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Review #1, by MargaretLane Blue Eyes

7th February 2014:
Yikes, getting a letter written in dried blood would be scary.

I've noticed one mistake in the early part of this. You've written that Albus had "one prizes".

Oh gosh, I can see this story being another that'll bring tears to my eyes. Albus's description of how he could never care for Ariana as his mother and Aberforth could is just so sad. It's understandable, I think. That kind of caring is hard and definitely a lot to expect of an 18 year old boy. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done it when I was 18.

Love your use of the term "the continent." I haven't heard that phrase much in recent years and by recent, I mean since the millennium or longer.

Yikes, that line about being afraid the fascination still held sent shivers down my spine. Creepy.

I like the way they bow to each other first, even though Grindelwald at least is probably prepared to kill Dumbledore.

Love the comparison between the physical pain of the curse and the emotional pain of Ariana's death and the guilt Dumbledore feels as a result.

And I really like Fawkes' feather being used for a wand, after coming out in this context.

I've always assumed it was Grindelwald who killed Ariana, partly because I'd rather believe that than that one of her brothers did so accidentally, but also because I think he was the most likely to be using spells likely to kill.

Yikes, this is sad. Dumbledore comes across as a broken man in it, a man who can never fully recover from what has happened despite all the other things he has to be proud of. Dumbledore has always been my favourite character in Harry Potter and I love this portrayal of him.

Really glad I inspired you. *grins*

Author's Response: Thanks for yet another lovely review! I will deal with that typo. Sometimes when I'm writing (especially short pieces) I get really absorbed by it - this was one of those occasions. I've heard reference to "the continent" more recently than that - and it is actually how Grindelwald's area of influence is described in many places.

The bowing is partly respect, but also delaying tactics. Neither wants to fight - yes, Grindelwald would be willing to kill Dumbledore, but he doesn't want to.

Fawkes' feather - if you remember, that particular pheonix only gave two feathers. One had already been given and the wand claimed. So guess who this one goes to...

I don't really have a belief about who killed Ariana - statistically it is most likely to be Grindelwald, because as you say he is most likely to be wielding lethal spells. The other possibility that I think is perhaps most likely is that her uncontrollable magic destroyed her - in which case it really was shared blame as they were all fighting and affecting her.

That's the impression I get of Dumbledore certainly by the end of DH - he is a broken man. And would you be able to recover from that? He was an incredible character to write, particularly this story. I'm glad you like my portrayal - I wouldn't say he's my favourite character but he's certainly an interesting one.

Glad you liked it.

- Leonore

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Review #2, by LilyEPotter Blue Eyes

2nd February 2014:
It had to have been difficult for Albus to confront Gellert when there was so much confusion concerning Ariana's death. Then years later, to get a note suggesting that Gellert had changed had to be tough, especially when he hadn't been able to see the process happening.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I wrote FTGG, Grindelwald's story, first - it includes him writing the note. A comment in a review gave me the idea for this story - as you say it was tough for Albus to confront Gellert and to receive the note. He never manages to find the courage to respond, and I wanted to explain why.


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