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Review #1, by TumTum Curse

9th October 2014:
Hi! This is just superb I love it. It's all so well thought through and well written. The character development is especially great - I love Ted and Andromeda, I think you nailed them and what it is that they find appealing in each other and gosh the chemistry between them is great. I would very much like them to get together please.

I also love Nelson, Sirius, George and Lillith. Narcissa is very well done although I can't make myself like her too much because I suspect she won't be a good sister to Andromeda.

Reading this has twists me up though just thinking about how many of these characters (characters that Andromeda cares for) are going to die in the books. Just ugh, it's got me wondering how she copes through that time and what her relationship with Teddy is like? Or how you imagine her relationship with Remus and especially Tonks played out? Don't suppose you would ever do a sequel in the next gen years? I'm being greedy sorry.

I had it in my head when I was reading this that it was finished and was horrified when I got to the last chapter because I thought that you decided to leave it on a grim note of foreboding. I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Why, hello! I'm tickled pink to hear that you've enjoyed the story so far.

I'm rather partial to all of these characters, too. Heh. But yes, I'm afraid tough times are coming up for Narcissa and Andromeda. That's something I've been simultaneously looking forward to (because the writing will be strangely therapeutic) but dreading (because the writing will be so, so painful). WAH. D:

Ugh. I try not to think about how many people in this story are going to die. It puts me in a terrible funk. But yes! Once I've finished KYD, I really would like to write a collection of short stories on Ted & Andromeda's life together--especially the birth and growth of sweet ickle Tonks. :)

Oh gosh, no! No, as much as I love my cliffhangers, I would never leave the story on such a bleak note. Haha. Never fear, I intend to write a much happier ending than that. And I HOPE I'll have a brand new chapter in the queue today.

Thank you so much for such a sweet review! Hope you continue to enjoy the read. :)

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 Hogsmeade

5th October 2014:
SURPRISE!! I thought that I would go ahead and write another review for you, especially since I get the particular honor of being NUMBER 200!! Oh yes. :)

Ugh, so that was the biggest cliffhanger EVER, and I'm so glad that now there are more chapters so that I know what happens after Andie sees her poor Ted on the platform.

But first: The rest of the chapter.

Ugh, I can believe that Andie wanted Rabastan, to a degree, but it makes me so MAD. He's horrible, and she KNOWS that. But the body wants what it wants, and she was in such a vulnerable position. I wish that it didn't have to happen, but that's just the way it goes, I suppose. :/

Lilith is surprisingly forward-thinking for a pureblood. She totally ships Tedromeda, if only for the Romeo-and-Juliet-esque implications. And her opinion about Dark Magic is one that I can somewhat agree with--things are not evil until human beings impose moral codes upon them, and who's to say that the spells are actually "evil?" Not that I advocate the killing and torturing of people/animals/trees, but still. She's got a point.

Oh, George. Always one to go after the hot girls. I sort of ship Lilith/George, just a little bit. :) I like that, although he's friends with Ted, he doesn't really have a clue about what's really going on in Ted's mind. It's realistic, I think, and it's so hard to write a balanced dynamic of a guy friendship sometimes. Kudos to you for making that so real!

Ugh, Rabastan continues to gross me out. Hate.

AND HE IS TORTURING TED THAT IS SO WRONG AND UNDERHANDED AND UGH UGH UGH!!! He cheated on ANDIE, so she has every right to go after whomever she chooses. BUT HE HAS TO ASSERT DOMINANCE IN SOME TWISTED CAVEMAN SORT OF WAY. He. Is. Gross. End of story.

I'm procrastinating on my homework right now, and I should probably go stop procrastinating, but I WILL be back to review more later. And please update soon. :)



I can't believe this story has gotten to 33 chapters and 200 reviews. Never did I ever imagine. WHEE. -pops bottle of champagne-

Merp. I kept making promises about not writing cliffhangers and then I realized that these were all empty promises. Tedromeda's story was made for cliffhangers, darn it.

The Rabastan Situation makes me mad, too. :( Andromeda was trying to force a way of living/thinking onto herself, and it didn't pan out the way she was hoping. Namely because Ted is the only boy for her other, but also because RABASTAN IS A BLEEPY BLEEP.

Haha, yes, Lilith is a bit of an adrenaline junkie. She likes living vicariously through Andromeda, and luckily she's not in a position where she has to face serious consequences for her lax ideas about Muggleborns. Unlike Andromeda... But yes! It is fascinating to think of the concept of Unforgivable Curses and "dark" arts in general, and how they earned their status over the years. I always found it interesting how black and white the faculty at Hogwarts seem to paint the matter, when really it's far more gray than that. (Not that I advocate killing or torturing, either!)

