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Review #1, by khatijah Paper People

7th August 2014:
I like this story! I read your author's note and had to find the sentence you were referring to cos i dont remember anything not sounding real.

"We were the paper people. We had flimsy problems and flimsy thoughts and flimsy reputations."

I found it and i just wanted you to know i liked it. Its great! Flimsy is a nice word.

And now i cant stop saying it.Flimsy!!!

I cant wait to finish this story! Please write more. Youre really quite good!

Also, i love In My Blood and In My Head and i absolutely loved the Potters in that story.

Thank you for the dark shadows under my eyes and the vacant expression i sport at work.


Author's Response: I'm really glad you did! Haha, I think it's because I wrote an rewrote that sentence about ten times, and it sounded crazy to me in the end :D thank you very much- like I said, I really tried to perfect it.
I hope you enjoy the rest of it. I'm writing a new one right now, should be up in January :)
Aww, thank you so much, I can't believe you've read them too!
Oh, you're absolutely welcome. Thank you for the lovely review.

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Review #2, by devashree A Paper Person

18th May 2014:
Hey.. When i started out with this story, i had no idea it would affect me on so many levels. Firstly, the idea of a superhero connected to the harry potter universe is not only intriguing, its so brilliant i cannot believe it has never come to me. I love how you have dealt with the issues we, as women, face everyday. Victims of sexual discrimination are subjected to trouble and disappointment and harassment in a lot of spheres of our society, even though we speak of advancement and modern thinking. And these instances take latent forms, such as repeatedly asking the girl out, even if they may think they are just being cute.
i am sorry. I am digressing. But you have articulated a number of my feelings through this story, i need to mention that.
I love the story. I love Rebecca, and i dearly love Elizabeth. In some form or the other, we are always confronted with similar issues. And i hope,i can be as brave as them. And i am glad there's a Luke. Because i am lucky enough to know that there always is someone like him. You touched my heart. Thank you.

Author's Response: Hey devashree :) I'm glad you liked the premise of the story; it really excited me when I first came up with it and believe me, I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before either. To be honest, sexual discrimination angers me more than anything, and I've found that writing is the only real way I can vent my feelings about it. And yeah, I wanted to point out about how little things can be terrifying to women because statistically speaking, Keiran could be a danger to Rebecca's life, and that Harry and Mr Ryland are actually aiding him in not saying anything. I think keeping quiet is one of the worst things someone could do with discrimination, and I wanted that in my story. Social commentary and all that
Digress all you want- it's your review :) I'm so happy I did that for you.
There's always a Luke. I think I had to remind myself of that- you're lucky to have someone like him. Keep them.
Thank you for the lovely review.

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Review #3, by diversrock A Paper Person

29th April 2014:
I love this! It most definitely did make me cry, partly because a month ago I lost a friend (17 years old) to suicide, and while they are very different, the grief is the same. I also lost my grandmother a week later, and a friend of a friend a few days after that - pretty much I've had a really crappy month. Anyway, I'm rambling. This was an incredible story and thank you very much for sharing it with us. There is only one bit I wanted to see that didn't go in, and that is what happened when she revealed who she was.
Thank you again so much for writing this amazing, beautiful, sad story. Xx

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much.
Grief is so, so hard. I'm so sorry about your friends and your grandma- that sounds like one of the hardest months of your life- and I really hope you're okay. Look after yourself, alright? Grief is hard, but you'll pull through.
You're absolutely welcome- I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I thought showing that would be overkill- plus, she got Elizabeth's reaction, and that's really all she wanted, I think.
Thank you so much for reviewing. I hope something amazing happens for you, and until then, I hope you'll be okay. You'll be in my thoughts. xxx

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Review #4, by theblacksisters A Paper Person

25th April 2014:
The ending that started one or two chapters before this has really surprised me - I honestly didn't expect the story to get so dark. (Don't take that wrong. I happen to really like dark stuff.) This last chapter nearly brought tears to my eyes. Maybe that had something to do, though, with the fact that this story has ended. :(. It's been a really good story that I've enjoyed a lot. It doesn't seem that there's much room for a sequel, but if you could dream up a way to make one happen, by all means write it down - though I still think this is just fine on its own. It's a fantastic story that I've had a lot of fun reading, and as I've already said, one that I'll miss. Keep writing!

