense, I know, I'm strange and now it's becoming awkward so I'll stop. Basically, I added it so it wouldn't become too confusing.. and to keep the Christmases in order... :P LOLOL.

AWH, YOU LIKED THAT LINE? That line is sooo cheesy oh my god, I don't even know how you like this :P

I like Hugo too :) He reminds me of Locke for the Lies of Locke Lamora.. definitely read that book.. It's excellent.

I'm glad you like him :) I like him too.

I'm glad you enjoyed that line, and though the flow was great as well. That means a lot.

As for the typos, you are amazing, honestly *blushes*

But just as a friend, you are so nice. Not only are you a great writer, but one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure and honour to talk to.

And as far as favouritng goes, that is the kindest thing ever. Thank you so much, you continue to make my day brighter.

Nadia ♥

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Review #15, by patronus_charm run boy, run.

7th January 2014:
Nadia! I’m here for the 12 days of reviewing and the challenge review, I would have read First Name Terms but I think I remember seeing that you didn’t like people reading that (correct me if I’m wrong, because then I’ll go and read that too :P). Also quick question, is the chapter title from the song Run Boy Run by Woodkid, if it’s not, it’s cool I was just wondering. :)

Ah the stylistic choices in here were great! They really paid off even if you were a little nervous about them and coding (trust me, it gets so much fun when you do complicated coding and it works correctly. Not that I’m sad or anything). And yeah, I thought that it added another layer to the story and sort of showed how complicated Rose and Teddy were and all the battles that they had to face, and though that could have been expressed with normal formatting, this showed it in another light.

Ok, normally I’m like Rose/Scorpius all the way given that their my OTP, but thanks to Susan I’ve always had a soft spot for Teddy/Rose and you really showed me why I do here. The style worked well here too with the short snippets of their life so we got a really good impression of where they came from and how they ended up together. There was so much detail too and for a one-shot that was really excellent.

Even though there were quite a few mentions of the Weasleys and Scorpius, the focus always seemed to remain on Teddy and Rose and their story if that makes sense and I really liked that. It meant that we never got distracted by other things, and the other characters helped along in that way as they added small parts to their story. Ok, that doesn’t really make sense in words but it did in my head so I’ll hope for the best here.

Ooh, yes, another thing I wanted to say was how you showed Teddy and Victoire’s relationship too. It seemed as if it naturally had to come to an end and I liked in the closing stages of it, that Teddy was forced to put on act for them both. With the mention of Victoire not even really liking men can I assume she’s a lesbian? If so, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before so yay for that!

Aw the ending was great! It was the perfect tie in with Christmas and that they got the happy ending. Teddy was great though with him thinking that it was Scorpius’ and then whether you could be pregnant without a baby!

This was such a fantastic one-shot Nadia, and the results should be posted within the next few days. :)


Author's Response: Kiana, haaai! I'm sorry that I'm going to respond to this, and then respond to your other review (I think there's still one from Christmas, yikes!) but asdfghjkl; YOU ARE SO KIND! ♥ ♥

Haha, yeah, don't read FNT, it's terrible :P and no, I actually haven't heard of that band either, but I'm listening to it at the moment.. and it's rather catchy...

OOH, STYLE! Haha, I love how my writing has style when I myself don't in real life hehe.I love how you think of them as "battles" it makes the story sound even more cheesier :P I blame it on that fact that it is fluff.

As I was waiting for this validate, I was fretting and thinking, "What if there isn't enough detail??" and if you thought so, then wow, I'm so glad! I've never read any of Susan's stories for Teddy/Rose, mainly because they're multichaptered and that takes so long for me haha, but I will one day. I've tried and failed sadly, to write a Scorose, but maybe someday. I'm happy you liked the change :)

Awh, Kiana that made complete sense! I'm happy you never got distracted. I thought it might be a bit of a problem to readers because of the switchy thing.


Yes, she is a lesbian :)I never pictured Victoire ever with Teddy, but I didn't dislike her either, so I gave them a natural break up. I'm so pleased it worked for you!

OHMYGOD, THAT PREGGERS THING! HAHA, THAT WAS SUCH CHEESE HEHEHE. But you liked it which is... weird but okay, yay!

Thanks for this brilliant challenge and review Kiana :) You gave me the chance to try something I'd never done before, which means a lot. So I'll be forever thankful for that :)

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