And yay! I'm glad you find the George/Ted dynamic to ring true. I really love that friendship, so I hope I'm doing it justice.

Thank you for another MAH-VUH-LOUS and so-so-kind review. I hope I'll have more updates for you soon!

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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 Touch

5th October 2014:
I am back!! (From beyond the gravveee...)

Nah, just kidding. There have been a whole lot of distractions in RL keeping me from reviewing this story, but I promise you that I've read every single chapter as it has come out. Some of them (like this one) I've read several times over, just because I like it so much.

And this chapter is as super-charged with emotion and feelings as some of the others have been. God, I love Tedromeda, and I love the way you write them. They are so fiery, so passionate in the way that only teenagers can be, but there is so much more at stake. This is Romeo and Juliet, but not really, because this is better.

Ugh, Madame Finley is so... clinical. And how dare she give Andromeda the bill when Ted is watching! That's just mean. I would like to think that she's a Ravenclaw, but not a nice one--one of the ones who has completely shut out emotion in favor of research and knowledge. Boo. :/

I liked Ted's predictions about himself--so spot-on. But when he said that he wouldn't wish his future self on anyone, I was like, "Oh no, Ted. Stop that. You're too freaking adorable." Ugh, what are you doing to me?! I ship Tedromeda, but I kind of have this major crush on Ted... Whoops. Anyways, he is so realistic, but he still has that annoying habit of assuming that Andromeda doesn't want him, when she SO CLEARLY DOES. Argghh.

And that kissing scene!! ♥ ♥ ♥ THAT is how you write a kissing scene! I don't ever write kissing scenes because I am so afraid of getting it wrong, of putting in too much maudlin description, but you have written so many great kissing scenes in this novel so far that I'm inspired to try and write my own. I love the image of Andromeda grabbing Ted by the collar, the fatal moment when they succumb to their obvious desire to participate in the kiss... And then the fallout. There is ALWAYS going to be a fallout with these two, at least until they get married, and even then, there might still be fallout. They're dynamic. They're electric. And I love them so much, oh my gosh.

Ugh, no! Icky Rabastan and his grabby hands and Andie and the way she gives in to all of that. She's desperate, and that's a terrible way to be. And even in the midst of all this, it's Ted's name on her lips. Rabastan isn't good enough. He never ever was.

Brilliant chapter, and I will try to finish reviewing all the other ones that you've written in the past few months! Please update soon so that I have an excuse to keep coming back and rereading. :)


Author's Response: WHY HELLO THERE.

It made me so happy to see not one but TWO of your marvelous reviews here! No worries whatsoever; RL has been slaying me, and I've had precious little time to write, let alone review!

Haha, personally I don't think it's too hard to beat Romeo & Juliet for a love story, because they were two really stupid teenagers who ended up getting a lot of people around them killed. See what a romantic I am? Hahaha. Ted and Andromeda may be stupid sometimes, but at least no one's died because of it.

Madame Finley is a mean, mean lady. I never thought of her Hogwarts House, but I think you're totally right. She WOULD be a Ravenclaw. Not that Ravenclaws are inherently mean--just, like you say, I think she has too much of a propensity for cold, hard logic and zero emotion.

Ahaha, well if I do end up going completely non-canon, you can totally have Ted! Jk, I'm staying canon. Except that in my head I pretend Ted doesn't die... D: He has this major problem with self-deprecation, especially around Andromeda. Silly boy. Silly, silly boy.

Aw, you make me blush! -BLUSH- I'm glad you thought the kissing scene was well handled. Like you, I'm always a little nervous about making them too melodramatic, but at the same time I want the reader to get some pay off for sticking with the couple in question for so long. It's a fiiine balance, and I feel like I don't always strike it. But yup, there is always going to be fallout between Ted and Andromeda. It's just the way they work.

Urgh. It made me angry to have to write the closing scene, but yes, Andromeda is quite desperate and would like very much to convince herself that she's happy with a pureblood life and not with Ted. Which obviously is a FAIL. :(

Thanks so much for the lovely, lovely review! I'm nearing completion of Chapter 34, and I really hope to put it in the queue today!