Author's Response: I do like surprises at the end of stories. And yeah, I'm pretty dark, so that's inevitable with me... but I'm glad you liked it anyway.
I'm sorry for nearly making you cry, whatever the reason, but I'm glad it was worth your time :) I don't really have any sequel ideas. It's sort of tied itself up in my head; I think I've finished it. Which is both nice and sad. Thank you so much for all of your reviews and encouragement and time- I'll really miss it xxx

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Review #5, by EllaShanti A Paper Person

16th April 2014:
Awww, it's over. That was as perfect ending, I think (despite the lack of Rebeiran).

Cute Guy (Luke, I guess, but after 14 chapters of CG I think I'll have to stick with that) is perf. I almost started shipping Rebecca/CG. Almost. But loyalty to Kieran and Elizabeth's literary memory (plus the fact that I generally don't like stories where deceased person's boyfriend/lover/husband gets together with deceased person's grieving sibling/friend and they help each other through their pain and blah blah blah) rea**erted (oh, for heaven's sake) themselves and nope. But I love him, as much as you can love a character after a one-sentence appearance.

I'm kind of glad she stopped being the superhero. I wasn't sure if you'd go with this route or the keep-being-superhero-so-Elizabeth-didn't-die-in-vain route (although I'm not sure that would entirely make sense), but I like this much better.

I'm also glad you mentioned that she stops wishing herself dead. After all, what would be the point? She'd just be wishing pain on Elizabeth (and Keiran? Couldn't resist :D) and it is much better to focus on what she did.

Re chapter 13 review -

Oh, just down to the beach to visit family and chill, etc. It was good but not much to do...I finished the books I brought in the first couple of days and the house's bookcases were stocked with murder mysteries. Result = occasional weird dreams. But forced relaxation is good.

I knowww! It's tomorrow now - not sure when I'll get to see it though coz we have family coming! Definitely next week sometime, that is confirmed with the various friends who are also keen.

Re chapter 14 review -

Hahaha if you do I will definitely be onto that one faaast.
Aw, it's alright - It was a long time ago...I think I was about 11.

And now...I must farewell you. Keep on writing, my lovely - I'll keep checking!

(By the way, I did read Lily's Love when you wrote it, but I don't think I ever reviewed it. It was lovely, anyway. Just remembered that when I went to check if you'd put any stories up I'd missed.)

I will see you, hopefully, in your next story!

Author's Response: Sorry I've left this for about two weeks! I've been super busy with college work and A Level exams n stuff, but I'm taking the night off. :)
Anywho, many apologies for the blatant lack of Rebeiran. :(
Yeah, I still think of him as Cute Guy :D I think they did become close, but in a brother/sister grieving sort of way. I think, because Elizabeth loved him, she decided to trust him and was the only person she talked to about it, really, I think. (That's only personal speculation, though). Yeah, I am a bit disappointed there wasn't more CG scenes now :D
I don't understand those either. Like, if your girlfriend or whatever dies because your'e a superhero, surely you'd continue to be a superhero in spite of them dying, rather than because of them dying? I'm glad you agree :)
Yeah, I think she was still immature when she wrote all this down. It took her a while to see herself... well, how the rest of us see her.
RE chapter 13 review:
Oooh books! That sounds like fun :D I sometimes think forced relaxation is necessary for sanity.
I hope you enjoyed the movie!
RE chapter 14 review:
I'm not sure how I'd do it. But I want to do it. :D

Farewell, lovely Ella. Look after yourself, alright? I've got some ideas in the mix... :) I'll always be writing.
(I'm glad you enjoyed it!)
I'll see you then. Until then, however, I hope everything in your life is awesome. xxx

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Review #6, by BoringOldBritishKid A Paper Person

14th April 2014:
This was lovely, brought me close to tears at the end

Don't really know what to say other than thanks for posting, I loved reading every bit of it and I feel sad knowing it ended how it did :(

Author's Response: Aww, thank you.
You're absolutely welcome. I'm sorry for upsetting you- and thank you reviewing, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #7, by EllaShanti prettynerdyunigirl

12th April 2014:
:'( tears and sadness.