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Review #4, by MarieBlack Curse

15th September 2014:

I do rather like this plot twist though, it makes absolute sense with their thinking and all that jazz. I can't imagine they just let them leave the family unscathed honestly, because they are so terribly violent and ruthless people at heart. It makes me unbearably sad for Ted and Dromeda though.

I read this some time ago admittedly but I just found some time to write a proper review.

Walburga is awful but she is clearly represented as who Bellatrix takes after in their family. Like most obviously with her sadistic attitude of punishment. I like to think Cissa takes after their mother, much more reserved and not nearly as out right cruel. She let's Walburga handle that. So in a way it's like their personalities are lived out in those two. But Dromeda, she is like them in ways but also Ted has had this amazing impact on her. It's the coolest thing to see!

And I feel so bad for them and you need to write more and okay. Happy writing!

Author's Response: You didn't think I'd make it THAT easy, did you?! Haha.

And yes, it's extremely tough to put Ted and Dromeda through, but I have a master plan! We'll just see if it pans out like it should... :]

Yes! I see the Walburga/Bellatrix and Druella/Narcissa parallel in much the same way. As psycho as Bellatrix ends up becoming, I knew there had to be several events in her past that influenced her sadistic know-how. And sweet Auntie Walburga is certainly one of them.

Thanks so much for the reviewww! Things are super hectic IRL, but I hope to have a new chapter posted soon!

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Review #5, by lookatthatfanfiction Curse

7th September 2014:
Stayed up all night reading this, I couldn't stop!! I've never given much thought to Ted and Andromeda's relationship before but this story is now one of my all time favourites! Please update the next chapter soon,you can't leave it on such a cliffhanger, I need to know more!!!

Author's Response: A binge read! YAY! Binge reads are my favorite. :] I am SO glad that you not only charged through the whole story, but also that you're rooting for Tedromeda. They're my top ship in all of Harry Potter, and it's been such fun to write something that's canon but has a ton of loose ends and leeway.

I'm bad at cliffhangers. -guilty face- But I'm hard at work on the next chapter, and I hope to post it soon!

Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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Review #6, by marauderfan Curse

4th September 2014:
Ugh, Walburga is terrible, and that whole scene was incredibly chiling. I just.. ugh. Can't anything ever be easy for this couple?! They've been through so much already, and deserve some happiness!
I hope they find a way around that curse. I mean, I know they get married eventually, but I didn't imagine it was because they HAD to. Man, that is the worst. I can't blame Andromeda for being freaked out by marriage, but... well, at least they're being honest with each other now, so maybe things will get easier. I hope. Please? :p Great chapter though!

Author's Response: Walburga is an awful human being. :( I'm glad that the scene was chilling, though! Not in a sadistic way, of course, but just that it accomplished what I set out to accomplish.

Tedromeda haven't had an easy road, and it's certainly not getting easier, is it? But of course they will prevail in the end, however long it takes to get to that end! And YES. Honesty is key, and they've got that going for them at least. There's hope for them yet.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #7, by Celestialbattlefield Curse

2nd September 2014:
"in an instant andromeda went felt as.though her blood had turned into anicy sludge"
:0 (no.) ooh amazing simile.gothic awesomeness

" see if he wants you now mudblood *" :'( >:'(
die walburga die! what kind of name do you possess anyway..DIE
"i dont want to marry you!"
DO U WANT A SLAP!! stop playing hard to get and take your man and run away to jamaica OK!!
marry him lift the curse and b happy

"pain welled in andromedas and acidic"
...lemons.damn it :(
" dromeda we were made to be close" ahh :)

ok this isnt evn a review just random jumbles of quotes nd thoughts.

when does all the drama end?
i dont thnk dromeda eill ever marry ted willingly BRUTE FORCE REQUIRED.

Author's Response: Hahaha, what kind of name DOES Walburga possess? Seriously, everyone who has ever named a kid in the Black household deserves to be held accountable--especially Andromeda. Much as I love her, what kind of name is Nymphadora?

I liked your random jumble of quotes and thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to share them! Haha. And just wait. Andromeda might be taking her sweet time, but she may see reason yet. :)

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Review #8, by marauderfan Confession

15th August 2014:
Aw, the bit where she thinks Narcissa might understand. So naive of her to think so, and she knows it. But she has a little hope about it, so that part made me so sad because of the way things actually turned out.

And wow what an intense lady! So very like her sisters in the way she carries herself in this scene, but for her, she's not acting this way because she wants to be that person, but because she's using the training of her upbringing for good instead. She can sure act when she needs to, and has quite the presence. Skills she will need for this confrontation with her parents.

Ted is there amjindojhf and they talked and he apologised and knjsdjkbf SHE TOLD HIM THAT SHE LOVES HIM!! YESS it was about time! Eeee snwknfjzne,djnc so many feels. But omg I agree with Ted, I'm super worried about what will happen to her when she goes to see her parents! Ackk the cliff hanger! I can't stand the suspense!

Awesome chapter. :)

Author's Response: It's very sad. :( The rift between Andromeda and Narcissa is one of the most tragic plotlines in my book. Aside from, you know, all the dozens of deaths JKR threw upon us. Haha.

Yesiree, struttin' her stuff, yo. Andromeda knows how to turn it on, but yes, she's learned to do so for what she believes is a good cause. I like to think that this side of Andromeda always stayed with her. It's a pretty valuable resource to have on hand.

BUAHAHAHA YESSS. I've been waiting a long time to write this chapter, and I achieved major catharsis by doing so. AW YEAH. And I'm sorry for the cliffhanger, not to mention the fact that I'm taking forever to update. But I promise that a new chapter is in the works and on its way!

Thanks so, so much for the fabulous review!

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Review #9, by Sarah Confession

1st August 2014:
Love this story so much

Author's Response: Aw, yay! I'm so glad to hear that. Thanks for the review, and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #10, by Sanae (咲名枝) Confession

31st July 2014:
Oh no, with Walburga and Bellatrix there this isn't going to go very well. I wonder if Ted will have to do the saving this time? And George may figure out that something is wrong if he realizes that Andromeda's money showed up at his house, but no Andromeda. I hope at least someone is paying attention...

Author's Response: No, it most certainly won't go very well at all! Andromeda has rather an unpleasant ordeal before her. :( Thanks so much for the ongoing reviews! I hope to be updating the next chapter much sooner than the last.

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Review #11, by DoctorUnderwood Confession

30th July 2014:
Well this'll be interesting, methinks.

Author's Response: It will indeed. Should have a follow-up in the queue soon!

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Review #12, by MarieBlack Confession

30th July 2014:

Anywho. Let's dive in, yes?

Andromeda Black, the woman of power and poise herself. I like that in these moments of her being who she was raised to be you see the identifiable qualities in her that are so portrayed through Narcissa and Bellatrix in the books. You can see the family linkage so clearly that it makes her undeniably their sister.

I feel like parting ways with Cissa will be the hardest thing she has to do. I feel like it may send me straight to tears out of empathy, I can't imagine having to leave behind my own sister. It is utterly heartbreaking to know she will have to.

And then Ted, lovely Ted showing up in her room. And here to apologize, he is such a fine man. He is so Hufflepuff too, and even though he carries a sturbborness there is hardly an ounce of pride within him and that makes him absolutely lovely. AND SAYING I LOVE YOU, I'm so proud of Andie. I think it was right in her saying it first, it shows that she is sure of how she feels and I bet it quiets a lot of doubt from Ted. They're hitting this precious stage of coupledom that I have been eagerly awaiting.

Back to Onyx House, I am with Ted on this as I am so very very nervous. Especially when she arrives and Aunt Horrible is there. I hate that woman. You've got me on my toes to see how this all goes next!

Happy writing, I really sincerely enjoyed this chapter all the way through! xx

Author's Response: BUAHAHA. I'm sorry, I know, I knowww, that's bad of me. But at this point, I've just had to face the facts: I will probably be writing cliffhangers from here on out. You've been forewarned! And I'm apologizing in advance. :)

I'm so happy to hear that you see Andromeda's resemblance to her sisters. I wanted to give her a chance to show that, if she wanted, she could totally own that Ice Queen Lady of the House of Black persona. She was raised for that, and it's still very much in her blood. But now she's just using it for a better purpose.

Sigh. Like I've mentioned before, I am NOT looking forward to writing Cissa and Andromeda's final exchange. I may have it planned out, but that's not going to make it any easier emotionally.

Ted can be an exemplar of Hufflepuffness when he wants to be. Andromeda finally said it! And yes, it was very important to me to have her say it first, too. I mean, Ted has told her he loves her before, but in a very high stress situation. This was Andromeda's chance to relieve his doubts, and that's exactly what Ted needed at this point.

As for Onyx House... Suffice to say, it won't be pretty. :(

Thanks so much for the review! Hope to post the next chapter soon.