This was a lovely chapter. Filler-ish, of course, but very necessary and very lovely and very sad.

That's such a sweet story about how she became the superhero. I suddenly realised this chapter that we didn't really know why she did that, and after reading that first sentence became very curious, because after all she there were no genetically engineered bugs in THIS story.

Question - were they friends before they became roommates?

The last sentence reminded me of my grandmother's funeral - I remember the kids wearing colours coz she wouldn't have liked all bland.

Re chapter 12 review (which I didn't do in my last review, I just realised)

Aww.I'm almost grieving more for Rebeiran than for Elizabeth. Almost. Okay, barely close. But still. :(((

Ah, my lil shipper heart's taking a battering today. Oh well.

*Sigh* I said I'd do a longer review this chapter, but I just saw the last chapter's up...will you forgive me if I leave you now?

Author's Response: :( I know. I'm sorry.
Very filler-ish, I agree. But it's also the beginning of the end and I've wanted to convey real grief for a long time, so this was my chance to do both. Thank you.
No, no genetically engineered bugs. Maybe in my next story. ;)
(oh god, I actually want to do something like that now)
They were not friends before they became roommates. Rebecca responded to an advert in the paper looking for a roommate and Elizabeth had put the advert out. After the ex-boyfriend incident, they became close friends :)
I'm sorry. But yeah, I took that from my own grandma's funeral.
RE chapter 12:
:(( poor Rebeiran. I know you liked them.
Of course I'll forgive you. There's nothing to forgive- thanks for all your lovely reviews, sweetie xx

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Review #8, by EllaShanti Bleeding

12th April 2014:


Yes, I'm back - I know, I've been MIA for the past week coz we were away, where I could use 3G to read on my phone but because my hotspot is a poo I couldn't use my computer to review - anyway, long story short, I'm reviewing now and this chapter... AHHH

So she found out about the superhero!! To be honest, I'm not surprised she had already guessed it. But...she didn't find about about the magic...and now...I'm half expecting her to be moved to St. Mungo's to recover, but at the same time I don't think it'll go that way.

This was such a lovely death scene - well, okay, lovely is the wrong word - but it was almost beautiful...and so SAD! I was definitely on the verge of tears while reading. Good job.

Anyway, fairly short review - but I'm off to do the next chapter now.

P.s. on a side note, the Amazing S-M is on right now. Excuse me for a moment while I admire how adorable Andrew Garfield is. 5 more days till the second one.SO DAMN EXCITED!!! (I'm in Australia, so 17th for me).

P.p.s. I hope this slightly incoherent review made sense... :P

Author's Response: ! I'm sorry !
Ooh, I hope you had a good time! Where did you go? :) 3G is a pain... sometimes it's perfect, and then other times it takes ten minutes to load three seconds of a YouTube video. Yay reviewing!
She did! But yeah, she didn't find out about the magic- Rebecca is trying to protect her as much s possible. The less she knows, the better.
Aww. :) thank you. It really was one of the most difficult scenes I've ever written- I really wanted to do it justice. I'm glad you liked it.
PS. We shall admire his adorable little face together. And I did not know you're from Australia! I have family in Aus, that's so cool.
It's 2 days for you now (sorry it took so long for me to answer) but it's 4 for me so no spoilers pleaseee :D I am as excited as a puppy.
PPS. It did!

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Review #9, by EllaShanti Nightmare

7th April 2014:
Edit - in first sentence of my review - should say 'hear' not 'here'

(Probably a little pointless saying this but I hate when that mix-up happens and to avoid feeling like too much of a hypocrite I should mention in :P)

Okay NOW I'm off to chapter 13!