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Review #13, by Ziska Confession

30th July 2014:
Such a cliff hanger to leave it on, it's horrible. Poor Andromeda!! But brilliant chapter :)

I was so excited when I saw that you wrote a new chapter. I loved seeing Andromeda so brave when she went into Gringotts and it was such a nice surprise to see Ted. I love that he seems to be getting better and that they actually talked to each other. So many happy feelings. :):)

I do agree with Ted though, she shouldn't go back to see her parents. Really worried for her. Very glad to know that she survives this. I understand her reasoning that she needs to see them, but I also hate the idea of her going back to them alone. They are 4 adult wizards who aren't afraid to use even unforgivable curses. I am really quite nervous to read about what happens next.

What a roller coaster of a chapter. As usual it was amazing and I loved reading it, especially the middle bits with Ted and Andromeda together. Ted says the sweetest things :)

Author's Response: I seem to have a penchant for cliffhangers. Which I guess would bode well for me if I were a TV screenwriter, but in this case is probably just obnoxious. :)

I was so excited to *post* a new chapter! I've been super busy in RL, and I hadn't even realized that more than a month had gone by since my last update. Which is a shame, because I've missed writing Tedromeda!

Yes. They finally TALKED. Though Andromeda didn't necessarily listen to all the advice she should have... Like you say, Ted has good reason to be worried about her visit to Onyx House. But then again, where he sees cruel monsters, Andromeda sees family. She's going to have to learn the hard way how to shift her paradigm. :(

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #14, by Ziska Refuge

29th July 2014:
So I finished the story as far as you have gotten a few days ago (to chapter 31) but I can't seem to get the characters out of my head, so much so that I have been going back and rereading some of my favourite chapters. This is def one of them.

After spending a bit of time with the Black family it is so wonderful to see George and Nelson and of course Ted. I think that what makes this story so interesting and memorable is the characters.

I love Nelson. He is one of my favourite characters in your story. His comments are brilliant and in a story filled with so much sadness and difficulty the humour is great. Its perfect that he is the first muggle that Andromeda really talks to. I love that Nelson is Ted's family and how close the brothers seem to be.

The contrast between Andromeda's house and Ted's home is also great. Andromeda's house seemed so cold and unwelcoming and scary that I was so happy when she left, while the Tonk's house seems like such a welcoming and friendly place. It does seem like a perfect refuge. :)

I just really love this story and may have to keep rereading chapters until there are new ones.

Author's Response: Two more reviews! What a treat. :) It really means a lot to me that you came back to review some of your favorite passages.

I'm glad to hear that "Refuge" is one of your favorite chapters, because it was definitely one of my favorites to write! I'd been eager to both show Andromeda in an entirely new environment and introduce Ted's home life.

Oh, Nelson. Haha. I wrote both him and George to serve as comic relief during some particularly bleaks parts of the story, but I wanted to flesh them both out into more dimensional characters, too, and I hope I've been successful. I'm glad to hear that Nelson is ringing true for you!

Yes! The Tonks residence was certainly meant to be a refuge on many levels. It's really the first time that Andromeda has ever been face-to-face with a) lack of money, b) a non-pureblood household, and c) a family that loves each other. And that's a lot to take in at once.

Thanks for the REread and review! I'm hoping to have Chap 33 up soon.

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Review #15, by ChampagneSupernova Fumbling

27th July 2014:
Ah, so I just read this whole story in one night and stayed up till 2 am and it was totally worth it. I'm obsessed. This is for sure the best Ted and Andromeda story I've read. I think your plot is very original and I've never read a story quite like it. I also really appreciate your secondary characters and I think you have given George, Lilith and Nelson and excellent voice. Sorry if this is at all confusing, as previously mentioned it's 2 am. Anyways thanks for writing it and I'm throughly looking forward to reading any and all upcoming chapters!

Author's Response: Buahaha, YAY. I'm sorry if reading the story cost you any sleep, but I am totally NOT sorry about the binge read. :] Tedromeda & Co. have come to mean so much to me during the writing process, so it makes my day to read that they're ringing true. Aaaand there's a new chapter in the queue as I type, which means you shouldn't be waiting too long for an update! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #16, by Ziska Fumbling

25th July 2014:
I have read this entire story in one day. I have loved it so so much. I can't believe I now have to wait for chapter updates, I just want to know what happens next. This is probably one of the best harry potter fan fictions that I have ever read. I love the characters and everything about it. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it.