Author's Response: Okay, thanks for clarifying! XD
Have fun on the next chapter! Thanks for reviewing again, by the way, I enjoy our chats :) x

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Review #10, by EllaShanti Nightmare

7th April 2014:
Yeahhh Rebecca you tell that prat - except I actually love him, so NOOO HOW COULD YOU DO THIS I THOUGHT THEY WERE GOING TO GO ON A DATE BUT WOW THAT WAS AN AWESOME RANT RIGHT THERE AND PROBABLY THERE ARE QUITE A FEW PEOPLE IN THE WORLD THAT NEED TO HERE THAT BUT I'M HANGING OUT FOR SOME - actually, on that note, do you like Rebeiran or Kierbecca? I think I'm leaning towards the former right now.

Anyway, this was a very powerful chapter, and you managed a very tricky topic pretty well, good for you :)

Don't you just love those 'how to get the look' things? I once read one about looking like Taylor Swift, and it was blathering on about how looking like your role model = fulfilment, and going on about dying your hair blonde and actually going out and buying clothes like hers and it was one of the most ridiculous things I'd ever read.

Wait - so she's actually quitting? But - Kieran! Riah/Rubina! What about Mr Ryland who actually seemed like a pretty awesome boss?! KIERAN!

Re last review -

I know, I always feel a bit guilty about annoying them, but it's so hard not to - example, the other day I got told that my (non-existent, mac girl through and through) windows computer has downloaded a virus which will, ma'am, damage the working mechanisms of your computer! You must buy this software right now or risk your computer breaking down tonight! Aw, you're such a sweetie, that's a nice thing to do. I should start doing that.

Really? That's good, I might forgive the mechanical web thing now. I confess I never did read the comic, I never liked comics much - actually I think the only comic I ever read was a comic book bible (I was a strange child, I also read shakespeare at age 10 while my sister was doing it at school)

On that note - I know, so much Shakespeare love! I don't know why people are so mean to the poor guy, his works are NOT boring. Words are so pretty.

Anyway, I'm leaving to go to the mystical land of chapter 13 - the last one to catch up on! Then I can start har-ing you about updating. (seriously? This taking out the a-double-s in words is mildly ridiculous.)

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night till it be morrow, my dear gingergirl.

P.s. an awesome interview question btw, hahaha
P.p.s. If Kieran is permanently not-even-friend-zoned I may shoot you. But you wouldn't do that to me. Would you??

Rebeiran, definitely. ;)
Thank you very much- this chapter was pretty personal to me, so I wanted to do it justice.
They actually make me want to cry- like, I'm sure I could look like Jennifer Lawrence, but it would be a full time job and I'd have to have a team of professionals behind me to do it. *shakes head in disbelief at society*
Yup, she's actually quitting :/ sorry about your poor little shipper heart.
Re last review:
Oh, god, I can imagine. Once, someone called claiming that I was entitled to free energy. -FREE ENERGY?- Okay, coolio, but how can it be free? It's free because it comes with the solar panels you buy-
Oh, I didn't read the comics either, but my mate knows them cover to cover .I was a strange child too! Now I'm just a strange teenager. :D Shakespeares words are the best. I've seen Twelth Night and Titus Andronicus performed and they're just SO good.
Ahh, excellent. Hararring. ;) but there's only a couple of chapters more, so not that much hararring will be neccessary! :D

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Review #11, by EllaShanti In a Name

6th April 2014:
Ahhh, I se (although I definitely didn't before, so all good my lil blowfish).

Haha that Bonnie Lawrence encounter completely reminded me of how people annoy telemarketers.

Aw, why doesn't she ever want to talk to Rubina/Riah again? Does she think it'll be awkward? Angry about her running off? Uncomfortable? Although it does make a nice change from a lot of stories where the character rushes off to confront them and dissolve into a puddle of love and confusion and identity crisis. Those do work, of course, but always good to have something different.

And will Rubina and Rebecca's dad (Malcolm?) meet at some point? Although he seems like a bit of a poo (gotta keep it tame on HPFF), I want to see that going down.

Does Kieran return soon? I miss him.

Also, you know how she (Rebecca) says she's not allowed to tell Elizabeth about her magic - in HP you have couples where one's a muggle and one's not and the muggle gets told (like Seamus' parents), right? So do you have some sort of background theory to do with the statute of secrecy thingo and what permissions wizards/witches have to tell muggles? (I may be being overly picky, so feel free to ignore if you want)

Re last review -

Umm...let me see... so if she's pureblood and related to Trelawney, then she has Seer blood (and didn't she make some sarcastic comment about that a few chapters ago?) from the Professor/Sybil Trelawney and the C-andra Trelawney so...?

(seriously? it asked me to take out the middle - now missing - letters of that name because of what they spelled out...funny, but annoying)

That 'or is she' hint right there...

Nawww, but Toby's so adorable. He's like a little puppy (and he played one in Cats and Dogs, it suited him so much). But I do love Andrew G, who is also ridiculously loveable, so yep, love for all spidermen. Although I was kinda annoyed in the first amazing SM one when he made his own web-shooter things, I thought it was cooler when they were part of the powers he was given.

Your local super-(reviewer)-hero, (who actually has one more complaint - Harry was way way WAYYY more attractive in the original trilogy!!) over and out.

With a slight feeling of guilt that this rather rambling and parentheses-filled review might just discuss Spiderman as much as it does HP...

Author's Response: Imma blowfish :D
You should see me vs telemarketers, although I always try and keep them on the phone long enough to show their boss or whoever that they can do their job because I've heard in some places they measure how long they keep people talking for :) so I'm considerate whilst making fun of them.
Well, Rubina did make it pretty clear that she'd never come for Rebecca because she didn't want that life, and I think Rebecca took that pretty hard. Which is fair. I think she feels like she's been rejected- I mean, the girl came up with her own theories why her mum left, but none of them included her being such a disappointment, so she's probably angry too. Thank you very much!
No, sorry, we don't see any confrontation between Rebecca's mum and dad. It doesn't go down that route.
Keiran does return! In the next chapter (Nightmare) actually.
I do have a theory, actually- I think that witches and wizards are allowed to tell people they've known a significant amount of time and trust a great deal, or someone they enter a legally recognised relationship with. I also think there would be some kind of system informing the ministry what muggles know so they can keep tabs on them if they want to, but I don't think there would be an official 'ask for permission' thing, more a 'tell us when you do tell someone and be sensible about who you tell' kind of thing.
She is indeed a blood relative of Professor Trelawney- Trelawney is her first cousin twice removed, so Rebecca's great great grandparents are Trelawney's grandparents, if that makes things any easier. She probably did make a sarcastic comment. :) So yeah, you're right! I'm glad I'm not the only one who can make that connection, I was worried I was getting carried away with myself...
Oh, yeah, that did annoy me too- until a comic book nerd friend of mine pointed out that's how it originates in the comic books, so it's actually more accurate- but yeah, I always wonder now why he'd model himself on spiders if he doesn't actually have that link to spiders... like, there's not many animals that don't have better sight and reactions than us.
OMG I know- I'm so disappointed at the lack of drooling I'm going to do in the new one! They're only giving us Andrew Garfield in this one! :(
It doesn't matter what you're writing about as long as I can keep up with it :) See ya later, super-reviewer-hero!
This is gingergirl, over and out! (once I got asked in a job interview what my superhero name and powers would be if I had control of them, and I just heard myself say 'gingergirl' and had to go along with it XD)

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Review #12, by EllaShanti Stained Red

3rd April 2014:
Okay, please work. gazillionth time lucky. THIS IS THE ONE.

Hellooo my lovely author! Sorry I haven't reviewed for a few chapters, I am officially and completely addicted. However I did feel a little guilty once I hit chapter 8, so here I am.

Damn harry locking his employees up and stealing their wands. He is great.