Author's Response: Thank YOU so much for taking the time to review! AND to read thirty-one chapters in one day. Aw yeahhh. It makes my day to know that KYD was binge-worthy. :) Hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #17, by MarieBlack Fumbling

17th July 2014:
Ah, my summer has returned to me which means more time to gobble up this story! Where to begin!

I think the first thing that grabbed me was Andie returning the ring, oh man will that be a stir. She really is leaving it all behind for him, and for herself I believe as well. As much as leaving her family was for Ted at the end of the day I think it would have been something she would have considered down the road, Ted just happened to be the catalyst for it. There is something in Andie that just ticks differently than the rest of the Blacks.

AND OH MY GREAT GOLLY GOSH. That bedroom scene! Can we say swoon? Like major super swoonage. Like so much. Like when Ted says "You're my recovery," I don't know how Andie held it all together. But it was so freakin' fantastic until in comes Nelson. And it is so wonderfully amusing how he reacts as a brother, albeit it does lead to a fight between Ted and Andie.

Ted and Andie's fight was coming though, I think it was needed to open Ted's eyes. He doubts the change in her, he thinks that she can just flip back to who she was the moment she counts the cost of what she has done. He doesn't have the faith in Andie that he should. He's got a little growing up to do, it's not just Andie who needs to grow any longer. Nelson is such a dear brother too, even to Andie.

Andie's family business makes me exceedingly nervous. I just want her to be strong through it all. If there was ever a time where I wish I could show a character their future of Nymphadora and her happy family to come I would love to show her that, to make her brave I guess. I love Andie!

Keep 'em coming, and happy writing! I intend to see this to the end!

Author's Response: Aw, hurray! It was so fantastic to read this review.

Yes, this was a pretty pivotal chapter for Dromeda. Even though she already set the wheels in motion back when she saved Ted, I think that giving back that ring is the first time that the weight of Andromeda's decision has really struck her. It's going be rough for her from here on out. :(

Dawrh, I thought it was high time that Ted and Dromeda get a *little* bit of romance, however completely ill-timed and misguided it is. And count on Nelson to always step in and make things awk.

The fight was definitely coming. Both Ted and Andromeda have some lessons to learn--but especially Ted. A lot of his doubt comes from his personal insecurity, and that's something he needs to work with.

Andie's family business is making ME nervous, too. Haha. It's going to be pretty excruciating for her, but as we of course know on this side of the story, she has the courage and the character to make it through!

Thanks so much, as always, for the lovely review! Hope to be posting more SOON.

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Review #18, by What's in a name Fumbling

15th July 2014:
I love it I love it I love it so much ugh
Please don't disappear and then never update again or a least for months at a time I like this too much

Author's Response: Never fear! I could never abandon my beloved Tedromeda. Updates are coming out more slowly this summer, just because it's a bit of a madhouse in RL, but rest assured I'm still writing away! I hope to have a new update out within the next two weeks.

I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so far. Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #19, by marauderfan Fumbling

9th July 2014:
Warning: This review will consist of a lot of me shouting at your characters because OH MY GOD THEY NEED TO TALK. GAAAHHH

Okay, I love the way Andromeda gave back Rabastan's ring. Like it's not even worth the two seconds to speak with him in person to give it back, she cares that little. Also, I doubt it would be good for either of them if she saw him in person at this point anyway, heh.

Andromeda was almost on the point of telling Ted she loved him! She even thought about it... and then DIDN'T. WHY, ANDIE?! SAY IT! But no, hormones get the better of her common sense. BUT SERIOUSLY SHE NEEDS TO TELL HIM SHE LOVES HIM. She's told so many others, including McGonagall and George (!) SO SAY ITTT AAAGH

Now that I'm done yelling at Andromeda, I think Ted needs to be yelled at as well, because he doesn't seem to realize how much Andromeda has changed, and keeps holding over her head all the things she said before when she had those prejudices. And I guess this would change if Andie actually said she loved him... but gah! It's frustrating to read Ted being so stubborn and seeing only who Andie was and not who she has become. But I guess that's what makes a story ;) I can only hope that now that Andromeda has specifically told Ted she's changed, that Ted thinks about that AND THAT THEY TALK. WITH WORDS. Asdjfoajsl

Sorry about the extreme spasticness of this review and all the shouting. It's only a testament to your fabulous writing, I promise. More please! ♥

House Cup Review 2014

Author's Response: Oooh, I like posts with lots of caps--and especially when they're deserved, because YES Ted and Andromeda most definitely need to talk, the silly hormonal goons.