I have to say, I thought Elizabeth was going to find out there (about the whole superhero and possibly the magic thing too) and got very excited, but no. I suppose you're probably going to torture your poor obsessed reader for a while with that. Ah well, such is life.

Three questions (which I guess you have license to answer mysteriously)

Is anything going to come of the whole premonition thing? Is there some secret there that's going to come out? I'm intriiigued.

Are we going to meet Cute Boy or Rebecca's mum? I'm kinda hoping for CB to turn up, at least :P

And...Kieran? Rebecca? *eyebrow wiggle* Anyway, I'm heading over to chapter 9 now, so farewell for the moment.

Love your friendly neighbourhood spi- um, reviewer.

P.s. I KNOW I'M SO EXCITED FOR RISE OF ELECTRO AHHH. I love both Tobey Maguire and Andrew G. Spidey forever.

Author's Response: This IS the one! Yay! o/
Helo lovely ellie! It's absolutely fine, I'm glad I've got you hooked. It shows I'm not entirely failing, so yay for addiction! (to reading. I'm not condoning other types of addiction).
I know right?! Gosh darn it Harry, ya lil cutie.
Ooh, did you? Nah, she's clueless. (or is she...? ;) ) Yes, I am. Sorry about that.
(thank you for the licence. I'm probably going to exercise it)
Erm... I guess so. I mean, it's part of a spiderweb of clues I've left to make something obvious that comes to light later... but it's something very subtle only the most obsessed fans of HP would make (ask again for more info after you've read chapter 11 if you want to know explicitly what it is). Also, I use it as a way of building suspense later on. :D
I can say the affirmative- a bit- to the first, and also the affirmative- sort of, in a way you wouldn't expect- to the second. Sorry for playing my mysterious licence, but I don't wanna spoil any big surprises for you :)
And... Keiran and Rebecca turn out... exactly how I would expect them to.
*vagueness reaches new levels*
I thank you, as Son of Odin and God of- cough, cough. GodDESS of writing. Obviously. ;)
PS Spiderman in a week and six days. Not that I'm counting or anything. I'm impressed you can hold both of them dear to you... but I never was keen on Tobey, so. Personal taste, I guess. But YES, Electro looks like he's gonna be SO cool and I can't wait to see Spidey fight him!

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Review #13, by EllaShanti Stained Red

3rd April 2014:
Okay, please work.

Hellooo my lovely author! Sorry I haven't reviewed for a few chapters, I am officially and completely addicted. However I did feel a little guilty once I hit chapter 8, so here I am.

Damn harry locking his employees up and stealing their wands. He is great.

I have to say, I thought Elizabeth was going to find out there (about the whole superhero and possibly the magic thing too) and got very excited, but no. I suppose you're probably going to torture your poor obsessed reader for a while with that. Ah well, such is life.

Three questions (which I guess you have license to answer mysteriously)

Is anything going to come of the whole premonition thing? Is there some secret there that's going to come out? I'm intriiigued.

Are we going to meet Cute Boy or Rebecca's mum? I'm kinda hoping for CB to turn up, at least :P

Author's Response: ...see above for the last time!

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Review #14, by EllaShanti Stained Red

3rd April 2014:
WHY DOES IT KEEP DOING THAT! WHAT IS WRONG WITH WRONG WITH THE REST OF MY REVIEW? Okay, ignore all those reviews. I'll try and post from my computer, not phone, later.

Author's Response: I have done ;)

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Review #15, by EllaShanti Stained Red

3rd April 2014:
For some annoying reason the end of my review was cut off, so here's the rest...

And...Kieran? Rebecca?

Author's Response: See above :D

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Review #16, by EllaShanti Stained Red

3rd April 2014:
Hellooo my lovely author! Sorry I haven't reviewed for a few chapters, I am officially and completely addicted. However I did feel a little guilty once I hit chapter 8, so here

Damn harry locking his employees up and stealing their wands. He is great.

I have to say, I thought Elizabeth was going to find out there (about the whole superhero and possibly the magic thing too) and got very excited, but no. I suppose you're probably going to torture your poor obsessed reader for a while with that? Ah well, such is life.

Three questions (which I guess you have license to answer mysteriously)

Is anything going to come of the while premonition thing? Is there some secret there that's going to come out? I'm intriiigued.

And, are we going to meet Cute Boy or Rebecca's mum? I'm kinda hoping for CB to turn up, at least :P

And...Kieran? Rebecca?

Author's Response: See above :)

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Review #17, by EllaShanti Paper People

1st April 2014:
Hey hey hey ginger g! Remember me? I've kinda been off fan fiction for a while (gasp, I know), came back to read an old favourite when I was bored one day and OOH! NEW STORY! Well, not that new apparently, but still. And it's a SUPERHERO story!! Yay. I like spiderman. Never was much of a fan of batman or superman or anything else. Annnyyyway this sounds exciting, I'm keen keen keen. Love Rebecca. I can completely relate to that thing about the nail polish - 'god forbid we have any personality' COMPLETELY sums it up. I have to say I did not see the 'I'm the superhero' thing coming!

What'd you think of the April Fool's thing? Your story was thankfully better than the other one I started reading, probably coz it was an OC one whereas the other used characters so all the names had been changed. 'Sirius' had been changed to 'salami' and it was said A LOT as seeing as it was rather a deep story it kinda ruined the moment a little. Still trying to work out what 'schlicken nuggety' translates to - what was this sentence pleeease??

'Im pretty sure shes blogging everything weve ever posted on him, she told me, hauling the laptop out of my hands and slchicken nuggety considering the screen.'

Anyway, I'm rambling. In summary, yay new story, I'm excited, moving on (to the other chapters), love love love, EllaShanti

Yeah, I might... vaguely remember you, you're only one of my coolest buddies on here.
No no, I admire hiatus from fanfiction- largely because I don't know how to hiatus fanfiction. Gahh, you're making me blush ;) I absolutely adore Andrew Garfield's spiderman and am seriously excited for the new one (its out in a few weeks) but batman... gew on me, I think. Superman ain't my cuppa tea but I'm a total Avengers girl through and through. :D yeah, I think the nail polish thing is leftover resentment from high school. Oops!
I loved the April's Fool thing- I laughed my butt off! I thought the name changing thing was hilarious, too, but yeah, it did rather render the website useless for the day.
Erm... 'schlichen nuggety' is just 'she', I think.
I'm very glad you rambled and I hope you enjoy/ed the other chapters so far: if we're lucky, the next one is on its way!
In all seriousness, I really did miss you. Love, ginger xxx

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Review #18, by triedandtrue Nightmare

30th March 2014:
This chapter was extraordinary and powerful. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you very very much :)

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Review #19, by My Name Does Not Matter Nightmare

29th March 2014:
Well, that was quick and easy to imagine well done on that front. Again seeing your personality. As a guy it is important that women know that there are a lot of guys out there who don't think like that so that's all i'll say on the matter. On the subject of the story i like that she had her huge a*s blowout and quit. But this completely removes any source of information as to where the ministry is on finding or capturing her. I half expected you her to out her secret in front of them all then apparate out. Thinking ahead, if i was harry i'd think about asking to hire her in a more influential role, as Keiran he probably shouldn't talk to any women for a while, Ryland has lost an amazing colleague on a work and personality front so he'll be wondering how he'll ever find a replacement who might live close to her standards. Jess will be stuck without the one colleague who helped her. All women and men in the departments will be talking about that for ages. Rubina Selwyn will unaccountably hear about it and i kinda want her to go to Rebecca's flat and talk to her again. Seriously there are so many tangents that could happen from this point. OK i'm done.
Sheesh where did all that come from right?
Looking forward to the rest.

Author's Response: Yup and... I'm glad it was! It's easy to see, I think, when you know the writer. Yes, it does do that- well spotted :) Could be a major plot point... (you can't Apparate in or out of the ministry, just fyi :P)
Remember what Selwyn said, though- she doesn't want her old life back, and, by extension, Rebecca. She likes the life she's living, although I'm sure she sometimes regrets her decisions. SO MANY TANGENTS and I'm hoping I chose the best one. :D
Sheesh, I know right? I can't match all that!