At least Andromeda takes the right route by not talking to Rabastan, though, eh? Eh?

There would be quite a clearing of confusion and drama if Ted and Andie were both totally upfront about things. And YES, Ted is still stuck in a mindset that has a lot to do with his own insecurity. They both have their issues that they need to work out. But as you know, this story has a (temporarily) happy ending, so I suppose it's no secret that they WILL work those issues out. Over time...

I solemnly thank you for you extreme spasticness. Those are my favorite types of reviews! :D Thanks for both of these great reviews, and I hope to have a new update out soon!

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Review #20, by marauderfan Aftermath

9th July 2014:
I'm sorry I've been neglecting this story - I've been in the middle of nowhere without internet for a month. But it did mean that I had TWO chapters to read when I got back which was really exciting :D

I loved the scene with Andromeda and Nelson at Ted's bedside. Hugs! Another confession that Andie loves Ted! And Nelson being super nice. Andromeda has finally realised that she's got a choice, AND SHE CHOOSES TED. I just want to hug this scene.

The scene where she's interviewed was so uncomfortable. (I don't mean that your writing is uncomfortable, just that scene - I cant imagine how awkward and strange it must have been for Andromeda to confess her love for Ted in front of professors and George - and I loved McGonagall's assessment of that, haha. Gah, I hate that Rabastan got off without any punishment, but Ted was right, mutually assured destruction if Andromeda has mentioned anything about Rabastan's dark magic.

SHE CHOSE TED AT THE END ♥ Aw, George and Lilith!! Love that line at the end there. ♥ Gah, I love this story.

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Oh, YAY! I was so excited to see that you'd left two reviews here. In the middle of nowhere without internet? That actually sounds pretty awesome right about now. Hope you had a fantastic time!

Um, I officially give you and the Andromeda/Nelson scene permission to hug. The scene greatly appreciates this affection. :)

I'm glad that the scene with the professors came across as uncomforatable, because that's what I intended! Not that I'm trying to be sadistic (I hope), but Andromeda really needed to be rammed quite soundly against the confession that she loves Ted. And I was very excited to fit McGonagall in there because a) she is wonderful, and I love her and b) because of her own backstory.

SHE CHOSE TED, INDEED. Glad you appreciated the George & Lilith bit at the end. Tee hee.

Thanks so much for such a lovely review. Now on to the next one!

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Review #21, by monica Fumbling

30th June 2014:
I am OBSESSED with this story. This story was the one which encouraged me to start checking out andy/ted fanfiction but seriously, nothing comes close at all. Thank you so much for this terrific story, this has to be one of my favourite fanfictions ever (and that's saying something since I've read many!) :)

Author's Response: Aw, YAY. Obsessed is always a word I like to hear in reference to Tedromeda. >:) I'm so glad that you've enjoyed the story, and your sweet words just made my day! Thanks for taking the time to review, and I hope to have a new update out SOON. :)

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Review #22, by Sorcha Fumbling

29th June 2014:
Well hello again! I've been working 8-8 shifts this week so I haven't been able to keep an eye on the recently added list, but I decided to take a peek and remind myself of your amazing story. And there was a new chapter. Boo ya!
Ahhh! I wish the two of them would just sit down and say everything that needs to be said because I hate that Ted thinks he isn't good enough for Andromedra and that she dosent want or love him! Andromedra needs to cop on, me thinks, and tell Ted how she feels because the miscommunication is royally messing stuff up for them!
I hope Andromedra is somehow able to sneak some moolah out of the family vault and get some benefit for her troubles! she deserves it after all!
Nelson. What a man! He makes me laugh so much! "Don't call for help when you sh*g your way into a re-fractured rib." I nearly died when I read that, omg!
One thing I must say that I hate about Ted is his inability to see that Andromedra doesn't care anymore about blood status! He's constantly putting her down and making her feel like sh*t because several months before, she believed every thing she had drilled into her growing up! Why can't he see she dosent care about that any more? She swaps blood with him, for God's sake! Silly boy.
Keep up the good work, my friend! Have a nice summer! :)

Author's Response: Why hello, hello! I'm so glad that you popped in to read and review.

You're right: Ted and Andromeda really just need to sit down and talk it all out. Of course, they never do, which leads to drama and madness. Which I of course like as the sadistic author, but that doesn't bode well for the long run. Maybe, just maybe, they'll finally learn how to be open and honest with each other.