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Review #20, by theblacksisters In a Name

29th March 2014:
I definitely did not see that coming, so please avoid puffing up. (If you did, it would probably be a bit harder for you to write any more chapters to this story, which I wouldn't like at all, because I like to read this.)
I think it would make the interview at the beginning of the chapter a bit easier to understand and look more like what they put in the newspaper if you replaced the 'Question' with the name of whoever was writing the article and made only the questions bold or the person speaking's name bold. (I hope that was understandable.)
Again, that particular revelation was quite surprising: I wasn't expecting it at all. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: *does a happy dance* puffing up avoided! :D yeah, yeah that does make sense actually... hmm. Gonna have to think up a name now! The next one is going up now-ish, so it should only be a couple of days unless something goes wrong. :) Thank you for reviewing again!

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Review #21, by My Name Does Not Matter In a Name

28th March 2014:
Haven't reviewed in a while sorry.
First off as i'm reading this as a friend i notice a lot of similarities in the way Rebecca handles an argument, nice job but i think you got a bit carried away. As for the 'mother' thing i guessed what was coming the moment she mentioned Rebecca's father. So feel free to puff up. Nice work with the family tree by the way.
P.S. I know right PARLIAMENT of owls, so cool. I also like a CHATTERING of Starlings. :-)

Author's Response: That's okay!
Yeah... all my characters tend to be a facet of me- including the bad ones- so I do get a bit carried away. Upon revision, I'll probably change it. Thank you for pointing that out. I meant before this chapter, so no puffing up for me :D Good luck with sleep!

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Review #22, by My Name Does Not Matter So-Called 'Superhero'

13th February 2014:
OK, first off still going great so keep at it. Two thing i noticed, first i think you missed a word in the sixth line - ..just thought you should 'know' how they work. - sorry. Second, regardless of the internet post at the end Rebecca clearly said to Cheri 'it would be unlikely wed be able to predict HER movements'. This was a huge blunder as she just told a ministry official that it is a girl. This raises questions as to how she knows and could ultimately lead to her capture,(just saying).
Even so still love the story, and way to stick it to her dad.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I've corrected both, and yeah... I always seem to create bad-guy dads. Not sure why, because mine's lovely. :/ Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by theblacksisters So-Called 'Superhero'

12th February 2014:
Cheri refers to the superhero as 'this girl' - wouldn't she assume it male?
Keep writing!! :)

Author's Response: You're absolutely right, I did- whoops! I've corrected it now :)
I am! Thank you for all your reviews, by the way.

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Review #24, by My Name Does Not Matter Wait for the Flames

7th February 2014:
I've loved this story from the start but I'm a superhero nut so that's one of the reasons i started. Love how you have given her a sympathetic side to her character not just make it a 'find, catch, vanish' attitude to the crusade. Also so like how you have given Harry a good build on how he was in the books. A nice guy but he'll break you if you cross him, nice going on that one. Loving the smack-down on overconfident guys too, make him work harder for her attention. As for the other characters, i like how Elizabeth is always there as a back door out of the crazy life, we all need one. And you've captured the classic casually nosy roommate persona perfectly. Keep up the good work. Much as i like the way you leave much of this up to our imaginations a bit more description on how she battled with the fire would have been nice.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Nameless :P I'm glad I convinced you to give it a shot. I did try and make it as justifiable as I can- she's not carefree, by any means. She sees it as a job and a duty, and doesn't always enjoy it. I do like writing Harry, but I'm very aware if I stuff it up the whole fandom might hate me! Elizabeth is a great escape from the magic- although not the secrecy- and thank you very much, I try my best :) I shall work on my description, definitely. It's always been a weakness of mine.
Thank you for the lovely review! :)

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Review #25, by theblacksisters Wait for the Flames

6th February 2014:
Ah, the plot thickens! Get the next chapter up soon. :)

Author's Response: It does indeed! I will do :)

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