Andromeda is certainly going to TRY to get some money from the family, but who knows how that'll pan out in future chapters... o.o

Haha, I love writing Nelson. I always get to give him the snarky-but-not-too-mean lines. The snarky-but-mean lines are reserved specifically for George. :)

Ted is having a very rough time coming to the understanding that Andromeda has changed, and I think that a big part of that is his own insecurity. In a way, it's easier for him to believe that she thinks about him the way she always has, even if all the signs point to the contrary. Silly boy, indeed!

Thanks for such a lovely review, and I hope you continue to enjoy the read. A marvelous summer to YOU! :)

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Review #23, by GJ Fumbling

28th June 2014:
OMG AMAZING CHAPTER! Ah so much is happening, I can hardly wait to see what happens next! Ted and Dromeda. Absolute perfection. I would never thought of their love story being so intense until I found yours. Its the best I've ever read! Keep up the brilliant work :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you, thank you! I'm so glad that you stumbled upon this story. I've had a blast telling my take on Tedromeda. :) I really appreciate the review, and I hope you continue to enjoy the read!

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Review #24, by chocolateteacups Fumbling

26th June 2014:
Ach! Yes! Andy's left Rabastan for good! I loved the way she gave back the ring, she wasn't quite ready to see him face to face and hand it over, but she wanted it gone.

I also loved how she finally told Ted how she feels when he doesn't call her Dromeda. I don't think he quite understood what it meant to her. She's a pureblood from the Black family, affection isn't something that's tossed around all that much and she loves it when it comes from him.

I also think I should mention that I loved the scene with Nelson walking in. Nelson is one of my favourite characters because it's clearly how similar he is to Ted, and yet he's entirely different and also darn hilarious. Plus, the scene also outlined how the parameters of Ted and Andy's relationship still haven't been set - they both don't quite know what to do from here. (I do. Get married. Have babies. Make the readers happy.)

I can't wait to see how Andy deal with telling her family - especially Narcissa. It's going to be a mess, I think : Anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

Author's Response: YEP. As Strongbad would say, "It's overrr." And if you've never seen Homestar Runner, that probably made no sense whatsoever. Haha. I'm so sorry; you're getting a late night response from me. :)

ANYWAY. Yes, it was high time that Andromeda spell out for Ted exactly why she craves hearing that nickname. As you point out, that kind of doting was nonexistent in the Black Family, and I don't think Andromeda realized how much it could mean until she met Ted.

Nelson clearly he had to be the one to walk in on them. No one else would do. Haha. He and Ted are similar in lots of ways, but Nelson's got a bit more of a pragmatic, realist head attached to his shoulders. Granted, Ted's a bit woozy with love right now, so he hasn't been thinking pragmatically for some time.

Ted and Andie are basically a ridiculous mess right now. "Fumbling" was the best way I could think to put it. They DON'T have any parameters, and they have a pretty awful track record of talking things out and setting boundaries. But that's something they're going to have to learn. Quick. And then, ahem, get marries and have babies and all the finer things.

The catastrophic familial day of reckoning is fast approaching. D:

Thank you so much for such a lovely review! :)

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Review #25, by Sanae (咲名枝) Fumbling

26th June 2014:
The idea of being disowned is that you have done something so disgraceful that your family cannot be associated with you anymore, but in Andromeda case, it is more like her family is the one that is disgraceful. If anything she is the one who should be the one who does disowning (is that how you would say that?) Really she should have done it when her aunt cursed her to begin with, since that was a betrayal.

And bad Andromeda and Ted! He is still trying to survive torture! Having the sex to get well works in bad romance stories, but in reality not so much. I can't imagine it would be comfortable for Ted, considering all the damage he took! Silly Andromeda, you wait until he is well again, then he will be stronger and healthier, and able to go better! Better to wait until he is healthy so there is not risk of Ted having an attack- not only that is bad for his health it cannot be particularly pleasant for his partner!

Sorry for the long rambling and bad English as usual...

Author's Response: You bring up a very good point! Andromeda's family really are the ones who've been disgraceful. :( Andromeda should, indeed, disown them rather than vice versa. It's such a sticky situation for her, since they're the only family she's known and since Narcissa is part of that family. It always makes me so sad to think about what she went through. :(

Hahaha, I KNOW. They're a bit--hormonally driven at the moment. Luckily for them, they have Nelson on the scene to prevent what would've been a very catastrophic event from happening. As you so rightly point out, it wouldn't have been good for either of them.

Never apologize for rambling! I love rambling. :) Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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